August 20th Bug-Fixing Build (UPDATE)

August 20th 10:25 PM Update: Ooooops! There was a terrible game-breaking bug in the build that I uploaded earlier today. I’ve uploaded a new build with the bug fixed. Sorry!

As I make progress on Osana, I fix the various bugs I come across. When enough bug-fixes have piled up, I release a new build…like this one!

To see a list of everything that is different in the latest build, scroll down beneath this gorgeous artwork by Aoi Nishida!

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Osana & Organic Game Design (and a new build!)

A video! About Osana! Please check it out!

From July 15th to August 1st, a lot of my time was spent fixing bugs. After those bugs were behind me, I finally got back to work on Osana. The process of implementing her Wednesday event was completed much quicker than I expected! It must be the result of the C# and Unity 5 conversion! If I can keep up this pace, then Osana’s Thursday and Friday events should be done in less than a month, and then I can move on to the confession cutscene, and then you’ll see a true progress report about Osana!

There’s also a new build available today! You can read about all the changes below.

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August 7th Bug-Fixing Build

I’ve been working on Osana! I’ve also been fixing every bug that I come across as I work on her. I’ve fixed enough bugs to justify a new “Bug-Fixing Build”, so here it is!

There is actually one new feature in this build; the player can now put a bucket of liquid above a doorway (swinging double doors only; it won’t work for sliding doors) and the bucket will drop and spill water over the NPC who walked through it. This currently only works for one NPC (Kokona) but it will eventually be able to affect other NPCs, too. You can watch a short video preview of the feature here. (Don’t worry, the voiced line will be changed in the future.)

To read a list of everything that is fixed in the latest update, please scroll down beneath this gorgeous illustration of Kizana by Azurra Mysteria! Wow, it’s really beautiful!!

It’s so beautiful! I love it!

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August 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

Wow! It seems like there’s a never-ending stream of bugs to fix…but, I gotta fix ’em! I don’t want the build of the game that contains Osana to be super buggy. I want it to be nice and polished! So, gotta fix those bugs!

To see a list of everything that was fixed in the latest build, please scroll down past this morbid-yet-beautiful artwork by Kittyblush and Ryuuji!

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August 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

There are some bugs that don’t cause critical problems, but are reported very, very frequently. Today, I’m fixing some of those bugs, because it’ll reduce the number of bug reports I receive. (And there’s also a couple of critical bug fixes in this new build, too!)

Normally, this is the part of the blog post where I’d take a moment to share some super-awesome fan art…but today, I’m so excited about something that I just have to share it with you!

As of today, the photograph of Senpai that appears in the Senpai Shrine will reflect the custom appearance that you give to your Senpai in the Senpai Creation Screen! He’ll even be wearing the right school uniform! Check it out:

I’m sorry if you don’t care about this, but…man, I’m just so happy that I finally got this feature to work!!

The same technique that was used for this feature might also be used to make sure that the portraits in the Student Info screen are always accurate. However, I’ll have to do some research before this can be determined for certain.

Anyway, click “Continue Reading” to see a list of everything that is new in the latest build!

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Yakuza in Yandere Simulator

Over 3 years ago, a really cool-sounding idea was suggested for Yandere Simulator. I’ve always wanted to make a video about the concept! At this point in time, I am very, very hesitant to plan or announce any new features for the game, so I can’t actually guarantee that this idea will make it into the game…but I still wanted to talk about it, since I think it’s a really badass concept!

The illustrations of the Yakuza were drawn by Mioki-Kanta!

The illustration of Yandere-chan holding a katana was drawn by Hikari-NJ!

So, what do you think? How do you feel about the idea? Vote here: