Status Report on Next Build

Happy New Years’ Eve! (In my timezone, that is!)

Usually, I upload new builds right as the clock strikes midnight in my timezone. This time, it’ll have to wait until the following morning or afternoon. Just wanted to let you know about that, so that you’re not constantly refreshing the blog, waiting for a build that isn’t coming until later in the day.

See you next year!

The Original, Alternate Ending to “Driving Your Rivals To Murder in Yandere Simulator”

I’ve got something super exciting for you today! It’s something that I’m tempted to describe as “lost media” – a video that was created early in 2017 that I thought I had lost forever. What is it? It’s the never-before-seen first draft of one of my most popular videos! Now you can see the original ending to “Driving Your Rivals To Murder in Yandere Simulator”! Take a look:

In this version of the video, Musume is murdered in Ayano’s basement, instead of a warehouse. Also, Ayano stays with Kokona instead of leaving and calling the cops on her. Ayano’s plan was to forge a bond with Kokona by helping her dispose of Musume’s corpse, rather than eliminate Kokona by getting her arrested by police.

This video was originally created on March 22nd, 2017. The final version of the video was uploaded on Sep 30, 2017. The video was in production for so long because I made dozens of adjustments to the artwork and script, which transformed it from this early draft into the final version that you’re all familiar with now.

I hope that you enjoy seeing this never-before-seen piece of Yandere Simulator history!

You’ll Be Mine For Christmas – A Yandere Simulator Christmas Carol

Every year, I upload a yandere-themed parody of a classic Christmas song, with vocals provided by the incomparable Michaela Laws:

2015: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Murder
2015: Yandere-Chan Is Coming To Town
2016: You’re A Mean One, Yandere-chan
2017: Senpai Love Me
2018: Jingle Bells
2019: It’s The Most Murderous Time Of The Year
2020: Senpai, It’s Cold Outside
2021: A Yandere Christmas Song

And, as always, Michaela has delivered another stellar song this year! This year, she sang a parody of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.” You can listen to it below!

The artwork for this video was provided by OMGayano, a name that you probably recognize from the many times her artwork has been posted here.

The next development update will be released on January 1st.

I hope that you have a Merry Christmas!

Discord Server Notice


Occasionally, people try to join the official Yandere Simulator Discord server, but immediately get kicked out. This is not a bug! There’s a reason for this:

The Yandere Simulator Discord server has a join restriction in place; you aren’t allowed to join the server if your Discord account is under 24 hours old. This is to keep out people who have created a fresh Discord account purely for the purpose of trolling.

So, if you tried to join the server and immediately got kicked out, please try again once your account is more than 24 hours old. Then you’ll be able to join the community and begin chatting with other fans!

I apologize for any confusion that this has caused!

The “Mysterious Disappearance” of YandereDev

Every now and then, I check the latest comments on my main YouTube channel. There’s always a lot of…

  • He hasn’t uploaded anything since last Christmas? I guess he gave up on making that game, after all.
  • So, whatever happened to this guy? Did he completely disappear from the Internet?
  • No videos in 11 months…did he die? Does anyone know if he’s dead?

This is kind of stupid, because I’m active on tons of websites. I always upload at least 2 new builds of the game every month, I document the current state of the game’s development on this blog, I post previews of upcoming content on Patreon, I occasionally stream on Twitch, and sometimes I even upload short Yandere Sim videos to my 2nd channel. YouTubers even play the latest updates when I add something significant to the game! How can anyone be dumb enough to actually think that I’m dead, when there are so many different ways to verify that I’m still actively developing the game?

Apparently, uploading a YouTube video is the one and only way to prove that you have a heartbeat. So, I made one:

As you can tell from the title and thumbnail, it’s meant to be a bit humorous.

There are a lot of things going on in this video:

  • It’s one of the few videos on my channel that features voiceover narration from someone that isn’t me. The dulcet tones you hear in the first minute of the video belong to Th3Birdman. Hot damn, that man has a godly voice! And he understood exactly what kind of narration I wanted for this video!
  • The production values of the video – the first minute, at least – are high above the production values of a normal YandereDev video. Color grading! Vignetting! Kinetic typography! Drop shadows! Wow!
  • This is the first time I’ve represented myself using a 3D animated Vtuber avatar in a video on my main channel. I’ve been doing it for a long time on Twitch and my 2nd channel, but this will be the first time that many of my main channel viewers are exposed to “Vtuber YandereDev.”
  • I cover a million different topics rapidly in a very short timeframe! I explain why I haven’t been around, I describe everything I’ve been working on, I describe all of the places where I’m active, and I try to communicate – with the force of a sledgehammer – that people should, at the very least, check my blog before they assume I’m literally deceased.
  • Midori returns for the first time in several years, portrayed by her original voice actress, the talented Caitlin Myers! I hope that the fans appreciate it!

I worked hard on this one. Even though it’s only 3 minutes long, it took a lot of preparation and work. It’ll be one of the only two videos that I will upload in 2022, so I wanted it to paint a nice, positive picture of the current state of the game’s development.

Yes, that’s right, you read that correctly – I’ll be uploading one more video this year. All of my yearly traditions are very well-known at this point, it should be extremely obvious what to expect. But, I still hope that you will look forward to it and enjoy it when it comes out!

December 15th Interim Build

I spent the majority of the past 15 days working on the upcoming tutorial for 202X Mode. I’ve uploaded a short video preview of it to my Patreon page, if you’re curious to get an early look at it.

15 tutorials are planned, and so far, 12 of them are completed. I’ve created a Trello page where you can see a checklist of what has been done and what remains to be done on the tutorial:

However, I wouldn’t recommend compulsively refreshing the page every few seconds to check for updates. Over the next few days, I won’t be working on the tutorial; I’ll be working on some videos that I plan to release before the end of the month.

The tutorial is going to involve a short cutscene and some voice acting. The tutorial won’t be “complete” without that cutscene and voice work, so even if I finish all of my work on the tutorial, I won’t release it until I have received and implemented the required animations and voice acting.

The animations I require are already in development, and are turning out great. I haven’t requested the voice acting yet, because I’m still finalizing the script, but it will be requested soon.

Since it’s tradition to release a new build on the 1st and 15th days of every month, I’m releasing a build today. However, it doesn’t have very many significant changes over the previous build; unlike some of the builds I’ve released earlier this year – which had over 100 changes and fixes combined – this build has a meager 10 changes and 12 fixes. Still, it’s tradition to release a new build every 2 weeks, so here it is.

To see the short list of everything that was changed / fixed in the latest build, scroll down past this amazing artwork by OMGayano!

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December 6th Bug-Fixing Build

Whoops!! There was a bug in the previous build that prevented one of the game’s murder methods from working. How embarrassing! I’ve uploaded a new build where the bug is fixed.

That one bug isn’t the only change that has been made to the game, though. to read a list of everything that was fixed/added/changed in the latest build, scroll down past this amazing Ayano cosplay by kae_kk_ae!

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December 1st Update

Hello! The latest update is now available. It’s a “miscellaneous improvements and fixes” build.

The list of changes/fixes might look shorter than usual, because much of my time over the past 2 weeks was spent working on a new addition to the game that isn’t finished yet. What is it? Something very important that the game absolutely needs before the crowdfunding campaign is launched. Why? I’ll explain.

Over the years, a lot of crowdfunding campaigns have resulted in very disappointing products, leading to a general distrust of anyone who launches a crowdfunding campaign. Most of those campaigns all had one thing in common: they pitched an idea with little more than concept art. Anyone can pitch a product, but not everyone can deliver a product. Even as far back as 2014, I knew that if I said, “Hey guys, I’m making a game, donate to my Kickstarter!” very few people would be willing to trust me with their money, unless I was able to present them with tangible evidence that, yes, the game will exist, and yes, it will be fun. To me, the way to do that was obvious: To develop a demo.

When I launch the crowdfunding campaign, I want to say, “I need money to finish this game that is 90% complete and only needs funding for voices/animations,” rather than, “I have nothing but an idea. Please fund the entire thing.” Instead of saying, “I promise I’m going to make a fun game! Trust me! Just believe me, okay?” I want to say, “Don’t take my word for it. Go download the demo. It has many hours of content in it, so you can already see for yourself what the final game is going to be like.”

In other words, when I launch the crowdfunding campaign, I will be directing people toward the demo and stating that it’s an accurate representation of what the final game will be like. This means that, the day the campaign is launched, a huge number of people will play Yandere Simulator for the first time. So, with that in mind, I need to start making changes to the demo to make sure that anyone playing the game for the first time will be able to play the game comfortably without being overwhelmed or confused.

How do you teach a new player the mechanics of a video game? A tutorial! That’s what I’ve been working on for the past 2 weeks; a tutorial for 202X Mode that will teach new players everything they’ll need to know in order to get comfortable with the game.

I’m happy to say that it’s coming along smoothly, but it’s taking a long time. A lot of the features and improvements I’ve added to the game over the past year only took a few days to add, but a full tutorial will take a lot more work. It reminds me of an earlier phase in the game’s development, when I started to work on tasks that took more than 2 weeks of time and work to complete, so I had to stop focusing on trying to deliver exciting new updates on a two-week schedule.

Tutorials are usually the least-exciting and least-glamorous thing in a video game, so I’m sorry if you’re disappointed to hear that I’m currently spending a large amount of my time on a feature that isn’t thrilling to hear about. However, it’s still very necessary. If I launch the crowdfunding campaign, hundreds of thousands of people download the demo to play it, and they’re all completely confused and lost, that could kill the campaign’s chances of succeeding. So, a tutorial is mandatory, whether or not it’s exciting to hear about.

I’m not ready to publicly share my progress on the tutorial. However, I’ll post previews of the tutorial on Patreon in the near future. I feel guilty for rarely posting to Patreon, and I want to give my patrons some more content.

Okay! Now that you’re up to speed, it’s time to move on and get to the rest of the blog post. To see a list of everything that was fixed, changed, or improved over the past two weeks, scroll down past this gorgeous artwork of Ayano dressed as Bayonetta, drawn by OMGayano!

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