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  1. I love the game so much the how the style goes. Keep up the good work Yanderedev!!

  2. I desperately need yandere simulator and I don’t have a computer. I WANT AN APP GAME
    🙂 !!!!

    • Do a personality called flawless…they can dodge your first attack on them and push you down so it gives them more time to run…but on your second move you can kill them…when reacting to a camera they fulled there arms and wink with a cute smile…and if you dont try and kill them when you’ve killed someone infront of them..then they just look left and right and run home. 😉 honestly…this one is pretty flawless…please do this Yandere Dev.

    • Better version? Silly Jack, have you been watching too much youtube? Maybe you need to update your version of Yandere sim or download mods. Best of luck to you.

  3. There should be multiple endings. Every one loves re-play ability. From being very very nice and good and maybe helping people out like the girl who is dealing with abuse/compensated dating for example, or killing off bullies, playing cupid. Heck maybe even a option to fall for some one else other then her senpai (which would be hard). As well as the evil ending where you ruin every ones life and end up with your Senpai in your basement brainwashing him to love you. Or you just kill him. Or It ends with her taking hostages in the school. And from the supernatural endings. There should be a a LOT of endings with more on the way.

  4. and leave a tattle personality…tattles go tell on the closest..either delinquent,teacher, or cops..when it comes to a camera in there face they put hands on hips and stick there tongue out wall closing eyes..or not closing eyes…please do flawless and tattle




    • “go tell on the closest..either delinquent,teacher, or cops..”
      That’s already in the game?
      It’s called the Teacher’s Pet persona.

  5. Awesome Debug Build Game! =D I Would Say I Can’t Wait For The Full Game But After Reading & Watching the Updates being poured into the game already I Can Be Patient For The Full Game & Continue To Have Fun With The Debug Builds Since This Seems Like It Will Be A Masterpiece! If I Could I Would Donate Money But I Can’t Though I Play This On My YouTube Channel To Spread Word About It! My Channel Name Is BigLD & I play all sorts of Video Games Including Yandere Simulator & I Will Be Recording The Update Of March 3rd Today!

  6. Hi Dev! I madly like the game, on which you are working so hard! Yandere Simulator – the best game I’ve ever met. But let me say the idea that came to me this morning. To kill a person by any sharp object, you need to have skills in general physical strength. Without them, kill someone else is impossible, unless it is another way of killing. This would add realism to the game. I am grateful to you for what you have created this game and are improving it. You are well done! Continue in the same spirit! Good luck to you! ^^

    • Well I think it would be better opposite of that.
      How about you need physical strength to kill with a blunt object like a baseball bat or hammer? That would make more sense.
      Because since when do you have to be stronger than average people to stab someone else with a knife?

  7. yandere dev make Russian version of the game in the future, otherwise there are people playing the game but they do not understand what is happening and we have to Use an interpreter and see how others play and simultaneously translate but watching others play is not normal !!!

    • YandereDev says that he will focus on the English version and will not focus on adding other languages until the english script is finished. Sorry, you will have to wait for him.

  8. yanderedev make Russian version of the game in the future, otherwise there are people playing the game but they do not understand what is happening and we have to Use an interpreter and see how others play and simultaneously translate but watching others play is not normal !!!

      • YandereDev doesn’t really have a problem with people leaving suggestions for other people to see in the comments. He has a big problem with them filling up his email. Therefore, people suggesting in the comments is acceptable because YandereDev doesn’t waste time reading through these. Instead, he’s busy of working on the game or reading emails.

  9. Will you make the game longer than a week in the future? Because if there are going to be so many rivals in the final game it seems impossible to kill them all in 5 days…. See? I didn’t write an e-mail just for that. You’re welcome.

    • because reading the faq is too damn hard

      “The game will take place over a period of 10 weeks. Each week, a new “rival” will appear and get a crush on Senpai. You will have one week to eliminate her. Yandere-chan will not confess her love to Senpai until all rivals have been eliminated.”

  10. There needs to be a kickstarter already, many others as well as myself will be more then happy to give money at this point to speed up the development of the game. 2 years in the making and the game is only 5% done? Ill be dead before it is finished, hire a couple people and start the kickstarter. Good work

    • The game isn’t “technically” only 5% done, it says that mostly because he doesn’t want people to think that this is a fleshed out demo or alpha for the game. It’s a sandbox build, which basically means it’s a playground to rough and test out features. The game is actually quite a bit farther along than that, but, again, it’s mostly a disclaimer that this should in no way, shape, or form be considered a “game” as opposed to a debug build for the community to evaluate.

      He also has said that he is inclined not to do a kickstarter until the game actually resembles a game demo or alpha, where there will actually be objectives and a rival, as opposed to the sandbox the build is now.

  11. This game reminds me of love death by teatime company from japan a long time ago. The company went bankrupt a few years back. Really sad, their game was the first 3d ***game i ever played.

    • Reasons why this comment is stupid.

      1. He is not taking suggestions
      2. He more then likely doesn’t even read the comments
      3. You have the grammar of a 6 year old
      4. That would be an Easter egg, and he has said there will be no Easter eggs in the finished game

      Look, I’m (kinda) sorry, but this comment…

  12. Yandere Dev here is something that might help you with your emails WHY NOT JUS DON’T CHECK THEM then you’ll have time to do more things than usual.

    • This is a terrible idea. First of all, Yandere Dev does not check the comments. Guess why? Because it was overflowing with comments by third graders.
      Second of all, he needs to check his emails. The reason for this is because he needs to check for volunteers, companies, fanart, etc. However, some people can’t get it through their heads that when he asks us not to email him with suggestions, questions etc. they shouldn’t do it.
      Please read the actual posts, watch videos and read the FAQ before commenting.

  13. Why should we donate to someone who not only doesn’t pay their “team”, but doesn’t even have any credit to these people anywhere on this site? What a fucking insult to the artists and programmers that worked on this.

    • 1. He has said before that putting in credits that would change with every update would be a waste of time, and if you gave your work to him, it might not even be in the final game. Yandere Simulator (LoveSick) is in development, and Dev doesn’t know who or what will be in the final game yet. So credits would be a waste of time now.

      2. He doesn’t pay his team because A) they volunteer, so they don’t want or expect pay. B) He hasn’t even started the Kickstarter yet, so where would he get the money?

      3. If the artist and programmers (by the way, if you ever watched any of his videos, you’d know that YandereDev is the ONLY programmer) considered that an ‘insult’, why would they still be working on this with Dev?

      I’m just so tired of people who comment things like this. At least watch his videos and read his post before you comment something.

      • ^This. As much as in theory it would make sense to want to acknowledge all the help he receives, hearing him talk on his latest livestream, he mentioned that volunteers aren’t always consistent.

        Sometimes the volunteers have to withdraw because they need to work on their own jobs in video games before they have time to help with him.

        Sometimes personal issues rise up and they have to withdraw.

        Sometimes, a volunteer quite literally disappears and is never heard from again.

        To combat this, YandereDev frequently gives the same task to two or more people, to cover if either one of them fails to provide what he wants or in case one of them is subpar and he can choose a better candidate. Also, as also stated in a video, the work that a volunteer provides could very well get replaced later on down the line with something better.

        Finally, and many people don’t realize this, but things he’s said has hinted that he actually has a fairly high turnover of volunteers, meaning that to list them on the game or on this blog may mean the credits become outdated within a few days. (Kind of a repeat of what Fan-Chan said, but still relevant.)

        There is no doubt that he is appreciative of all the help and support he gets, but this game isn’t even in the alpha stage yet, and what assets and features will be in the final game is very much in flux, so listing every simple person who helped on this game isn’t feasible quite yet. Give him time.

  14. i hope yanderedev implement lucy from elfen lied in one of the easter eggs

  15. quelqu’un connaîtrais l’adresse email des développeurs car je voudrais voir avec eux si il serai dac de faire le jeu sous plusieurs langue ,car quand ont est pas très bon en anglais c’est chaud pour comprendre le jeu

  16. I’m sure that you get this a lot, but do you know of anyway I would be able to play this on a Chromebook? Yandere Simulator looks like a lot of fun, even though it’s not complete. I’ve tried to figure out how to get it but I can’t. I really want to play this.

  17. I have so much ideas to make the game so much more fun without losing its theme. Please listen to my ideas owner, it be epic if you implement some of my ideas.

    1) MAKE A NIGHT MODE! (Stealthy in the night, stealth mode) Yandarie Chan can come to school at night time (optional) and do things (IDEAS are limitless). It would also incorporate the delinquents into the game better and the occult club even more scarier (i.e. the occult club can tell scary Japanese legends, idk but can effect story line).. Of course Night time will also have night guards and security camera. Ideas are limitless instead of merely waking up for school to the next day there is an option for NIGHT TIME mode. I feel this will make the game more fun.

    2) MAKE THE LAYOUT OF THE SCHOOL LIKE A COLLEGE CAMPUS. I feel if there is more things to interact and not merely isolating it into one school would make the game more fun to explore.

    3) IMPRESS SENPAI MODE. You can impress senpai and he will grow fond of you.

    4) A GIRL DATES SENPAI. (will be hard and plenty of chances to prevent it) Don’t worry if a girl manages to get into a date with senpai you will have a chance to redeem yourself. This is where the WEEKENDS are incorporated. You will try to ruin Senpai’s date with a girl as they head to town. OMFG Town can finally have a meaning. However if you fail to do so you will be heartbroken.

    5) DELINQUENT DARK QUESTS: This will happen in the night time mode (because dirty things happen at night) you have a chance to do tasks for the delinquents and fight rivals. But that is more action themed…. However there is positive things you can do, if you win respect from them you can have them do things like kidnap for you, erase murder evidence, and other dirty things that make it easy(evil deeds) to rid the competition. However, if the delinquent is caught their is a chance for an Expel.

    I have many more ideas to implement but so far I’ll share these ideas if the owner is willing to want to hear more. Love this game, I can see so much improvements.

    • kenneth, he wont even read this he already made like 4 video explaining y he wont, y its not needed to make suggestion caus its either already planed, already said and refused, not what a lone developper can do on his own or not in the theme of the game, if he EVER want SUGGESTION, he will PERSONNALY write them in the main page, ur just wastin ur time, if you want to help the dev, go download the game, try to find bug, make a bug report. BUT make sure the bug is REALLY a bug not an easter egg or something, MAKE CLEAR DETAILED STEP showing how to REPEAT with 100% ACCURACY, make sure the bug ISN’T already reported or more simplely, make a donation

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