Pathfinding, NPC Behavior, and how you can help!

I got pathfinding working. Now a frightened schoolgirl can find her way to a specific place inside of a school environment with multiple floors. It may not be the most exciting feature to look at, but it’s one of the only features I felt worried about, so I’m really happy that I got it working. This feature enables a lot of other features, such as giving each student a set “routine” and having them follow a schedule, allowing you to stalk students and learn when they are alone and vulnerable.

Here, a schoolgirl witnesses murder and then flees the school in terror:

To continue working on the game, I’ll need your help. I need you to answer some polls for me. I need you to tell me how you think NPCs should behave. For example, if a classmate witnesses a murder, should she…

  • Take out her phone and snap an incriminating photo of you
  • Call the police
  • Run a specific distance away from you, then call the police / send the photo
  • Run and try to warn other students
  • Run to the nearest teacher
  • Run out of the school
  • Try to fight you

It’s easy to say “Every student should have a different personality, and should react differently! Some might try to fight you, others might flee!” but that’s not what I’m focusing on right now. Instead of thinking about students having multiple personality types, let’s decide on the “standard” response for now. Maybe I can add multiple types of reactions later.

If a student can instantly snap a picture of you and send it to the police, that’s a 100% guaranteed immediate game over. That might be fitting for the hardest difficulty mode, but an instant game over upon being spotted sounds really harsh to me.

Most people probably don’t think fast enough to instantly take out their phone, snap a photo, and send it to the police, all within seconds of witnessing a murder. But if the school atmosphere is extremely tense and the students are aware that a serial killer is on the loose, they might be expecting to find a killer, and they might be prepared to whip out their phones at a moment’s notice.

What do you think? (This poll allows multiple answers.)

Calling the police and reporting you without evidence might have different consequences. The student might call the cops on you, then run away, allowing you to clean up the crime scene before the cops arrive. The cops arrive, find no crime, and assume that the “witness” just hates you and wants you arrested. Or perhaps eyewitness testimony is all that is necessary to lock you up, regardless of whether or not there is any evidence lying around.

How do you feel about this?

If a student witnesses a murder, what should their immediate response be?

AFTER a student reports you to the police, what should they do next?

How should teachers be different than students? (This poll allows multiple answers.)

If you can think up any other behavior that students / teachers should have, let me know. Just keep in mind that, for now, I would like to implement ONE response that ALL students will have. Student “personalities” and multiple types of reactions is something to consider later, after I have one response working properly.

Thank you for your help!

Dismemberment, Guitar Cases, and Blood Cleanup

It’s now possible to chop up a victim’s body into pieces for easier transport. When a body is in pieces, you can put individual pieces into containers so that it’s easier to transport them without being spotted carrying dead body parts around.

The guitar case is the biggest container and probably the easiest way to transport an entire dead body around school without getting spotted. Check out this video to see a demonstration of dismemberment and transporting a dead body past NPCs:

I also implemented the ability for Yandere-chan to pick up a mop and wipe away the blood she has spilled. When a mop gets too bloody, you have to dip it into a container of water. Some containers will have wheels and can be moved around.

I don’t have any mopping or dipping-mop-into-bucket animations, so far now, Yandere-chan controls her mop using telekinesis:

What’s the next feature you’d like to see implemented the most?