August 20th Bug-Fixing Build (UPDATE)

August 20th 10:25 PM Update: Ooooops! There was a terrible game-breaking bug in the build that I uploaded earlier today. I’ve uploaded a new build with the bug fixed. Sorry!

As I make progress on Osana, I fix the various bugs I come across. When enough bug-fixes have piled up, I release a new build…like this one!

To see a list of everything that is different in the latest build, scroll down beneath this gorgeous artwork by Aoi Nishida!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • The player is no longer allowed to set a bucket trap anywhere in the gardening club (it was possible to lock yourself into the shed or greenhouse by setting a trap while inside those buildings).
  • The player can no longer talk to a student immediately after telling the student to go away. (The student has to finish their “go away” routine first.)
  • Attempted to fix bug that would prevent Kokona from entering an “attack reaction” animation if she was attacked while she was bathing.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Pose Mode to break when attempting to give a teacher a hairstyle with an ID lower than “1”.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Gardening Club members to get stuck on objects when walking around the gardening club.
  • Distracting sounds (giggles, radios) can no longer distract a student who is checking their locker for a note.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to slow down time while in Yandere-chan’s room.
  • Fixed a few hair models that weren’t being affected by sunlight changing color throughout the day.
  • Fixed bug that created a visible gap between the walls and ceiling in Yandere-chan’s basement.
  • Fixed bug related to asking a student to distract Sakyu Basu during her lunchtime ring event.
  • Changed the music that plays during the “Slender” and “X-tan” easter eggs.
  • Adjusted the collision boxes for the doors at the school entrance.
  • Restored hair physics to Kokona’s hair.

169 thoughts on “August 20th Bug-Fixing Build (UPDATE)

  1. Hi, so YandereDev wanted you to leave the hair back nemisis was more beautiful, I wanted you also to choose hair, hair color, eye color, skin, have accessories, choose the uniform a leg, Skirt, blouse, etc. just to be cool and help the game breakthrough thanks for reading my comment ❤ and it is good to customize the character ❤ My inglesh is so bad!!

    • You know what’s gonna happen right? Since this is yanderedevs WordPress he can ban your email from it. Your just some drama loving baby who has no respect or life on the other side of your computer screen. You think this is cute or funny? Its not. Yanderedev has worked tooth and nail to make some game while you just have no taste to even put out a comment. Your parents taught you nothing about manners or hard work did they? You need to suck it up and get your high head straight or you will suffer alone.

      • These people are rampant on Tumblr and they got their fee-fees hurt that Yandere Dev rejected their emails and didn’t make every single character lesbian and gay (speaking as a bi girl myself, technically there WILL be bisexual girls in the game, considering you can make senpai female) and trust me they’re way worse on Tumblr .

        One of them had the audacity to call me a racist for disagreeing with her. JUST THAT. She refused to offer up any other proof that I was racist other than “um yeah she argued with me on this thread so-“

      • Liz Wilbanks
        I would rather he go through the Persona 3 route and just genderbend everything. Not only that but the writing if done wright would effectively double the game time without actually changing much of the game! Don’t get me wrong but P3 wouldn’t have been that good if they just made the guy bi or gay. The writing for the girl side made it feel like a different game all together

        That and I want my Minato-kun stalker simulator dammit! (I only consider yandere girls. Guys are stalkers XD)

      • I actually do have a life outside of the computer. And I’m not a “drama loving baby”. I think it’s funny to me, and I was bored. I didn’t really care if anyone else got a laugh out of it. And I do comment on other videos on youtube, or make posts on tumblr about them (actual critiquing posts) I just don’t often comment on this WordPress blog. 90% of anything I post on any site is serious and critical. I just happen to enjoy shitposting from time to time.

  2. Fightmeyankun,Look,you and your little friend can leave you two aren’t funny or entertaining. No one is taking you two seriously. It’s honestly sad seeing you two try to be “funny”.

    • vehicle,”Wow look at me i’m so cool and edgy! I’m insulting an entire fanbase because i’m nothing more than an retarded little child that has nothing better to do with their life!”…Seriously though why are you even here? You’re not giving any constructive criticism or feedback so you’re comment is absolutely useless.

    • His fandom isn’t the one harassing game developers and their fans, and calling everyone else attention seeking when you and every other “yansim critic” (Although its more or less being antis, admit you hate the game and move on to something more your speed, like Barbie’s Horse Adventure) so yeah, you’ve been screenshotted and posted in a anti cringe blog 🙂

      • liz wilbanks
        You can’t deny that some of the yansim fandom harass people. I’ve seen yancrits who are total sweethearts get death threats from yansim fans. Now, I’m not saying the whole fandom is bad. I’ve met some cool ones. But it’s hypocritical to insult the yansim crit community at every opportunity you can get, but not admit that there are bad people in the yansim fandom.

  3. Yanderedev will Midori eventually have some path to follow each day or will she keep guard of the roof? I think having her move around some can make at harder to do any attacks on the roof as right now its pretty easy to get someone up there?

  4. hey yandev!! one of the things that can help make your game more realistic is the existence of more wheelchair/disability accessible areas. even if there are no motion-impaired students in the school, one thing that can make an empty area look more alive are decoration never-used elevators, or ramps to small sets of stairs in front of buildings. i say this mostly because my yandere sim oc is a disabled wheelchair user, so it would be easier to mod him in, if i, or anyone else, wants to make similar characters. thanks!!!!

  5. What happens when YandereDev does not upload any updates? It’s me or everyone is asking things out of it. I think it’s the most important, I think 12 days ago that a new update does not come up. I think it had never taken so long.

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