Launcher Update and New Debug Functionality

Hello! There are two things that may be worthy of your attention today.

First, the launcher has been updated with a few bug fixes. Second, I’ve added some new debug functionality to Yandere Simulator.

The new debug functionality is the ability to skip directly to a specific week, and to decide a few specifics while you’re doing so, such as how the previous rivals were eliminated, how much reputation you have at school, etc:

This is useful for if your save file gets deleted somehow and you want to return to the week that you were last playing, or if you’re a YouTuber who wants to record footage of a specific rival/week, or if you’re trying to report a bug that only happens on Week 10 but you don’t want to play through 10 weeks just to get there.

To access this menu, highlight a save file on the Title Screen and then press the “R” key (or the “Y” button if you’re playing with a controller). Once you’re at the menu, use the keys/buttons listed at the bottom of the screen to set things up.

I hope this new functionality will be useful to you!

But, of course, that’s not the only thing that is new in the latest build. Click “Continue Reading” for the full changelog!

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November 25th Bug-Fixing Build

Happy Thanksgiving!

I updated the Characters page of the official website recently. The character artwork for the Student Council girls has been updated. Perceptive visitors will also notice that a new character has been appeared on the page, as well…

To see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this pretty artwork of Osana by ö! Yes, the artist goes by the name ” ö “, apparently!

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November 18th Bug-Fixing Build

I fixed so many bugs in the previous build that I thought the game would be nearly bug-free at this point…but I made so many dozens of changes to the game in the previous build that I actually created a couple of new bugs! Darn! Well, time for another bug-fixing build…

To see a list of everything that is fixed or different in the latest build, scroll down past this hilarious video by Akwa:

Damn, it must have taken dozens of hours to do all of that video editing! That’s impressive!

By the way, you did see my blog post about the fan-made Yandere Simulator comic, right? Check it out!

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The “New Hair” Build

Usually, I will refer to an update as either a “Bug-Fixing” build, or a “Quality-of-Life Improvement” build. The latest update contains 7 bug fixes and 10 QoL improvements, but more importantly than that, this build changes something that hasn’t changed in over seven years: the protagonist’s appearance!

From now on, Yandere-chan will use a new hairstyle. Check it out:

Why is it changing? Three main reasons:

  1. I think the new model looks a lot better.
  2. Her previous hair model was purchased from a game asset store. Because she was using a hair model that absolutely anyone could purchase and use, Ayano always felt like a “retextured store asset” instead of feeling like a unique character. Having an original hair model helps her feel like a character with distinct identity, rather than giving the impression of a model plucked from a store one day.
  3. The majority of the official artwork that has been created for Yandere Simulator over the past few years has depicted Ayano’s hair with a very specific length and shape that was subtly – yet significantly – different from the design of her in-game model. With this update, her in-game hair model is now consistent with the way that most of the game’s official artwork is drawn, which helps the character feel like she has one cohesive design, instead of separate 3D and 2D designs.
  4. I’ve been staring at the same model for over seven years, and I need to see something change or else I’m going to go insane.

At first, it was a little difficult to adjust to seeing the new model in-game – it was almost surreal to see the main character’s appearance change after seven years of remaining the same – but I became accustomed to it very quickly. After letting it “sink in” for a bit, it has started to feel “right” – even more right than the previous hair – and now I distinctly feel that I prefer it this way.

As mentioned above, Ayano’s hair isn’t the only thing that changed in the latest build. Click “Continue Reading” to learn what else has changed, and also see a cool render of New Ayano!

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First Unity 2020 Build


I just finished upgrading the game from Unity 2019 to Unity 2020!

Unity 2019 had a really annoying bug – if I updated any scripts while the game was running, the editor would crash. This meant that I had to shut off the game every time I wanted to update a script. God, that was insufferable! Fortunately, I’ve been able to confirm that the crash bug is indeed fixed in Unity 2020, which means that it’ll be much more convenient to work on the game from now on.

Whenever updating the game engine, there is always a possibility that some new bugs may be created. I played through the game twice (once in 1989 and once in 202X) and didn’t find any new bugs, but maybe if you search thoroughly, you might find something that I missed. Please report any new bugs that popped up in this build!

There is a possibility that Unity 2020 may contain numerous optimizations that result in better performance than Unity 2019. In other words, I’m saying that you might get a better framerate now that the game is running on Unity 2020! I’m really curious to know if this is the case!

If you’d like to confirm whether or not the framerate has improved, I’ll provide a link to the previous build of the game so that you can compare the current framerate with yesterday’s framerate:

Nothing changed in the latest build except for the jump to 2020, so you don’t need to feel pressured to download the latest build unless you’re curious to check for framerate improvements or any new bugs that may have appeared.

That’s all now for now! Thank you for following the development of…

…ugh! It just doesn’t feel right to end a blog post without showing off a cool fan creation. Here’s one for today – a really cool music video by Eisjon Noaj!

Okay! With that out of the way, thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

November 12th Bug-Fixing Build

There is a frustrating bug within the Unity editor that really slows down my progress a lot. I want to try upgrading the game from Unity 2019 to Unity 2020 to see if the bug has been fixed in the latest version of Unity. However, this would be pretty risky, because if there is anything in the game’s code that is incompatible with Unity 2020, I’ll have to spend a lot of time refactoring scripts and fixing bugs until the game is finally able to run again.

Upgrading to Unity 2020 might take a few hours, or it might take a few days…but, either way, before attempting the upgrade, I wanted to finish the stuff I was working on, and upload a new build. So, here it is!

To see a list of everything that is fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll past this video of Yandere Simulator running on a 1974 television set by Per Mateo!

Before I uploaded the 1980s Mode announcement trailer to YouTube, I wanted to put the trailer onto a VHS tape, put it into a VCR, film the trailer playing on an 1980s TV set, and then upload my recording of the trailer playing on the TV.

It would have been a time-consuming process, so I ultimately decided against doing it…that’s why I think it’s really cool to see Yandere Sim playing on a 1974 TV; it’s pretty close to the idea I had for the 1980s Mode trailer!

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November 10th Bug-Fixing Build

I uploaded a bug-fixing build yesterday; I just never wrote a blog post about it! So, here it is!

Today is the 1-month anniversary of 1980s Mode! The past month has been extremely educational; I learned a lot about how the game needs to improve before the 10 main rivals are implemented, and making those improvements will be my next priority. I still have a list of bugs to fix, though, so you’ll see me release a few more bug-fixing builds before I begin focusing exclusively on improvements.

Before I start telling you about the fixes and changes in the latest build, I’d like to mention that I’ve updated the Characters page of the official website. Twelve new characters from 1980s Mode have been added to the site – the 10 rivals of 1980s Mode, the Senpai of 1980s Mode, and the counselor of 1980s Mode. Also, the Yakuza’s artwork has been updated, new artwork has been added to Sumire’s profile, and Sumire’s profile has been re-written. (If you don’t see all the new additions when you visit the page, wait an hour and then return. The cache doesn’t update instantly.)

Okay! With all of that news out of the way, it’s time to list all of the fixes and changes in the latest build. To see that, scroll down past this gorgeous artwork of Ryoba by yikichan!

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