August 20th Bug-Fixing Build (UPDATE)

August 20th 10:25 PM Update: Ooooops! There was a terrible game-breaking bug in the build that I uploaded earlier today. I’ve uploaded a new build with the bug fixed. Sorry!

As I make progress on Osana, I fix the various bugs I come across. When enough bug-fixes have piled up, I release a new build…like this one!

To see a list of everything that is different in the latest build, scroll down beneath this gorgeous artwork by Aoi Nishida!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • The player is no longer allowed to set a bucket trap anywhere in the gardening club (it was possible to lock yourself into the shed or greenhouse by setting a trap while inside those buildings).
  • The player can no longer talk to a student immediately after telling the student to go away. (The student has to finish their “go away” routine first.)
  • Attempted to fix bug that would prevent Kokona from entering an “attack reaction” animation if she was attacked while she was bathing.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Pose Mode to break when attempting to give a teacher a hairstyle with an ID lower than “1”.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Gardening Club members to get stuck on objects when walking around the gardening club.
  • Distracting sounds (giggles, radios) can no longer distract a student who is checking their locker for a note.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to slow down time while in Yandere-chan’s room.
  • Fixed a few hair models that weren’t being affected by sunlight changing color throughout the day.
  • Fixed bug that created a visible gap between the walls and ceiling in Yandere-chan’s basement.
  • Fixed bug related to asking a student to distract Sakyu Basu during her lunchtime ring event.
  • Changed the music that plays during the “Slender” and “X-tan” easter eggs.
  • Adjusted the collision boxes for the doors at the school entrance.
  • Restored hair physics to Kokona’s hair.

169 thoughts on “August 20th Bug-Fixing Build (UPDATE)

    • It’s probably because he doesn’t have to wait over a minute to change something. He did say in a video that having to wait a minute and a half to check each little change demotivated him and he didn’t want to do anything. Now that it’s been updated, it runs a lot faster and crashes a lot less, so he’s happy and motivated again.

    • That’s probably because he’s able to fix bugs, release new builds and generally make more progress at a much faster rate than before.

    • The speed up with making changes, as others have mentioned, is probably the big reason but I think YandereDev might also be happier because lately he’s getting to some of the things he really wanted to work on and maybe hadn’t realized how much. Like, making the game play more organic. You can tell from several of his videos how much YandereDev loves those little touches in games that make it feel like you’re really able to affect the game world.

  1. Kokona’s hair has physics now?! Wasn’t it yesterday I was playing and noticing whose hair had physics and whose didn’t?! Yui may not need physics to her hair since her ponytail may not be long enough, same goes for Yuna, but her ponytail is twice as long. Koharu’s hair has physics, but mei’s doesn’t, sinces her hair is in a bun, and there’s no need. Saki’s hair has physics, but it causes her hair to go in weird directions that in real life, would mess her hair up pretty badly, so that may need to be touched up a bit, updated, or something. I noticed that it was weird that Kokonut’s hair had no physics, and YandereDev noticed that too.(Cheers!) Pippi’s hair is too short, may not need physics. Midori’s hair once in a while goes through her body, but when I made her a mindslave and made her kill Kokonut, I got a picture of her killing her and her hair was flying in the most coolest way! Mai Waifu’s hair has physics, Kuu Dere’s is too short, Sakyu’s and Inkyu’s may need physics(I didn’t check them yesterday… does their hair have physics or not?!), Mina’s and Shima’s hair is too short, Oka’s, Supana’s, and Kokuma’s doesn’s have any(Supana most likely needs it, maybe not Oka as much…), and Musume may need it, becuase her’s doesn’t and it looks so wrong to me. But what do I know…? The future can hold lots of things. That’s for YandereDev to decide.

  2. Yandere dev. What day is every student’s birthday We know that ayano meets the 1st, it will be good to know the birthday of eg sakyu basu, kokona, osana, etc. Post data: today is my birthday.

  3. Comment section:

    0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% Good job Yandev!

  4. I’m really glad to see some progress being made with the game Yanderedev, and I can’t wait for Osana to finally be implemented!
    I know this isn’t really the place to talk about it, but I’m not actually sure if this is a bug in the game, or if it’s maybe just my game in general. Every so often, when I walk up or down stairs or I enter an empty classroom, the sunlight glitches through the walls and it shines on me. Causing shadows of the other classrooms and even my shadow to appear on the ground. I wasn’t sure if other people had this problem, or if maybe it was just my game causing it, so I wasn’t sure if I should report it as a bug. If anyone else has had this happen before, then that’d be great to know.

  5. Yandere dev you think you can solve the fine bug when I entered the yandere simulator when you saw all the pupils I could not talk to take nor to give the spid nor to enter the list of gadgets and I could not teleport myself and if you could quit To give you a mark that would be 1000000

  6. I’m trying some of Jay Kubz Scout’s old myths and found:
    1. To make people notice your EasterEgg kill, you giggle.
    2. After Kokona distract Mindslave Saki twitce, wait until Kokona is at the fountain to give Saki a weapon and she will…. not kill Kokona, but Kokona will die while Saki glitches out and everybody froze even Senpai. I tried taking a panty shot of Saki but Info-chan doesn’t recognize that sexy piece of clothing. I also tried to come close to Senpai but nothing happens, he doesn’t tell Yan-chan to bugger off. At the end of the day Saki gets away with murder but doesnt come to school the next day.
    3. After you teleported to the Occult Club and kill Oka, nobody notices her dead.

    • What, really?
      There’s two ways: download the full game by following the “Downloads” link above and overwriting the existing files.
      The second way is to download the launcher. Run that and it’ll handle all the fiddly work for you but it MUST be in your Yandere Simulator folder, obviously.

  7. Can I request a little feature..? Can you make it so the turtle will summon corpses you haven’t disposed of? I’ve had two students bug out so I couldn’t dispose of them. I killed Mai and she spazzed out all over the place and then disappeared..I ran all over the school looking for her..then I killed Pippi and she got stuck in her chair. How long have we been able to sit on the benches by the fountains in front of the school btw? I got SO excited when I saw that 🙂

  8. I’m so happy with this new build and yandere dev has made so much progress since unity 5!! is it possible to change the controls?? the key for the debug menu doesnt work :<

  9. Yandere Dev! I would like you to put 2 options for Mai Waifu when you go to the roof top. # 1 Talk to him. # 2 Push, as the method of elimination of Osana and Kokona. That may help you put it in some update soon. Thanks for reading my comment. I love you so much Yandere Dev :)

  10. I love EVERYTHING about this game, the purpose, the fact it’s about an anime girl (a yandere to be more exact), the soundtrack, the fact that all the characters have their own little world, just every single thing! Thank you Yandere Dev SO MUCH FOR THIS!

  11. You’re a very hard worker, and i dont want you to take this personal, but can you make the development a little faster? You can mabye work on those little stuff later in the development.

    Thanks for reading!

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