April 17th Bug-Fixing Build

Darn! There was one bug in the previous build that was so embarrassing, I felt an urgent need to release a new bug-fixing build immediately. So, here it is!

To read a list of everything that is new in the latest build, scroll down past this gorgeous and emotional artwork of Osana by Mari Pris!

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April 15th Bug-Fixing Build and Q&A

Hi! I’ve got two things to share with you today: a new build, and a Q&A!

Recently, the Yandere Simulator Wiki compiled a list of over 100 questions that the community wanted to ask me, and I answered every one of them!

You can read my answers here on this page: https://yandere-simulator.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Jackboog21/YandereDev_Wiki_Q%26A:_Answers

It was really fun to participate in a fan-organized event; I enjoyed it very much, and I’d love to continue doing things like this with the community in the future!

In addition to that, I’m also releasing a new build today with a lot of bug fixes and a small number of new features. To see a list of everything that changed in the latest build, scroll down past this chilling artwork by lukarte99!

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The results of the Medibang Art Contest

It’s April 5th, which means that the submission period for the Medibang Art Contest is officially over! So, what now? Will the contest winner be announced immediately?

Nope! Apparently, MediBang has a process for this type of thing. Here’s the timeline that was presented to me by MediBang:

April 6~11: MediBang’s employees will manually check every single entry to check for plagiarism and discard fraudulent entries.

April 12~18: MediBang’s employees will contact the artists who passed the plagiarism check and confirm that they actually respond to communication (it would suck if the winner of the contest is someone who never responds to the “You won!” e-mail from MediBang).

April 19~23: MediBang will select about 30 entries and send them to me, so that I can select the top 3 winners.

Late-April~Mid-May: MediBang will prepare the result announcement page

Mid-May: The results are finally announced!

Although this timeline is a little different from what I imagined, it looks like Medibang is being extremely thorough about making sure the contest results are as legitimate as possible! I’m very thankful to them for taking care of this, so that I can continue to keep my focus on the game.

In my most recent video, I said…

In just a few days, we will arrive at the 7th anniversary of Yandere Simulator’s development. I fully acknowledge that it’s unusual for a game to be in production for such a long time. It’s a subject that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about, and I’d make a video to share my thoughts with you. That video will probably come out shortly after I announce the results of the MediBang art contest, which is ending on April 5th.

…now that I’m aware that I can’t announce the results of the art contest until the middle of May, I’ll probably release my “thoughts on working on Yandere Sim for 7 years” video sometime in April, instead.