September 22nd Bug-Fixing Build

The most recent build didn’t have any critical game-breaking flaws in it, but some general fixes and improvements have been piling up lately, so I may as well release a new build.

To see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, please scroll down past this absolutely gorgeous artwork of Osana by sexyunicornking!

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September 20th Bug-Fixing Build

There’s always something! Always another bug that slipped by, necessitating another bug-fixing update…

Well, on a positive note, each of these builds brings us one step closer to an eventual, “The demo is now stable enough for me to stop releasing bug-fixing builds and start working on the next feature” build. Hopefully, it’s not too far off at this point!

To see a list of everything that is different in the latest build, please scroll down past this illustration of Osana dressed as a sexy police officer, drawn by DarlingIvyCat!

Yes, that is “Osana dressed as a sexy police officer.” Why, you ask? Hey, don’t think about it too much. Just enjoy it.

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September 19th Bug-Fixing Build

Recently, while watching other people play Yandere Sim, I had a few revelations about how to fix and improve certain aspects of the game’s design. (Completely different realizations from the tutorial-related stuff I mentioned a few days ago.) I have an extremely clear mental image of what the game is currently lacking, and what needs to be done in order to improve the game’s design. I’m super excited to begin working on it, and then producing a video where I explain all of the ways that the demo has been improved since its first release!

But, for now, here’s another bug-fixing build. To see a list of everything that changed in the most recent update, please scroll down past this super-cute art by cj_17___!

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September 18th Bug-Fixing Build

There was a bug in the previous build that prevented one of Osana’s elimination methods from working – yikes! Sorry about that! It’s fixed in this latest build.

Remember when I didn’t upload any builds for a month and a half, as I prepared Osana for release? During that time, a lot of bug reports piled up. I didn’t ignore them; I stored those bug reports to fix them later, once the demo had stabilized. This build is mostly dedicated to fixing most of those bugs; a “tying up loose ends” kinda build.

To see a list of everything that changed in the latest build, please scroll down past this illustration by _akiiart_! Do you recognize the famous film poster that is being parodied here?

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September 16th Bug-Fixing Build

There are a few more bug fixes I want to make before I’m ready to begin working on the new features that will improve the demo experience. So, you can probably expect a few more of these bug-fixing builds before September ends.

To see a list of everything that was changed in the latest build, please scroll down past this chilling artwork by vvvolf!

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September 14th Bug-Fixing Build

This bug-fixing build is about twice the size of a normal one! Made a few breakthroughs and fixed some very stubborn bugs that I hadn’t been able to fix in previous builds. You’ll definitely want to check out the list of changes below, since it most likely announces the removal of several problems that had been impacting your enjoyment of the demo.

But, to get to that list of changes, you’ll have to scroll down past this striking illustration by wolf-fram!

This one really stirs some emotions! That tired, weary look on Ayano’s face says, “I’m sorry that you have to die, but it’s the only way.” Chilling!

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September 13th Bug-Fixing Build

I’ve been receiving a ton of really useful feedback about the demo over the past 2 weeks! A lot of this feedback comes from new players who have never played the game before, or who are returning to the game after several years of not playing it. These players have offered a very valuable perspective, because they have identified numerous ways in which the game is confusing to newcomers.

As it turns out, the vast majority of Yandere Simulator’s features are “hidden” from the player; there is no way for new players to know about most of the game’s features without guidance from a third party or a YouTube video. (For example, most new players don’t know that it’s possible to clean a bloody weapon by washing it at a drinking fountain. Did YOU know that?)

But, more importantly, most new players don’t know about the Schemes menu, don’t realize that the dialogue in Osana’s events is explicitly spelling out exactly how to eliminate her, and completely miss out on most of Osana’s daily scripted events. I’ve seen too many players just aimlessly wander around school, feeling lost and without any type of direction. Something clearly needs to change.

Whenever I’m faced with a game design challenge like this, I ask myself, “Well, how have similar games tackled the same issue?” which, in this case, translates to “Why doesn’t Hitman have the same problem?”

The answer is that Hitman has a playable tutorial that teaches the player everything they need to know in a fun and engaging way…while Yandere Simulator has annoying tutorial windows that interrupt gameplay in a very obnoxious way. The tutorial text is also way too long, prompting most players to ignore and disable the tutorial pop-ups.

The solution is adding a playable tutorial to the game, or delivering important information to the player in a way that is less obnoxious. I know exactly what the playable tutorial would be – a school play where Yandere-chan acts out various murder scenarios. However, adding a playable tutorial would take a couple of weeks…and it feels like we’re in a delicate, time-sensitive phase of the game’s development right now. Is this really the right time to add such a feature to the game?

Fortunately, I have an idea that might be the perfect solution! However, I don’t want to begin working on it just yet – I want to make a few more bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements before I move on to making serious additions/changes to the game’s design. There will probably be a few more bug-fixing builds until we reach that point.

To see a list of everything that changed in the latest build, please scroll down past this beautiful illustration by Vinaera! I love the art style!!

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September 11th Bug-Fixing Build

There’s a weird bug that prevents players from starting new save files at the title screen. I haven’t encountered the bug myself, but in this build, I attempted to solve the problem. If you’ve been encountering that bug, please download this build and let me know if it still happens!

For a list of everything else that was changed in the latest build, please scroll down past this gorgeous illustration of Osana by Sjao!

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