If your download stops halfway, you only have two options: try re-downloading it, or wait until I have a better method for delivering the game to you.

Please visit this page to learn how to download Yandere Simulator:

If the launcher doesn’t work, there are a couple of alternatives you could try…

Direct download from the official website, last updated on July 25th, 11:25 PM:

Mediafire link for the build from July 25th, 11:25 PM:

Mega link for the build from July 25th, 11:25 PM:!8ghXQKrD!K-MLr3sIuatg-ELLiMfQR2gsEc2M6H_SRD35moUIxjA

Fan-operated hosting site:

German hosting site (Last updated on July 23rd):

Polish hosting site (Last updated on June 15th?):