How Will Yandere Simulator’s Future Rivals Be Different From Osana?

Each of the videos I uploaded over the past 3 days were about the current state of the demo – but now that I’m done talking about that, I’m ready to start discussing my plans for the future. Specifically, how exactly will all of Yandere Sim’s rivals differ from Osana? How will the school change over the 10-week period that the game takes place in? How will the gameplay change in each of those weeks? In this video, I talk all about it!

I’m also releasing a new build today! It took a while to upload, but it’s now available from all of the usual sources!

Click “Continue Reading” to see a list of everything that has changed!


There is now an additional way to earn Info Points; by completing a “Bounty”. Every day, Info-chan will seek a photograph of a specific event occuring at school. If you send her the photo that she desires, you will recieve a whopping 50 Info Points!

For now, there is only one bounty available. In the future, there should be a new bounty every day.

Demo Checklist

There is now a “Demo Checklist” accessible from the title screen. This is the evolution of the “Challenges Menu” that was accessible from the Calendar screen for several years.

The majority of the items on this checklist are related to elimination methods, but there are also a handful of “just for fun” items, too.

I am fairly confident that it should be possible to unlock each of the items on the checklist, but if you find something on the list that can’t be unlocked, please let me know! (Please note that you cannot unlock Demo Checklist items if you are using debug commands. No cheating allowed!)

Schedule Screen

There is now a “Schedule” screen that is accessed from the pause menu. This screen lists all of the events that will be occurring in school throughout the day.

Whenever an event is occurring somewhere at school, a text message from Info-chan will pop up at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Opening this text message will display the Schedule screen, with the current event highlighted. You can disable these text messages from the Schedule Screen if you don’t want to see them.

These “Hint Available” text messages from Info-chan are also being used for another purpose, as well…

Revamped Tutorial System

Previously, whenever the player entered a circumstance that would benefit from an explanation, gameplay would automatically pause, and a tutorial window would appear onscreen. This was universally considered to be very annoying, so now we’re doing things differently.

From now on, when the player enters a “tutorial circumstance”, a “Hint Available” text message from Info-chan will pop up, giving the player the option of viewing the tutorial if they wish to, rather than forcing the player to abruptly view tutorials against their will.

On that note…most people didn’t bother to read the tutorial windows because they had too much text, so from now on, whenever the player voluntarily presses the button that summons a tutorial window, they will see a short sentence instead of several long paragraphs. They can press a “More Info” button to read more thorough text, if they wish to.

Revamped Social Interactions

The “Compliment” feature has been completely replaced with a new feature – “Socialize”. If you walk up to a student and choose the “Socialize” option, you will see a grid of subjects to talk about.

You can make a positive statement or a negative statement. The goal is to make a positive statement about something that the student likes, or a negative statement about something that the student dislikes.

If you have already learned some of that student’s likes/dislikes, little green and red icons will appear on the grid, making it very obvious what you should speak positively/negatively about.

Additionally, this new conversation system is also used for gossiping. For example:

Kuu Dere loves reading. If you tell Kuu Dere that Osana hates reading, Kuu Dere will think less of Osana and contribute to the spread of rumors about her, which will damage Osana’s reputation.

The act of raising your reputation and damaging your rival’s reputation is no longer limited to simply mashing the “Compliment” and “Gossip” buttons; you now actually have to know the likes and dislikes of the person you’re speaking to in order to socialize with them effectively!

In most cases, a student’s likes/dislikes will be obvious. For example, everyone in the Cooking Club loves cooking. In other cases, you can learn a student’s likes/dislikes by befriending them, asking them to follow you, and then walking around school with them. As you pass by certain rooms, the student who is following you will express their opinion about the room that you’re passing by.

Oh, by the way – previously, all “Conversation Topics” had to be unlocked one-by-one, by walking past relevant locations at school. (For example, “Cooking” would not become a conversation topic until you walked past the Cooking Club). I’ve decided that this was a stupid idea; Yandere-chan obviously didn’t go her entire life completely oblivious to basic topics of conversation such as “Cooking”. So, from now on, all conversation topics are unlocked from the start of the game.

Amai Challenge

After watching the cutscene where Senpai meets Amai, you will now see a new option at the bottom of the Calendar screen – “Amai Challenge”. Activating this challenge allows you to experience one day of Week 2, Amai’s week. Here are the circumstances during the Amai Challenge:

  1. Amai and the other members of the Cooking Club stand in the school plaza, operating a bake sale.
  2. Students walk into the plaza to check out the bake sale at regular time intervals.
  3. Many students’ routines have been adjusted. Students now stand around the school’s entrance, the plaza entrances, and the rear entrance near the incinerator.
  4. The incinerator is out-of-order.

Your objective on this day is to kill Amai and dispose of her body without anyone ever alarming anyone. If any student becomes alarmed by anything for any reason, you will fail the challenge. You can press the “~” key to instantly restart the challenge. There is no reward for completing the challenge; I just want to observe what techniques people use to tackle this challenge, and see how many people can complete it.

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Very minor detail here, but the text that displayed when the Gaming Club disbanded (“The school forces the club to disband”) didn’t make sense previously, so it has been adjusted to reflect the fact that the Gaming Club is an unofficial club.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from being arrested for murder if the player was sent to the counselor by a guidance counselor in the brief window of time after a teacher had spotted the player committing murder.
  • If all of the bullies except Kokoro are killed, Kokoro will change her appearance. There is no lore in-game to explain the reason for this; if you want to know why, you’ll have to read a Reddit post.
  • Fixed bug that caused issues in the “Yandere-chan walks out of school” cutscene at the end of a Mission Mode mission, if Yandere Vision was active when the player exited the mission.
  • There are now three music tracks to choose from in the Alphabet Killer Challenge. Tap the “M” key twice to change the music track. #1 is by CameronF305, and #2 and #3 are by Fonix!
  • If the school’s atmosphere is lowered, it is meant to slowly recover over time. As a result, skipping a day from the Calendar screen will now improve the school atmosphere.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to become trapped in the boys’ locker room if she was pushed backwards into it while talking to a boy in front of the locker room.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from getting a game over during the Alphabet Killer Challenge if one of their future targets escaped from school.
  • Fixed bug that would screw with the game’s graphics if Yandere Vision was active when the player triggered the “Suitor confesses to Osana” cutscene.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to enter the “Faking Reaction” state or the “Sneaking Panty Shot” state while simultaneously in other states.
  • There is now a third way to dispose of bodies, aside from the incinerator and the woodchipper; a vat of acid in the Science Club’s room.
  • Updated the music that plays in Yandere-chan’s room and basement (there are both daytime versions and nighttime versions of each track).
  • It is now possible to complete Dairoku’s task by giving him either an answer sheet or a duplicate answer sheet obtained from Info-chan.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the blood-cleaning robot from being able to pathfind into the incinerator area or the west Japanese garden.
  • Fixed the incorrect description for the Biology stat that displayed when using the Gaming Club’s laptop to boost one of your stats.
  • Fixed bug that caused Senpai’s face to use the wrong texture, if the player selected Skin Color #4 when designing their Senpai.
  • Added a 12th set of background music tracks to the school (9 tracks in total, one for every combination of atmosphere/sanity).
  • Turned down the volume of the title screen music, since it was much louder than most other tracks in the game.
  • The Gift Store now has a shopkeeper, meaning that all store in the street now have a unique shopkeeper!
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to sometimes get stuck on the fences in the Japanese gardens.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to get stuck on the fountain in the school plaza.
  • Replaced the security camera outside of Info-chan’s room with a better-looking model.
  • There is now a visual indication when the phone jammer is active.
  • Replaced some old sound effects with new ones by CameronF305!
  • Fixed bugs with the pink mustache in the meme closet.
  • Added new rival portraits provided by magimoon!

76 thoughts on “How Will Yandere Simulator’s Future Rivals Be Different From Osana?

  1. Ideas in this video are actually really good. I like the more “random” student placement that feels more realistic and it is a bigger challenge. I also like to see new buildings. Maybe I would make school a bit more complex than just a square with long halls first. I still don ´t like the being tackled by regular students feature. I think to balance removal of that would be requirement of just three or just less witnesses. It will still be hard of eliminating all the people that witnessed you + the fact mentioned in the video that player might not want to kill too many people anyways, because school might shutdown or they can be used as important tools. Anyways i´m excited to see what will be next. Keep up the great work 😀

  2. Maybe the acid container should either be locked (lockpick it) or only available to you if you are a part of the science club. Since its a dangerous substance, not just anybody should be allowed to have accces to the acid.

  3. Hello, yandere dev! I am excited about the future of the game. One thing, for the rivals, I think it’s too bland to just put them just like that in their weeks. It would be great if they will appear sometime before they became a threat to yan-chan.

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