Horror-themed Ayano Shirt available throughout October!

Recently, Crowdmade contacted me and offered to design a horror-themed shirt for me to sell during October. I was interested in seeing what kind of design they would come up with, so I accepted – and I’m glad I did! They came up with a super badass design; check it out!

Chilling and scary, a perfect design for Spooky Month! If you look closely, you’ll notice that there are eyeballs growing out of Ayano’s arms and legs! It suits her perfectly, since it fits right in with the horror-themed easter eggs in Yandere Simulator that feature things like creepy floating eyeballs.

Since it’s a Halloween-themed shirt, it only makes sense to sell it during October specifically. So, this shirt will be going away on November 1st. I think it’s a top-tier design, so I’m really happy to be offering it! Be sure to pick it up if you’re interested!


EDIT: And now a sweater version is available, too!


Big October Update

For the past few months, you’ve heard me say the same thing over and over: “I haven’t been able able to focus on adding new features to the game recently, since I’ve been fixing bugs. I’ll return to adding new features once the bug reports stop.”

Well, that long-awaited time has come; I received very few significant bug reports recently, so I was finally able to spend the majority of the past two weeks adding new features and improvements to the game! I made a massive amount of progress through my “Every change I want to make to the game before the crowdfunding campaign” checklist, and I’ve got a LOT to show you today! How much, exactly? Well, I’ll put it this way: this blog post is over 4,300 words long! That ought to give you a sense of just how much progress I’ve made!

To begin reading about everything that was added or improved about the game recently, scroll down past this absolutely fabulous illustration by Almer, who created it for this hilarious meme video!

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This Feature Would Make Yandere Simulator’s Characters Feel More Alive

The title says it all!

The number of bug reports I’ve been receiving on a daily basis has dropped sharply, so now I’ve finally transitioned to working on those “last remaining improvements I want to put into the game before the crowdfunding campaign” features. I worked on one of them recently and made some promising progress, but sadly, I couldn’t quite get it to function as smoothly as I hoped for, so it might not make it into the next build.

To make the most of the situation, I’ve made a video about the feature; even if it’s not working perfectly at this point in time, at least I can create a video showing off the progress I’ve made on it so far…and maybe someone with the right type of technical knowledge might see the video and reach out to offer me a solution to the problem!

Will the Ayano and Oka Plushies Ever Return?

Fairly often, fans of the game ask me if the Ayano and Oka plushies will ever return. The full answer to that question is complex, so I usually just give short answers like, “Maybe,” “It’s complicated,” or “It depends on a variety of factors.”

I feel guilty for giving fans such short and unsatisfying answers, so I’ve created a video to answer the question in thorough detail so that the matter can be put to rest. I hope that this video clears everything up!

By the way, there is something that I forgot to mention in the video: If the plushies *do* ever return, I think I’d want the second run to have improved hair. The hair was the one aspect of the plushies that I wasn’t completely satisfied with…

September 17th Bug-Fixing Build

Good news – the rate of bug reports has drastically reduced! Hopefully, we’re finally transitioning out of the “fixing anything that is broken” phase, and entering the “implementing the last remaining features I wanted to include in the game before the crowdfunding campaign” phase.

The latest build fixes some significant bugs that a lot of players were encountering and reporting, and also adds two minor features that may come in handy for Mission Mode players.

To read a list of everything that was added, changed, or fixed in the latest build, scroll down past this gorgeous artwork of Ryoba drawn by C4TH4R4SIS!

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September 15th Bug-Fixing Build

New build. 90 changes in total. 40 improvements, 50 bug fixes. Every word in this blog post from last month is still just as relevant as it was before.

As usual, at the bottom of this blog post, you can find a list of everything that was changed in the latest build…but first, I want to share something cool with you! French music artist “kobzx2z” wrote a song titled “AYANO” about a girl madly in love with a boy, with lyrics that directly reference Yandere Simulator by name. That’s so cool! You can listen to the song here:

You can search for the lyrics on Google and click “Translate to English” to learn what the singer is saying!

This is just one of many recent fan creations that has really impressed me! Maybe in the next few days, I’ll make a blog post just to shine a spotlight on some of the coolest things I’ve seen fans produce in the past few months…

Anyway, click “Continue Reading” to see a list of everything that changed in the latest build.

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September 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

Whoops! There was a really annoying bug in the last update, so I decided to release a new bug-fixing build right away. Please grab the latest update to be free of the troublesome issue that was present in the last build.

To see a list of everything that was changed or fixed in the latest update, please scroll down past this absolutely gorgeous artwork by Kenishman!

This artist has produced some of the most amazing Yandere Simulator artwork that I’ve ever seen, and has been one of my favorite artists for years. Some of their fan art is extremely dark and graphic, but perfectly captures the extreme situations and emotions that would happen in the kind of scenarios that can occur from Ayano’s actions. Ah! I love this artist so much!

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September 1st Bug-Fixing Build

New build! This one is especially noteworthy for being the one build in the history of the game’s development with the largest number of changes from the one that came before it (aside from the Osana release and 1980s Mode release). How many changes? 101 exactly – meaning that I can say this build has over one hundred differences between it and the previous build!

So, what are those differences?

  • 31 changes/improvements
  • 69 bug fixes (25 of which are specific to Osana)
  • 1 new character

Yes, you read that correctly – a new character!

Are you disappointed that it’s another bug-fixing build? Read this.

To see what I have to say about the new character and read a list of everything that was changed or fixed in the latest build, please scroll down past this video – a song about Ayano, created by a Japanese fan of the game, using some very impressive voice synthesis software!

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A Feature That Probably Won’t Work Out

Hey, do you remember when – instead of making elaborate 31-minute-long video essays – I uploaded short 4-minute videos where I briefly talked about the latest feature? I miss those days. A lot. But, at this point in time, it would be pretty weird to start uploading that stuff to my main channel again. It’s just not what the main channel has come to be known for. So, if I ever feel like making one of those short, 2014-style videos again, I’ll probably upload them to my Yandere Archive channel, instead.

And on that note…

Finally, I’m receiving so few bug reports that it is now possible for me to shift my focus towards other things. One of the things I’d like to do at this point in time is test out some ideas/concepts that I came up with earlier in development, but never had time to implement. Above, you’ll see an experiment I performed recently – “Can I make a ‘speech bubble above head’ feature work out?” The answer, sadly, might be “no,” for the reasons explained within the video. However, perhaps some clever person will propose the ideal way to implement this type of feature, and I’ll be able to make it work out in the end…