September 16th Minor Improvement Build

As part of the process of rolling out the red carpet for Osana, I’m sweeping through the game and improving everything that looks janky / fixing every bug I can find. The latest version of the game is already an improvement over yesterday’s build, so I’ve prepared an update!

But first, I’d like to share some artwork from Kodoku-Hana, who has treated us with three illustrations of Ayano: sweet, bloody, and “beach”!

To see a few other images that I’d like to share, along with a list of everything that was added/changed/fixed in the latest version, click Continue Reading!

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Osana and Raibaru Progress Report

Good news! I’ve been making lots of progress with Osana and Raibaru lately! In this video, I talk about the sorts of things I’ve been working on.

This video isn’t really about showing off every bit of progress I’ve made recently; rather, the purpose of this video is meant to paint a clear picture of the type of work I’ve been doing recently, and elaborate about the things that I have to consider during the process of implementing Osana/Raibaru. (I do show off some of my accomplishments, though!)

I’ve also prepared a new build today! Click “Continue Reading” to check it out:

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Video when? Progress report?

Sorry – no video today. I decided that it was more important to spend time working on Osana/Raibaru. If you’d like to hear details about specifically what I’ve been doing recently, I’ll elaborate below, along with screenshots.

As usual, I’d like to share a fan creation with you! Sakura Media has created another episode of LOVESICK! Check it out!

I really love the way Ayano is portrayed here – this video does a great job of depicting her obsession! It reminded me about a feature that is currently missing from Yandere Sim; the ability to collect items that Senpai leaves behind. This is how the player will fill the Senpai shrine. (It’s not supposed to have items at the beginning of the game.)

I’ve uploaded a new build with some bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements. To read a list of all the changes in the new build, and to read a progress report about what I’ve been doing recently, click “Continue Reading”.

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