Adorable Crush Crush Plushes! (and a new build)

A few years ago, Yandere Simulator had its first crossover with another game – Crush Crush, a game about clicking anime girls to make them fall in love with you! Remember?

When I visited Anime Expo this year, I got to meet the creators of Crush Crush in person; they’re wonderful and funny people! They were generous enough to give me two presents; plush dolls of their characters!

I was so honored to have these dolls, I posed them with one of my most prized possessions: a fan-made Yandere-chan doll that a fan gave to me a few years ago. Everything in this photo represents something important to me; that a fan cared enough about Yandere Sim to make a doll, and that I had an opportunity to have a crossover with a game made by awesome people!

The Crush Crush dolls are so incredibly soft and huggable! They’re now available from the Sad Panda Store: I hope that one day I can also offer you an adorable plush doll of Yandere-chan! (Or Oka, perhaps? I think she’s the most huggable character!)

Okay! I’m done rambling about these precious dolls. I’ve prepared a new build! It’s mostly a bug-fixing / de-janking build, but it should be a quality-of-life improvement for some people. Click “Continue Reading” to read a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build.

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Students with unique walk animations where they put their hands near their faces (like Beruma and Toga) will no longer use those animations while carrying cleaning items (because the cleaning items would clip into their faces).
  • Fixed bug that caused Sleuths to change their clothing outside of the locker room if they were splashed with water while stalking Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed bug that caused Cooking Club students to fail to perform the correct animations after the player exited the Light Music Club minigame.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to see the “Red String of Fate” that was only supposed to be visible when Osana was alive and at school.
  • Fixed bug that caused Geiju to speak uncharacteristically long sentences if he discovered a dropped weapon on the ground.
  • Yandere-chan will no longer be considered suspicious when carrying a guitar if she is in the Light Music club.
  • Fixed bug that caused some students to fail to remove items from their hands after witnessing a murder.
  • Students now have reactions to seeing Yandere-chan carry a fire extinguisher, pipe wrench, or guitar.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Sleuths from looking in Yandere-chan’s direction while stalking her.
  • Fixed a prop that was floating in midair in the Photography Club.
  • Fixed bug that caused teachers to lose their unique eye shapes.

39 thoughts on “Adorable Crush Crush Plushes! (and a new build)

    • It is, first you have to re-create the bugs to understand what type of bug they are, and then find a way to fix them. Stop behaving the way you do because no one wants haters

  1. Yandere Dev, Yandere Dev! If a player lowers Osana’s reputation or Raibaru’s reputation down to negative 1, one of them will get bullied very easily, and I don’t want players to break the game by doing that when it’s out. I recommend you give every student a reputation bar to whatever number you want so it’s fairly balanced. I just hope you can take the time to read this and fix the issue…

    • Wont students be too afraid of Raiberu to gossip about her? And she is Osana’s bestfriend and the students know that. Wont they be too afraid of Raiberu?

      • i don’t think so, if she has a negative reputation why would they be afraid of her? I don’t think she’s the type of person to really attack anyone because of bad reputation. Plus won’t we be able to gossip about Megami as well? And she’s the Student Council president (i know they are rivals but Megami is way more important and more of a person to be afraid of than Raibaru)

    • Although the threshold for being bullied is -33 reputation, I can kinda see where you have a fair point as every student in school starts with a reputation of 0, despite certain students being popular. (eg. Akane and the bullies)

    • He only wasn’t okay with using the official Megalovania soundtrack as the backing music, and Yandev changed the song to an original song a long time ago, so everything’s good.

    • If you activate yandere vision I’m pretty sure Senpai shows up but if not you can tag him so that you can. Sorry if that sentence made no sense. 😅

    • When you activate Yandere Vision a pink outline appears around Senpai. You can also tag him in the Student Profile menu

  2. I can’t help but notice that Mida Rana (teacher rival) looks a lot like the Guidance counselor ; like she’s a messier twin.
    Are they sisters or something ? 😉
    (Cuz if they are, that would be AWESOME!!!)

    Ps: I love your work.

  3. Not really a bug because it involves the turtle, but I’ve been trying the alphabet killer challenge and whenever I teleport to the turtle my most recent victim comes with me. Its not that important but it is annoying :/

  4. That makes sense, I wonder what will Geiju say after he sees dropped items or Yandere-chan covered in blood or carrying weapons or insane

  5. Are you going to make winter uniforms in the future, for when the full game comes out? I heard that students in Japan wear winter uniforms in April, when the game and school year starts, and then transition into summer uniforms starting June 1st, which is two weeks before the game ends. It would be so cool if you made seasonal uniforms for the full game!

    • That would be cool, but I don’t know if he’ll do that. But he said that he wants their characters to wear different uniforms than the ones in the game to make them “unique” or something, because he also wants to have different models and more “Anime-like”.

  6. Yandere dev, for some reason even after uninstalling and reinstalling the game it puts me in lovesick mode, is there a way to fix that?

  7. Yandere Dev when you finish Osana and Raibaru are you then gonna give the lust demon some powers cuz If she doesn’t havy any povers its pointless to háve her in the demon realm

  8. I have an idea what about instead of the deck you added at the cherry tree that would be awkward if students watched you confess, on friday nights the sports club could have races on the track and they would be able to hear a rival scream from the cherry tree and would run up to shove you onto the ground and give you a gameover. you wouldn’t be able to sneak attack the rival there since they are on extra alert waiting for senpai. not to pressure you but i just think it would make more sense than the deck, since the rival would want to be alone

    • They can’t see the rival confess because she’ll confess infront of the tree and they can’t hear her confess because they’re too far away, the sports club idea sounds nice but the track has been updated it doesn’t go around the cherry tree anymore.

  9. Hey, Yandere Dev. I have a bug. IT IS SUPERRR ANNOYING! It has been there since the first time I played Yandere simulator. It was the July 18th build for this year. How to do this bug is to, ask someone to follow you. Kill them with a knife. And then use the debug commands to teleport to somewhere, (Roof, Occult, etc.) The body will teleport to you when you teleport. This is hard cause if you may teleport to the Occult, Akane see’s the body, and you can get a game over when she sees you. Or, the Gardening club girl, Uekiya, will see the body and call the cops. Or tell a teacher. Shiromi will see the body at the front of the school. Everyone will see the body when you teleport to class. This ALSO happens if you kidnap someone at the beginning of the day, and you teleport to class, the sleeping body will be there, but no one notices it. It is just really annoying, but it also is on how long this message is. ;-; anyways, bye!

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