September 21st Bug-Fixing Build

Yesterday, somebody played Yandere Simulator for 7 hours straight, and streamed every minute of it. I dropped by to watch their broadcast for a little while, and unexpectedly gained a huge amount of valuable insight. I heard a lot of useful feedback, learned what parts of the game are currently too tedious, and witnessed bugs I’ve never seen before. I wish I could catch a stream of Yandere Simulator on a daily basis so that I could always have access to this kind of helpful information – but, since Yandere Sim is still banned from Twitch, and because all other streaming platforms are relatively inactive, it’s a very rare luxury for me to get this kind of insight and feedback. After Osana is released, it should become a priority to appeal to Twitch and ask them to reconsider the game’s ban.

While watching that broadcast, I fixed every bug I witnessed (as long as the steps for replicating the bug were clear) and also made miscellaneous small improvements. As a result, a new build is now available! To read a list of everything that is new in the latest update, scroll down past this super-cool artwork by Baka Mikito!

This is a illustration of the “Bad Romance” easter egg – one of my favorites! Speaking of easter eggs, this new build has something hidden for you to discover…click “Continue Reading” for a couple of hints!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that caused the pause menu to slide upwards if the player pressed the spacebar at the pause screen. (This functionality is only supposed to be available during a Multi-Mission in Mission Mode.)
  • Fixed bug that caused a knee-high barrier to appear outside of the school after completing the Light Music Club minigame. (It was a work-in-progress and not yet ready to be revealed.)
  • Using the debug turtle to clean clothing will no longer result in a scenario where the game believes that there is no clean clothing present at school.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan to freeze in place permanently if a delinquent began chasing her while she was dumping a body into the incinerator.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the School Atmosphere from starting at the appropriate default level when starting a new game.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to get stuck and spin in circles while cleaning toilets inside of a bathroom.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Cooking Club students from dropping their food trays when being splashed with water.
  • Fixed bug that prevented save files from being affected by the white fade-out when leaving the title screen.
  • Added teeth to Yandere-chan’s smile when the title screen. Just looked weird without teeth.
  • Fixed bug that caused Megami to appear on a laptop she wasn’t supposed to be visible on.
  • Fixed bug that caused students to get stuck on the robot leg in the Science Club.
  • Reduced the volume of the woodchipper and radio, since they seemed way too loud.
  • Yandere-chan now has a different line for complimenting male students.
  • Fixed some inaccurate subtitles for certain students’ Tasks.
  • Added warning message to the debug turtle menu.
  • Added a new easter egg. I’m not telling you how to activate it! You’ll have to figure it out on your own. I’ll only give you two clues: First, look for one big thing. Then, look for five small things. Good luck!

68 thoughts on “September 21st Bug-Fixing Build

  1. 7-hour stream impressive. Why was Yandere Simulator banned on twitch again? This certainly needs to be changed.
    By the way, When a male student is poisoned they coughed like the female students alot. I think this should be taken to Dev’s notice.

    • It was banned partly because of the violence, partly because of nudity(which includes that once the students were “naked” in Titan mode, the panty shot feature, and that the clouds covering Ayano before Yandev implemented the towel were considered to cover too little). Yandev also made a video on it, you should check it out!

  2. Dear yandere dev, I am happy that this game is coming to a point where we are all satisfied and this is the best game ever in the whole entire world you’ve done well. But I have a few suggestions I would like for the game, if I may here they are. Can you give ayano A side ponytail or something. Or can you make her look beautiful and pretty without her knowing. I’ve looked at her and she looks pretty dry she should be hot in her own way you know. Also can you make senpai attractive because in real life he wouldn’t have any girls chasing after him. And after that you could go on from there giving students different faces and unique features of their own. Can you decorate the school a little bit too i’ve noticed that the school looks kind of… empty just a few changes to the decor to make a look like a real high school; like school colors and paint on the walls and Floors that look like real school floors. Another suggestion is that in the cut scene where a rival or yourself is confessing Their love to senpai… could you make the Art students disappear in the cut scene so people wouldn’t have to complain about how non-romantic it is and can you expand the size of the cherry tree. Another suggestion ….. but can you make an eleminaton method where you can like sell students to human trafficking or something.( I know it sounds pretty cruel) but it would be kind of interesting to see new methods to get rid of students . And don’t feel pressured to put any of these features in the game they’re just personal suggestions that I think would be good for the development. And one more , when it’s about time to make the official demo can you make some changes to the lights and shadows of everything. Can you give certain things gloss so they can look realistic and just give us school and aesthetic

    • Seriously? He has said that he doesn’t care for people making suggestions. And all those things you mentioned, he put in the game for a reason. For example, the art students are there to prevent the player from killing the rival while the rival is waiting for senpai. If you just wait for Friday and then kill Osana while she is waiting for Senpai, it takes away all the difficulty! So having the art students there prevents that. This is the kind of stuff that YanDev thinks about in advance. He has said that he doesn’t want or need advice from people with no expertise. The thing with Ayano, YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE HER. And you may not think Senpai is cute, but everybody I know thinks that character is cute. You’re opinion is not the only one in the world, and is certainly not the most important. The school is really realistic, and colorful. Better than most schools in fact. Schools aren’t filled with bright colors!
      Everything you’ve said has this hypocritical attitude, like you know better than the developer of the game. I’d you’re so smart, why don’t you make your own game so you can change it yourself instead of criticizing someone else’s work.

      • This user clarified their comment by saying “don’t feel pressured to put any of these features in the game they’re just personal suggestions that I think would be good for the development.” They have not said anything about being better than the developer, instead of attacking them while only noting the negatives does not make you any better. In fact, you’re the one acting as if you’re better than them. This comment section was not made to argue or cause drama, it’s for discussion about the update/s.
        I’m sure YandereDev has not said “he doesn’t care for people making suggestions” because he reads comments and watches other peoples’ Yandere Simulator gameplay. Even if he did, we all have the freedom of speech. Instead of being angry, maybe just justify their points, e.g. Senpai is not meant to look extraordinary, if you look at his profile Info-Chan says that he’s average and isn’t sure why Ayano likes him. Thank you

    • Dear lord. For one thing, have you tried pressing H? Literally a side ponytail. Also, you can????customize senpai?????????????? And this isn’t meant to be Jump Force, with impressive locations (don’t murder me for saying Jump Force has impressive anything, just complimenting the way the levels look), it’s meant to have a mild cartoony feel. A base model is used for all students, and YandereDev has stated before that he plans to change said model. And finally, she isn’t supposed to be overly pretty or attractive, otherwise senpai would probably just choose her over the other rivals anyway.

    • Your suggestions are in the game/going to be in the game/already considered to be in the game…
      Ayano does have a side ponytail; students DO have their unique features; the school does have posters and decorations on their walls; for human trafficking, YanDev has thought about the Yakuza.

    • Actual story and gameplay mechanics are more important than the characters being hot and freaking realistic school floors. The dev is trying to create a game, not the Mona Lisa, so the size of the god darn cherry tree isn’t a really big factor in the equation. Here’s my suggestion, shut up, and stop ridiculing other people’s art because the school floor is too unrealistic for your poor, fragile eyes.

  3. And can add grass blades that flow in the wind and make the game high definition when it’s that time that you wrap it up. Those are all the suggestions I have for now but you’ve done such a great job and I love what you’ve done keep going and remember to take breaks and breathe for a little while the game is not your life you know. If you have personal things to deal with Then go ahead and deal with them I’m not complaining.

    • That won’t be able to happen. My computer which is brand new, and the newest edition of the kind of computer it is (I don’t know what kind of computer, I just know it’s the newest edition) can’t handle the game of max quality. The more stuff he adds, the less people can play it. People who use laptops, can’t play it. People who don’t have the best computers, can’t play it. Even more complications, will cause more problems.

  4. When yandere dev asks twitch to let yandere simulator be on it, he should also pull out all the reasons that they suck like he did in his video talking abt it

    • That’s not a good idea . When giving a case to twitch admins, you really shouldn’t tell them anything negative about their service, otherwise it risks the outcome of your case.

  5. Yandere Dev, I was having this thought.
    Ayano has a phone, a smartphone that only takes pictures. What if people could exchange phone numbers? You befriend a student, exchange numbers and ask them for favours from anywhere in the school.

    Also, if Ayano had more phone options like setting an alarm on her phone in order to create a distraction. For this distraction method Ayano could leave her phone anywhere and the alarm will ring at that designated time.

    Maybe she could also perhaps take pictures of a student performing an innocent action, which she could later Photoshop to make it look disgraceful and share it on the internet to lower a student’s reputation.

    Also, Dora the LMC drummer’s own future task could perhaps revolve around her drum practice. My idea is that she wants to time her strike on her drums right with the right amount of pitch and tempo. Ayano’s phone could have an app that could have an app that drummers use while practicing that is to help them keep time with their tempos and beats. My sister uses a similar phone app when practicing her guitar. It helps her improve her playing speed

    I just think Ayano could use her smartphone for variety of uses by perhaps using different kinds of apps each with a specific purpose for the gameplay.

    • That would just make it kinda overpowered..
      1. For texting others about favors i only see a benefit for ‘distract’, you can’t really just text someone to go away or follow you if you are for example at the school rooftop and the student is at the gym..
      2. The alarm idea is good, but you can already distract students will both giggles and the radio (and if the alarm is a gameplay feature i believe it would work like the radio but the distracted student would report a lost phone to the teacher – it would create a scenario where you would lose your phone)
      3. The photoshop feature would be a good feature as well (because it would give use to the computer room), but i don’t think you can really turn it into a bad photo (for example if they pick up an item to return it, and then photoshop it like the student is carrying a knife around school, the student could say it was photoshopped because they were carrying for example a club prop and others saw them carrying it)

    • Yeah! Also, the alarm thing gave me an idea. Maybe there could be an alarm, where you could set an alarm for a certain time as a reminder that Kokoma will have her phonecall or Musume is behind the school. Stuff like that.

    • Watch bijuu mikes video

      Basically you find keys around the school and use them to unlock the giant bike in the science club room.

  6. Impressive improvement. It’s very satisfying to see a developer fix issues within his game and upload a new build the next time. I’m honestly in awe of not obly attending the stream and seeing you focus on certain bugs but also completely fix them the day after. You’re truly an incredible developer. Keep up the good work

  7. I can’t work out how to access the new easter egg. Does anyone know? I’ve tried tons of things like ‘weights’, ‘dumbells’ and ‘stronk’ but I’ve just been assuming its the weights.

    • You need to find 5 keys that are in the corners of different club rooms. Then you can use the keys to unlock the giant motorcycle in the science room and ride it around.

  8. I feel like the game has much potential, but the thing that really concerns me is that its been 5 years and i haven’t seen a official release. Also, it seems like the game play wants to steer towards a manhunt 2 style, but its throttled at hit man. I understand it takes time and effort to make a video game, but every update about the debug release makes me loose hope about it ever being finished. I also understand that the developer wants to uncensored his creation on twitch, but i feel like the reason its prohibited is that its simply too violent for twitch’s standers. If it was me, i would finish the game and look on other platforms like YouTube and Mixer for opinions. This is my opinion on YandereSim, and i understand others may differ. I would love to hear the communities opinion on this topic.

  9. Thank you Yandere Dev ❤ !headpat C:
    The YanFam (if that's what we're called) and I appreciate all of your hard work, and I like that you acknowledge errors and bugs that may be in your game, rather than just ignoring them. As well as all of the time you put into this game! I know people are pressuring you to make the game and blah blah, but remember to take care of your health as well. Your wellbeing should be a priority + a rushed game is no good

  10. I found a bug, i used the new easter egg and killed some peaople with it, the police time started and i then found some manges and read them, on the next day i got to school late, so the gate closed in front of me at 8AM, but all the other students were there as well, everyone is gone thore the small gate exept those few in front like Senpai

    • If you read manga you show up an hour late to school, if you kill students they won’t show up the next day of school.
      I may have read your comment wrong because I couldn’t understand you.

  11. Yandere Dev Yandere dev i have a question for you
    ¿What Happened to Midori? ¿Why Midori doesnt appear in your videos for tell you her questions?
    Anyways this is an amazing build
    I hope i can see the befriend/betray osana elimination method

  12. This new build came out on my birthday! If I had a PC then I would absolutely play it. Maybe sometime soon I’ll get one. Since I have a job that will be easier.

  13. woah the artwork is amazing! and I’m really looking forward to seeing a new episode of Bug Hunter. and a new episode of Yandere Simulator Myths.:3

  14. There is a bug in the science club, in the option: remove trap, it says “REMOVE TARP”, no big deal but … well … it’s still a bug

  15. Guys I think YandereDev could change the routines of the basu sisters, kuu dere and horuda so they don’t stand just in one place and patrol the school to present a threat to Ayano too

  16. You’re doing awesome yandere-dev! I would do videos of this game specifically to find bugs. Maybe I will. Have hardly any subscribers and am new to making videos so it wont have a following but eh. Is what it is. May consider doing that at some point this week if my computer can run yandere sim and a recorder at the same time. Dont know if it can though so! But you’re doing really well so far!!! This is the game I’m most hyped for aside cyberpunk and persona 5 the royal!

  17. Hi I’m love your videos and also watching people play yandere-sim but I was wondering if you where working on any of the other rievels ( sorry I have bad spelling ;x; ) because you only ever talk about Osana one of the rievels . And also I was wondering if you could also you can do something more for the art club because it dose not have much for you too do

    • I don’t think YanDev’s working on the other rivals. It was said that once he’s finished with Osana, he’s wanting to do something with the game — what it was he said, I’ve forgotten. I think once he’s done what he said he was going to do after Osana, then the rest of the rivals will come into play.

  18. Small suggestion, instead of Raibaru akwardly stretching all around Osana while she’s sleeping, there could be other things she could be doing-
    For example, perhaps she’s very concentrated on writing in her notebook, perhaps she’s daydreaming, she could drop her notebook or pen where she would pick it up or try to find it.
    She could also stand up and be at the railings for a few moments, enjoying the breeze, taking a breath, or thinking.

  19. I know something cool u should add!! Since Kokona and Saki are best friends, you should add a feature where if Kokoana witnesses you killing Saki, or Saki witnesses you killing Kokona, they should try to apprehend you/try to take your weapon 😀 It just came into my head one night, lol

    • Your question is already in the game. Both Kokona Haruka and Saki Miyu are social butterflies and will hide in the most populous place at the current time. But both students will react differently if one of each other is murdered in front of them, resulting in both students to have the heroic once witnessed Ayano killing their best friend. Kokona follows this again if at the time Riku Soma was her boyfriend at the time. Both still occur whether if Riku Soma was her boyfriend.

      Several other students follow this concept the Basu Sisters, Photography Club, and Crushes like Pippi Osu and Ryuto Ippongo.
      Hoped I helped.

  20. I don’t know if either of them have the Heroic trait that’s needed for such and event to fire or the Invincible Self Defence stat.

  21. So I’ve been banned from the Yandere Sim discord, for asking if I mention an argument I was in 5 years, would I get banned. It was a question I was serious about. And now I can’t get back in. Because I asked a question.

    • He say only 90 characters, and in this school are more of 90 characters, + the teens rivals it’s a total of 100 characters

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