Yandere-chan guest stars in Crush Crush!

Crush Crush is a free game about clicking anime girls to make them love you. I first discovered it about six months ago, and instantly became addicted to it. Four months ago, the developers of Crush Crush contacted me with a proposal – they wanted to add Yandere-chan to the game! Since I was already a fan of Crush Crush, I eagerly agreed – and as of today, she’s in the game!

Here’s how Crush Crush works: you meet a girl, you make her angry, and then you have to apologize and give her gifts until she forgives you. After a while, you become friends, and eventually, you become lovers! You can work a variety of jobs to earn money for all the gifts you’ll be buying, and there is a wide selection of hobbies you can take up in order to develop the traits that the girls are attracted to. (Actually, the general design of Crush Crush influenced the way that the Matchmaking feature works in Yandere Simulator!)

And now, I will show you a picture of Yandere-chan hitting a pigeon with a baseball bat:

As you can see, Crush Crush involves a lot of humor, and Ayano has been given plenty of funny dialogue that is quite appropriate for a yandere girl:

There are a few things that make Yandere-chan different from the other girls in the game; for example, sometimes she will make remarks about the last girl who you clicked on. There are other differences, too…but I want to let you discover them for yourself!

Keep in mind that Yandere-chan isn’t available right from the start of the game; she’s the 7th girl you will encounter, and she is more difficult to seduce than the other girls. (Well, it’s less about seducing her, and it’s more about making her believe that you love her more than all of the other girls you’re romancing…)

I hope that you check out the game and have fun romancing Yandere-chan! Crush Crush is available for free on Steam and Kongregate. (The game is also available on Nutaku, which is a platform that features adult content, so don’t go there if you’re underage!)

What is the status of Yandere Simulator’s development?

Every day, more progress is being made on Osana. I’m planning to release a new build featuring some improvements and bug fixes sometime in early November (hopefully November 1st).

I am also working on a very special surprise for Halloween. I hope that you’re going to enjoy it!

130 thoughts on “Yandere-chan guest stars in Crush Crush!

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  2. Downloaded “Crush Crush” and I was completely disappointed. Like the many free-to-play games that we usually see on mobiles, it has a virtual shop and a virtual currency that you buy with real money and like so many games, the difficulty is determined mainly by the amount of real money you spend. If you spend a lot, you can complete the game in a matter of hours. If you don’t want to spend real money then it’s practically impossible to progress beyond a certain point (say 10% of the game).

    Yanderedev, if you read this, *please* do not make Yandere-simlulator use the “freemium” model, I’ll gladly pay a reasonable amount to purchase a decent interesting game (which I’m sure Yandere-simulator is going to be), but a game whose difficultly level depends solely on how much money you spend is not a real challenge, it’s not fun to play at all.

  3. OH MY GOODNESS…I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING….THE OCCULT CLUB…..IT MIGHT’VE HAVE BEEN INSPIRED BY THE FAR EASTERN MAGIC NAP SOCIETY BY SUMMER FROM LOVE, CHUUNIBYOU, AND OTHER DELUSIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! The Occult Club’s right eye covering….the magic circle on the floor…..it MIGHT be…… they are all suffering from Eight Grade Syndrome too…..

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  5. I saw the pics for Ayano in the NSFW version and all I gotta say is: I feel like I’m seeing Ayano through Senpai’s eyes and… doesn’t make it any less unsettling and twisted.

    “What looks like a dream to many, is in fact one man’s true nightmare”.

    Also, I loved the fact they used red Spider Lily for her introduction, so fitting!

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