Yandere Simulator 2014 Prototype

There is an archive where you can download old builds of Yandere Sim from as far back as 2014. The oldest builds are simply benchmarking tests / school environment previews, with no gameplay.

However, there is an even earlier build of Yandere Simulator that was never put online – the one featured in this video. Someone recently asked me to make it publicly available, and I can’t see any reason why not, so I’ve decided to release it today!

You can download it here:


This prototype contains more than just one small test environment. In this build, you can see:

  • The original “YandereDev logo” I planned to use
  • The original title screen
  • The original intro cutscenes
  • A gameplay sandbox
  • A school environment
  • A small environment for testing the “stuff body parts into a guitar case” feature

Please keep in mind that this prototype was created in 2014, and is extremely incomplete. For example:

  • The menus can only be navigated using keyboard. No controller support.
  • Sometimes you advance using the spacebar, sometimes you advance using the enter key. It’s inconsistent.
  • The gameplay sections are only compatible with controller. No mouse+keyboard support.

I’m releasing this prototype for its novelty value; simply because it might be entertaining to look at an old, primitive version of Yandere Sim. Fixing the flaws described above would not be a productive use of my time, so I’m simply releasing it “as-is”.


  • To return the level select screen, use the Esc key to return.
  • If it freezes while loading into a specific level, use the Esc key to return to the level select screen, then try again.
  • There are three characters located somewhere in the school scene! Can you find them?

Have fun!

December 4th Bug-Fixing Build

Oops! There was a really embarrassing bug in the previous build, so here’s an update where that bug is resolved.

To see a list of everything that was changed in the latest build, scroll down past this gorgeous artwork by Eli-Pic!

You can find wallpaper versions of this illustration on the wallpapers page of the official website! And if you enjoy the artist’s work, check out her Patreon!

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December 1st Bug-Fixing Build (and video)

Today’s video is different from most of the videos I’ve uploaded. It’s directly related to Yandere Simulator, just like all of my videos always have been, but the focus of the video is something else entirely.

You’ve probably seen a lot of YouTubers making videos about a specific subject lately. I’m not making this video because the subject is “topical” or because I want to hop on a bandwagon; I’m making this video because I want to send a loud and clear message.

By the way – want to hear a bit of trivia? When I’m writing a script for a video or editing a video together, I don’t make any effort to avoid certain words or visuals that might cause the video to be demonetized. I frequently say words like “murder” “corpse” “kill” and show violence and blood in almost every video. In short, I just don’t really care whether or not YouTube runs ads on my videos.

With that said…over the past 25 months, only two of my videos have been demonetized. Isn’t that surprising, considering the fact that nearly every one of my videos features blood and murder?

Anyway, here’s the interesting part: Apparently, this new video crosses a line that none of my videos have crossed over the past 25 months, because it was demonetized instantly, as soon as I finished uploading it. It doesn’t matter, though; I don’t care if this video is “not appropriate for all ages”. The purpose of this video is to send a message, not to be family-friendly or make profit.

I bet you’re curious to hear about Osana progress. I’ll describe the stage that I’m currently at:

For a long time, Kokona served as the “guinea pig” for testing out various elimination methods. For example, even though Kokona is not actually a rival, it was possible to report Kokona to the guidance counselor and get her expelled, to test the process of expelling a rival.

As part of the process of implementing Osana, I have to go through the game and hook up the expulsion code to Osana’s expulsion-specific events. At this point in time, the game is no longer using “Kokona debug test” code, and is now set up to actually expel Osana for real. As a result, it’s no longer possible to get Kokona expelled in the current debug sandbox.

That’s a really significant sign of the stage we’re currently at; we’re at the point where you’re actually going to see certain functionality start disappearing from the game, because that functionality is evolving from “placeholder for debug testing” to “fully operational on a real rival”, as it is supposed to be.

In case all of that was too complex to understand, I’ll phrase it a different way:

I wanted you to be able to test the expulsion feature for as long as possible, so I kept it attached to Kokona for a long time. The fact that I’ve moved the expulsion feature from Kokona to Osana means that I’ve reached the stage of development where I finally do the things that I intentionally put at the end of my list. In other words, I’ve nearly reached the very end of the list of things that need to get done for Osana to be complete!

While implementing Osana, a lot of these types of changes piled up. Click “Continue Reading” to read how the game has changed.

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