Yandere Simulator’s 5-Year Anniversary!

On March 31st, 2014, I began developing Yandere Simulator. Today marks the 5th anniversary of the game’s development! That’s quite a milestone! Check out this incredibly detailed artwork that Mulberry created to celebrate the occasion:

If you’d like to zoom in and see all the little details, click here!

I’ve also uploaded a new build! You can find a changelog at the bottom of this blog post. Additionally, I’ll be uploading a new video tomorrow; I hope you’ll look forward to it!

Last year, I wrote a short “anniversary speech” in commemoration of the game’s 4th birthday. This year, I’ve written a much longer one. In case you’re interested in knowing what kind of thoughts go through a person’s mind after they’ve been working on a video game for 5 years, click “Continue Reading”.

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March 17th Bug-Fixing Build

Recently, I’ve seen so many bugs that I couldn’t resist putting aside a couple of days to simply fix as many bug as possible. The result is this update, a bug-fixing build with twice as many bug fixes as usual, along with a few improvements!

To read a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll past this illustration that I requested from Budokas and MulberryArt!

…huh? You don’t get it? Well, you see, a few weeks ago, someone leaked the style guide for the upcoming live-action Sonic film, and it gave me a mental image that I found so amusing, I couldn’t resist making it into a reality. I hope it gives you a chuckle!

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March 15th Bug-Fixing Build


At the beginning of this month, I decided what feature I wanted to work on next, and estimated that I could complete the feature by March 15th. I made a lot of progress, but in the end, March 15th simply wasn’t a realistic goal; it wasn’t enough time for volunteers to prepare the necessary assets and animations. Although I really wanted to be able to show off an exciting new feature for you today, it simply isn’t ready yet. I’m sorry!

While waiting for the assets I need, I’ve been making various changes and improvements to the game. There are certain things that have been bothering me for a very long time, and I decided that this would be the build where I finally fix those problems.

If you’d like to read a full list of every bug that was fixed and improvement that was made over the past 10 days, please scroll down past these dancing Yandere-chans, drawn by MayeMomorino, Rayan-kzm911, dothackerYggdrasil, and akyber!

…huh? You’re confused? Well, you see, there’s this meme, and…ah, nevermind.

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March 5th Bug-Fixing Build

I thought that YouTubers wouldn’t bother to touch the previous build, but I sure was wrong! I saw lots of bugs and exploits discovered by YouTubers, and I’ve compiled a massive update with numerous fixes!

This build isn’t just about bug fixes, though; it also contains around 13 other miscellaneous changes, ranging from Mission Mode adjustments to game design improvements.

To see a full list of everything that has changed in this build, scroll down past this gruesome-yet-beautiful artwork by Seaside-Cat!

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March 2019 Progress Report

New video, new build! Check it out!

Remember how the last big update – the ability to drop stuff on students and light them on fire – resulted in a ton of new bugs? Well, I’m gonna keep it real with you; this build might have the same issue. This update involved MASSIVE overhauls to the “teacher receives report / teacher investigates report” feature, and it’s entirely possible that there might be new bugs with that feature, and also bugs when students and teachers react to suspicious objects. I tested every situation I could think of and fixed every problem I found, but there might be some edge-cases I didn’t think of testing, so you might run into some weird bugs in this build. (That’s the point of these debug builds, though; for people to find and report bugs.)

Watching YouTubers play Yandere Simulator is, by far, the best way for me to learn about flaws, exploits, and bugs in the game. However, I’m fully prepared to accept the possibility that YouTubers will ignore this build, since this update probably doesn’t contain anything that a YouTuber could make an entertaining video about; the fact that students can now react to blood probably won’t excite or thrill an audience. It’s one of the most significant changes to Yandere Simulator’s gameplay in years, but it doesn’t introduce new content that facilitates a cool video. It should definitely make things more challenging during Mission Mode (or throw a wrench in your plans if you’re planning a “Kill All Students” challenge”) but outside of those kind of scenarios, I understand if this new build isn’t considered “YouTube Material”.

To read a list of everything that was added, fixed, or changed in this build (and to see some special artwork of Yamiko, the protagonist of Life Note) click “Continue Reading”!

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