Osana and Raibaru Progress Report

Good news! I’ve been making lots of progress with Osana and Raibaru lately! In this video, I talk about the sorts of things I’ve been working on.

This video isn’t really about showing off every bit of progress I’ve made recently; rather, the purpose of this video is meant to paint a clear picture of the type of work I’ve been doing recently, and elaborate about the things that I have to consider during the process of implementing Osana/Raibaru. (I do show off some of my accomplishments, though!)

I’ve also prepared a new build today! Click “Continue Reading” to check it out:

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • It is no longer possible to commit murder if there is no spare clothing available at school (it would lead to a situation where the player is stuck in a towel in the locker room and has no way of obtaining any more clean clothing). There is a tutorial pop-up explaining this if the player attempts to attack someone without any spare clothing at school.
  • A lot of people reported that the game was crashing when they attempted to load into the school environment. This may have been due to the new compression I was testing out, so I’ve disabled it. Maybe the game won’t crash anymore.
  • Added a wooden platform behind the legendary cherry tree. (This is to allow a place for people to stand so that I can place potential witnesses within the proximity of the cherry tree.)
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan to permanently hold a bottle of poison in her hands if she was sent to the guidance counselor while poisoning a student’s food.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan’s arms to clip into her body if her sanity was low when she was arrested during the End of Day sequence.
  • Fixed bug that caused hallucinations to appear during the End of Day sequence if Yandere-chan’s sanity was low when the day ended.
  • Re-designed some aspects of the the plaza area. (This is to facilitate that option of stealth gameplay during Osana’s week.)
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to interact with a student after they drank water at a water fountain.
  • Replaced Musume Ronshaku’s old task with a new one (her old task was too similar to one of the delinquent tasks).
  • Adjusted student likes/dislikes (Every student needs at least 5 likes and 5 dislikes for gameplay purposes).
  • Added a little visual effect that appears when Yandere-chan giggles.
  • Added one new hairstyle for Yandere-chan.
  • Updated two student portraits.

65 thoughts on “Osana and Raibaru Progress Report

  1. Yanderedev! This very awesome but…

    You forgot about something! In order to expel a girl from school, you should put things in her bag. I didn’t see that Osana carries a bag or any other student (only Musume and her friends but they never put their bags to their desks) I’ll look weird if her bag respawns every morning right? Without
    carrying it…

    In short, it will be very good if you add bags to Yan. Sim. You just need the animations of puting a bag near of a desk and take it of!

    Anyway the game is perfect! Thank you for listening Yanderedev!

    • Yandere dev mentioned this is a previous video. He said it would create too much change in the student’s routine if they all had to go to their classrooms everyday. If he wants to change it I’m open to that, I just wanted to make sure you had all the facts. (And hopefully my facts are correct 😅) Thanks for listening!

  2. I love this! However I’m not a fan of the deck idea. Who would want to confess where multiple people can see? I think the point of the cherry tree stereotype is be alone with your crush. So that if they deny it, it’s less embarrassing and if they accept, you can have some alone time with them. Who knows maybe it’s just me lol

    • I commented the same thing at the same time, lol

      imo a groundskeeper would fit the situation much better, the deck is cool looking and all but the people on it seem kinda hap-hazard

    • I’m sorta on the same boat, as soon as I saw it I was very offput by the idea of confessing in front of so many people. I mean, you’d be hidden by the tree but it’d still be super embarrassing having so many people nearby while you get rejected.

    • I agree. The fact that there are students on the deck directly facing towards you is kinda awkward. As someone has already pointed out, maybe have the sports team run a lap near the hill, or maybe if we have more plants or trees near the hill, we can have the gardening club check on the plants, or just have some students laying on the grass, playing or hanging around.. just so it would seem much more natural..

    • If there were places to hide, he could implement several groups to be witnesses. The legend of the cherry blossom tree is well known, so the Photography club and the Occult club would probably both have an interest in researching it, and the gossip-loving bullies would want to see who’s trying to hook up on Friday. There could be a weekly rotation of who is looking into the tree each Friday so that the art club isn’t painting the same thing every week. Maybe he could give Mai Waifu some binoculars lol

  3. Hmm, I’m not so sold on the deck idea. I know if I was confessing to my senpai, I wouldn’t want a crowd to watch if I got rejected…
    Maybe something a little more subtle, like a groundskeeper driving past on a lawnmower would fit better?

    • Even just having the sports club doing laps near the tree, or something else where their close by, but not so close as to invade on the privacy of Osana. Maybe Raibaru will wait with Osana until senpai shows up before leaving to give her privacy.
      I like the design of the deck, I just think that it takes away some of the mythical aspect of the cherry tree.
      Cant wait for the demo to be released!

      • I agree, this would seem more fitting then the whole deck thing. That or maybe disable Ayano’s ability to murder near the tree as it would be seen as defacing it which she would never do.

  4. Yandere Dev I would like you to enable the option of being able to edit the face of the male characters in the next version, because I use the Pose mode and I would like to adjust the face of the men to be able to close the mouth. . , eyes, etc., for the scenes I do with Pose mode, could you add that please? 🙏🙏🙏

  5. I already want to play with osana and raibaru and I also want to use the Pose mode and make scenes with them. And that new balcony you added is perfect for making romantic scenes❤❤😁😁

      • That’s his personality. He may not be gay. And why exactly would it be “cute” to add gay characters? I want gay, bi, lesbian, trans and other characters as well (I’m pan, queer) and that will kinda happen when Yandere Dev makes having a female senpai possible. I would love background gay characters though

  6. I have a suggestion for Raibaru. Instead of making her stand next to Osana awkwardly, you should make her talk with Osana

    Eg. When Osana is talking about giving the bento for senpai, Raibaru will comfort Osana by saying ” Of course he’ll love it, you made it for him after all ” or something like that

    • Yes. A close friend doesn’t walk right behind you all the time like she’s on duty or something. I know Raibaru is supposed to be like a guard for Osana but, we also need to get the feel like she’s also a really close friend of hers. So even the minor details like Raibaru walking beside Osana, would help the players get that feeling

  7. “It is no longer possible to commit murder if there is no spare clothing available at school” – I don’t think this is cool. You should just not be able to get rid of the bloody clothing.
    You might say it would lead to a game over, but since you can now use red paint to excuse it, or you can simply not get noticed in bloody clothing, that is not necessarily the case. Or you may order clean clothes from info chan, if that will still remain a feature.

    It should be possible to murder someone with no additional clothes available in the locker right now, as there are many ways already in the game to get away with bloody clothing without taking a shower.

    • I’m pretty sure YandereDev considered the ordering from Info-Chan option. That’s why he said “no spare clothing available at school”, not in your locker. And you can’t really use red paint, wouldn’t he police still find you? And if you murdered a person and disposed of the corpse and weapon, yes you shouldn’t be seen but if you didn’t dispose of a corpse, not being seen doesn’t matter at all. And you should still be able to dispose of the bloody clothing, if you just leave it there wouldn’t it have Yandere-Chan’s DNA? The police would easily identify her as the murderer if you just left the bloody clothing around..

      • Dispose of corpse and weapon, clean up blood, have no one see you or the body, nobody is calling police, and use red paint as an excuse. Boom, got away with it without having to have clean clothes.

  8. YANDEREDEV YANDEREDEV! the keychain says limited edition but it doesn’t say how long it will be sold for. How long do we have to buy it?

  9. Q: “It is no longer possible to commit murder if there is no spare clothing available at school (it would lead to a situation where the player is stuck in a towel in the locker room and has no way of obtaining any more clean clothing). ”

    That eliminates a whole series of awkwardly hilarious options.
    This is on the road to becoming one of the most elaborate VGs I’ve ever heard of.

  10. So happy to see another update:) I actually like the deck behind the cherry tree. I think it’s a pretty neat idea and i’m looking forward to seeing what other clubs use it during the other rival confessions. Great work as always Yandere Dev:)

  11. You should really add Horuda a dirty secret, it might no be realistic but it’d be much more interesting. Also the deck idea doesn’t really work in my opinion, I think It would be better if Raibaru was recording the magical moment and the suitor is spying on them heartbroken.

  12. when your rival goes to confess after school, it’s always gone straight to a cutscene. we’ve never actually been able to go and witness the confession, so unless yan dev is planning on letting you do more things after school on friday, i don’t really know why he felt the need to add a deck, to be honest. i think it takes away from the whole “lore” of the tree. i mean, all the students seem to know about it, so why would they constantly be there doing other things? i’m not entirely sure about how i feel about it yet, but i hope we can find out more stuff about that platform in the future.

    on a positive note, the plaza looks really nice, and i’m in love with the visual affects that come up when ayano giggles.

    • The deck is there because while the rival is waiting for Senpai to show up and activate the cutscene she is at her most vulnerable as she is far away from everyone else

  13. I noticed one thing. What about the love letter? If it simply stays there in Senpai’s locker, you can just destroy it, then he will never go to the cherry tree.

  14. I think instead of people sitting at the deck STARING at Osana confessing her love, there should only be ONE person wandering/hiding under the deck, and the Art club is going to be LATEr than other days because they respect privacy of people who are confessing under the cherry tree.
    The wandering person is best to be Raibaru, or someone with a camera because even if they can’t hear Osana’s scream, they can wander close and take a picture before running away towards the late Art Club members who are able to witness bloody Yandere-chan chasing down the running person. Even if Yandere-chan managed to kill the camera holding person and destroy the evidence, Senpai is the next witness that will call a teacher or the police to report on Osana’s murder. By running after the camera person, Yandere-chan missed the opportunity to stop Senpai from calling anyone, and will have very limited time to clean up evidences leading to herself as a murderer.
    I hope this idea helps you YandereDev. You said don’t give you more ideas but once in a while we would like to contribute. I hope you don’t mind.

  15. hey Dev! when osana starts crying over being rejected, PLEASE have one of the arts club girls come to her and hug her
    and the following week osana (with short hair) had joined the arts club!
    that would be perfect 😍

  16. Okay, the deck I can totally respect but having to confess in front of people does seem rather odd, and just to be rejected or accepted. . From anyone else it should definitely be Osana’s suitor who’s watching from a point of view that still have him as a witness and a person who can punish the player rather quickly. (Feels like that Kyuji Konagawa is the suitor since his new location is nearby where Osana’s and Raibaru Fumetsu’s conversation is.)

    I can see drama club doing the same thing but are too focused on preforming and feedback that they don’t listen to anything aside from screams(e.t.c.) not people talking/confessing. Assuming they preform on the deck.
    Gardening club can be one too if there were plants nearby the tree and they were watering around the tree to the point where at least one to three gardening club members are always a witness, and Himari Fajita (yellow-haired gardening club member.) can punish the player due to her Heroic persona.

    These are just ideas, anyhow I can’t wait until it’s finished. Keep the good job Yanderedev! :L

  17. What about if the photography club watched osana on the tree from distance (because confess think your love is cute and stuff)and stop any one from coming forward

    • It just seems a little bit awkward to confess your love while people are drowning and your friend are watching you maybe it’s just me 😅

  18. guy creator the raiburu to be indestructible no invincible, this is boring, you no want nobody play that stay just watching, the raiburo was indestructible and everyone ask for raiburo for this, I void talk something before of you comment that you comment everyone repeat what I commented, that is why no one want be build of you

  19. ” Fixes, Changes, Additions
    A lot of people reported that the game was crashing when they attempted to load into the school environment. This may have been due to the new compression I was testing out, so I’ve disabled it. Maybe the game won’t crash anymore.”
    Is not true it have been crashing on the game!!

  20. I think that you should be able to join the bullies and joining the bullies would be alot like joining the delinquents you dye you hair blonde get a tan do favors for the bullies and then you could join the bullies. Before I explain the benefits though let me explain something. Students wouldn’t take time out of their day to look at someone’s post if they aren’t important. So they most likely ignore your post if you aren’t well known. So if you join the bullies then the gossip you post on the computer will be more effective than if you posted without being a bully. So if you aren’t a bully then the gossip will only do only -5 damage but if you are a bully then maybe a -25. Also if you gossip in person without being a bully then your reputation will take damage but if you gossip in person then you don’t get a reputation penalty. Just saying tho

  21. You are making great progress, Yanderedev!

    What I’m going to say is not for you to add it now, it’s just a few “little details” or things that can make the game a bit more challenging (Surely you can add it after launching Osana):

    – When Osana falls into the trap of the cube, Raibaru does not react with a little shock, she is just there watching and following her to the girls’ closet. What it would do would be for Raibaru to keep an eye on the entrance. But she will stretch near the entrance (you just have to wait at the exact moment to enter and steal Osana’s mobile).

    – I don’t know if you’re going to do it, but I’ll say it anyway. When the art club is on Friday, near the legendary tree of Akademi, they are painting (Raibaru is also there). When Sempai arrives, Raibaru will ask them to leave so that Osana has a little privacy. After that, Raibaru will hide to see the situation (with her watching them and with Sempai, the player will not be able to kill Osana).

    Well, that’s all I have to say. These are just ideas, I am not saying to make them. I hope this game moves on!

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