January 17th Bug-Fixing Build (and small announcement)

Hello! I have a new bug-fixing build for you today. Also, today is a special day to me, for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with Yandere Simulator.

To see a list of everything that has been changed in the latest build (and hear why today is special) scroll down past these two beautiful illustrations by bbreaad!

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January 8th Bug-Fixing Build

Hello! I’ve prepared a new build with a lot of bug fixes, but also some improvements and new features that you might be interested in.

To read a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, scroll down past this super-cute, super-adorable illustration of Shiromi by Momo-Fujimi! (After all, 2022 is a “Year of the Tiger” according to the Japanese Zodiac!)

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Happy New Year!

Happy 2022, everyone!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts over the past two weeks; I’ve been incredibly busy with something IRL, completely unrelated to the Internet or game development. If you’re curious to hear the details, I plan to elaborate about it in a Patreon post in the near future – later today, if possible. Fortunately, I should have much more time to get work done in January as opposed to December, so my productivity should return to normal levels this month.

The first day of a new year seems like a pretty good time to write up a summary of where we’re currently at in the game’s development, what I’m currently working on, and what I plan to focus on next. I’ll make sure to elaborate about that in my upcoming Patreon post.

In other news, I’ve prepared a big update for you today! To see a list of everything that is new, fixed, or different in the latest build, scroll down past this absolutely beautiful artwork by Naho Natsumaki!

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