Yandere Simulator’s New Introduction Cutscene

It’s finally ready! A proper intro cutscene, one of the last remaining features that I considered to be an absolute necessity before implementing Osana. Take a look!

I’ve uploaded a new build containing the intro cutscene, along with a small number of other improvements and bug fixes. Click “Continue Reading” to see a list!

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Answering A Fan’s Questions

Recently, I received an e-mail from someone who asked me several very interesting questions regarding Yandere Simulator. I tried my best to give them the most thorough and informative responses I could muster. I think it’s possible that many people would be interested in hearing my answers to those questions, so I’ve decided to share my answers in a blog post. But, before I do that, I’ll give you a quick update on the game’s development:

Text Link: i.imgur.com/7IoIEBL.png

All of the scripting work that needs to be done for the intro cutscene is finished; the only things that remain are the background music and a few animation adjustments. While waiting for those assets to be delivered, I’ve been working on the “Mysterious Obstacle” – a character who is integral to Osana’s week. This character involves a lot of scripted events with Osana, voiced lines, and traits/behaviors that no other character has possessed. It’s very fun to work on this character! Additionally, it feels great to finally be working on Osana again!

Some time ago, I created a checklist naming the features that I felt were necessary before I should shift my focus back to Osana. You’ll notice that “Stable Framerate” and “Save/Load system” haven’t been checked off the list yet, yet I’m working on Osana anyway. Why’s that?

In the case of saving/loading, it’s easy to explain. It’s smarter to implement a save/load system after the game contains all of the data that it’ll need to be saving/loading; in other words, I shouldn’t implement a save/load system until after Osana has already been implemented.

However, in the case of the “Stable Framerate” task, it’s a lot harder to determine exactly when to put a checkmark there. That’s actually one of the things I talked about with the person who e-mailed me. Click “Continue Reading” to hear what they asked, and how I responded:

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Intro Cutscene Preview and Bug-Fixing Build

The intro cutscene is almost finished! After some final adjustments to the music and animations, I’ll put it into the game. I’ve been working on other features, too, but I’m not ready to show them to you just yet. I didn’t want to let a month pass without showing signs of progress, so I’ve decided to give you a short preview of the intro cutscene. I hope it makes you excited to see the final version!

Additionally, I’ve prepared a new build with some bug fixes and minor additions. Click “Continue Reading” if you’re interested!

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