May 19th Bug-Fixing Build

While I was working on my latest video, I got a lot of bug reports and new assets. I wanted to take care of them as I received them, but if I did that, then my video’s production would have moved at a snail’s pace. So, I had to put all of those tasks aside and save them until after the video was completed.

After uploading the video, I finally got the opportunity to start working on all of the tasks that had piled up. And as of today, I’ve finally finished getting through them all!

Most of the changes in the latest build are just bug fixes and aesthetic changes, but it’s important to me to make sure that the latest version of Yandere Simulator is as stable as possible, because there might be a large gap of time between this build and the next. That’s because my next task will be to do what I talked about in my most recent video – demonstrating my ability to put 10 rivals into the game in a timely fashion. How do I intend to do that? Well, I still want to keep my plans a secret for now, but I think a lot of people are going to enjoy what I have planned.

In the meantime, you can read a list of the latest changes by scroll down beneath this super badass artwork of Ayano’s Light Music Club costume, drawn by Johaui!

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How does YandereDev feel about Yandere Simulator being in development for 7 years?

This video took much more time to produce than I expected, and also turned out much longer than I expected; it’s 24 minutes and 45 seconds long! I think this is my second-longest video, right behind the 35-minute-long “Making Senpai Reject A Love Confession”.

Why is it so long? Well, I guess it’s because there’s just a lot I wanted to say. This video covers a very wide range of topics; I share an anecdote from early in the game’s development, I talk about how my approach towards the game’s development gradually changed over time, I talk about how my priorities shifted over the years, I talk about the influence that YouTube had on the game, I talk about my mistakes and my regrets, I talk about the Yandere Sim community, I talk about how I feel after working on one project for seven years, I talk about the reasons why I haven’t launched the crowdfunding campaign and the obstacles that probably jeopardize the campaign’s success, I talk about the misinformation swirling around the game, and I talk about for my plans for the immediate future.

I apologize if you’re disappointed that I’m coming to you today with a video where I talk about my ~feeeeelings~ instead of coming to you with a video announcing new features and progress…but sometimes you just need to stand up for yourself, speak up in your own defense, and address some issues that are difficult to talk about.

Within the next few days, I’ll release a build with a few minor bug fixes, and then, I’ll probably launch full-steam into my next goal: Demonstrating my ability to put 10 rivals into the game in a timely fashion. This is only one step of many steps I’ll need to take in order to give the crowdfunding campaign a shot at succeeding, but that’s the way things have to be done; one step at a time.

If you’ve been following the game’s development for a while, you may remember the time in 2020 when I stopped releasing builds for a few weeks in order to prepare the biggest update the game had ever seen – the addition of Osana. We may be headed towards another large gap between updates, while I prepare the big surprise that I mention near the end of this video. (A significant amount of progress has already been made, I’m very proud of how it’s shaping up, and I hope you’re going to love it!)

Thank you for your patience with me, and thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

May 1st Bug-Fixing Build

Hello! I’m sorry that all I have for you today is a bug-fixing build. I’m currently working on my next video, and it’s been taking up a lot more time than I expected. I really hope that I’ll be able to release it soon.

Last year, I felt sad that I released less videos than on previous years, so this year, I was planning to release at least 1 video per month. I wasn’t able to upload a video during April, which I feel really bad about…but I guess I’ll still aim for “12 videos over the course of the year”, even if there will have to be multiple videos in one month.

Anyway, to see a list of everything that is different in the latest build, please scroll past this super-badass illustration of a bloodstained Ayano by kariya!

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