May 1st Bug-Fixing Build

Hello! I’m sorry that all I have for you today is a bug-fixing build. I’m currently working on my next video, and it’s been taking up a lot more time than I expected. I really hope that I’ll be able to release it soon.

Last year, I felt sad that I released less videos than on previous years, so this year, I was planning to release at least 1 video per month. I wasn’t able to upload a video during April, which I feel really bad about…but I guess I’ll still aim for “12 videos over the course of the year”, even if there will have to be multiple videos in one month.

Anyway, to see a list of everything that is different in the latest build, please scroll past this super-badass illustration of a bloodstained Ayano by kariya!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • The hidden debug functionality to delete all Yandere Simulator data from your computer’s registry wasn’t actually working properly – whoops! It should be working correctly now. If you’ve got a bug like “no students spawn at school” or “Raibaru is permanently dead, even when starting a new save file” then press the “R” key at the Demo Checklist screen.
  • Fixed bug that caused the player to get permanently stuck at the photo screen if Horuda asked for a photo of a student talking to a bully, and the player didn’t have such a photo in their photo gallery.
  • Fixed but that would prevent the Demo Checklist from acknowledging that Osana was killed by a fan, if the player disposed of Osana’s corpse after she was decapitated by the fan.
  • Fixed bug that prevented students from realizing that Yandere-chan was transporting a garbage bag outside of Cleaning Time if she was dragging the bag instead of carrying it.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from being able to poison Raibaru’s bento at lunch if Osana’s first interaction with Raibaru was interrupted by the player’s actions.
  • Fixed bug that caused Senpai and Osana to turn invisible during the confession cutscene if the player was playing the game with low graphics settings.
  • The act of taking a “Sneak Panty Shot” will now alarm students 2x faster than before, meaning that it’s no longer safe to do in all circumstances.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the End of Day sequence to display the wrong text at the wrong time, if the player eliminated Osana by drowning.
  • Delinquents now use the correct line of dialogue when dismissively walking away from the player after their patience has run out.
  • Delinquents now use the correct line of dialogue when the player is trying to talk with them during classtime.
  • Completing one of Info-chan’s bounties is now worth 25 points instead of 50 points.
  • Fixed bug that caused Shiromi to turn bald after witnessing murder.
  • Gave the stalker’s father a new character model.

73 thoughts on “May 1st Bug-Fixing Build

    • 🤔 I think on the list of things to change, I would think Ayano’s hair model is one of the least important things to change. Not that I don’t see it happening in the future. Buuuuut… Wouldn’t get my hopes up. I mean he has a lot of things to do yeah?

      • it would just make sense because he’s been doing waves of redoing hair models/textures recently. maybe its sentimental value but im pretty okay just with the one ayano has now

    • You can change Ayano’s hair after you kill Osana, winning the demo, and then unlocking the debug menu. Once that is done you can change her hair by pressing the “H” key on pc.

    • There’s nothing wrong wtih Ayano-chan. How DARE you suggest that there is?! She’ll kill you for saying such things!

  1. Did I wait so long for a bug compilation? AAA alright, I’ll be patient, at least I’ll play with fewer bugs

  2. Waow, I’ve been waiting this update, even if it’s just a bug fixing, I’ll take it as a birthday gift. Thanks YandereDev, I really want to watch your video but I will wait all the time you need, keep working really hard, I trust you.. ✌️

  3. Hello Yandere Dev. You seem to be making videos on really important events or changes to the game. Will there ever be progress reports again?

    • There probably will be, but I think he’s waiting for something to be finished? I don’t remember.

  4. Yandere dev I found 1 error on Shiromi Torayoshi while she finds the body, her hair is not showing. can you fix this?

  5. I am loving the new updates! I just have one idea that isnt very important but I thought I would still share it. you know how the students go shower after being splashed with water? I always thought it was kind of odd that students showered even though they are already covered with water, how about instead they go to the girls locker room to dry themselves by standing under these dryers where they automatically release air. I know that this is a small detail so you dont have to do any changes for now, but perhaps you should think about it in the future? oh god that was really random

    • It is reasonable to shower if you have been splashed by water from an unknown source, you wouldn’t know what’s in it and would want to make sure you get it all off just in case.

  6. I guess the wooden figure in the Martial Arts club will never have a functionality 😔 No but seriously what does it do

    • Maybe it’ll be in the video? I am theorizing you can use it as a fake body to throw over the edge of a building. Someone could think it was suicide and freak out. They’d run to go check but that’s when Ayano hops out and mercs them.

      Or, building off that, what if you could entice a rival to come in to the school after dark. You set up the dummy to make it look like a person waiting for them. Then you strike.

      Last theory, it’s to be used to teach you a new move. Like better hit points on the body, maybe training for a judo throw, or the classic anime neck chop. I have seen people training with similar dummies. Each one getting bigger and bigger, as it teaches you to throw people of varying sizes and weights.

      But it could also just be strength training for lifting bodies or you could use it as a lure. Again. All speculation on my part.

    • I assume it’s for one of the martial arts student’s unique task.
      Dev hasn’t received the voice lines for those task yet, so he hasn’t implimented those tasks.

  7. Hey, great job yandere dev, just wanted to let you know, when I customized Senpai he would look like the default Senpai the next day.

  8. I’m disappointed that the bounties were nerfed by half, but still, a decent update anyways.

  9. Hi dev personally I think the bags by the entrance are op, you can literally walk around with a weapon an not get caught but I have a solution.

    The weapon bag should be a buff for joining the deliquints like the light music club
    The book bag could maybe ny obtained by splashing a bully with water and stealing thiers when they leave it with their phone in the shower block

    I hope you read this and take it into consideration.

    • i heard he rarely checks forums but that would be pretty dope. maybe there could be a book club just for the bag itself!

    • sinceramente um clube de livros nao daria um beneficio tao bom como apenas ter uma bolsa,alias as bullies tem bolsas e nao participam de nenhum clube,ja a sacola de armas podia estar perto da area do incerenador

  10. Yandere Dev, if you are reading this, in the next build please consider my suggestion! My suggestion is if you completed a elimination method and unlocked the image in the demo checklist, if you hover over a elimination you unlocked in the demo checklist you would get the prompt to use that elimination’s menu screen variant!

    • That’s actually a pretty good idea. It’s just that I’m not sure there are any buttons left to use 😅

  11. Hello Yandere Dev! You said in your video releasing Osana that you had a large number of videos planned, two of them being new models for Yandere Simulator and a conversation between Megami and Aoi. I’d really like to see both, especially the conversation one, because it gives us a glimpse at two characters who we don’t know much about. Anyway, good luck with your video!

  12. Yandere Dev, I’ve been trying to go to the Yandere Simulator website lately, and it hasn’t been loading, I have visited the website in the past, and this hasn’t happened before. Could this please be fixed?

  13. When I did the befriended method with Osana when Raibaru and Osana was having their talk on the rooftop, Osana was talking to Raibaru but Raibaru was not showing any animation of talking when Osana was talking to Raibaru on Monday when it was lunch time, can you fix this?

  14. Love the game DEV, its cool and sure it makes me have umm- horrible thoughts like using a string to choke and kill an ant but Hey who doesn’t think of thinks like that he he right-

  15. if anyone agrees with this, let me know: so i think the student council SHOULD be able to help ayano “unbox supplies” (aka get framed for murder) because isn’t their job to help people around the school? unless they use their Burberry cloths to take the box cutter out…

  16. if i do the expelling osana method, and then kill a student on monday then tell the teachers, it freezes on the outside of the guidance counselors FORECER

  17. Hey, I dont know if some of you have happened this but when I finished the demo, I wanted to play as the debug option, before April it was normal but right now, I cant see Senpai around, so it looks like the debug option doesnt have him? Does anyone happen this also?

  18. Sometime Raibaru listens ti You when you make task to Budo. But sometimes she doesn’t listens to You. I never know when she Will listens to me. After talk with Budo I pray to Raibaru make the task. Sometimes she listens to me. Sometimes she doesn’t

    • First I maked the 4 task of clubs members, after I talk with Budo and I going looking for ti Raibaru. But she doesn’t always listens to me. Sometime she does and sometimes she doesn’t

  19. With every drawback,comes a benefit.with every hate,comes a much as you recieve hate,you recieve some love as well…keep going and we will always support you.don’t live in it,but think about it.the futher i mean.don’t give up,don’t quit.

  20. hi yandere dev, this is just a suggestion of mine for a rival specific elimination method
    For osoro’s week, maybe one of the rival specific elimination methods is to ‘help’ the delinquents.First, the player has to gain the delinquent’s trust by completing their tasks. The player also needs to have a good reputation to help them. then the player can talk to the delinqeunts about their problems and convince them to be better students. if player is able to turn the the delinquents into good students so that they do not get bullied or feared in school, the Delinquents would abandon their bad behaviour and make them think that osoro is a bad influence on them. By helping the delinquents, this will make Osoro feel left out. Because of her bad reputation, she could be bullied by the bullies but is unable to report them to the teachers because she thinks that the teachers do not like her. and ieven if she tried to beat the bullies up, she fears that one of the bullies will report her to the Guidance Counselor and make her reputation go down even further making her a bigger outcast in school. And because she does not have any friends because of her bad reputation, she will think that senpai would not accept her love confession or interact with her. If Osoro is an outcast for at least two days, she will withdraw from Akademi and enroll in another school, eliminating her.
    The delinquents would then be ordinary students and will no longer bring weapons or wear their uniform untidily, but they will still hang out at the incinerator area and will keep their blonde hair. the bullies would no longer despise them because they are not worth bullying anymore.because the player helped them, they will no longer throw insults at ayano if the player goes closer to them and will do favours for the player.However if they see ayano with a corpse, they will have the Heroic persona and take her down.
    its okay if think this elimination method is too troublesome, but feel free to take my suggested elimination method if you think its okay 😀

  21. Yandere should you add needs in yandere simulator because ayano never eat and drink There is only one person who goes from ALL the game once to the toilet If yandere-chan Torture for a week she does not not sleeping and she is in great shape so it is not realistic

  22. I was initially bummed that bounties give less points but I know from experience that it encourages other methods of acquiring info points. Nice work.

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