January 31st Bug-Fixing Build

There were still some bugs lingering around in the previous build, so here’s an update with more fixes!

You’ve probably noticed that, in every blog post since Osana was released, I’ve been posting fan art of Osana! There’s a very beautiful illustration by Rabbit2 that I’ve always wanted to share with you, but there was just one issue: it’s very tall and thin, so it takes up a lot of vertical space compared to all the other illustrations I’ve shared on this blog. It would require you scroll down for a looooong time to see anything else on the blog, so I was always hesitant to post it…until now!

I’ve come up with a compromise. I’ll crop the image and show you one part of it…

…and, if you’d like to see the rest of the image, you can click here to see the full illustration in all of its glory! There; problem solved!

Now, with that out of the way, on to business. If you’d like to read a list of everything that was changed or fixed in the latest build, click Continue Reading!

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January Progress Report

Happy New Year!

You’re probably curious to know what I’ve been up to since we last spoke, what you can expect in the near future, and when the next update will be dropping. I’m here to answer all of those questions!

To get started, scroll down past this cute and heartwarming picture of young Taro, Osana, and Hanako, drawn by Lady Fan!

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