Yandere Sim 2014 Annual Report

At the end of each year, WordPress provides its users with data about their blog’s activity. Here’s a link to Yandere Sim’s data report:


I’d like to take a moment to review some of the more interesting data points!

The most visitors we got on a single day was 10,441, on July 2nd. I think that’s because somebody posted a gameplay gif on Reddit. It’s amazing to think about what an incredible boost of traffic just one gif can provide. However, I’m not going to make a concentrated effort to post gifs or gameplay videos until the game reaches a stage where I feel confident enough to show it off. I think that day is not far off!

How do people find Yandere Sim? The top five referring sites were:

  1. 4chan.org – Development of the game began by discussing the concept on 4chan, and I’ve been posting bi-monthly threads about the game on 4chan to ask for feedback and suggestions, so it makes sense that 4chan is our top source of attention.
  2. reddit.com – This site may have the 2nd spot purely because of that one post in July.
  3. haruhichan.com – Probably ranked third because of this article they wrote back in July. Hopefully the game becomes impressive enough to warrant more articles sometime soon!
  4. facebook.com – I’m surprised to learn that a social networking site is a main source of traffic; I didn’t think that people would be brave enough to post about a schoolgirl-slaughtering sim where their friends and family can see it!
  5. twitter.com – I’m pretty sure that 99% of the traffic from Twitter is due to one very dedicated individual who assists in spreading the word about the game, and for that, I am very grateful to him!

So, what’s next for Yandere Sim? For starters, I’ll continue to post updates on the 1st and 15th days of every month. I’m hoping to release a playable demo by March 1st, and launch a Kickstarter by April 2nd. (Can’t launch it on April 1st, people would think it’s an April Fools’ prank!)

Thanks to everyone who has shown their support and encouragement thus far! I hope that the game will meet your expectations!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I was planning on making a “Yandere Carol” to celebrate Christmas, but it didn’t pan out. It was going to be a parody of a popular Christmas song, and the lyrics would have gone something like this:

It’s beginning to look a lot like Murder
Everywhere you go;
Senpai-kun’s childhood friend, is flirting once again,
The sight of that girl fills me up with woe!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Murder
Lots of blood and gore;
But the prettiest sight to see, is the knife that will be
In that fucking whore!

A baseball bat and stealthy attack
Will take care of Miyuki-chan;
A nice sharp axe and one quick whack
To finish off Sadako-chan;
Oh, I can hardly wait for school to start again!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Murder,
Everywhere you go;
I could send her straight to hell, or just get her expelled,
Stab her quick or gut her nice and slow!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Murder,
Killing is an art;
Please stop struggling, I just want one thing,
To carve out your heart! ❤

Whether you’re spending time with friends and family today or just chilling like it’s an ordinary day, I hope that you have a wonderful day today!

Student Schedules, Behavior Near Senpai, and Passing Time

I decided to work on student schedules; I programmed NPCs to have a predetermined daily routine. To facilitate this, I built a simple school environment so that students could have various destinations and demonstrate path-finding. I started decorating the school for fun, and I think I went a bit overboard:

It might look better in motion, so here’s a webm:

The school grounds and the interior of the school are very bare-bones for now, but I actually think it’s kind of fun to run around in this environment.

Student Schedules

I created a female NPC and gave her a schedule. She walks from the entrance of the school to her locker, then walks to class, then loiters near the entrance to the rooftop, then returns to her locker, then goes home:

The system I’ve built makes it very easy to designate student schedules by simply dragging-and-dropping a destination marker, and typing in a time that the student should begin traveling to that marker. It should be pretty painless to pre-define (or randomize) schedules for dozens of students with this system!

Behavior Near Senpai

Being able to run up to Senpai and stab him in the face would defeat the purpose of the game, so I came up with a gameplay mechanics that prevents players from doing this:

Being near Senpai causes Yandere-chan’s kokoro to go doki-doki. Near Senpai, the screen gets pink and blurry, a heartbeat sound effect plays, Yandere-chan’s animations change, and she loses the ability to run. This prevents Yandere-chan from directly interacting with Senpai. It’s a stealth game, after all! You’re not supposed to let Senpai notice you.

Passing Time

Depending on how fast the game’s clock is, players may have to wait a long time for a student to reach a certain moment in their schedule. To prevent players from getting bored of waiting, I’ve implemented the ability for players to speed up time until a specific point in the day.

There is a button that makes Yandere-chan take out her cell phone and hold it up to her face, which stops time and gives a bunch of options to the player; this is basically the game’s pause screen. One of the options on the phone menu is “Pass Time”.

Telling Yandere-chan to “Pass Time” until a specific minute will cause her to take out a picture of Senpai and gaze at it lovingly. The clock will speed up exponentially until exactly the minute that the player specified, so you can make hours pass by in mere seconds.

Classroom Trail

Getting to class on time is not mandatory, but truancy can have a negative effect on your reputation, and missing too many classes can get you expelled from school. I wouldn’t want players to miss class because they got lost and couldn’t find their classroom, so I added a feature that makes things easier. At the tap of a button, you can spawn a trail that will direct you to your next class.

I’m proud of this feature, since I always considered it a feature for triple-A games and not a feature for indie games. It was actually super easy to implement, but I’m still proud of it anyway!

Myth Tree

This is something that won’t matter to anyone who doesn’t care about lore / backstory, but there’s a certain tree in Yandere-chan’s school that has a myth attached to it. According to legend, if a girl confesses her love to another student underneath that tree on a Friday at 6:00 PM, the student will accept her confession. Every one of Yandere-chan’s love rivals plans to confess to Senpai under that tree, which is the reason for the Friday 6:00 PM deadline.

Yandere-chan herself won’t confess to Senpai under the tree until she has eliminated every girl who has a crush on Senpai.

Update on Story

Speaking of story, I don’t have a new cut-scene this week. The extremely negative reception of the previous cut-scene has caused me to re-think the story and the characters. I was planning on remaking the cut-scene between Yandere-chan and Info-chan, but then I started thinking about the weeks of work that go into a cut-scene, and everything else I could be getting done in that time. I’m considering ditching the idea of fully-animated 3D cut-scenes, and just displaying some still images accompanied by music and text, so changing the story is a much easier process in the future.


As of the time of this writing, it looks like my Patreon hasn’t been very successful…but I still wanted to express my gratitude to everyone who has shown their support so far! Thank you!

New Cutscene, Environment Art, HUD Design, Cheat Codes, and Polls

UPDATE: This blog post has been updated with a download link! Check out the “Environment Art” section!

I’m almost done animating the game’s intro cut-scene. Cut-scenes aren’t a high priority compared to gameplay, but I was having so much fun that I couldn’t stop myself. I promise that by the next update, I’ll be done working on the game’s intro, and I will get back to working on implementing new features and gameplay mechanics.

I’ve been told that this cut-scene has awful dialogue. Do you agree? I should mention that I’m intentionally trying to make the characters talk the same way anime characters do; I’m not trying to make them sound like realistic or believable characters. I’m using the “anime style” of writing.

On the subject of how I’m depicting the characters, I’m interested in hearing your feedback about something. What kind of story do you want the game to have? Do you expect the main character to be mentally unstable before the game begins, or do you want to watch her spiral into insanity as a result of multiple traumatic events? Do you want the game to be dark and serious, or is it fine if the game is lampooning cliche anime stereotypes like “running to school with toast in mouth”? And how do you feel about the way the story has been unfolding so far?


Environment Art

All of the environment art you’ve seen me post in the past has been placeholder artwork that looked bad, or store-bought artwork that looked nice but didn’t suit my needs. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a very skilled 3D modeller who is producing excellent environment models for me. Soon, the days of white-cube environments will be over!

Here’s a link to a little environment you can run around in for fun, if you’re interested in seeing how things are coming along:


Hit the “m” key to listen to sweet jams while you walk around!

HUD Design

Another area of the game that is moving forward is design of the HUD and user interface. An extremely talented graphic designer is helping me out by producing various mockups that are helping me decide the direction of the game’s GUI design. This is nowhere near final, and obviously subject to change, but I’d like to share some of the work he’s done so far to give you an idea of where the game’s GUI design is headed:

Cheat Codes

I don’t know if this will make me sound like an old man, but I miss the good old days when games had frivolous cheat codes, like “DK Mode” from Goldeneye 007 or “Flying Cars” from GTA3. So, I intend to include silly cheat codes in Yandere Sim. I put together a short video demonstrating how cheat codes will be unlocked. (This screen has had no UI design whatsoever, so the GUI here is completely placeholder.)

There are much higher priorities than adding frivolous cheat codes into the game, but I’d like to ask you what kind of cheats you would be interested in seeing in the final game. I’m totally in favor of adding completely ridiculous cheat codes, such as replacing everyone’s hands with chainsaws:

Or putting a toaster into Yandere-chan’s mouth:

What kind of cheat codes do you want to see? Let me know in the comments below!


There are several subjects that I would love to hear your feedback on. First of all, what do you think of the name of the game, “Yandere Simulator”? Do you think the name should be changed to something else, if the game isn’t meant to be a pure “simulation” game? I thought up several name ideas, and I’d like to hear your opinion on them. If you think that all of these names are garbage, please suggest some better ones!


Do you think it would be okay to continue using the name “Yandere-chan” for the protagonist, or do you think she should have a different name instead?


Japanese high schools are very utilitarian, with lots of straight corridors and right angles. This is not exactly the ideal level design for a stealth game. Do you think the high school layout should be authentic and realistic, or do you think the layout should be designed for stealth first and schooling second?



Last April, I swore not to accept donations until I had produced a playable demo. Then I made a poll and asked if it would be okay for me to start accepting donations at this point in time. More than 75% of people stated that it would be okay for me to begin accepting donations. I’ve decided to create a Patreon page and allow donations. I’d like to find out if I can make enough money through Patreon donations to stop doing freelance programming work, so I can focus 100% on developing Yandere Sim in a full-time capacity. This is money for “keeping the lights on”, not for paying anyone else to work on Yandere Sim. There won’t be a serious fundraising campaign until a true playable demo is available.

Click here if you’d like to check it out: http://www.patreon.com/yanderedev