October 20th Bug-Fixing Build

Hello! I’ve got a new build for you, with a whole bunch of bug-fixes, along with some additions that people have been asking for. However, before I hit you with a big list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest update, I want to mention something:

For the past 10 days, whenever I needed to describe a bug that only occurred in the gameplay mode where you play as Yandere-chan, I struggled to figure out how to refer to that gameplay mode. I tried using phrases such as “Modern Day,” “The Main Story Mode,” “Yandere-chan’s time period,” and “Outside of 1980s Mode.” However, all of these terms sounded clunky and awkward. If I’m going to keep mentioning it in my daily changelogs, I need a better name for it. But, what should that name be? Well…

Yandere Simulator’s main story mode is meant to take place 1 year after the game is finished and released. This is because I want it to contain some technology that doesn’t exist IRL, but may be plausible in the near future, so I want the game to be set in “the future” while simultaneously being as close to our time period as possible. Hence, the game’s official setting is “1 year from now.”

So, for example, as of today, Yandere Simulator takes place in 2022. But, as soon as the calendar date rolls over to 2022, the game will officially be set in 2023, instead. The year will continue to shuffle forward until the game is actually finished and released, which is when I will be able to officially finalize the year that the game takes place in.

…why am I telling you any of this? Well, I’mexplaining I can’t call Yandere-chan’s story mode “2022 Mode.” It’s because that name would eventually become outdated. But, at the same time, I don’t want to be presumptuous and call it “2023 Mode”, or name it after any other specific date, either. So, what should it be called, then? Ayano Mode? Main Mode?

Well, after thinking about it for a while, I’ve decided what term to use whenever I have to refer to it in one of my blog posts:


Some of you will be familiar with this lingo, while others will be confused. I’ll elaborate.

In many Japanese games, whenever an unspecified date needs to be given, the symbol “X” often replaces a single digit of a date to indicate that an event happens “somewhere around this point in time.” For example, Megaman X takes place in “21XX” which means that the game is set in “an unspecified time after 2099 but before 2200.”

Being able to refer to Yandere-chan’s time period as “202X” will make it much easier to actually talk about it in these blog posts without using a long-winded way to differentiate it from Ryoba’s story mode. Phew! This will save my fingers from so many extra keystrokes int he future!

And, of course, if you think that term sounds absolutely stupid, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to start using it. I’m going to use that term in my future blog posts for the sake of convenience, but I won’t expect anyone else to adopt it. I just don’t want to see any comments asking “Huh? What is 202X? Where did this come from?” so, I took the time to explain it with a blog post

Anyway! Scroll down past this absolutely phenomenal artwork by Denzel Adobas to see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build!

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October 16th Bug-Fixing Build

Got another build full of bug fixes for you! As usual, I know that there are still some bugs in the game, and I plan to keep releasing bug fixes until 1980s Mode is as stable as possible, but I still wanted to upload a new build featuring the fixes that I’ve made over the past 24 hours.

By the way! The composer of the courtroom music and True Ending background music – Alec Shea – has released a mini EP featuring those two tracks. Here’s a link to it:

In fact, here’s a whole bunch of links to it:


Okay! Now that you’re aware of that, I feel comfortable moving on to the meat of this blog post. Click “Continue Reading” to see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build.

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October 15th Bug-Fixing Build

Got a biiiiig list of bug-fixes for you today! Half are from 1980s Mode, half are for the main story mode. There are also some commonly-requested quality-of-life improvements in this build, too.

And, on a completely related note, I’d also like to share some videos with you that were created by fans of Yandere Simulator!

To see a list of everything that was changed or fixed in the latest build – and to see the videos I’d like to share with you – scroll down past this super-cute artwork by TrainerAsh and Red35!

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October 12th Bug-Fixing Build

11:11 AM PST UPDATE: There was a bug in this build that was so severe, I have uploaded a new build to fix it. Please download the latest build to avoid a game-breaking bug.

I’m continuing to fix bugs as reports come in. I fixed a lot of issues today, but there are still some issues I haven’t gotten around to fixing yet. I’ve been awake for quite a long time and I’m getting too sleepy to focus, so I’ll just upload what I’ve done so far, and return tomorrow with another bug-fixing build.

To see a list of everything that changed in the latest build, scroll down past this beautiful artwork of Komako Funakoshi by candy-demon Vtuber amamipoki!

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Everything About 1980s Mode

Here it is! The massive 31-minute-long video that I spent so much time working on!

This video covers nearly every detail about 1980s Mode, and provides a lot of insight into the development process and my reasoning for including certain things in the game.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!