October 28th Bug-Fixing Build

Hello! Got a new build prepared with some quality-of-life improvements that you might be interested in. The first one concerns the “Reputation” feature of the game. First, let me take a moment to summarize how the reputation system works:

The player’s reputation does not update immediately after the player has performed an action that would impact their reputation. The player’s reputation only updates after students have had a chance to gather and discuss the player’s actions. To be specific, your reputation updates at three distinct times of day:

  • When you attend class after 8:30 AM
  • When you attend class after 1:30 PM
  • When you leave school and go home.

I attempted to design the Reputation Bar to display your current reputation alongside your pending reputation. However, it’s difficult to convey this kind of abstract concept visually, and I’m not a UI designer, so I didn’t do a great job of designing a reputation bar that communicates the difference between where your reputation is right now, and where your reputation is going to be in the future after people have discussed you. As a result, there are very few people who correctly understand the reputation system, and many players get confused when they think that the game isn’t acknowledging their reputation accurately.

To eliminate this problem, I’ve made a change to the game. Whenever the player has some “pending reputation” – positive or negative – a string of text will appear above the reputation bar clearly communicating when their reputation is going to update.

Hopefully, this will reduce – or outright eliminate – any confusion regarding the player’s current reputation and pending reputation.

There’s probably a more elegant way to communicate this information than just using a blunt sentence, but this is probably the sort of problem that can only be fixed with a bright idea from a professional UI designer.

Anyway! To learn about all the other stuff that I changed in the latest build, scroll down past this beautiful artwork of Ryoba drawn by likesac!

(Ryoba’s wearing the 202X uniform in this illustration because this artwork was created shortly before the release of 1980s Mode, before the design of the 1980s uniform was revealed. Still beautiful artwork, though!!)

Fixes and Changes

  • The game now recognizes dying in an explosion as a specific type of death (instead of just putting it into the vague “murder” category). Because the nature and cause of the explosion cannot be determined by the police, and because it’s inconceivable that a student could have brought a military-grade explosive device to school, any death by explosion is ruled an accident resulting from static electricity igniting a nearby gas leak or something along those lines.
  • If the player attempts to tell a student to perform an action to another student (such as murder) but the option is not available because the target student is currently busy with an event, the words “BUSY! TRY AGAIN LATER” now will appear over the target student’s portrait in order to communicate to the player that the action is possible, just not available at that exact moment.
  • Players were reporting a bug that would make the tutorial girl’s ghost appear before she was dead. I was not encountering this bug, but because it was reported by numerous players, it was clear that it existed. I’ve attempted to fix the bug (but because it was never happening for me in the first place, I can’t confirm whether or not it’s actually fixed).
  • I remembered that the entire point of adding the “Pool’s Closed” sign to the game was to give the player a way to prevent the bullies from sunbathing so that they could be poisoned at lunchtime, so I reverted that “bullies eat food at lunchtime in Mission Mode” change.
  • Previously, I had disabled the ability to crouch or crawl while in first-person in 1980s Mode. This was due to a bug that I was unable to fix. I recently fixed the bug, so I have re-enabled the ability to use first-person view while crouching/crawling in 1980s Mode.
  • The “Haha, nope” text that displays when the player is not allowed to detonate an explosive has been replaced with more meaningful text that describes the exact reason why the explosive can’t detonate.
  • Fixed bug that caused students to perform the “Distract” favor at low school atmosphere, even though their dialogue implied they were refusing to perform the favor.
  • Fixed bug that was causing girls to get stuck inside of the shower building if the player used the “Pool’s Closed” sign to change the sunbathing girls’ routines.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the wrong text to display during the courtroom sequence if the player eliminated one of their rivals with a murder-suicide.
  • Any rival who is eliminated non-lethally and continues to attend school will no longer use the “Lovestruck” Persona after she has been eliminated.
  • Replaced the final modern-day photograph in the headmaster’s 1989 office so that all of his photographs are now appropriate for the time period.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from being able to say anything about a rival’s death if the rival died in an explosion.
  • Changed the 202X gym teacher’s last name so that she doesn’t have the same last name as one of the 1980s Mode rivals.
  • Fixed bug that made text appear the wrong color in 202X if the player entered the Student Info menu at any point.

Known Issues

I tried to add a new plushie to the plushie shelf, but accidentally duplicated a pre-existing plushie. The next build will correct this.

42 thoughts on “October 28th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Oh my god! Thank you a lot for this explanation and the message that will now appear explaining that it will be updated once we go to class. I’m new to the game and I’ve never really understanded how it works.properly, until now

  2. Hey Dev, thanks for working so hard to make the game perfect in every way possible, it means a lot how much effort you put into this project every single day!

    I wanted to bring up a small bug I’ve encountered. Whenever I open up 202X mode, and try to open the easter egg menu, it just doesn’t open. The debug menu opens fine, but I’m not sure why I can’t open up the Easter eggs. If you could look into it when you get a chance, I would appreciate it so much! The Easter eggs are such an enjoyable aspect of the game, where you can just fool around with the students. Thank you, dev! 🙂

  3. I love this so much! I was wondering though, do you think you’ll add the 1980s characters to the characters page? 😀

  4. An issue I’ve been having for a while in 202X is I cant properly eliminate the Rival or anyone else using gossip. If I lower their rep past like 60 or something they just disappear. No text saying they moved school or offed themselves. Plus at weeks end I got dialouge saying Osana was about to confessed, but she disappeared on Tuesday so the game just crashes. I don’t know if it’s a everyone issue or just a me issue but I felt I should mention it just in case

    • I lowered Osana’s rep beneath -60 and she did not disappear.

      If there is a specific set of steps that must be followed to experience the bug, you have to write it out in detail.

  5. I don’t know if you know this, but the photos in the photography club from 1980’s Mode display the photos from 202X.

    But I understand if this is something you can’t attend to atm, considering how much work it would take to replace them all. I understand that you are very busy.

    Have a nice day/night wherever you are YanDev!

  6. Hey YandereDev.I found a bug in the 1980s Mode,where Mae Kunahito has the Genka profile photo,the Headmaster has the 1980s mode Headmaster pfp,and The Journalist has the Info-Chan pfp.Just wanted to know if you can solve this.

  7. can we just make a head cannon that Osana and Kuu are cousins and Himeko is their aunt or something since they’re the deres (Tsundere, Kuudere and Himedere)

  8. i have to admit, the ”haha, nope” was really funny, i liked it when i tried to make Senpai explode, but thank you for your hard work YanDev!

  9. I feel like the best solution might not be a UI solution but maybe just bringing it up at some point in the right after the tutorial, because the UI already says +10 or -10 and that disappears after your reputation properly changes. Its just that anybody who wasn’t around when it was first implemented might not know that because the UI is only explained outside of the game, the solution would be far simpler if info-chan was in 1980’s mode because she could just bring it up in real time when your reputation changes, but without her 1980’s mode will need it to be explained another way.

    Maybe similar to how Info-chan directs you to specific tutorials when you encounter a new feature (unless you tell her to stop) Ryobi could automatically open her notepad to that feature on the ideas page, maybe even as if she was making the note for the first time.

  10. Ok. The bug where you see the ghost is when you press crtl, I encountered this not to long ago. cough also, how do you get the first person? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  11. How about if the reputation bar starts pulsing, and there’s a blinking arrow showing how it will go? Of course, I’m not a professional UI designer either, heh. The text is probably fine!

  12. A few bugs i have in the new update
    Bugs in 202X Mode;
    1- After taking a photo and using the save option with the photo, in the photo gallery, Ayano’s arms (and phone if not in selfie mode) appear in the photo
    2- The uniform that is displayed in the first floor halls is the 1980s mode uniform. Not sure if this is intentional or not, but it sure is odd
    3- After joining the cooking club, when picking up a knife inside the club room, it still arouses suspicion. (It may be the same in 1980s mode but i haven’t checked yet)
    4- Taking a photo of the ghost of Sumire Saitozaki in selfie mode and saving it added the heart to the photo in the photo gallery and had the option to “use” it to increase sanity
    5- The bullies’ bags and Osana’s are the ones from 1980s mode
    6- After joining the gaming club and going to boost a stat, the description for the Psychology stat says that it doesn’t do anything yet, even though in class it does do something
    7- For Biology, chemistry and language, if you get rank 2 or higher, when clicking stats in the phone menu, it will only say rank 1
    8- In the library you can do the homework assignment for 1980s mode (i believe in 1980s mode you can also get the history book) despite it having no function or logic.
    9- Osana’s Additional Information doesn’t fill in using info-chan’s services. I’m not sure if you made this change on purpose, but it makes no sense to remove this feature.
    10- Not sure if it’s a bug, a glitch or what but it’s something that shouldn’t be possible. You can take pantie shots through walls .
    11- After Ayano’s reputation has been improved or decreased (but Ayano hasn’t gone to class yet so the change hasnt updated yet), going to the Counselor’s office makes the change update
    12- After lethally poisoning a student, if that student then gets alarmed by a giggle before eating the bento, when they eat the bento, their animation freezes even though the voiceline plays out. Near the end of the voiceline of them choking is when the animation actually plays. (I tried this on Raibaru but one of my friends reported a similar bug with Sumiko Tachibana’s canon elimination)

    Bugs in 1980s Mode;
    1- You can break the tutorial by changing into a swimsuit instead of gym clothes and disposing of the uniform
    2- The girl delinquent’s faces clip through their masks in the bathroom when they hang out there
    3- A small bug I found in the tutorial is that if you close the tab during the black screen when Sumire is getting killed and then re-open the tab after 10 seconds, the camera gets fixed by the ceiling and the only way i found to remove it is to open and close the map.
    4- When crouching and laying on the floor, Ryoba can pull out a weaon. Not sure if this is a bug but i wasn’t able to do this prior to the build.
    5- The journalist, the Counselor and the Headmaster’s portraits aren’t the 1980s one but are the 202X one (Journalist being info-chan, the counselor being her daughter’s and the headmaster’s being his older-self)

  13. Hi yanderedev i don’t know if you’ve fixed this bug, but when I was playing the abc challenge, there was a glitch where if the student council ate a cooking club members food, they would be stuck in place with the cooking club member for a while (and the only way to fix it is to just pass time and wait it out) Another glitch is that the newspaper club still exists in Ayano’s time (Atleast in the abc challenge). Again idk if you already fixed that, but just incase, i’m telling you.

  14. Could you upload the 1980’s rivals’ artwork onto your game’s website ‘yanderesimulator.com’ in characters? I really want to see the new art in full screen

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