Requesting Help With a Bug

For a really long time, there has been a bug in the game that made the player unable to pick up items or interact with characters. People have been reporting this bug for years, but I’ve never been able to replicate it, because it only occurs under hyper-specific circumstances that take a long time to reproduce.

Today, someone finally provided a set of relatively simple steps that allowed me to encounter the bug. After years of hearing about it but never being able to experience it, I have finally reproduced the bug for the first time…

…and I’m definitely going to need some help with this one.

This bug is different. This bug is weird. This is, like, the Final Boss Battle of bugs.

I am definitely not going to be able to solve this one without the help of a Unity generalist who has a deep understanding of the inner workings of Unity, because I think the problem is occurring within Unity itself, rather than an issue that is specific to a situation within Yandere Simulator.

If you are a Unity expert, or if you have an extraordinary amount of time on your hands to help me test various scenarios that may help me reproduce the bug faster, click Continue Reading.

I will describe the only steps that have ever allowed me to encounter the bug. (I think that the 5th step is perhaps the most important step and that the first 4 steps may not even be necessary, but that’s something I can’t confirm at this point in time.) The steps are as follows:

  1. Grab the Magical Girl Wand from the Drama Club
  2. Kill the President of Gardening Club with the wand
  3. Put his body behind the gardening shed
  4. Put the wand behind the gardening shed
  5. Use the Pass Time feature on Ryoba’s phone to fast-forward time to 3:30 PM. (This requires the passage of more than 10 real-life minutes.)

From that moment forward, you will be unable to interact with anything that normally has a button prompt attached to it, and students will stop reacting to anything you do.

Here’s a video of someone making the bug happen:

After triggering the bug and checking what is happening in some of the scripts, I can explain what is happening, but I cannot explain why it is happening.

After following the above steps…

Raycasts stop detecting colliders.

Yes, that’s right. After triggering the bug, almost any raycast that is fired at a collider will not report that it is hitting the collider.

Don’t know what a raycast is? I’ll explain. To allow the player to grab a pickup, the game fires a raycast from the protagonist’s head to the nearest pickup. If the raycast hits the collider of the pickup, the game gives the player the option of grabbing that object.

(Similarly, a student shoots a raycast out of their eyes at the player in order to confirm whether or not the player is currently visible or is hidden from sight.)

This feature functions perfectly until the player follows the set of steps outlined above. From that moment onward, raycasts stop detecting colliders.

…but only some of the time, which makes this whole situation even weirder.

Questions You Might Have

Let me take a moment to pre-emptively answer a few questions that some of you might have.

Does the console report any errors?

No. Even after the bug has occurred, not a single red error symbol appears in the console output. Unity does not report any errors at all.

Is there something unique about the magical girl wand that would cause this bug to occur?

No. The magical girl wand was created by duplicating a baseball bat and changing its model. It is functionally identical to any other long blunt weapon in the game. In fact, I theorize that the bug can occur through the use of any weapon, not just the magical girl wand. (However, I would need someone to test this theory for me before I could begin stating it as a fact.)

Is there something unique about the President of the Gardening Club that would cause this bug to occur?

No. I believe that he was included in the bug’s repro steps because he is the easiest student to kill (alone and far away from any witnesses). I think that you could substitute any other character while following the steps to reproduce the bug, and get the same results. (However, I would need someone to test this theory for me before I could begin stating it as a fact.)

Is there something unique about the area behind the gardening shed that would cause this bug to occur?

No. That’s just the most convenient place to put the Gardening Club President’s corpse to avoid the possibility that someone will discover him. (However…you guessed it, I need someone to test this theory.)

What does the “Pass Time” feature do?

It increases the speed of time to 5x the normal speed. In other words, Time.timeScale = 5. It does this until the schoolday has advanced to the point in time that the player desires.

Are the pickup colliders are changing in some way between 7:00 AM and 3:30 PM?

No, not in the slightest. I compared the pickup colliders before and after the bug, and they’re the exact same. The colliders do not shrink or disable or change position or anything else along those lines.

Are the pickup objects switching to a different layer between 7:00 AM and 3:30 PM?

Nope. Before and after the bug, the pickups are still on the same layer that they always are.

What other circumstances does this bug occur under?

This bug will also occur if the player is attempting the Alphabet Killer Challenge, which involves killing 89 students in a specific order. The bug occurs after killing 27 students. If I kill 27 students with debug commands, I don’t get the bug. So, something about MANUALLY killing 27 students is what causes the bug. It takes a long time to kill that many students. So, once again, we find that the passage of a lot of real-life time seems to be key to making this bug happen. Perhaps it’s somehow making Unity’s raycasting system break?

Is there something special about 3:30 PM that would cause this bug to occur at that time?

I don’t think so, but between 7:00 AM and 3:30 PM, the game performs many operations, so something happening over the span of that 8.5-hour period may be contributing towards the bug. Actually, I don’t know if the “raycasts stop detecting colliders” bug happens exactly at 3:30 PM or sometime prior to 3:30 PM. I would need someone to test this. However…

Important Facts

If I use debug commands to skip directly to 3:30 PM, the bug does not occur.

It appears that the bug only occurs if the player reaches 3:30 PM using the Pass Time feature.

This causes me to wonder if Unity’s raycast detection system is somehow dependent on timeScale, meaning that if the player spends a long amount of time at an accelerated timeScale, the raycast detection system will become unreliable and stop detecting colliders. But, I have no way to prove this without very extensive testing.

It may be possible that the bug also occurs if the player stands perfectly still for 8 hours and 30 minutes, allowing the clock to reach 3:30 PM naturally. But it would require literally hours of real-life time in order to test this.

The bug might actually be occurring around 3:00 PM, or 2:00 PM, or maybe even sometime prior to 12:00 PM. However, someone would need to test this in order for me to know it for a fact.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten the basic information out of the way, it’s time for some of the really weird facts about this bug…

The Weirdness

If I instantiate a cube and put it in-between the protagonist’s raycast and the object they’re raycasting at…

…the raycast reports that it hit a colllider, and can print out the name of the object that the collider belongs to (“Cube”). It just can’t detect any colliders of any objects that existed from before the bug occurred. What do we conclude from this? Perhaps Unity’s raycasts lose the ability to detect objects that have existed in the scene for a long time? Well, it gets weirder…

If I delete the pickup’s collider and then give it a new collider, the raycast can detect it, and I can grab the pickup like I’m supposed to be able to.


After a short span of time, no raycast will be able to detect that collider anymore.

How much time? I’ve tested twice, and it was different on both occasions:

The first time, it was exactly 120 frames. The second time, it was exactly 60 frames.

It’s weird that it wasn’t the same span of time on both occasions, but…the fact that it was a denomination of 60 on both occasions? Okay, that can’t be a coincidence. That is probably part of the puzzle right there.

Oh, and one more thing. Even after this bug has occurred, raycasts can still connect with door colliders and let the player open and close doors. The difference between door colliders and pickup colliders? Door colliders are marked as “static” objects. So, maybe this raycast bug only affects non-static colliders?


I’ve been working on Yandere Simulator for 7 years, and working in software development for over 10 years. In all that time, I have never encountered a bug like this.

  • Making the bug happen requires standing still for more than 10 real-life minutes.
  • To confirm if it happens without the Pass Time feature, you’d need to stand still for hours of real-life time.
  • The bug appears to break the basic functionality of the game engine (Unity) rather than causing script errors.
  • It’s possible to make the game return to normal, but only for 1 or 2 seconds before the bug returns.

I wasn’t kidding when I called this the “Final Boss Battle” of bugs. This is some weird stuff right here.

I’m sorry to anyone who is affected by this bug while attempting the Alphabet Killer Challenge, but…this bug is absolutely NOT getting fixed unless I get some help figuring it out.

So, how can you help? Well…

Testing Requests

The speed of a bug getting fixed is directly proportional to the amount of USEFUL information I am receiving about the bug. When someone says something like, “I encountered a bug, but I don’t know what made it happen,” I am being provided with ZERO meaningful information that helps me replicate the bug and begin searching for the cause of it.

The only reason I was able to learn anything about this bug today was because someone finally – after several years – gave me a clear, concise set of steps to reproduce the bug easily.

It’s a bug that takes over 10 minutes of real-life time to trigger, and will probably be encountered by less than 1% of all players. It is simply not pragmatic to spend my time attempting to trigger and investigate a bug like this one. In the span of time it would take me to trigger the bug once, I could fix multiple regular bugs. It’s just not smart for me to spend a bunch of my time trying to fix this one.

If you are personally being affected by this bug and you really want to see it get fixed, you’re going to need to do some research for me – and because it involves over 10 minutes of standing still, most of it will be extremely tedious.

This is the information I need:

  • Does this bug require the use of the magical girl wand, or can it be triggered with any weapon?
  • Does this bug require you to kill the Gardening Club Leader specifically, or can it be triggered upon any character’s corpse on school grounds for an extended amount of time?
  • Can this bug happen even if a corpse is disposed of, or does it only happen if a corpse is left lying on the ground for over 8 hours of in-game time?
  • Does the bug occur even if there is not a corpse present for a long period of time?
  • Does this bug only occur through the use of the Pass Time command, or can it occur by just standing still for 8.5 hours of in-game time?
  • Does it really require 8.5 hours of in-game time, or does it actually require substantially less time than that for the bug to trigger?

If you would be willing to make numerous attempts to deliberately trigger the bug under varying circumstances to find out the exact criteria that triggers the bug, I might be able to make some more headway towards fixing it.

However, even though I would really like to understand and fix this bug…I’m putting this one at the absolutely bottom of the priority list, considering the fact that almost nobody is ever going to run into this one.

By the way! If you’re a programmer / software engineer / Unity specialist, and you know what’s going on here…for the love of God, please tell me. This bug has become my god damn “White Whale.”

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

53 thoughts on “Requesting Help With a Bug

  1. Hi,

    I’ve encountered this bug a few times due to how I do the genocide run. However, I’ve confirmed several times that after bagging up corpses in the morning (soon after 7:00 A.M.) and leaving them there, then fast forwarding time to lunch, I do not encounter this bug. I only encounter it when I fast forward again to after class (so 3:30). However, I’m not sure if it begins occurring between 1:00 and 3:30 pm.

    Here’s some footage, though you won’t have to watch the whole thing to get an idea of what I did.

    • Whoa, that’s some dedication!

      Just to make sure I understand, though…you encounter the bug, then you manage to complete your runs anyway? How? How do you restore the ability to interact with button prompts?

      • I should clarify. I did not encounter the bug in these runs, which is why I uploaded them haha. These videos prove I do not encounter the bug after fast-forwarding from before 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

      • Well, since it’s fast forwarding to after class (i suppose), then it could be related to that. I mean, since going to class can also update some situations at the school. I really can’t tell, but good luck

  2. I have multiple theories that I want to test out from what you said, I’ll Email you any interesting things that I find along the way👍

  3. I just tested it and this bug occurs with both a baseball bat and the light music club guitar as a weapon. It appears to be any blunt weapon. I started passing time at around 7:20 am and stopped passing time at around 12 pm (I think it was 11:58 am) and I could still interact with the corpse. After proceeding to past time to 3:30, I could no longer interact with the corpse. It appears the bug occurs even after stopping, moving around and then passing time again.

  4. I tested the bug with no corpse and simply skipping to 3:30 via Ryoba’s phone. Here are the results.

    I could interact with some students and other students i could not interact with.
    I could interact with some objects but not others.

    Also weirdly enough the cooking club wouldn’t carry their trays after the bug occurred.

    • What? The bug triggered for *some* students and objects, but not *others*?

      And the *cooking club* wouldn’t *carry trays*?

      Man, what the hell even is this bug…

      To be honest, that doesn’t get me closer to understanding it, but hopefully it’ll make sense at some point.

      • Yea, quite strange. Also some other findings.
        – All students and teachers (Apart from the Journalist) would react to Ryoba when she had a full on yandere laugh but reputation wouldn’t be effected. I was able to use the Art Club paint bucket to cover Ryoba in paint and did the manic laughing again. Students wouldn’t notice i was covered in paint unless they were students who i was still able to talk to. They only noticed when i spoke went to use the Talk Prompt.
        – The Journalist did not react to Ryoba at all under any circumstance.
        – Senpai didn’t react to me being in his presence but Ryoba performed the shy near Senpai animations.
        – Student council members would react if they noticed Ryoba running. They would rotate to face her, not just looking in her direction, but pivoting to face her if she moved.
        – The weapons I could initially interact with and pick up were unable to be picked up after some time passed in game.
        – All things you use to craft were unaffected and were still able to be reacted with, as well as doors.

        I’ll post as I find out more.

      • I don’t understand bugs. The only thing I know about bugs is that they can be minor or major, they can make the game unplayable, they can make cheating possible, and that fixing them means going in the code and trying to fix it. (I think).

        This bug seems like the final boss of a game but you didn’t level up enough. That’s how hard I think it is.

      • A bug usually happens because of an oversight.

        For example, the game keeps track of all dead bodies present at school. It keeps track of dead bodies by putting each dead body into an “array.”

        If the array has a size of 50, but there are more than 50 dead bodies at school, the game will encounter an error when trying to add the 51st dead body into the array. This will result in a bug because the game can’t finish executing the code about counting dead bodies.

        Bugs almost always occur because a programmer forgot something or didn’t think of something ahead of time (like planning for more than 50 dead bodies at school).

  5. I found this bug a few months ago after killing a male student with a pipe wrench on the rooftop. I did not speed up time for 8 hours but for some in-game minutes (using the yandere vision menu). I think it was during cleaning time anyway, but i can’t tell.

    The corpse was concealed and placed near to the pipe wrench and the bag before I sped time up, pipe wrench and bag were almost one over another. I remember being able to interact with the objects again but I don’t remember exactly how… In my dim memory, another male student spotted the pipe wrench and then, I could interact with it again – I’m way too doubtful of this tho.

  6. So wait did you test the bug only in 1980s mode and the ABC mode because one time I encounter this bug in story mode right?. And how I encounter it was that in the rooftop if you drop objects after you kill about 27 people (or probably more than that I don’t know how many) but you wouldn’t be able to pick it the object. Besides speaking of this bug, in Kubz Scouts’s video “This Glitch Is Unforgiveable” and on 27:39 Jay was unable to kill the next victim or interact with NPC since there was no option I believe. So hopefully you can resolve this in future.

  7. Ooh, i’ve experienced this bug at least 4 times. In my experience it’s triggered by killing multiple students OR when i killed someone near objects such as lockers. And i think it’s easier to encounter this bug when you use magical girl wand and do some killing spree…

    But there’s one time I could finish the genocide run without any bug tho! I just avoid killing anyone at the rooftop or near the classroom’s lockers, and the bug didn’t occured! 😁

  8. I myself ran into this the week 1980’s mode was released, and attempted to kill everyone in the school to see if there was a special “bad ending” for the time period or if it was the same. (I wasn’t killing them alphabetically, just in the order they came on the student info screen, by club, or grouping.)
    Unfortunately, I got cut off past 3:30, because I could no longer interact with any weapons on the ground, so, taking the ritual knife I already had in my pockets, I proceeded to kill every random student it would still let me interact with on 0% sanity. I quit the game afterwards, of course, to take a breather, but I can answer these questions for you:

    First, I never picked up the wand. Ever. I did the whole thing with the delinquents blunt weapons to minimize blood. So the wand isn’t the only thing that can make the glitch happen. (That said, I don’t know if sharp objects can still make the glitch occur. Someone will have to test this.)

    Second, the glitch can happen even with all corpses “disposed” of. (Loose term.) I was leading everyone just outside of the incinerator prior to when they’d stop following you, before killing them from behind with a blunt weapon. I’d then dump their body into the incinerator- HOWEVER… I was not running it, because I had the intention to kill the entire school and burn them all at once. I have no idea if the game still read their corpses on the map or not because their bodies weren’t exactly laying down, ragdolling on the floor. Perhaps with this information, someone can test that, or do other things to rid the bodies like using the science club, gardening club or sewer.

    Sadly that’s all I have from my own experience to share, knowing what I did and how I did it. I sped up time with my phone but if no one is willing to do it, or hasn’t already, I could just leave my game running all day if the eight hours of real life time needs to be tested.
    I don’t exactly understand code other than it’s very specific and exact. (Computers are touchy.) So while I can’t help on a professional level, I could try to get some gameplay answers. Totally depends on if others are willing to do it first though because that’s very time consuming and to be honest, I really don’t want to do it. However I want to see this bug squashed, because I really and truly do love killing the entire school as a challenge.

  9. Yandere dev, about the player reputation feature … It would be nice to be able to see and know what the total current reputation is, in addition to the reputation gained or lost recently.

    I will help find more circumstances that cause that bug. During lunchtime, and after 1:30 pm, it also tends to start manifesting for me.
    (I even came to believe that they were caused by combined factors such as an object out of its position for too long, or that when I went far and then closer, the option to interact with it again had not been updated, and that my distance to object or corpse was not being recognized because the game believed that I was far away, or something like that. Or that the events between the npcs, during the mentioned hours, was a very important factor) Or simply because of the low / regular power of my pc. (Many theories that I had no way to verify)

    I have sent reports in the past, recording in videos what happened from the beginning of the day until the moment when the bug happens, but since they were too long videos, this time I will edit / cut them, skipping the moments in which I do not interact with anything or just walk / run around the school.

    It will probably take me a whole day or 2 due to my pc’s performance (and video editing), but I will let you know the results.

  10. Hey, Yandere Dev! I stood still for 8,5 hours in-game time without yandere vision and pass time feature to test if the bug will give the same result. Then, I recorded a video of it.

    The original video was approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes. I edited it and make it an 11-minute video.

    Later, when I was checking the site for other comments, I saw that October 30th Bug-Fixing Build was out, but I didn’t want to stop recording the video because I was recording the video for 1 hour and 35 minutes. I hope it won’t be a problem.

    Here’s the video about the bug:

    The bug gives the same result if you do the steps to occur bug and stand still for 8,5 hours in-game time.
    While walking around I realized that I was able to pick up the fantasy sword and the sword in Drama club.
    So, I took the sword and killed “Ryusei Koki” because the attack button appeared on him first. (I don’t know but the attack button didn’t appear on some students.)
    I was going to change my bloody clothes with a clean one, but I didn’t because the police timer run out.

    After that, I occurred the bug again to see if I will be able to pick up those weapons in the drama club again.
    It worked. So, I took the fantasy sword and killed Ryosei Koki.
    I was able to bathe and change my clothes with a clean one, but I wasn’t able to pick up my bloody clothes from the floor.

    I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

    And keep up the good work, Dev!

  11. This fifth point actually may be the cause of it. I remember that when I was doing the Genocide Ending (in normal bug, before 1980s Mode even was a thing) this bug appeared only when I passed time to the lunch time (and I didn’t attend class). So not coming to class may be the cause of the bug. But I would need to check it out.

  12. I already forgot about that bug, I also encountered it. I was trying to kill everyone, and I tought it would be easier to just skip time and classes, so I won’t have to clean up all the bodies (since students don’t react to bodies in garbage bags). But after I skipped to 3:30 pm, I couldn’t grab the Magical Girl Wand. I had a knife with me, but I couldn’t even kill anyone with it. I’m not an expert, but maybe it has to do something with not attending classes? I hope someone can solve it anyway!

  13. I tried to find this bug without speeding up the time in-game. And here’s what’s strange: it looks like the bug is not related to the in-game time, the interaction buttons stopped working when the in-game clock showed only 2:20 (maybe a little earlier, I was not at the computer all the time).
    Bleach from the toilet next to class 1-1 is the only interactive item I found at school. As soon as it was moved out of the toilet, it also stopped working.
    The second item, which still has an interaction button, is a 50 kilogram load from the warehouse, however, it did not move from its place due to the zero level of Strength.

  14. Hello, i also got this bug when i wanted to kill all students in one day without disposing any evidence and just fast forward time. i can say that this bug gets triggered when you pass the 3:30 to 4:00 mark. if it is of any help, these are the primary triggers for this specific bug

    -The use of a blunt weapon
    -Speed up time to 3:30 and beyond
    -(Additionaly)The save/load feature can trigger this bug at a large of little scale within no specific time in the clock

    • I edited the PromptScript to use FixedUpdate() instead of Update(), and the bug still occurred after enough time had passed.

      Potentially useful notes:

      When I accelerated Time.timeScale to 100, the bug occurred at 1:47 PM.
      The bug occurred even though all students had been disabled and no murder had occurred.

      • Try to look through the debug.log how long Fixed Update takes during an error on a broken object, does it work fine or breaks?
        For example, on a magic stick.

  15. Have you tried setting Time.timeScale to something huge like 1000? It’ll tell you a lot if that triggers the bug in just a few real-world seconds.

    • Smart idea.

      I set Time.timeScale to 100 and the game started running at 1 frame per second, but it also advanced in-game time forward by 2 minutes per second, so I was able to reach the point in time that triggered the bug much faster.

      Interestingly, with this method, I got the bug around 1:00 PM instead of 3:30 PM…

      Not even sure what to begin doing once the bug has occurred, though. No scripts are throwing errors and nothing seems out-of-place about the variables of the components on pickup objects…

  16. This is the strangest and most confusing bug ever. The only idea I can think of is that not attending class at all causes Raycasts to break in some way. I’ll do some tests myself when I have time on my hands, I wish you massive luck in fixing this!

  17. I kept on testing the game and 2 things can be said for sure:
    1) The problem is NOT in the in-game time acceleration.
    2) The problem is NOT in dealing with dead bodies.
    I tried to wait without rewinding from 8:00 to 10:00 (I just left the game at the beginning of the game day) and found that the interaction does not disappear for all items at once. On the roof of the school, I found that the mop and bucket no longer had an interaction button. The knife and bleach continue to work, I picked up the knife, dropped it again, the interaction button was gone. I picked up the bleach and threw it next to it – the button remained. The other subjects in the school continue to work as they should.
    UPD3: Non-working items started working again! What I did: I ran around the school, looking for other non-working items, picking up a screwdriver, extension cord, ritual knife, regular knife and throwing it again, checking if the interaction button was gone. I picked up all the objects that I met that did not have physics (for example, nails). I also talked to the student who was stuck behind the drums. I do not know which of this caused the error to be canceled.

    • The bug can occur without accelerating time and without killing anyone? This is vital information.

      The next question becomes, what is the exact number of real-life seconds that must pass before the bug occurs?

      I have a theory. There are certain operations that the game performs once per second. If the bug occurs after exactly 1,000 seconds, this may indicate that the bug will occur as a result of a certain operation being performed more than 1,000 times.

  18. I used debugs to achieve this glitch with 100% success each time, so I hope this can help even though I am using commands not patched to protect from glitches. But I achieved it just by waiting till a certain time. First I toggled all the students off using the spider lady (I did this for convenience), then I stood in nurse’s office and sped up time using the “+” button. I stood in front of the syringe and waited for the prompt to disappear. It always disappears at 1:41 to 1:43 around that time. Because time is going fast I didn’t catch it but I tested twice, and again I tested while time movement was turned off in game (7am the whole time), and around the same amount of time passed and the same glitch occurred, so I don’t think it’s related to any specific in-game events. You said in one comment that it might be a thing that occurs after a certain amount of time/frames pass. I agree, but calculating it is difficult because I noticed lunch’s minutes last twice as long as normal in-game minutes do, so that’d have to be doubled. It seems each minute in yansim sim is about 17 seconds. If I am calculating correctly (which I really doubt I am bad at math) it might be about 6,825 or 6,826 seconds into the game when this glitch occurs if you do not attend class. (It takes 432 minutes by other calculations which includes doubled time during lunch, and that is about 7,344 seconds, so yeah I was wrong but I’m still not sure now aa I’m super bad at math forgive my dumbness)

    I should also mention that my game sometimes runs above or below 60 fps (sometimes 120 even when im not speeding up time), so it might be an inaccurate frame count. It might happen later or earlier for others. That would only be an issue if your game counts frames, which mine do when I make games (but not in unity)

    I recorded some stuff but it might not be necessary for me to post anything as proof, since it may be easily doable for anyone. I also used the most recent build of the game in 202x yansim mode, I hope this helps -10/30/2021

  19. Encountered this bug about 60-70% of the time when I tried Genocide runs. It happened once or twice with the alphabet challenge too. I’ve found ways to avoid it now, but as there is no certain known cause, it still comes up sometimes. I do know it does not have to do with the speed up feature because sometimes when I used it, it worked fine. It usually happens when waiting through class after lunchtime, both sped up and not sped up. I think it happens during class time after lunch, because I found that was when I couldn’t interact with anyone. It’s usually a case where you can’t interact with only some students, then I end up not being able to interact with any student or item I have already picked up. (This is going from my past experience, I do not remember seeing if objects I had not picked up we’re affected)
    There were no specific students I remember being unable to interact with first (other than Horuda in the alphabet challenge), usually it seemed like it was random students. But every time this bug did occur, I was unable to interact with the weapon I was using, the bag for weapons, corpses and the garbage bag (and any other objects I had been using for the run)

  20. If the colliders stop working after some time, maybe they are entering sleep mode? Try switching the wand detection to continuous detection and set sleep mode to never sleep.
    If it doesn’t help then I have no idea what it could be.

  21. I do not have video or screenshots, I was playing 1980’s mode and going to kill all the students, I used the magical girl wand because I always do. When class started I have already killed some students (science club, male deliquents, sports club and some teachers), I skipped time until 1 PM when lunch starts, it was around 5 minutes in real time. After that my bookbag and weapon bag was unusable, radio wasn’t working and students weren’t responding to anything. I left and reopened the game, I am sorry that I don’t have more proof or something, I will try to replicate it.

  22. I`m not experienced with Unity development, but a weird issue similar to this happens some time ago with another game engine (sorry, I don`t remember the engine name – I work in more artistic side).
    As I remember, the issue was related to engine memory management and scenary generation: as several “hours” (real or accelerated) of game passed, items storage gets satured and engine discards some items to manage the new ones. “Discarded” item gets renderized as they are actives in the game session.
    This was solved by deep touch the engine itself.

  23. Try passing time by a couple in game hours, but while that’s happening, make the Raycast and collider box visible Also, try to execute the bug in a confined space. See if that does anything.

    My theory is that the game is tracking so many things at once (example 51 students) that it’s trying to compile it. I’d try to replicate the bug in as short a time as possible, Set a hotkey that makes the games’ states perform the bug, that way you can study it without tedious amounts of time.

  24. I made some tests and I’m pretty sure this bug is linked to how much in-game time we actually play.

    This is what I did:
    I replicated the bug multiple times by following those steps and I found out that the bug happens 1.66 seconds (I timed it with my phone, so It’s not the most accurate measure) after 1:42 pm. That means, after 6h 42 mins and about 1 second after the beginning of the day (or 24 121 seconds).
    Then, on a new day I fast forwarded time from the beginning of the day to 9:40, I went to class (at exactly 9:40), I fast forwarded time from about 1:00 pm to 5:00, and the bug happened seconds after 5:01. I experienced the bug after 6h 41 mins and a couple of seconds of actual playtime. I guess that the missing minute passed while I was attending class, but I’m not sure of that.

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