October 29th Bug-Fixing Build

Looks like all of the critical / game-breaking bugs have been fixed, meaning that now I can start shifting my focus to fixing minor issues that have been annoying people…and things that were annoying me personally!

To read a list of everything that has been fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this amazing artwork by watercye!

Fixes and Changes

  • Some users have been reporting that it is impossible to open the easter egg menu in 202X. However, I’m able to open the easter egg menu in 202X without a problem. Because I can’t replicate the bug myself, I can’t investigate what might be causing it. However, I’ve attempted to implement a work-around. If you’re unable to open the easter egg menu in 202X, go to the turtle in the Light Music Club, open his menu, then exit his menu. This might enable the easter egg menu. Let me know if it works for you.
  • If the player triggered the cutscene where the counselor yells at the rival, and then the player killed someone and made the police arrive at school, the “End of Day” sequence would get stuck and become unable to proceed. This bug has been fixed.
  • I’ve removed the “Fake Reaction” feature from the game. It created too many bugs and was too “situational” to be a valuable feature worth keeping in the game.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to display a message about the 1989 Newspaper Club shutting down if the player shut down any club in 202X.
  • I took away the short time delay before you’re allowed to make selections on the Calendar screen so that you can get through it quicker.
  • Updated Ryoba’s hair model at the end of the “Thanks For Playing” sequence to reflect what her hair model looks like in 1980s Mode.
  • Replaced the model of Ryoba’s game console to make it more closely resemble a Japanse 80s console than a western 80s console.
  • Fixed bug that prevented two of the bully girls from participating in any bullying activities during Osana’s week.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the 1989 student portraits from having the intended blue tint.
  • Fixed bug that forced the 1980s VHS filter effects onto the cinematic camera in 202X.
  • Replaced the duplicate plushie on the plushie shelf with a new one.
  • Added another new plushie to the plushie shelf.

52 thoughts on “October 29th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Yay new build! I found a few bugs with the notes feature. Occult club students rejects notes about the supernatural, and sleuths reject notes about suspicious activity, even when the atmosphere is low and they’re investigating the school. It’s also not possible to eliminate Horuda by crushing or pushing her in mission mode, since she only responds to notes about bullying, but you can’t get her to be bullied in mission mode.

  2. Hey YandereDev, I dont know if it has already been fixed but I noticed that if you wear the mask from the Drama Club and do something reputationdamaging your reputation stays undamaged, which is supposed to be like this I think, but when you wear the mask and stand infront of a student for to long you still get a reputation loss which in my opinion doesnt make sense.

  3. hi yandere dev, i found a bug with first person mode in 1989. if you go into first person mode on the second floor, third floor, or rooftop, it would glitch while crouching. for example if i was standing in the art club and went into first person mode and crouched, it would glitch my view into the cooking club. if i exited first person mode, i would still be where i was originally.

  4. So a small bug I encountered. I was messing with the options on 1980’s mode. So, of course I went to the censorship options. I censored the panties and when I uncensored them, there was still a black abyss but I could see the panties. It’s not that bothersome but I’d prefer it to bed fixed.

  5. It’s really nice to see all theses updates. However, I got a glitch that erased my progression in 80s mode. I’ll explain.
    So first, when I started the game, I got twice the disclaimer and sponsor screen. Then, when I loaded my file, it took me back at the beginning of Week 1.

  6. An issue. The rivals fall asleep when we put it on the sedative on bento, but now they fall asleep without throwing antything on bento. If we don’t to carry out the mission “reject”, the rivals fall asleep without sedative and they don’t meet with senpai to see a movie. But still the rivals earn points with the senpai without meeting him. And so It’s not funny like that

  7. hi yandere dev, can we kidnap a girl and kill the first rival by mind-broken in 1980s mode ? Because for that, we need to kidnap the girl on mondays but there is no the gaming club for uping our biology stats at 1, maybe there are a another way for up Biology? I search but i don’t find it, i’m lost (sorry for my bad english)

  8. Hey, Dev! Firstly, I wanted to thank you for working so hard.

    Secondly… I encountered a bug when I was trying to get the Genocide Ending in the 1980s Mode. I wasn’t sure it was an exact bug and since my native language is not English, I decided to send the bug here.

    (Footnote: I realized that you don’t need to kill many students to encounter this bug.)

    I’ll tell you how to encounter this bug:

    1. Kill a student before cleaning time with the magical girl wand. (I’m telling you to kill a student with the magical girl wand because I don’t know if this bug works with other weapons.)
    2. Use the pass time feature and wait until Cleaning time.

    Here’s a video about the bug: https://youtu.be/d5fLGivpuhg

    I hope what I am saying is clear.

    And keep up the good work, Dev!

    • I mean, when you encounter this bug, you become a ghost to NPCs. You can’t get a weapon or interact with a student or kill them. Even you exhibit some suspicious behavior (like laughing maniacally, crouching, or walking with a dangerous weapon) near the teachers or the student counselor they don’t send you to the guidance counselor they just look at you. The video I left the link shows you what I said.

      • Ah, I made a mistake. I wanted to write student council members, not student counselor.

        And I forgot to mention that, sometimes you can talk with a student just one time after that if you try to talk with the same student or other students it doesn’t work.

        The only thing that always works is bumping into student council members, and if you bump them five times then you got pepper-sprayed by them.

  9. hi, yandev! i found two bugs.
    1. after stalking osana and making her come to the rooftop, you can’t talk to her, even if you befriended her.
    2. i got annoyed and pushed her, and raibaru was shocked, and then said what she says when she can’t find osana.
    oh, and after i ended the day, i was stuck in a loop of ‘the police didn’t find any murder weapons.’

  10. Hi, Yandev! There’s a bug when you try and take a selfie in 202X that makes the picture look wonky. It doesn’t appear until you save the picture, though.

  11. I wish I could play yandere simulator on my mobile but I can’t but I can give u ideas maybe u can add something like start talking to taro and make taro fall in love and they start to date but some girls still like taro and try to make him fall in love make love story

  12. I’ve been having trouble with 1980s mode. When I try the Sabotage route, it won’t let me put stuff in the present box. It keeps saying I don’t have the required item when I know I bought the item in town. Unfortunately I don’t know what is causing it so I can’t make a bug report for it. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  13. There seems to be a bug in the task of Budo. If you talk to Raibaru after saying you will help Budo, she goes to the place where the Budo is. There’s no bug up to here. however even if I talk to Budo at that time, Task is disabled and I can’t complete the Task. And if you talk to Budo the next day, you can do the task again. This can take Raibaru away from Osana every day. I played the game several times as the most recent build and this bug always happened to me.

  14. UPD: Crouching in first person mode not making players invisible, it make Ryoba model fell through the floor! That’s why NPCs can’t see her. So it make possible go through the closed doors, go through stairs (literally), drop little weapons under ground. Howewer, switching 1st person mode back turning Ryoba back on the place.

  15. I have a suggestion. Whenever you enter the kidnapping room, the music should fade out. It would make it seem more ominous.

  16. in 1980s mode, theres a bug when u open up the student info screen and scroll down to the rivals,
    it has crashed my pc many times.
    i have had to restart my laptop around five times,
    i cannot continue to play yandere sim with this happening,
    please do something about this!

  17. I saved and exited the game, i wanted to debug the save file and load onto it, but the easter eggs and the menu does not work, when I go go the turtle the option to view his menu is unavailable?

  18. Yandere Dev I found a bug in this October 29, 2021 update: in the 1st week of the rival I increased all chemistry stat on Mondays and Tuesdays. Wednesday morning I got the lethal poison in the science lab, went into the rival’s bag Ryoba he won’t let me put the lethal poison the bento in the rival’s bag. This bug also works on all rivals with this method. This bug is found in 1980 mode. Please Yandere Dev fix it

  19. Well, maybe you could put in a replacement of the ‘fake emotions’ ability which doesn’t cause so much bugs and is actually more useful like the ability to trip and fall down. However, I think you should earn the ability. One idea I have is for Ayano to be able to watch anime by a streaming service on her computer, TV or phone, which wouldn’t actually be that difficult to implement, and is where she can learn about murder methods, get new abilities, raise up stats and learn new things to craft in the workshop. Manga and books would serve this type of mechanic too.

  20. yandev, i can’t take pictures without a mouse. i was trying to do the reject method for osana, and on wednesday, i remembered. i didn’t care before, but when i click a button, it closes the menu.

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