April 18th Bug-Fixing Build

New build! Half bug-fixes, half improvements. You might be interested to know that I’ve finally added a map to the game! You can now press the spacebar key (or “Back” if you’re using an Xbox controller) to open up a map. You can move around it with the mouse cursor and zoom in with the scroll wheel. You can change the height by pressing the buttons displayed at the bottom of the screen. (This allows you to switch between different floors; ground level, rooftop, etc.)

To see a list of everything else that was changed in the latest build, scroll down beneath this cool video by SnowTheSaltQueen! She’s got a lot of cool cosplay on her Instagram, including some Yandere-chan cosplay!

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April 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

Alright, fun’s over, back to normal.

I’ve fixed some bugs (so that I can have an excuse to release an update that removes the April Fool’s prank and restores Yandere Simulator to normal) and prepared a new build for you to download.

To read a list of everything that is changed or fixed in the latest build, please scroll down past this super gorgeous and badass artwork by BlueBlurApple!

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