Answering 25 Questions for Victorialand5

Hello! I’ve uploaded a 17-minute-long video to my secondary channel where I answer 25 questions that were asked by a YouTuber named Victorialand5! She’s been making really cool Yandere Simulator videos for more than 6 years now, so I felt like she deserved to be acknowledged and have her questions answered in thorough detail!

Check it out below:

Also, you can see her reaction to my answers – and a Spanish translation of my answers – here:

New Concept Art

Every now and then, as I work on the game, a little surprise happens – a volunteer will contact me and let me know that they were struck with inspiration, and created something for the game purely of their own accord. Sometimes, their creation is concept art for something they’d like to see added to the game in the future.

In this particular case, my lead artist Mulberry felt inspired to design new performance outfits for the Light Music Club – the outfits that they would wear if I ever added 3D visuals to the rhythm minigame. I can’t actually offer any promise that these outfits will get modeled, or that the 3D visuals will become a reality, but I still really appreciated the fact that she felt like designing new outfits for them, so I uploaded the designs to my Patreon.

Preview of Upcoming Content #7

At the end of Yandere Simulator’s intro cutscene, a series of visuals flash onscreen – images of the rivals and of important plot elements, such as the legendary cherry tree behind the school. In the next build, the images of the rivals will be getting a big visual upgrade; fancy renders were created for each of them within Blender, and I think they all look fantastic!

In-game, these images will appear kinda small onscreen, but the volunteers who created these renders did an amazing job, and their work deserves to be seen at a high resolution, so I’m sharing their work on my Patreon.

Collaborating with Vtubers

I love Vtubers! It’s been really exciting to watch this new form of entertainment evolve and grow over the past few years. Since I have so much appreciation for Vtubers, I’ve been trying to figure out if there might be a cool way to collaborate together with them – and a few months ago, I got my first opportunity to do so.

Earlier this year, I was contacted by the business manager of a female influencer who asked me if I would be interested in working together in some way. That influencer was PikaLoli, the most popular Vtuber in Saudi Arabia. After discussing it for a bit, we decided that the coolest way to collaborate would be to make it possible for PikaLoli to become a playable character inside of Yandere Simulator. And so, I created “PikaLoli Mode,” a mode within Yandere Simulator that changes the protagonist’s hair and face to resemble PikaLoli! You can see it here:

She’s also played Yandere Simulator a few more times recently, which you can check out on her YouTube channel!

As you can see, “PikaLoli Mode” doesn’t just change the protagonist’s appearance during gameplay, but also changes the title screen, the intro cutscene, and basically every screen in the game where the protagonist appears. In fact, the names “Ayano” and “Ryoba” even get replaced with “PikaLoli” in this mode.

In short, I set up a framework that allows me to easily tell the game “Replace the protagonist’s hair model and face texture with different assets, and replace the protagonist’s name with a different name” so that, potentially, I can make any Vtuber become a playable character within Yandere Simulator with minimal effort – all I would need are a new hair model and face texture for them. (For many Vtubers, their outfit is also a big part of their identity, and that is something that I could definitely add to the game, although it would require a bit of extra work.)

I’m very glad that I collaborated with PikaLoli, because it demonstrates what I can potentially do for any Vtuber who dreams of seeing their avatar become a playable character in a video game one day.

Because the framework already exists, due to the PikaLoli collab, it would be trivially easy to start adding other Vtubers to the game. I’m not planning to go around contacting every single Vtuber I know and asking them if they want to collab, but I am absolutely open to the idea of being contacted by Vtubers who would like to become playable characters in Yandere Simulator. I hope people will be interested in the idea!

P.S. – Just in case you’re curious, the PikaLoli video isn’t a paid promotion. It wasn’t a “pay me to play your game” or “pay me to turn you into a playable character” situation; it was all done entirely without any money changing hands. I wouldn’t ask any Vtuber to pay me to put them into the game; I’d do it entirely for free, out of a love for Vtubers in general.

Development Trivia

Hey, want to hear a bit of development trivia?

If the player joins the light music club, they can play a rhythm minigame that allows them to put on a musical performance in order to increase their reputation at school. The rhythm minigame features some cute chibi artwork of the characters swaying back and forth as they perform two-frame animations. I’m happy with how it turned out, but originally, I was planning something much different…

My initial plan was to have the characters animating in 3D, exactly like the visuals that appear when playing a game like Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Here’s an example:

In pursuit of this goal, I asked an artist to design performance costumes for the Light Music Club girls, and then I asked a 3D modeller to model the costumes. The costumes were designed and modeled, but shortly afterwards, I realized how much additional time and work would be required in order to make the sequence look as good as Guitar Hero or Rock Band. I decided that it would be a better idea to focus my efforts towards more important priorities – like putting Osana in the game – so the animated sequence was never made, and the minigame was created with cute chibi artwork instead.

(I’d love to show you 3D renders of the models that were made, but I’ve lost track of them. I know they’re somewhere in my files, but I went digging for them and couldn’t find them, so I’ll have to share them some other time.)

There is a part of me that still wants to one day make the Light Music Club rhythm minigame into a 3D animated sequence, but it’s impossible to rationalize putting time and work into it when there are much higher priorities to take care of. Still, I wanted to share the concept artwork that was created for the light music club girls’ performance outfits, so I’ve posted them over on my Patreon.

July 15th Bug-Fixing Build

Hello! This build contains a pretty wide variety of changes; a bunch of models have been replaced with much higher-quality assets, miscellaneous improvements have been made to various parts of the game, and 23 bugs have been fixed. There’s a little bit of everything!

To see a list of everything that changed, scroll down past this gorgeous illustration by Denzel Adobas!

Whoa, his artwork sure is beautiful!

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Preview of Upcoming Content #6

Man, this is nostalgic. A blog post featuring a screen of Ayano demonstrating a new feature in a white test environment! This takes me back to 2014

Actually, to be completely transparent, this is not a blurred screenshot of guaranteed upcoming content, but potential upcoming content – it’s a feature that I think would be very useful to the player, but could potentially result in the creation of a bunch of new scenarios that might wreck some aspects of the game’s design. Because this new feature would require a lot of time to implement, I asked a programmer to prototype it for me; that way, if it doesn’t work out, it didn’t eat up too much of my time.

If I drop this new feature into the game and learn that it facilitates a bunch of unwanted exploits, the feature will have to be scrapped…at school. But, it could still come in handy during certain befriend/betray stealth missions, where it could serve an entirely different purpose.

What is this mystery feature? If you’re curious, I discuss it in detail – and show a video of it in action – in my latest post on Patreon.

Preview of Upcoming Content #5

A few months ago, a 3D modeller contacted me and offered to help me with Yandere Simulator. He specialized in environments, so I asked him to model an environment that I’ve been imagining for a long time – a place that Ayano would visit as part of a Befriend/Betray stealth mission.

The modeller has completed the exterior of the building, and is now working on the interior. I’m extremely pleased with how it’s turning out so far! You can see a brief video of the bottom floor of the new environment on my Patreon page if you subscribe to the $3 tier.

I’d like to keep the nature of this building a secret so that it can be a big surprise when the whole thing is eventually revealed. I wonder if you can tell what kind of environment it’s going to be just from the blurry teaser image above…

Preview of Upcoming Content #3

Recently, an exceptionally talented 3D artist has been creating models and textures to improve or replace many of Yandere Simulator’s most lackluster assets. Their latest target? A room inside of the school that hasn’t had any new assets made for it since 2015! After 7 years, this room was definitely due for an upgrade, especially since it’s one of the most unique and iconic places in the school!

Which room is it? Well, you can probably tell from the color scheme in the blurry screenshot above, but if you want to see it in crystal clear clarity, you can either become a patron on my Patreon or wait until July 15th, when the next build will be released.