New Concept Art

Every now and then, as I work on the game, a little surprise happens – a volunteer will contact me and let me know that they were struck with inspiration, and created something for the game purely of their own accord. Sometimes, their creation is concept art for something they’d like to see added to the game in the future.

In this particular case, my lead artist Mulberry felt inspired to design new performance outfits for the Light Music Club – the outfits that they would wear if I ever added 3D visuals to the rhythm minigame. I can’t actually offer any promise that these outfits will get modeled, or that the 3D visuals will become a reality, but I still really appreciated the fact that she felt like designing new outfits for them, so I uploaded the designs to my Patreon.

17 thoughts on “New Concept Art

  1. I wonder if we’ll get to see all of these on an August 1st or 15th video. The material is already there. Also, good call on letting Patreoners see content early. I feel like it was a perfect decision for this stage of development since you can’t show that much. Though I wonder…. will Patreoners get the game for free or at a discount? Of course, feel free to not answer I’m just curious

    Whatever the case, keep up the good work Yandere Dev. Every day of your efforts brings you closer to a successful crowdfunding campaign and perhaps even a successful game release and we’ll be there to cheer you on 🙂

  2. Yandere Dev finna excited us again when he is showing us some preview. I love that I love that

    Also theres a bug to my game that a real life bug was infront of my monitor and i killed it and i realize my monitor broke so can you fix that bug (Play through it, it’s just a joke)

  3. Hey yandev when will homu and kuu have the apathetic persona? I remember long ago you mentioned about giving some students unique personas in the game? Who will have the broken and shrine maiden persona?

  4. I can only hope that this eventually comes to the game, but…

    I understand how much of a hastle it would be to not only make new models, animations, and reworking a mini game.

    So I understand if this doesn’t come until after the Kickstarter or of it never comes at all. Whatever you do it’s your game and I respect that.

    Hope anyone reading this has a wonderful day/night wherever you are! Stay safe! Wash your hands!

  5. Faz alguns anos que eu não venho aqui acompanhar o jogo. Na realidade, a última vez que eu joguei a sério foi um tempo depois de ter saído a morte com a serra elétrica da jardinagem, então eu vou acabar tendo uma experiência totalmente nova com o jogo atual por conta disso. Mas eu só queria dizer que eu sou muito fã do seu trabalho e vou sempre aparecer por aqui uma hora ou outra pra acompanhar os resultados de um dos meus jogos preferidos e que marcou a minha infância. Pois é, eu cresci jogando esse jogo e me divertindo com as atualizações desde os meus 14 anos, ele fez parte da minha vida. Quando eu puder, vou te apoiar financeiramente. Um abraço daqui do Brasil

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