Development Trivia

Hey, want to hear a bit of development trivia?

If the player joins the light music club, they can play a rhythm minigame that allows them to put on a musical performance in order to increase their reputation at school. The rhythm minigame features some cute chibi artwork of the characters swaying back and forth as they perform two-frame animations. I’m happy with how it turned out, but originally, I was planning something much different…

My initial plan was to have the characters animating in 3D, exactly like the visuals that appear when playing a game like Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Here’s an example:

In pursuit of this goal, I asked an artist to design performance costumes for the Light Music Club girls, and then I asked a 3D modeller to model the costumes. The costumes were designed and modeled, but shortly afterwards, I realized how much additional time and work would be required in order to make the sequence look as good as Guitar Hero or Rock Band. I decided that it would be a better idea to focus my efforts towards more important priorities – like putting Osana in the game – so the animated sequence was never made, and the minigame was created with cute chibi artwork instead.

(I’d love to show you 3D renders of the models that were made, but I’ve lost track of them. I know they’re somewhere in my files, but I went digging for them and couldn’t find them, so I’ll have to share them some other time.)

There is a part of me that still wants to one day make the Light Music Club rhythm minigame into a 3D animated sequence, but it’s impossible to rationalize putting time and work into it when there are much higher priorities to take care of. Still, I wanted to share the concept artwork that was created for the light music club girls’ performance outfits, so I’ve posted them over on my Patreon.

38 thoughts on “Development Trivia

  1. Yes but no…

    The actual verison of the mini game is super cute but in the minimal configurations, it lags a little but that doesn’t affect the gameplay so much.
    As a 3D rythme games player, I can assure you that a 3D mini game would be annoying more than nice to watch.

    Take for example Project Sekai : Colorful Stage.
    Many players disable the 3DMV because that capts the attention of the player rather than being beautiful.

    Anti-Example : if your 3DMV matches the rythme (take as an example the Easy mode of ”Tell your world”in Project Diva Megamix + where the last note is connected to a ball of light thrown in the air) that will HELP the player to have a good timing.

    But you still do whatever you want, that’s your game, not mine.

    PS : the 2D mini game is similar to Bandori and FnF that’s why sometimes I launch the game especially to play that

  2. Oh, did he mean Amai? Anyway, having that would be so awesome! I love games with music and animation!

  3. I love the idea of a 3D music mini game, I mean really really love it, but I know that it’s too time consuming. You’re all working so hard on this game! Keep going! I know you can do it!

  4. Hello YandereDev. I want to offer two ideas (if you’re interested).
    1) Hunger for the kidnapped. At the moment, it looks very strange that the abductees do not suffer from hunger (especially in 1980). For example, they could say such remarks as “I feel bad about myself”, “I want to eat, please don’t let me die of hunger” and so on (although without voice acting). For example, Ayana/Ryoba could kill them this way, but lose the abductees in the process.
    Or feed and prolong their life. Also, with 0 sanity, they would no longer ask for food, but simply say “either kill me or tell me what to do.”
    2) It is also worth making a unique mechanic for the abducted. The more Ayana/Ryoba kidnaps the characters, the more the atmosphere drops. For example, the first abduction will take away 5, the second already 10, and so each time for each new abduction (a kind of penalty). It is also worth making news about the abducted in modern times (if there were too many of them).
    So I hope you will notice my message, and good luck to you in the development of the game and its completion.

  5. That’s great also I have a question, why is senpai so.. boring? He only sits and reads and yet has girls lined up ! I was curious about this for a few weeks now and was wondering if you maybe could spice it up just a little so he wouldn’t be so.. boring.

    • He said that the plan is to reveal more about senpai in the 10 weeks. Yan Dev said that “he sat in the main character chair” until now. I think until at least week 3 we’ll learn a lot more about senpai, since week 4 is Oka’s week and Senpai doesn’t seem like he’d be falling for an occult passionated girl. I am thinking week 3 because he might have reasons for falling in love with Osana ( he’s her childhood friend ), Amai ( She conforted him after he lost Osana ) and Kizana ( maybe because, as YanDev said, she will show her best side to him)

    • You’d be surprised at the type of boys some girls get hung up on. And i never found senpai boring, i think his behavior has its own style.

    • We only have the first week. It’s been said we’ll learn more as the game progresses to really give us the feel of stalking and learning what Taro likes/dislikes. We’ll see how each elimination effects his sanity and will get an ending based on it.

      Plus I never found him boring. From what we learn in the first week:

      • Likes classical music.

      • Likes reading.

      • Is super respectful.

      • Dislikes people who gossip or bully others.

      • Loves his family and treasures gifts from them, such as the book his sister gave him, so that means he is a family guy.

      • He may love solitude but he will still make time for his friends, considering he’s going to the movies with Osana, and walks to school with her everyday.

      • Enjoys plants but not enough to join the gardening club. It’s in his bio that he would have joined them if he were more passionate about it.

      But that’s what we have so far. We’re going to learn more. So far he’s exactly like I was in school. Loved reading, followed the rules, and I could vibe by myself in a corner if I had a good book.

      Not everyone has to be big, flamboyant, or excitable. You can fall for the bookworm type if you want.

      • Yeah. Tbh he’s not bad looking or anything. Don’t know why people are so brutal when we all know we haven’t even seen most of his character development.

        My fave is Hazu Kashibuchi, the guy in the sewing room, but a close second is Geiju Tsuka. Taro would be my third favorite.

        Basically I like the calmer and more mature personalities. There’s only so long I can take being around extroverts.

      • Yes and that’s just my opinion as of forward. But I’m only speaking for some people and is torn between which he is .

  6. The models look so wholesome! I feel like it’d he a shame if they went to waste, so what if there’d be some sort of poster with them in the club or outside or something?=))

  7. I would say for things like these (things you wanted to do but didn’t because of more important features) you either :
    – Develop them officially after the successful crowdfunding campaign
    – Outsource their development to a different programmer
    – Give out the assets for the fans to “interpret them” in their own way since if they like it enough they’re gonna do it and if not then oh well at least they’re out there

  8. I really am curious if Ayato would be getting her own costume for the rhythm mini game that would also be fun to see and it would also be fun to watch a vid of the minigame not just playing it uwu

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