Preview of Upcoming Content #6

Man, this is nostalgic. A blog post featuring a screen of Ayano demonstrating a new feature in a white test environment! This takes me back to 2014

Actually, to be completely transparent, this is not a blurred screenshot of guaranteed upcoming content, but potential upcoming content – it’s a feature that I think would be very useful to the player, but could potentially result in the creation of a bunch of new scenarios that might wreck some aspects of the game’s design. Because this new feature would require a lot of time to implement, I asked a programmer to prototype it for me; that way, if it doesn’t work out, it didn’t eat up too much of my time.

If I drop this new feature into the game and learn that it facilitates a bunch of unwanted exploits, the feature will have to be scrapped…at school. But, it could still come in handy during certain befriend/betray stealth missions, where it could serve an entirely different purpose.

What is this mystery feature? If you’re curious, I discuss it in detail – and show a video of it in action – in my latest post on Patreon.

15 thoughts on “Preview of Upcoming Content #6

  1. I really like this and if it doesn’t work out that’s just fine too. That’s just a part of development. Anyway, looking forward to the next update but take all the time you need! You’re amazing, you got this!

  2. Great job as always! I’m really looking forward to the next build. You should also take a break soon, I’m sure these updates take a long time and it’d be good for your mental health.

  3. I wonder if there will be new ways to eliminate a rival like a new cannon way in the future now that the rivals are easy to eliminate but not in the future of the game

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