Preview of Upcoming Content #5

A few months ago, a 3D modeller contacted me and offered to help me with Yandere Simulator. He specialized in environments, so I asked him to model an environment that I’ve been imagining for a long time – a place that Ayano would visit as part of a Befriend/Betray stealth mission.

The modeller has completed the exterior of the building, and is now working on the interior. I’m extremely pleased with how it’s turning out so far! You can see a brief video of the bottom floor of the new environment on my Patreon page if you subscribe to the $3 tier.

I’d like to keep the nature of this building a secret so that it can be a big surprise when the whole thing is eventually revealed. I wonder if you can tell what kind of environment it’s going to be just from the blurry teaser image above…

21 thoughts on “Preview of Upcoming Content #5

  1. hey yan dev! i have a bug. when you have agressive persona in 1989 mode and go in front face you can see the inside of ryobas face! i hope you can read this and fix the bug!!!

  2. Hi Yandere Dev, I have a question
    Will every rival in the 1989 mode in the future have a unique befriend/betray method or will they all have the same method?

  3. Walls, a floor, maybe some couches. It’s especially harder this time because the objects haven’t been textured or given color. Great job!

    Hmm, this will have me pondering for a bit. 🤔 Can’t quite make out what’s happening here.

    As long as y’all promise not to laugh I thought it was a rooftop because the couches looked like those big air conditioner units on rooftops. Until I squinted and realized it’s time for new glasses. Lolz.

  4. What I see from the blurred imagine, it appears to be a few couches and tables. So maybe a cafe?
    This is just a small assumption tho.

  5. My initial thought when first viewing it, was it resembled a conference room where any presentations given could include Power Point Presentation visual on a screen/wall behind the speaker; or it possibly could be a small movie theater. Both of my assumptions would have to make the tables you guys see (and commented on) into the backrests of audience seating.

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