Preview of Upcoming Content #7

At the end of Yandere Simulator’s intro cutscene, a series of visuals flash onscreen – images of the rivals and of important plot elements, such as the legendary cherry tree behind the school. In the next build, the images of the rivals will be getting a big visual upgrade; fancy renders were created for each of them within Blender, and I think they all look fantastic!

In-game, these images will appear kinda small onscreen, but the volunteers who created these renders did an amazing job, and their work deserves to be seen at a high resolution, so I’m sharing their work on my Patreon.

34 thoughts on “Preview of Upcoming Content #7

    • Yeah, that’s kinda the point.

      I feel guilty that I never provide any kind of meaningful rewards to the people who are supporting me on Patreon. Instead of just feeling guilty about it, I decided to actually do something about it: share “previews of upcoming content” and “never-before-seen concept art” with Patrons. I figured that this would be a good start, even though I still want to do even more for them.

      I have to earn a living *some*how. Either I reward the people who donate to me, or I start charging you money to play the game. Which would you prefer?

      • Hey, I wasn’t complaining or anything, you misunderstood me. It’s logical that you want to reward the people who support you on Patreon in some way, and I think you’re doing the right thing. I was just looking forward to seeing the pics that’s all… love your game by the way. Keep doing a great job.👍

      • I mean I just now realized I wasn’t supporting you financially. Personally I felt like I was before hand yet realized soon enough.

      • I thought YanDev had already talked about new character models coming to the game before. 🤔 I have seen him talk about it a couple times in blog posts.

        Though I think you mean they’re not coming THIS update. Because the game has a LOT of characters so I would understand that it’s going to be a long while. Plus he has to approve a design he likes so there’s that too.

        All in all I am very patient. Sorry if I came off abrasive or anything. No offense meant at all. Hope you’re having a wonderful day/night wherever you are! 🤗💖

  1. By the way, I have a question. I’ve noticed the last updates were mostly about aesthetic changes and I understand than replacing low quality models and textures is an important part of development ’cause it makes the game look and feel a lot much better but I wanna know when will you focus on fixing flaws and unbalanced mechanics in the game, such as the benefits of the clubs or the dificulty of 1980s mode (It’s way to easy right know)

    • Club benefits work fine. The reason they exist is to get rid of any aspect of the game the player doesn’t like. For example, I hate cleaning bloodstains, so the science club robot does it for me.

      • I know, but some of then are unbalanced. For example: The Light Music Club, its purpose is allowing the player to hide body parts in an instrument case, but the adition of the garbage bags just made this funtion completly useless, almost nobody bothers to use it anymore.

  2. I’m sorry if this is bugging you but, I think these bugs should be fixed:
    1. The 9th rival (Chigusa Busujima) clips in Sota Yuki when she sits and eats her lunch.
    2. There’s a bug that prevents Hairstyle #56 and #75 to appear on the female student in Pose Mode.
    3. The 8th rival (Komako Funakoshi) talks to herself in the plaza.
    4. The Rainbow Boys, Male Newspaper Club, and Male Photography Club members’ (Both 2023 and 1980s Mode) eyes turned red (Sukubi’s eyes turned gray) when I dismembered them.
    and 5. some neck accessories like scarves or a whistle has been adjusted wrong when dismembered.
    I really hate sending this again, but sorry if it’s too much.

  3. I have a small suggestion, I think that the case and the book bag on the lockers near the entrance just make the game way too easy, I think the player shouldn’t have full access to them on the start of the game, maybe they could be benefits of joining the delinquents and the bullyes. (Case for delinquents and bags for bullyes.)

    • Love the idea for the case. I always thought that should have been a thing for the delinquents.

      But the bookbag doesn’t make sense. All students have a bookbag. It wouldn’t make sense for Ayano to be denied a common school item.

      I would think that the benefit to the bullies would instead be a better bag with more pockets. Still only carrying small items but it would be great to carry more than one small object.

      Really like your idea though! Hope YanDev sees it. 👍🏻✨

  4. Does this mean we are getting closer to the complete demo of the game? If not then it’s fine I don’t mind waiting next year or something just as long as you do things yansim really needs I’m here for it

  5. I’m very happy to see them revamped, but will it also mean that there will be even better visuals, so those photos are somewhat representative of game itself?
    Also would it be possible to implement the FSR 2.0 into the game, so people can achieve more FPS? It’s open source.

  6. It sucks that I can’t check out the updates because my computer isn’t working ): but besides that I am really excited for future content 🤗🥳🔪

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