April 15th Bug-Fixing Build

Hi! No video today, but I’ve got a new build with a ton of fixes. Most notably, there was a bug in the previous build that would prevent any characters from spawning (or cause characters to spawn with deformed chests), but only for people who were playing the game in a country where decimal points are written as “,” instead of “.” Weird bug, huh?

To see a list of everything that is new, fixed, or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this beautiful artwork by Treat!

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Unity 2019 Update

Hey! I’ve uploaded a new build of the game that runs on Unity 2019. This is a big deal, since it has given the game a noteworthy performance boost (better FPS!)

Purely for the sake of tradition, here’s some gorgeous fan art that was sent to me from an artist who wished to remain anonymous:

The only differences between this build and the previous build are:

  • You now choose screen resolution / windowed mode / quality settings after launching the game, rather than before launching it.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Otohiko from spawning during the Alphabet Killer Challenge.
  • The game is now running on a more recent version of the Unity engine!

Personally, for me, the game is running 15 FPS faster than it did before! I used to get 35~40 FPS, but now I get 50~55 FPS! Wow! Getting closer and closer to that target of consistent 60 with every update! Let me know if you see any drastic performance improvement in the latest build!

April 10th Bug-Fixing Build

Had to get in one last bug-fixing build before the big upgrade from Unity 2017 to Unity 2019!

The next build is going to be running on the Unity 2019 game engine. When that build comes out, compare it to this one, and let me know if you observed a significant boost in performance!

To see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll past this gorgeous artwork by Yiki chan:

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April 9th Bug-Fixing Build

Yandere Simulator is currently running on the Unity 2017 game engine. Upgrading the game engine to the latest stable version of Unity (2019) would come with numerous benefits, such as improved framerate, improved loading times, and access to new features within the Unity editor that will speed up development.

Moving from Unity 2017 to Unity 2019 is a complicated process, because some scripts/objects/shaders that were compatible with 2017 need to be adjusted or re-created to be compatible with 2019. A lot of new bugs are always created when transferring from one game engine to another.

Over the past few weeks, a volunteer with access to Yandere Simulator’s project files has been going through the process of transferring Yandere Sim from Unity 2017 to Unity 2019, so that the upgrade doesn’t become a roadblock that slows me down. He has recently succeeded in resolving all issues that stem from migrating Yandere Sim from Unity 2017 to Unity 2019, and we are now ready to leave Unity 2017 behind! This bug-fixing update may be the last time that I ever release a build that runs on the Unity 2017 game engine!

I anticipate that the first Unity 2019 build of Yandere Simulator will be released sometime around April 11th…maybe a day or two later, depending on whether or not I encounter issues during testing. This is going to be a big milestone in the game’s development, and a huge leap forward towards the goal of a stable demo version!

To read a list of everything that was changed in the latest bug-fixing build, scroll down below this Demon Slayer-inspired artwork by Skarmy Han!

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April 7th Bug-Fixing Build

I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I gave the player a few more tools to use in the Alphabet Killer Challenge. There! Now I’m satisfied. This is probably the last update that the challenge will get.

To read a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this comic by LogicPuzzle!

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