Update Preview

I’m planning to post another update on August 1st. Until then, here’s something funny.

While I was implementing the “chop girls up into pieces and carry each piece individually” feature, I accidentally designated “Torso” as a type of weapon. This enabled the attack function, and then…

The default attack animation almost works…sort of. It might make more sense to wield arms and legs as weapons, though.

Look forward to Friday’s update, which will contain even more exciting features. Something…guitar-related. You’ll see.

Yandere Meter and Evil Laughter


In the very first thread about Yandere Sim, when the game was just a collection of random ideas, somebody came up with the suggestion of a “Dedicated Creepy Laugh Button”. Today, that suggestion has finally been made into reality.

Check out the above video to see the Yandere Meter in action. It’s that meter at the bottom left that fills up when Yandere-chan performs violent actions. For the purpose of this video, the top-left corner displays a “Face Cam” of Yandere-chan so you can watch her face change as the Yandere Meter fills up. That face-cam doesn’t have to be in the final game. But if people love it, then it can definitely go into the final game.

This video demonstrates how students will flip out if they see you with a high Yandere Meter / holding a weapon / covered in blood, and how to return to normal after filling up the Yandere Meter and getting bloody.

Blood and Incinerators


I’ve been working on blood-related stuff lately. Here’s what’s new:

  • When you stab a victim, blood sprays out of the wound.
  • A dead body creates a pool of blood.
  • Dragging a dead body creates a trail of blood.
  • Stepping in a pool of blood causes you to leave bloody footprints with each step.
  • You can make drawings using a girl’s blood.

Here’s a WEBM of the new blood features in action: http://webmup.com/SbTRA/vid.webm

Also, I’ve added a way to dispose of dead bodies; incinerators. Drag a corpse over to an incinerator, toss it in, activate the incinerator, and you’ll have one less problem.

Here’s a WEBM of an incinerator in action: http://webmup.com/FSC2F/vid.webm