Blood and Incinerators


I’ve been working on blood-related stuff lately. Here’s what’s new:

  • When you stab a victim, blood sprays out of the wound.
  • A dead body creates a pool of blood.
  • Dragging a dead body creates a trail of blood.
  • Stepping in a pool of blood causes you to leave bloody footprints with each step.
  • You can make drawings using a girl’s blood.

Here’s a WEBM of the new blood features in action:

Also, I’ve added a way to dispose of dead bodies; incinerators. Drag a corpse over to an incinerator, toss it in, activate the incinerator, and you’ll have one less problem.

Here’s a WEBM of an incinerator in action:

73 thoughts on “Blood and Incinerators

  1. >that judo throw to toss the body into the incinerator
    >that face Yandere-chan makes in the last frame of the incinerator webm

  2. I really like the blood spurting animation although the blood pool on the ground should probably be a bit darker and when dragged should have more of ‘smeared’ look rather than looking like a solid trail of blood

    • Probably; it would be easier to transport a corpse by chopping up the body into pieces and transporting each piece in inconspicuous containers, rather than dragging a corpse around.

      Wow, that sounded really sinister!

  3. This game looks really great, so glad this is being made. I hope there will be a feature to do the Yuno yandere face animation ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Will there be blood stains on clothes when Yandere-chan kills someone? And will there be skills and levels like in RPG games?

    • Bloodstains will appear on Yandere-chan’s clothing depending on the method used to kill someone, or the level of her Yandere meter; if the Yandere meter is too high, she can’t possibly do a stealth kill, and her kills will be very messy. There will also be a “pack a spare uniform” and “sneak into the locker room and steal another girl’s uniform” mechanic so you can avoid being seen wearing bloody clothes.

  5. Omg it’s looking awesome!
    Good progress, I am really looking forward to the game.
    Maybe you can add a corpse which cleans the blood if you drag the corpse on the blood.
    When do you think you can make a beta so that people can test the game?

    • Well, I could release what Iโ€™ve currently got, but Iโ€™m worried that people would ridicule it for lacking content. If the demo sucks, people will assume that the final game will suck. Thatโ€™s why Iโ€™d rather wait until Iโ€™m extremely satisfied with the game before releasing a demo.

      I probably wonโ€™t release a demo until I have a school environment, fully functioning student AI, and a โ€œtargetโ€ who can be killed in multiple ways.

      • I’ve been playing an unity 3d game since it was in alfa, currently it has +100k confirmed accounts (or so) and it’s only 1 years old. I would say, release the game as soon as it’s playable, you’ll get free testing of the game and we get the game. It’s a win-win. Anyways good luck in your project. ALL HAIL YANDERE.

  6. Looks awesome so far, but some questions genius game designer (seriously, dreamed of a game like this since i discovered Mirai Nikki 6 month ago):

    1- Any plan about school life beside being there stalking senpai?
    2- How about romance? Because it seems important for her, so there should be dates, the boy could be able to date others too and so we could spot them in a dating place etc
    3- I suppose we can make friends with other people in the game? Because if the second Yandere that can kill us too has the same abilities that we have, she should be able to send fake sms too! (And hanging out with friends could lower the Yandere meter because we’d have a peaceful time, and look normal ^^)
    4- Will we be able like, for exemple, to sneak into school at night to set a trap somewhere for someone or something similar? It’s a stealth game after all, so i’m wondering.
    5- Do you plan on making deep investigation from police like, for exemple, fingerprints or hair samples (if for exemple the victim struggle, we could lose some hair)
    6 (and final question)- Will there be multiple endings, a single ending, or none because it will be an infinite run?

    Sorry for all the questions, I’m really curious about this project and as a QA (you should know the term since you worked in gaming industry for 4 years now, if not, Quality Assurance guy) in a team on a big project but for now jobless because Unity is being bad to us, I easily come up with questions on future quality of something I like, all my apologies about that ^^’

    • I do plan to have some “school sim” aspects to the game, so that it’s not just a one-to-one wholesale ripoff of Hitman. This blog post elaborates on the school life part of the game:

      Yandere-chan won’t go on dates; she only has eyes for Senpai-kun, and she is too shy to ask him out until all of the competition have been…dealt with. To keep the scope of the game realistic, right now I am planning to only have a school environment. However, if my 3D modeller is willing, I would be happy to include other environments, where Yandere-chan might have to sabotage a date.

      Until now, I haven’t been planning on Yandere-chan being able to make individual friends; instead, she’d have something like a “reputation meter” that conveys what the rest of the school thinks of her as a whole. If you’re caught doing suspicious or violent actions, the reputation meter takes a hit. If you apologize for your behavior or act kindly towards others, your reputation improves.

      You will be able to set traps, but you will have to set them up during school hours or in the early morning when you are allowed on campus, but few people have arrived.

      I don’t plan on deep police investigation; it will be simple, such as “Your fingerprints were found on the murder weapon, so you were arrested”

      There will definitely be multiple endings, depending on how the player chooses to play the game. If Senpai-kun notices that every girl he speaks to winds up dead (and there is NO evidence of murder) he starts to feel like he’s cursed. If every girl he speaks to winds up dead (and there IS evidence of a murderer) then the rest of the school suspects him of being the murderer and ostracizes him. If you get a bunch of girls expelled, Senpai-kun starts to think of women as delinquents. If you get lots of girls framed for murder, then Senpai-kun starts to fear that all girls are murderers. If you make girls fall in love with other boys, Senpai starts to feel lonely and like girls don’t want him…etc.

      • That’s awesome, great project of yours can’t wait for the demo you talked about in a post ^^ And if you need any QA work, I’m free and have soon a year of experience in the QA domain ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I guess the only “friend” or ally Yan-chan would have would be Aya, the school journalist.

        You still liking the idea of her?

      • Yeah, definitely still liking the idea. A reporter-like “ally” would be a good way to keep the player informed of important information, such as who is flirting with Senpai, when they plan to confess, and what their weak points are.

        No concrete name in mind for her yet, though. Aya’s one potential name, but might not be the final name.

      • Obviously not fishing for spoilers, but are you envisioning there being a “good” end to the game? It might feel a little weird playing a game with only bad ones, but then again Yandere-chan doesn’t exactly deserve a nice ending considering what she does to other people. Perhaps only if you do a “didn’t do anything overwhelmingly bad to anyone” playthrough.

      • The “nicest” possible way to deal with the girls is to play Cupid and match them up with another dude. If you do this, then Senpai will notice that every girl he meets falls for another guy, and he will feel lonely. That’s when you swoop in, and confess your love for him. Desperate for love, he will accept your confession immediately. That’s one possible “good end”, although it does involve Senpai feeling desperate/lonely.

        Getting girls expelled is a less nice way of dealing with them. It would cause Senpai to think of female students as delinquents, but it wouldn’t necessarily be a “bad’ end.

        Blackmailing / threatening all girls until they leave Senpai alone would be a non-violent way to beat the game, but it might cause the girls to band together and try to identify you. If they discuss the fact that they are all being backmailed / threatened, they will try to figure out what else they have in common, and they will quickly realize that the only girls who are getting threatened are the girls who had a crush on Senpai. Thus, when Senpai gets a girlfriend (you) all of the other girls will realize that you were the blackmailer all along, and try to take retribution on you. So, non-violent methods might not guarantee a happy ending.

    • I think he works on the unity engine with models etc a modeler made, and he’s doing the programming and designing of the game (saw that in a post)

      But the dev is free to correct me if i’m wrong ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Wow! That actually looks really nice! I like that a lot! I’m not sure if “Yandere Sim” will actually be the final title of the game, but that’s a great logo mockup.

      I’ve been considering giving the game a subtitle, something like:

      Yandere: Til Death Do We Part
      Yandere: Love You To Death
      Yandere: Deadication

      I wonder how you might fit a subtitle into your title design. If you make any more mock-ups, I’d love to see them!

      • Wow! I absolutely love the way that looks! This looks really, really good, dude! I’m not sure how the final logo will actually look, but this will be my mental image of the logo for a long time.

      • That’s cool, although I feel like the previous logo design was better, because it was more legible. Regardless, I’m just thrilled that anyone is interested in designing a logo for the game!

      • I’m glad you like it ;w; i’m really hoping this game would turn out great, i’ll be waiting >w<// and if you need any more digital design, i'll be glad to help c:

      • Of course it’s your own free choice but i kinda like Yandere: Deadication. It sounds cool ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Just heard of this. Somehow I am thinking about Oculus Rift/Omni Threadmill support and maybe Kickstarter in the future?

  8. hmmm I like club idea ( when you kill a club’s president you can you something new)
    I have a few more club ideas, you don’t have to do all…( or any I don’t mind :3)

    Kill the IT club’s president- you can electrocute your target(you can do this kill in public everyone will assume it was an accident but you have to set up the trap and make sure you are not caught.)
    Kill the acting club’s president- you can feign an injury that can bring your target close so you can ambush/attack/kill (best time to do this is when you and your target are alone together)
    Kill the gymnastic club’s president- you can kill your target above ( the best time to do this kill is to send a fake text message that brings your target to a empty ware house then kill, no screams no struggle insta-kill and clean too
    that’s about it for my brain

  9. More ideas i also have in mind..

    Neck breaking- If we’re talking about stealth kills, i think it would be possible for Yandere-chan to break someone’s neck, but i think you already thought of that one.

    Information/Friendship system- Before killing off any known targets, perhaps Yandere-chan can get close to that person, interactively, some kind of friendship meter, and if she’s close enough, maybe she can try and use that victim’s phone or anything to find source of intel. Not just relying on her spy. Or if possible, a “Pick-locking” system which allows her to check on victims Lockers to see if there is anything there as well. If we’re to base this realistically.

    Accidents- Since a school is basically a hazard zone, a few “accidental” deaths/traps plan can go a long way, Like maybe an open window? or a chemical in Chemistry class? P.E. obstacles rigged to fail? Unstable staircase handrails? there are tons of them c: plus points for an accident happening to a girl while trying to steal your guy. Dying in front of him, of course he’ll be traumatized or confused on what to do. Comfort him, plus points for relationship as well.

    Warning system- Like the reputation system, this goes with people who are on to you. There must be some sort of Interrogation mode where Yandere-chan will find out who’s on to her and who is not. If a possible student is on to her, she can either have 3 choices. Kill that person immediately, try to talk to convince them otherwise (if we were to implement a persuasion skill), or bribe them to keep their mouth shut. Maybe some sort of body gestures can go on with this:

    If a student doesn’t mind you- Neutral, no action taken.
    If a student is looked at you for a second- Suspicious, must be cautious with that one.
    If a student stares at you for a long time, even from a distance- Cautious of you, must be dealt with immediately.

    Notes system- Just like some games, there will be notes automatically added to her “Diary” or “Journal”. A player may wish to add more custom entries by typing them in.. like information, and other stuffs.

    Final conclusion: I still have more ideas but those are the best i’ve got for now, i know those are a lot to code and program, so feel free to ignore them. But rest assured, this game will turn out great. I’m sure of it c: Good luck, YandereDev~

  10. I must say I’m intrigued by your project, and it is certainly something I would like to play. I have a few suggestions, which I hope are helpful.
    1) I think the gameplay should be more of a free roam. I like games that have only the overall goal and leave achieving it up to the player. In this case, the overall goal would be, as far as I have understood it, to win over this Senpai-kun, and prevent any other girl from doing so. I think this game would be great if the rivals arise through normal gameplay, rather than being scripted. This would give your game a lot of replayabilty, since every playthrough would be different.
    While I have no concrete idea on how to implement something like that, I would like to share some thoughts. One way I could imagine doing it would be to give each NPC a couple of traits, which would, for example, determine if they are interested in Senpai-kun, or if he is interested in them, and if one party is interested in the other, they will seek that party out, forcing the player to act.
    Furthermore, it would be nice if opportunities to murder opposition would arise from their traits, for example, a girl which more of a loner seeking out quiet places, where she could be murdered, or being able to lure a naive girl into a place where you can murder her. Other opportunities would arise from the NPC’s routine or their hobbys, for example, murdering a member of the drama club by switching a prop weapon for a real one (like in the level “Curtains Down” from “Hitman: Blood Money”) or by dropping a lighting fixture on them.
    2) A lot of people have already said it, but I don’t think giving the PC devil horns would be a good idea. A little goes a long way. My personal suggestion would be to give Yandere-chan a scarf or some kind jewelery she could use to garrotte people, (Assuming that makes sense within the setting) which would give her appearance a rather macabre touch, whithout making her look overly evil.
    3) The difficult thing with the inventory would be to find a good balance between realism and playability. One extreme would be that Yandere-chan can conceal whatverer she likes. The other extreme would be that everything she carries is visible on her, so she would have to hide weapons, for example in a case, bag or maybe a hollowed out book.

    I hope you find my suggestions helpful. I would also be more than willing to help you in any way I can, even though I don’t know how useful my help would be. I’m not good at animating, but I do know a bit about Java, C++, C# and Haskell.

    Anyway, good Luck.

    With kind regards,
    Ketas Dotepasto

  11. I don’t know if it exist in japanese schools, but maybe a good place to kill would be the fog of the girl showers after some PE class, and if you kill the PE club leader you can sneak kill in the fog of said shower… If there is showers in japanese schools (and the fog is the censorship too to naked models ahah)

      • Thanks, I also thought about indirect killing: for exemple, if a girl that flirts with our senpai, but is in couple (oh the cheating whore!), we could kill her first lover (so not senpai) or something of that sort to make her depressed and maybe commit suicide, what a way to say goodbye to competition without being suspected: a girl who commit suicide after her lover broke with her/died, isn’t that wonderful?

      • I see a lot of possibilities in this scenario!

        1. Inform Senpai that the girl has a boyfriend. Senpai will refuse to date her. (Alternatively, trick Senpai into thinking that the girl has a boyfriend, even if she is single.)

        2. Inform the boyfriend that his girl is cheating on him. The boyfriend will rage and depending on the situation, might kill the girl for you!

        3. Blackmail the girl with images of her flirting with Senpai, and force her to do your bidding / back off from Senpai.

  12. I would like it if she had a relationship with the grounds keeper\ maintenance EX:dad\uncle so he could be the tutorial like triming bushes shows you how to slice a throat you get the idea
    Plus you could steal his keys to get access to places when your not supposed to be there and that could be the tutorial for stealth he can’t find the keys gets new ones and he never knows it was you
    Also you could design him as a parody of movie killers like when fixing stuff he wears a face protecter that looks like Jason’s hockeymask and in his free time he wears a striped shirt like Freddie krueger

  13. In a previous post some one suggested kidnaping senpai in that senerio your new targets are the students getting suspicious about his disappearance or you hear about someone going to visit his house and discover he is not there so if you do the kidnap route targets have a time limit before they report him missing

  14. I think it would be good to have a friendship meter with Mr.senpai increased by things like consuling him after you murder his girlfriend or save him from a trap you set and loward when you have a bad reputation
    And maybe you could sabatoge another girls lunch box or love letter if you poison her cooking senpai wouldn’t like her and it gives you a day to kill without worry of senpai catching you

    • I haven’t really decided on what the tone should be like. I guess I expect tone of the game to emerge as development proceeds. There will definitely be lighthearted moments and also dark moments. I suppose a game about murdering schoolgirls, cutting up their bodies, cleaning up their blood, and disposing of their bodies, will inherently have dark elements. It definitely won’t be cutesy most of the time. I’d say it will probably have the same tone / atmosphere as the Hitman games. There won’t be a heavy feeling of darkness constantly bearing down on you, but there will be plenty of dark things to do if you’re inclined to do them.

      • Thank you so much for kindly answering my question. ahem “senpai noticed me”
        Anyway I was wondering how you felt about the suggestion I left being
        “In a previous post some one suggested kidnaping senpai in that senerio your new targets are the students getting suspicious about his disappearance or you hear about someone going to visit his house and discover he is not there so if you do the kidnap route targets have a time limit before they report him missing” I think this could be done as a sequel\dlc because in that case you would have already made the main bulk of the game

      • Yandere-chan becomes extremely shy when she is around Senpai; she can’t gather up the courage to talk to him, much less kidnap him. If Yandere-chan could simply kidnap the guy she’s Yandere for, that would be the end of the game, right there. The game is about building up the courage to approach Senpai-kun by eliminating all of the competition.

    • If it got taken down from pomf once already, then there’s a risk it’ll happen again. I still don’t know why it got taken down (most logical answer is that it was taking up too much bandwidth) so I decided to go with webmup instead.

      Thanks a lot for linking me to webmup, it seems to be working perfectly! If the webms ever go down again, please let me know about it.

      • I hate to be that guy again but the links from your webm gallery post are 404ing again (with the new host nontheless) – alas I’m doomed to never actually see them.

        This is a long shot and probably way off, but both webmup and allow adult material and only really remove files that are popping up in their virus scan as far as I’m aware. Maybe your files/computer are infected? I know that sounds silly but it’s the only logical solution I can think off why both hosts took down your files so quickly. I guess you could try making an ultra short webm and upload it to some online malware scanner to so if it generates a hit or something?

      • Darn! Thanks for letting me know that the webms are down again. I wish I knew why this keeps happening!

        It’s possible that killing underage girls in bloody ways counts as “adult content” or otherwise violates some rule on both of those sites. I’ve tried reuploading to WebmUp one last time, this time flagging my webms as “adult”. I’ll also send the admin an e-mail and ask him what exactly is the problem.

        I don’t really think it’s possible for a video file to contain a virus…that just sounds too far-fetched. I uploaded some of my webms to an online malware scanner, and it reported no problems. I don’t think that’s the issue…

        Please let me know if the webms get taken down again. I’ll probably just wind up using Google Dropbox or something…

      • Well actually I talked with the pomf admin about this mystery already, he/she mentionend they had a recent crash and some 60.000 files were lost due to that. Don’t know bout webmup but this could explain the vanishing webms on pomf.

        If you want I can forward the mail to you (I’ve put my real mail into the comment field for once)

      • Nah, it’s all right. I spoke with the webmup admin and he said that Google AdSense was reporting my webms qualified as adult content, so he had to take them down. I simply re-uploaded my webms while flagged as adult content, and now everything seems to be fine!

  15. Damn, I want this game so much.

    This is the sort of game I would love to help out with, but this is a thing you probably want to do on your own and I lack experience.

    But good luck and I look forward to it.

    A question though. Different body sizes?

    • For who, the player character or the students?

      I favor the idea of keeping all students at similar heights, so that I can use the same animations for all kills. A short Yandere-chan trying to strangle a tall student, or a tall Yandere-chan trying to strangle a short loli-type student, would look funky unless there were specific animations for two characters of different heights. Instead of producing a whole bunch of different animations dependent on height, I’ll probably keep students at around the same heights so that I can just use the same animations without modifications.

      But I do want at least two of the “Rivals” to be adults (sexy nurse, sexy teacher) and I want Senpai’s kawaii loli imouto to be a Rival, so there will have to be adult-specific and child-specific deaths, at least for those specific characters.

      • It’s one of those “polish” things that would improve the game and make it more enjoyable, but isn’t actually necessary for the core of the game. It all depends on how much extra work it creates. If it means modeling a “fat” version of every outfit in the game, a “fat” version of every animation in the game, and “fat-specific” kill animations, then adding fat schoolgirls creates a lot of extra work, and probably won’t get in.

        If I had technology that automatically re-sizes clothing on a character’s body, and automatically re-targets animations for different body shapes, then it might be worth it, but I don’t have that kind of tech right now.

        I’m all for adding “polish” features to the game, but only if the benefit is worth the amount of time/effort/money to add the feature to the game.

        (I wasn’t planning on adding a “Yuri” mode, but it was the most requested feature, so now I’m planning on it. Fan-demand is also a factor in deciding what gets in and what doesn’t.)

  16. Oh jeez, I am going to find the biggest room in the school and draw a giant dick with a girl’s blood. It will be my call sign.

  17. Good job! Your rag-doll dragging method is about Spring / Character Joints, right? In my book rag-dolls are usually do stretch. How You managed to avoid rag-doll’s joint stretching? I personally lowered speed of character movement to prevent stretching. Anyway, good, excellent work with programming!

  18. I seem like an idiot, but where can I download this game? I could never find a proper download of this sandbox mode. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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