Update Preview

I’m planning to post another update on August 1st. Until then, here’s something funny.

While I was implementing the “chop girls up into pieces and carry each piece individually” feature, I accidentally designated “Torso” as a type of weapon. This enabled the attack function, and then…

The default attack animation almost works…sort of. It might make more sense to wield arms and legs as weapons, though.

Look forward to Friday’s update, which will contain even more exciting features. Something…guitar-related. You’ll see.

15 thoughts on “Update Preview

  1. I’m liking what you’ve done with the gore factor so far, beating people to death with the limbs and bodies of their own classmates is always a classy way to go.

    So, are we talking “Yandere Sim: K-On Edition” for that guitar hint? Will Yandere-chan be able to join a light music club or play some sick death metal before going out and bashing her target to death with the guitar? Did you get some good new music composed for the game that could serve as the main theme or something?

    You only said “guitar-related”, so I’m probably way off… either way, I’ll wait and see…

    I thought this quote was appropriate though:

    β€œIt is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.”
    ― Voltaire

  2. Hmm… Well, in my opinion, using a dead person’s torso is not a first choice weapon, but usable on critical situations, I guess. I agree on legs and arms being a better weapon. How about being able to drag a student and throw it to another for a double kill? Oh, how about putting in killing techniques such as, when you’re standing in the middle of other students, you can spin around whilst holding your knife by their neck, thus doing multiple-killing in a spin?

    Guitar-related, huh? Hmm… could it be a band club where you can play the guitar?
    I’ll be looking forward to the update!

      • Whew. Talk about a coincidence, and on the same day you posted that video no less. In this case, the game will probably benefit a bit from it’s indie low-profile, as well as your own anonymity as it’s developer. If you lived in Japan however, and this game was being handled by a sizable dev team plus a publisher of some renown (Atlus, Enix, etc.), we might be looking at an entirely different situation.

        The possibility of an event eerily similar to the infamous “Nice Boat” incident (http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/nice-boat) and controversy concerning the ill-timed episodes of School Days and Higurashi would probably not be out of the question, and I wouldn’t be that surprised if the media did get involved in some fashion. Although murders happen all the time in the United States, that particular axe murder in Japan drew a much stronger reaction across the county, which the media covered quite exhaustively. With this recent dismemberment murder, there’s a good chance your game would get some bad publicity, but publicity nonetheless.

        Based on how various news outlets have covered things in both America (shootings = that first MW2 airport level) and Japan concerning video games and anime over the years, it’s almost certain they’d try to spin it in a negative light. Just yesterday in fact, I also read this article on CNN about Japan banning child porn (http://www.cnn.com/2014/06/17/world/asia/japan-child-porn-law/index.html), but the law excludes any references to sexually explicit scenes in anime and manga with loli’s and the like. On one hand, that kind of hentai involving young children is a rather dark and (largely, I hope) shunned practice among anime and manga fans worldwide (though it still sells well), while on the other hand it’s all just fiction, creative expression, and does not affect actual children, just like playing Call of Duty or Doom doesn’t realistically make people more violent or mass murderers. It doesn’t help that CNN’s coverage in particular made it seem as if “child pornography” (not just ecchi or regular hentai) was more prevalent in anime and manga than it actually is, which doesn’t exactly help their already less-than-stellar reputation and stigma in places like the US, despite their growing recent popularity and recognition thanks to phenomenons like Attack on Titan.

        While axe murders, school shootings, Yandere-motivated killings, and murder in general in real life shouldn’t be maliciously linked to various forms of media like manga, anime, and video games, it’s almost a fact of life that the media will exploit them for more ratings, views, and clicks by making them out to be the problem, when they clearly aren’t. You’d think they’d be too busy covering multiple international conflicts to have a slow news day, but that’s obviously not the case either.

        If I were you, I wouldn’t even consider Yandere-Sim to be a glorification of murder, just as I wouldn’t define other video games as “murder simulators” (Jack Thompson be damned), or how I wouldn’t say that Romeo & Juliet promotes child-marriages and suicide. If anybody is responsible for the glorification of crime, it’s the media themselves, as they turn what would otherwise be unknown criminals like the Newtown shooter (I won’t dignify him with a name, and they shouldn’t, but do anyways) and other murderers into some sick, twisted, and dark celebrities of sorts, just to get more money.


        Murder is bad, mkay, your game is not. Don’t blame video games, television, anime, manga, or any other form of creative expression for the actions of criminals and lunatics in the real world. Also, real-life Yandere chicks are probably less than the ideal of a Yuno Gasai (if you could call her ideal) kids, so don’t let your interest in Yandere get the better of you. I’d rather not see any articles on CNN about you guys getting chopped up too, or chopping up others for that matter. πŸ˜›

      • Very insightful!

        I don’t believe that the phrase “any publicity is good publicity” is true, since I think it’s definitely possible to have bad publicity permanently damage the reputation of a person, company, or product. However, I don’t worry that much about Yandere Sim getting bad press.

        If Kotaku runs an article saying that Yandere Sim is disgusting because it features schoolgirl dismemberment, they will expose the game to a large number of people, including some gamers who would be delighted to play a game about schoolgirl dismemberment. Anyone who would be disgusted by the game isn’t the target demographic in the first place, so I’m not going to worry about anyone running any “This is disgusting and vile!” articles about the game.

        I really doubt that video games can influence a person’s behavior in real life. I’ve played Cooking Mama for dozens of hours and I still can’t cook a single dish yet. I’ve played Street Fighter for hundreds of hours and I’m not a karate master yet. I’ve played Metal Gear Solid for hundreds of hours and I’m not a secret agent yet. I really doubt that Yandere Sim will actually influence any murders in real life…

    • Do not use this software if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding. If you become pregnant while using this software, please contact your healthcare provider. Do not use this software while operating heavy machinery. Do not use this software as a training simulator for stalking and killing schoolgirls in real life.


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