Blood and Incinerators


I’ve been working on blood-related stuff lately. Here’s what’s new:

  • When you stab a victim, blood sprays out of the wound.
  • A dead body creates a pool of blood.
  • Dragging a dead body creates a trail of blood.
  • Stepping in a pool of blood causes you to leave bloody footprints with each step.
  • You can make drawings using a girl’s blood.

Here’s a WEBM of the new blood features in action:

Also, I’ve added a way to dispose of dead bodies; incinerators. Drag a corpse over to an incinerator, toss it in, activate the incinerator, and you’ll have one less problem.

Here’s a WEBM of an incinerator in action:

Webm Gallery

Here’s a gallery of video clips that I’ve made while working on the game, in webm format. Please note that all of the below animations are temporary placeholders.

Funny bug that happened while giving NPCs the ability to watch Yandere-chan:

Demonstration of real-time mesh deformation and preview of potential character customization:

Building a staircase out of dead bodies to reach previously inaccessible areas:

Visual Novel Preview:

Visual Novel Preview with tiny heads and huge hands:

Visual Novel Preview with chainsaws for hands:

Visual Novel Preview

It’s been two weeks since my last update, so I thought I’d post something up here to let you guys know that the game is still happening.

Today, I wrote a script that makes it easy to define what facial expression / animation a character should be displaying during the “visual novel” segments. It’s pretty easy to create entire dialogue sequences now, complete with the characters’ models moving around and emoting appropriately.

Please keep in mind that the character models aren’t final, the animations aren’t final, the dialogue isn’t final, the background art isn’t final, etc – I just wanted to confirm that I’m still developing the game.