Yandere Meter and Evil Laughter


In the very first thread about Yandere Sim, when the game was just a collection of random ideas, somebody came up with the suggestion of a “Dedicated Creepy Laugh Button”. Today, that suggestion has finally been made into reality.

Check out the above video to see the Yandere Meter in action. It’s that meter at the bottom left that fills up when Yandere-chan performs violent actions. For the purpose of this video, the top-left corner displays a “Face Cam” of Yandere-chan so you can watch her face change as the Yandere Meter fills up. That face-cam doesn’t have to be in the final game. But if people love it, then it can definitely go into the final game.

This video demonstrates how students will flip out if they see you with a high Yandere Meter / holding a weapon / covered in blood, and how to return to normal after filling up the Yandere Meter and getting bloody.

106 thoughts on “Yandere Meter and Evil Laughter

  1. Maybe you could get rid off the meter on the hud, so that the player has to gauge the yandereness by the face. Also, what is going to stop the player from just spamming the evil laugh after finding a safe place?

    • To get from a murder scene to a place where it is safe to perform the evil laugh, the player will most likely have to stealth past some other students. Otherwise, performing the evil laugh will alert all nearby students / make students wary of Yandere-chan.

      • And how long will the player have to laugh evily to reduce the yandere meter to zero?

      • That’s a number that I’ll adjust as I get feedback. Right now, I’m thinking no more than 5 seconds.

        There might also be other ways to decrease the Yandere Meter, too, like taking a picture of Senpai and then staring at it later to calm yourself down.

    • I really like the idea of a Face Meter as you’ve shown in this video, but instead of showing her whole face, could the meter perhaps only show her eyes? That would be kind of neat (save screen space too and be pretty creepy/cool/innovative).

      Also, you brought up a NICE idea with the idea of having a picture of senpai to calm you down.

      That would be a great “equipment” could it perhaps take up a slot? Then by it taking up a slot, it brings up the idea I’m having from this: Premission equipment, and slots they can take up! Before each of the senpai missions/going off to school you could perhaps have a certain number of inventory slots you can take into school with you in your school bag. Think Resident Evil 4. Each item would take up a certain amount of space in units in your bag. It can be like Notepad to take notes of Senpai, Camera for taking photos, a Picture you mentioned, weaponry, masks (useful for non bloody murders), and perhaps certain missions can have items that take up slots by default forcefully, such as during the School Festival you have to carry certain supplies or something. I dont know, you can probably be creative with this.

      But I think it might be really cool to have different ‘playthroughs’ or attempts by allowing the player to use different items in their daily activities, with advantages and disadvantages from each approach. Like by having a picture of Senpai you can calm down without having to laugh (making stealth playthroughs easier), but it takes up a slot you could use for a knife or some other peice of equipment. I dont know, I think it could be cool!

  2. That’s really cool, the blood splatters on the clothes look really good (though maybe the blood in general should be a little darker.) I’d vote more in favour for no face cam so you’d have to judge it by the character model itself, which would be more subtle. You could alternatively have her ‘vision’ slowly go red I guess.

  3. Hey Dev, will there be an option to stun girls instead of killing them? That could raise your “wickedness” less but in turn it might have some downsides, like them waking up and alerting people, or you failing to knock them out, resulting in them screaming and alerting everyone around you. Knocking out girls could be used to your advantage, as the bodies would leave no blood trails, so you could easily hide them in dumpsters or something.

  4. How about a different sorts of attack, i.e. bleedout distraction.

    Player stab someone, they panic and fee, you can preemptively lock doors to direct the victim to a certain areas, alerting and drawing attention. This has a mixed blessing though, depending on how frightened npcs are (dead bodes around, blood, or reports of a blood drenched psychopath.) they will try to help the hurt npc if they are unaware of the players actions, or fleeing away to either phone the police, hide, enter a state of shock, or completely flee from the area all together.

    This is a risky move, if the npc the player stabs knows it was the player (i.e. the player faced them when they were stabbed.) they will immediately tell the first npc they see.
    However if the player involves stealth the npc will assume it was an accident or confused on how it happened.

    Be noted that Nurses in the school can heal wounded npcs and the previously wounded npcs will either hunt you down and try to confront you (if they aren’t too frighten [apart from being fucking stabbed]) or tell everyone what you did.

    Noteably this is the increase npc interaction and add some depth and individualism to npcs

    Maybe the npc becomes a rival and hides in a closet with a weapon to get back at you.

    or if the npc is feeling stoic they can write a dying message out in blood!

  5. Excellent! If npcs hear the laugh, but can’t see where it’s coming from, I assume they’ll go to see who it is, right? Could be pretty useful.

  6. Following the video’s example, it seems to take 5 whole murders to reach a full meter of 100%, with an individual murder counting in at roughly 20% of the meter. If Yandere-chan is on a Hitman-style mission to take out a *single* rival at a time (like the previously mentioned “sexy nurse”), wouldn’t the chance of Yandere-chan filling up her meter completely be rather unlikely, barring any killing of witnesses?

    I guess the points I’m trying to clarify are as follows:

    1. Concerning the Yandere Meter itself, how full does it have to get before other people start fearing you?

    2. Are there different degrees/effects that will change your interactions with others depending on how full it is? A better question might also be: Does the Yandere Meter have to be completely empty to avoid alerting others, does it have to be completely full to trigger fear, or are there in-betweens?

    3. You mentioned “violent actions” as ways the meter will increase, would that possibly extend to various “triggers” like picking up a weapon, stalking your target, hiding bodies, witnessing the target girl flirting with Senpai-kun, etc?

    4. The video showed that the evil laughter could only deplete the Yandere Meter if done at it’s full intensity, would it be possible to allow the player to sneak in the less intense levels of laughter (giggles, etc.) in casual conversation or when walking around to *lightly* reduce the Yandere Meter? My reasoning is that most others would find it “normal” that a schoolgirl would laugh sometimes to herself or with others.

    5. Would there be more nuanced penalties/benefits for Yandere-chan to stay in full-on (100%) Yandere Mode for extended periods of time (for several minutes) like increased stealth capabilities, higher strength/damage, etc.? On the flip-side, would keeping her below the 100% mark on a mission yield some positive benefits somewhere down the line, like a higher chance of getting Senpai-kun to love her or winning support from other various classmates? The best precedents/examples I can think of for a feature like this would be like Bioshock (Little Sisters save/harvest) or Dishonored (high/low chaos playthroughs).

    6. Lastly, on a somewhat unrelated note, there is the issue of murder weapons. I noticed in the video that the knife seemingly hasn’t been programmed to receive an alternative “bloody” texture upon using it to murder someone… I assume that’s going to be a part of the next blood-related update you’re working on, after your most recent with the bloodied clothing? There is also the possibility of disposing of/cleaning murder weapons, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, I suppose.

    Anyway, those are my rather detailed thoughts on the development of the game going forward, feel free to take them to heart like you did with the “Dedicated Laugh Button” and the “Yandere Meter”, or simply disregard them as “feature-creep” or wishful thinking.

    Keep up the good work YandereDev, you’re doing us all proud! 😀

    • I think that any “psychotic” action should fill up the Yandere Meter – not just violence, but also theft, trespassing, spreading nasty rumors, blackmailing, leaving fake confession notes, poisoning food – anything “evil” should make the meter increase, and Yandere-chan visibly appear to be a person who is dangerous and up to no good.

      I think the Yandere Meter should look like this:

      0% ~ 33% : You are inconspicuous. You’re a wallflower. People ignore you.

      33% ~ 66% : You are acting suspicious. People have their guard up, and keep their eye on you.

      66% ~ 100% : You look dangerous and threatening. You’ve clearly got “murderous intent” written all over you. People become afraid of you instantly, and will flee. Being spotted in this state lowers your reputation at school.

      As for Reputation…

      +50 to +100 : You are well-liked, and people are willing to turn a blind eye if they see you performing a suspicious action such as theft or trespassing. They won’t report you or try to stop you, but it will still harm your reputation.

      -50 to +50 : You’re nobody. Nobody knows that you exist or cares who you are.

      -50 to -99 : The school thinks of you as a delinquent who is constantly up to no good. People keep their eye on you when you’re around.

      -100 : The entire school hates you. Your reputation will never recover. Senpai himself has heard of you, and knows that you have the worst reputation at school. He would reject you if you confessed to him. It’s instant Game Over.

      Merely picking up a weapon, stalking, and concealing evidence / bodies shouldn’t count as “psychotic” because then the player literally couldn’t perform any action without increasing the meter. Witnessing a girl flirting with Senpai *might* increase the meter, though…

      Giggling is used to attract attention, like knocking on a wall in MGS or throwing a coin in Hitman. Laughing may have contextual uses; for example, if you see a girl being bullied, and you laugh, the bully is encouraged to continue, and other girls are encouraged to join in the bullying.

      Increasing the Yandere Meter is a detriment, not a benefit; it just makes you appear suspicious / dangerous. It wouldn’t grant buffs.

      Senpai-kun is a boy who can’t bring himself to turn down a girl; he’ll accept the first love confession he gets, no matter who it comes from, unless it came from a girl with 100% negative reputation. The ending you get is dependent on how you handled each of the rival girls, but every ending results in Senpai-kun accepting your confession.

      He might accept your confession because he feels lonely (all the girls who seemed interested in him to stop talking to him) because he feels afraid of you (you’re suspected of murder and he doesn’t want to be your next victim) or because he is emotionally traumatized and needs someone to support him (he discovered his sister’s corpse, he discovered multiple murder scenes at school, etc).

      Thanks for reminding me to put blood on the knife, I forgot about that. I’ll also have the game keep a list of all the NPCs who were murdered by a specific weapon.

      Cleaning of weapons might be a pointless feature, since the player can simply take a bloody weapon back home, and Yandere-chan will clean it / dispose of it off-camera. I’ll have to consider if there’s a point to cleaning murder weapons, rather than just leaving the school with them.

      • Thanks for the in-depth reply, it sounds like you’ve got a solid conceptual framework going there. Any other ideas/hints as to what things you’ll be working towards in the near future or may have complete by the next update in a couple weeks or so? You’ve already laid some good groundwork for what could become (when further polished) some seriously Higurashi/Mirai Nikki-style Yandere laugh and facial/eye animations, so maybe consider the previously mentioned “Yandere-Vision” to top it all off?

      • Oh, definitely, Yandere Vision never stopped being part of the plan.

        The next update will probably be about using a mop and a water bucket to clean up blood. After that, I’ll probably implement the ability to carry a weapon concealed in a case. Then I’ll move on to student AI, since I’ll have plenty of things for them to react to (finding blood, witnessing a murder, seeing you carrying a weapon / seeing you carrying a concealed weapon).

        Student AI may be the biggest hurdle of the entire game, since I’m still considering exactly how they should react to any given situation. Upon witnessing a murder, instantly pull out cell phone and call the police? Run away, then call police? Maybe cell phones aren’t allowed on campus, because it’s a strict and old-fashioned school? Attempt to run off-campus? Attempt to inform an adult? Attempt to warn other students? There’s a lot to consider…I’ll probably need to draw up a flowchart that defines what students do in every given situation, before I can start handling the AI.

        I might work on student pathfinding and school navigation before then…

      • Woudn’t other things cause Yandere-chan to fill up the Yandere meter too? I’d imagine seeing Senpai-kun talking to other girls would make her go a little crazy or him not responding to her messages and such.

      • That’s a good point. I think it’s reasonable to say that seeing a girl talking to Senpai would make a Yandere-girl angry, but if Yandere-chan’s objective is to stalk a girl and Senpai to see where they go, she would have to stare at them for a prolonged amount of time, which would guarantee a max’d out Yandere Meter from nothing but stalking, which doesn’t seem right to me.

        I think it’s definitely a possibility that non-psychotic actions could increase the Yandere meter, as long as it doesn’t imbalance gameplay or interfere with design.

        It would also be a shame if players didn’t understand the Yandere meter or why it increases. It might be best to keep it as simple as possible – only “bad behavior”.

      • Perhaps it could be capped for certain actions? So seeing Senpai with another girl won’t cause the Yandere meter to go above 10% for example. That would make more sense to me anyway; planting evidence in another girl’s locker or even 20 girls lockers shouldn’t make her so crazy that people think she’s on a murdering spree so it could be capped at 65% or so. Then actually violent actions would have no cap.

        The issue with players not knowing what it means would be a problem I suppose but on the other hand it could be kind of interesting for them to figure out how to control. Kinda like how the Portal Gun from Portal is difficult to understand at first but some of the fun is learning to control it. That could be solved just by outright telling the player in a tutorial or something too.

  7. Pretty cool idea. I’d like to see a two stage system of that – or some sort of pretend system, this could be applied to a lot of gameplay elements like stalking I think.

    While “pretending” yandere-chan would focus on looking like a regular student and in general beeing unnoticed. Something like: Below a certain yandere meter threshold (maybe 50%) and/or after a certain timeframe after an action (kill or whatever) the player can press a button to enter “pretend/chamelon/disguise/whatever” mode giving him a bar/timer to achieve some sort of goal
    This should be done context sensitive, ie. after killing someone it would be a timer bar giving the player x seconds to stay in absolute control of facial emotions/behaviour making it possible to pass other people without scaring them, provided they have not witnessed you or you have blood on you or you are caring an obvious weapon. The goal here is to get to a safe spot and start letting off steam (laugh) before the timer expires – if the player fails to do that he should be punished (yandere meter increase + loss of control, ie. laughing breakdown right when the timer expires)

    For stalking the bar should be a meassure of distance, something like need to stay between 4-7m in range of the target, too far you loose them to close the might notice you.

    This would get some risk-reward in there which could be benificial for gameplay. Well a way to briefly mask your crazy face would be neat, the face cam would work really well as an indicator how long she can hold it in too.

    • That’s an interesting idea. Hitman: Absolution has an almost identical system. Holding down RB activates “Instinct Mode” – in this mode, Agent 47 is completely inconspicuous (nobody will suspect you of anything or bat an eyelash at you as you walk by). Activating Instinct Mode drains a bar that is refilled by performing mission objectives.

      Instinct Mode also makes the game move at 50% speed, highlights important NPCs, highlights weapons, highlights hiding places, and shows you the patrol path of policemen. This is what I had in mind for “Yandere Vision” – holding down RB highlights important things and allows you to see a “trail” that leads you straight to Senpai.

      I suppose I could make RB activate a “Focus Mode” where Yandere-chan hides any evidence that she is psychotic and appears 100% inconspicuous, but…well, I’ll have to think about it and consider whether or not it imbalances the game. After all, Instinct Mode feels absolutely OP in Hitman: Absolution…

      • I totally forgot Hitman had this, I was more thinking about the asscreed walking in crowds when I wrote this out. Well anyway it’s just a suggestion and yes it would probably make the game pretty easy if implemented the way hitman did it.

        A more limited rendition could work though, making it only useable below a certain yandere meter threshold would reward players for stealthy tactics and on second thought it should not make you complete immune but just less suspicious, which in turn could be used for extra NPC interaction. Stuff like getting closer (from the front) without alerting them overly.
        Or turn everything around and make it a “stalking”- mode which steadily fills the yandere meter until breakdown or the goal (kill, steal senpais juice can, take photos, etc) has been achieved – I guess this could be done to yandere vision so you are not able to cheese the entire game with it.

        Another approach would be to use items to conceal your identiy and/or emotions, things like a baseball cap or male uniform would work pretty well for a high school setting.

        Also how about this? A mode where yandere meter keeps steadily increasing, making it essentially a time attack/arcade mode. Only achieving goals related to senpai decrease the meter, could add pickups that slow down/halt yandere meter increase for a limited time . If you breakdown in front of anyone it’s game over. For shit and giggles use only face cam with doom-like “damage model” to represent sanity/yandere meter.

  8. So, If senpai is willing to accept any confession, why don’t you, the player, just confess before the other girls? It’s not like yanderes are shy, right? There has to be a reason plotwise you can’t confess until a certain moment… and in the meantime you have to kill every girl that tries to steal your man.

    • Yandere-chan doesn’t know that Senpai is willing to accept any confession. And she IS shy – around the boy she loves. She’s so afraid of rejection (and obsessive, and possessive) that she won’t confess to him until she’s certain there is absolutely no competition.

      • On that subject of competition, how many potential “rivals” would we roughly be looking at for the duration of the “campaign”? In previous posts, I’ve heard mention of a regular school girl (probably the tutorial/demo girl), the hawt teacher, a sexy nurse, a kawaii-loli-imouto, various club leaders, and a final boss of sorts in the form of a rival/doppelganger Yandere. I realize that the feature-completeness like actually getting the AI to work in the first place is most important, and obviously so, but I’d like to get an estimate from you on how many “missions” (or their closest equivalent) we as players could possibly expect to play through before Yandere-chan finally gets the guy (or girl). I’m not really asking for estimations on the amount of gameplay, because the Hitman-style nature of the game allows for a decent amount of replayability (many hours), but just a general indication of how the rival-elimination will progress towards a climax would be appreciated.

      • I’d like to give the game enough targets to make it feel comparable to a Hitman game. I’d like to aim for about 10 rival girls.

        1. Generic girl who just has a crush on Senpai (Tutorial girl, not meant to be memorable)
        2. President / member of the cooking club
        3. President / actress of the drama club
        4. Fit, athletic captain of the swim team
        5. Juvenile delinquent who bullies other girls
        6. Busty sultry school nurse
        7. Horny MILF teacher
        8. Senpai’s adorable little sister
        9. The most popular girl in school, a rich athletic beautiful genius Mary Sue
        10. Another Yandere girl who has all of your abilities

        Most of these were chosen because they provide the potential for ironic deaths:

        * Trick the president of the cooking club into preparing poisonous food for herself / someone else, or get her killed in a freakish kitchen “accident”
        * Get the actress killed “accidentally” during a play in front of the whole school
        * Drown the captain of the swim team in a swimming pool
        * Encourage the bully’s victims to gang up on her, and take their revenge by taking her life
        * Replace one of the nurse’s syringes and get her or another student killed
        * Catch the lusty teacher in the middle of a carnal act with a student, snap pictures of it, and either blackmail her or get her fired

        That sort of thing. I’d like every girl to have a “custom” death that only applies to that one specific girl. The captain of the swim team won’t ever go into the kitchen, for example. The generic girl, imouto, and popular girl would have unique deaths, as well. The final boss battle will be a different gameplay experience; instead of being the predator, you will become the prey instead.

        Each girl requires 5 days to build up the courage to confess her love to Senpai. In other words, you have 5 days to scope out the best opportunity to kill her and take her life. You could kill each girl on the first day, meaning that the game takes place over the course of 10 days, or you could take your sweet time and kill each girl on the 5th day, meaning that the game takes 50 days.

        Each girl will probably follow a unique path / stand in unique locations where “run up and stab her” is not an option unless you want a dozen witnesses…but if you WANT to play the game by indiscriminately slaughtering everyone and leaving bloody messes everywhere, I suppose you could speedrun the game in a bloody fashion and just kill all witness and leave the school with all evidence. The game could potentially be beaten in less than an hour if you were playing this way (similarly to how you can completely forgo stealth in Metal Gear Solid or Hitman, and just run-and-gun through every level.)

        …although, if you did just go on killing sprees, the atmosphere of the school would greatly change with each dead body discovered; students would get paranoid about a serial killer on the loose, and would be on-edge at all times. And the school also may start placing security cameras everywhere, if a lot of murders are occurring and the police can’t catch the suspect…

      • Can I add some potential death/murder suggestions?
        *Rumor Mill/Rejected: Getting the target to suicide by decreasing her reputation, everyone in the school hates her and senpai rejected her (due to rep). Would probably be the perfect crime but takes a shit ton of time and rumors/fake evidence/smoke & mirrors to achieve this.
        *Framed: Get one of your schoolmate convicted for one of your earlier crimes.
        A faked suicide note item sounds like a good idea for both of those suggestions as well as the game in general.
        *Field Trip/Test of Courage “accident”: Provoking the delinquent for a test of courage (cliche but hey) would probably work, sneak into some building at night or something giving you a potential no witness crimescene.
        *Occult murders: Kill the targets according to some urban legends/the 7 legends of the school. Makes everyone freak the fuck out and suspect each other.
        *Mystery Gift: Could tie in with the cooking kill. Victim receives poisoned chocolates for valentine/white day. Lure with fake love letter/valentine card from senpai, which needs to be disposed off so senpai doesn’t get suspected.
        *Yakuza/Sold girl: Similar to above but should req. bad reputation to accquire some shade contacts. Need to lure girl into some sort of trap, the yakuza will take care of the rest (selling her to some fat dude overseas). Luring the girl in this case should be hard since you have a bad rep and thus suspicious/untrustworthy.
        *Hit and run: Scare someone and chase them into a busy crossroad. Lot of potential witnesses, maybe use disguise, foreign school uniform to protect against that.
        *Runaway: Victim is never heard of again, needs perfect disposal of corpse and fake calls/fake farewell letter. Could work well on an exchange student type rival.

        Just a few thing from the top of my head, feel free to use them if you like any 🙂

      • Wow…almost all of those are unique ideas that nobody has suggested before! Only “Rumor Mill” and “Frame” have been discussed before. I’ll give some feedback on the rest…

        The “Test of Courage” suggestion is a really nice idea. It’s a believable way for someone to get killed (they couldn’t turn down a dangerous dare). I’ll have to consider how Yandere-chan might lure the girl out there. I might have to implement a “spread rumor” option. Spread the rumor that Target-chan is cowardly, then spread a rumor about visiting a specific warehouse is the best test of courage. Target-chan will respond by publicly announcing her intention to visit the scary warehouse. Or, maybe, become close friends with Target-chan and then dare her to visit the warehouse; she couldn’t refuse a dare from her own best friend. This would make the act extra devious, because you had to befriend the girl first before killing her…and, of course, there are probably other ways to trick a girl into entering into some kind of dangerous test of courage. Maybe “Walk along this plank of wood between two rooftops” and then sabotage the plank of wood. There are tons of possibilities with this suggestion.

        If it takes place at a warehouse, though, it will require me to get my environment modeller to model a warehouse, though, so I can’t promise it unless my modeller is on-board with the idea…

        I absolutely love the idea of a girl’s murder being pinned on a mysterious occult force. I’d really like for one part of the school to be “haunted”; the students believe that a ghost occupies that particular room, and refuse to go near it. Killing a girl in that room would cause students to pin the blame on a malicious ghost rather than suspect another student. It wouldn’t stop a police investigation, but it would be a very fun way to kill someone. Maybe this could be combined with the above suggestion – the “test of courage” dare is how you trick a girl into entering this unoccupied room where there won’t be any witnesses.

        (And if Yandere-chan takes out her camera and takes a photo while inside the room, she will see a spooky ghost girl in the photo, confirming that the room actually was haunted all along!)

        Giving someone poison isn’t a particularly groundbreaking suggestion, but I hadn’t considered working it into White Day somehow. I’d like to avoid making the game follow a specific calendar, though, since the game can last either 10 or 50 days depending on how the player is playing.

        A lot of people on 4chan have expressed enthusiasm for the idea of orchestrating a scenario that turns a girl into a sex slave, but nobody has suggested involving the Yakuza. I wonder exactly what chain of events would lead Yandere-chan to meet a human trafficker and co-operate with him. Maybe there’s a girl at school who won’t converse with you unless your reputation is almost at rock bottom, and this girl can hook you up…

        A hit-and-run might not be possible, since I plan for the game to take place entirely in a school (currently). I’d have to speak with my environment modeller to find out if they are okay with the idea of modelling an area with cars. And then modelling cars, too…and then there would have to be a way to move Yandere-chan to that area…hmm, it could get complicated…

        I’d like there to be a non-lethal way to take care of every girl. Senpai’s little sister is a special case, because of her close proximity to Senpai. To get her out of Senpai’s life permanently, despite being a sibling who lives in the same house as him, I’ve considered the possibility of manipulating her until she runs away from home. However, I hadn’t considered the possibility of killing the other girls and then just making it look like she ran away.

        These are really great suggestions! If you have any more, feel free to voice them!

      • Yes, the Dare suggestion and occult tie in pretty nicely that’s what I also was thinking. If you use a haunted part of the school you could always get away with using the school map at night with a few added bells and whistles to make it more spooky/athmospheric other than that “the forbidden class room” (where some tragic event/fire took place) or “old school building” would always work.

        This isn’t really related but I was thinking a blend of the whiteday game (http://www.unnamedstudios.net/p/whiteday.html one of the best athomospheric highschool horror games if you ask me) plus a crazed yandere stalking around sounds awesome.

        About the hit & run thing, this also ties in with the occult thingy. After I posted I immediately realized it would be a lot of extra work for a traffic accident but the core mechanic I had in mind is this: Prepare trap in dangerous area (some object to make them trip down the stairs, “weaken” the fence/railing on the roof), (Optional: Dress up to make you scarier, could also use paint item with the blood mechanic to fake blood) then scare the shit out of your victim (this obviously works best if the target is alone at the school and can’t escape – that’s why it ties in nicely with the warehouse/school at night), chase into trap, get rid of evidence that could point to a murder (trip rope, tools used etc.)
        You could also make one girl be weak of heart or an occult nut – repeatedly scaring this victim in the context of occult things would make them have a heart attack or jump from the roof.

        Regarding the yakuza suggestions, that’s pretty much what I had in mind get bad rap to facilitate a hookup with shady contacts. Could also use the russian mob and organ trafficking instead of trafficking the victim. It would probably be best to tie this in with the nurse syringe to drug the victim.

        I also think you should avoid a specific calender, to make the game dynamic you could implement pseudo random events. If you tie in the mystery gift with cooking it could be neat to this: x days after the cooking girl becomes the target it will be whiteday. X should be some timeframe, this would allow to use the mystery gift to be used on some target after you got the cooking or even at the cooking club girl itself if you happen to get a small number for X.
        Other things that would work neatly as “randomized event”: field trip (would require extra work, tie in with MILF teacher?), school festival/ play of the theater club (tie in with actress target), physical checkup (tie in with nurse), sport/club competition (tie in with any athletic club, swimming and archery club come to mind).
        Also these events would potentionally offer different chances for a kill.
        What I’m trying to say is you could implement only the preparation period before an event and skip the actual (minor) events, just skip the day with a messagebox summary or something. The preparation period is used by victims to stay late at school to practice, rehearse, fill paperwork for the upcoming event. Befriend and pretend to help, then stay late with the target for a clean crimescene.

        Some non lethal ways:
        *Transfered out: Pretty much the same as rumor mill but make tha target transfer to a different school instead of suicide.
        *Held back: Encourage the victim to skip classes and learning making her fail tests leading her to fail classes and be held back a grade (the worries make her forget about senpai). Could also tie in with teacher blackmailing.
        *Expelled: Similiar to above but involves some violence. Encourage bully, get teacher/many other students to catch her in the act of bullying. Would tie in well with delinquent I think, this could also make her get back at you in some way if she ever finds out.
        *Bad role model: Drug up a student, let her get found. After doing this a few times she will be suspected as a drug addict. Place some fake evidence (pregnancy tests, syringes, condoms, alcohol, stolen tests etc.) Gets either sent off to some catholic girls only school/hospital or just grounded for life.
        *Loss of heart: Befriend target, encourage to confess after some event that is significant for them (swim competition for swim girl, play for actress etc.) Then sabotage the event to make it go horribly wrong embarassing her in front of the whole school.
        *Imouto (dis)approved­™: (Rep based?) Make her like you enough so that she approves or make her dislike her brother that she ignores him – or both?

        Other things that come to mind, but I have no idea if/how they could be implemented: Parents of victim divorces, Business of parents is ruined/move to a different town for job, Exchange student suddenly leaves the country because of xy,

        Well this is getting rather long, I’ll probably post some new suggestions later. I’ll try to think more about non lethal ways that relate closer to your proposed rivals – maybe I can come up with something that helps you.

      • Once again, those are a lot of great suggestions. Some of them I had considered before, and some are completely new to me. If you come up with any more ideas, I’d love to hear them.

      • I don’t know why but I forgot it two times now. If it hasn’t already mentionend.
        *Lab accident: Sabotage something in the chemistry room to cause a fire or explosion, mess with the doors so victim can’t escape if you want to do it fancy also require to manipulate fire sprinkler (turn some valve on pipes to turn water off or use screw driver on the sprinklers in the chemistry room)
        Could also use some gas to make the victim pass out and die due to lack of oxygen.

      • Okay here comes another round of suggestions, also running low on corny names.
        Cooking club girl
        *In bad taste (non lethal): The cooking club’s most dangerous dish to date. Collect and mix the most disgusting things you can find plus a dash of drugs from the infirmary (vomitive/laxative?) into the curry that is served to your whole class. Could also make her test eat the curry, getting her food poisoned removing her for the remainder of the game.
        *Well done: The gas oven is not working as expected.

        Drama club
        *Rivals on stage (non lethal): Challenge the actress rival to a fair (not really) fight. The girl who get’s the lead role gets the dibs on senpai. Manipulate things to make her get kicked from the play. Needs to be somehow adapted to fit more with the secretive theme of YC’s love.

        Captain of the swim team
        Besides the drowning she could also slip from a jumping tower thingy, or there could be an accident with an automated pool cover system that traps her underwater. Could also dare to jump from xy.
        *Pinup girl (non lethal): Just get a ton of photos of her in swim wear, under the shower etc. (could also make her swim nude at very late hours occasionally) then distribute them (drop them here and there where other students will pick em up) around school. Rumors about her beeing a slut will start and she will not confess to senpai or other dudes will permanently hit on her shying away senpai.

        Juvenile delinquent
        The bully revenge, getting her expelled and the dare that have been already suggested are all a good for her. Could also make her loose a fight in front of senpai as another non lethal method to shatter her ambitions (senpai wouldn’t care but delinquent is mortified about her loss and will not confess in this state)

        Busty sultry school nurse/MILF Teacher
        *Office theft (non lethal): Office supplies and/or drugs from the infirmary keep disappearing. Plant incriminating evidence in their bags/car (parking lot modeling?) This ultimately leads to them getting fired.
        *Newly wed (non lethal): Sabotage condoms/replace pill of MILF teacher doing illicit things with students, getting her pregnant and leading to her resignation. Not really realistic considering the timeframe of the game but hey.
        *Bad teacher (non lethal): Get them to either fail at their duty completely or somehow get them to use violence on student and have this witnessed. If MILF comes after actress you could do something like this: ask teach to rehearse something for a play with you, the script involves you beeing beaten – orchastrate everything that she ends up in a mistaken position and lie that she was beating/threatning/bullying you.
        *Not so fast: Adult victims present the chance to mess with their motorized vehicles (scooter, car) at parking lot. Cut wire breaks or something. As this seems too easy there should either be a some process involving to encourage victim to get a license/car/scooter over a few days or they should normally walk/ride a bike to work and you have to lead them to use a car somehow.

        Mary sue
        *Bad influence (non lethal): Basically get their rich parents to despise the schoon enviroment and enter her into a different school. Having a bad reputation and still beeing her “friend” should help with this.
        Also perfect candidate for the suicide scenario if you make her lose everything.

        Yandere girl (if she is the main boss)
        *The perfect crime (non lethal): Knock her out and frame her for all the crimes/misdeeds you have performed. This would be something like a “true end” and would require you to take some incriminating evidence of every victim home with you to plant it on her later. Could also use the camera feature and make this secret, take a photo of each passed out/dead victim then knock her unconscious, move her to a special locations and plant those pictures alongside.

        If you want to do an otaku or occult nut rival (could apply those to the seemingly generic tutorial girl for 2nd playthrough) you could do some ridiculous stuff.
        *The chosen (non lethal): Befriend her and encourage her delusions. Make her believe she is the chosen wife of space jesus or something, making her save herself for the galactic overlord. This should involve some silly things like faking alien communications through walkie talkies, fabricating fake UFO photos (camera feature!) and such things.

      • I like the sound of Pinup Girl. Giving the school a bad reputation in order to make Mary Sue’s parents transfer her is very clever. Pinning the blame on the other Yandere girl is a very cool idea; I’ll have to spend some time thinking about how to implement this. And that occult girl idea is hilarious. I might switch “Delinquent” with “Occultist” or even “Otaku” since female otaku characters are very popular.

        Perhaps one lethal way to get rid of Otaku-chan would be to make her fall in love with a fictional character. She won’t choose Senpai over her husbando.

      • I was kind of hoping for a rival guy to mix things up. Maybe a Big McLargehuge football player?

      • A rival guy isn’t completely out of the question, but I feel like this game is aimed squarely at the audience who loves “qt 3.14 animu grills” and that a male target just wouldn’t be appreciated.

        If I was swimming in money and character models and animators, I’d definitely throw in a rival guy – either a gay dude who is in love with Senpai or a jock who is bullying Senpai and causing him to consider transferring schools. But at this stage, I’m just planning on female targets.

  9. On the previous note of the complications you’d face with the student AI, I compiled a basic list (not really exhaustive of everything you might or have put in) of what I believe would be logical, reasonable, or sensible actions *and* reactions by witnesses to Yandere-chan’s behavior and actions… please note that this list assumes the “cell-phones allowed” school and that any *or* all student AI actions and reactions *may* (at your discretion as Dev, of course) become randomized, may experience changes in their percentage values, or become otherwise complicated by the variables of YC’s (yandere-chan’s) “Rep” (reputation) and the level of her “YM” (yandere meter):

    *If witnesses find bloody footprints, trails, or pools*: They will be alerted and investigate further, and will either tell a teacher *then* call the police if a body *is* found, or call police *first* then tell a teacher. If a body *isn’t* found near the blood, students would never think to immediately call the police but would instead tell a teacher, who then would call the police as a precaution.

    *If YC is seen with bloody clothing on/covered in blood*: Witnesses will tell teacher, and then call police.

    *If YC is seen committing murder*: Provokes an immediate call to police from witness… *unless* YC closes a physical gap between herself and the witness, prompting said witness to flee for their own life and (possibly?) cancel their call, while making an effort to run to the nearest teacher or “safe” area. On the way to the said teacher or safe area, they would quickly “alert” all other students or faculty they happened to pass by in their desperate attempt to escape you and ultimately call the police.

    *If others hear YC laughing*: More innocent/lighter laughs would simply attract attention/interest of nearby AI (whether intended or not), while scarier and more intense laughs would realistically instill fear and a state of alertness in witnesses, who will most likely tell a teacher as a consequence.

    *If YC is seen committing other crimes or is being a nasty “Mean Girls”-like bitch*: Consequences could range from simple Rep drop to telling a teacher. These reactions in particular, like you mentioned before, would be most heavily subjected to YC’s Rep and YM at the time of committing crimes, etc.

    *If YC is seen with a weapon*: Some weapons may draw little to no attention, or may seem normal to carry around given the circumstances. Depending on said circumstances, consequences may range from zero reaction to Rep loss to telling a teacher. Bloodied weapons in particular would hold the most severe of consequences, up to calling the police (i.e. Being an alleged member of the Cooking Club might make walking around with a knife okay, but if the knife is bloodied your Club status obviously won’t count for jack.) On the subject of concealed weapons, they would be harder to notice but similarly more suspicious (harder to excuse) and might provoke a stronger reaction from people that are observant enough to spot them.

    Again, this list is in no way exhaustive, actions and reactions will change with Rep and YM status, and may or may not be more convenient to program into the AI’s behavioral patterns than whatever things you may have in mind thus far. This list of mine still isn’t a good substitute for a good old-fashioned flowchart that you talked about having to make, but I just wanted to give whatever feedback might help.

    • To be perfectly honest, I was actually hoping that it would be possible for me to design a game that doesn’t feature teachers…to keep the scope of the game realistic and manageable, I was hoping to give the game as few “categories” of NPCs as possible – just students and “targets”. It really worries me to think about how exponentially complex the game becomes with the addition of each new unit (hall monitor, teacher, policeman) since I have to program how they interact with each other, get each one modeled and textured and animated, etc. The core of the game is experiencing what it’s like to be a predator in a school setting, not to replicate a school setting with 100% accuracy, so I may downplay the presence of teachers or their role in the game.

      If it would be acceptable, I’d prefer for the game to take place in one of those unique “you-would-never-see-this-in-real-life-but-it’s-believable-in-anime” schools. Perhaps a school that tries to make its students more independent by sending teachers home and leaving the students in charge of the school after classes have ended. (The only teacher who would remain would be the sultry teacher who has inappropriate relationships with male students, and even then, she only remains at school during the week when she is your “target”.)

      Anyway, with all that aside, I’m sure the design of the game will change as I’m developing it, because I’ll see what works and what doesn’t work as I playtest the game and program in new features. It will even change further once I release a playable demo and get feedback from players.

      But it makes me really happy to know that you’re enthusiastic enough about the game to help me out by writing up a list!

      • I’ve actually been following this game for a good while now, but have mostly just been lurking (how appropriate) on your various updates and got pretty hyped along with many of your other followers as we’ve seen how well this game is coming along. The first I ever heard about this game *wasn’t* from the recent post on the /r/gaming subreddit (http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/29m38b/would_you_play_a_yandere_sim/) that kinda blew up a couple weeks back (major props there), but from a particular YouTube channel that I’m subscribed to that happened to like the few vids you’ve posted of the game, the first one being the one where one rival girl gets judo-flipped and curb-stomped, etc. It’s my pleasure helping out with this game in anyway I can, but if you somehow got into contact with the guy on that channel, I’m pretty sure that would make his day…

        The reason being is that his channel, known affectionately as “YunoInbox” (https://www.youtube.com/user/YunoInbox/featured), is more or less dedicated to, you guessed it, Yuno “The Yandere” Gasai, whose loving face seems to adorn your profile pic as well. As for the vids he has on his channel, he’s done some pretty good (and funny) Abridged/parody series on both Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and the extremely relevant Mirai Nikki of course, so I just had a passing thought that maaaaybe… you could make use of his voice acting skills/talent? I don’t personally know this guy (goes by Zero-Q), and I can’t completely speak for his feelings on an idea like this… but I have a feeling he’d be pretty stoked if he got a chance to lend his VA to any character (doesn’t have to be Senpai-kun) on the game that got both him and me excited and interested in the first place. I know you said that VA’s, extra assets, and other fluff might never even get into the game, but if they do, he would definitely be someone I would want to talk to, were I in your shoes.

      • That’s pretty cool! I saw his video about Yandere Clicker, I was very flattered to know that somebody liked it enough to make a video about it (in fact, multiple people made Let’s Plays of it! I think that’s so cool!) I’ll check out his videos. If I like the sound of his voice, I’ll consider contacting him and asking him to contribute to the game! (Once the game reaches a state at which I’d be comfortable adding voices, that is.)

  10. By the way, I’m glad you brought up the subject of a playable demo, as I (and probably many others) have some questions about when and in what condition you would consider putting out said demo:

    1. From what you’ve said you’re planning on working on in the near future, I’m curious as to which (or all) of the following features/additions you would want to complete before putting out a potential “demo” of sorts (or would you need to go further than these?):

    A. The mop/water bucket (Identical/Similar to Viscera Cleanup Detail?)
    B. Concealed/concealable weapons
    C. A basic (but playable) school environment level
    D. AI pathfinding programming
    E. Basic (or more complex?) AI reactions

    2. What stage or term would you say the demo would best represent in the game’s development when the demo is released? As in, would it still be in it’s Alpha stage, somewhere in Beta, “Early Access”, etc.?

    3. Could virtually anyone just download it and do whatever they want with it, or will it be more structured?

    4. What would you, as Dev, want us as players to try out, test, find, and look for when playing/testing the demo?

    5. A good way to summarize most of the previous questions would be… what would you consider “playable” when it comes to a future demo?

    • Before I release a playable demo, I would want it to have A, B, C, D, and E as listed above, and also some other “low hanging fruit” that would be easy to implement, such as the ability to steal cell phones, and some “high hanging fruit” like the ability to chop up an NPC’s body into individual parts.

      The demo would be one 5-day sequence where the player can experience the “school sim” aspects of the game and also have a target to dispose of, lethally or non-lethally, with violence or with social sabotage, messily or cleanly. That’s the core of the game. It would basically be one playable “chapter” of the game, out of 10 “chapters”.

      I think the word “V-Slice” might define the playable demo best; if you imagine the game as a cake, the demo is a slice of that cake, meant to represent that one part of the game, although absolutely nothing exists outside of that slice. This would be considered pre-alpha.

      The nature of it will be sandboxy; start over any time you want, dispose of the girl any way you want, completely ignore the girl and dick around with the students if you want.

      I wouldn’t attempt to make it moddable or give away the source code (yet).

      I predict that players will find a million bugs / exploits, but what I would most be interested in hearing is feedback on what is not fun, and how to make the game more fun.

      • Thanks again for answering the demo questions, I would probably guess that’s one of the more important things on people’s minds concerning this game, seeing how playing it is what we ultimately want to do anyway.

        I guess I’ve asked pretty much all I can think of regarding the current and future state of the game, you’re making good progress as always, have solid plans for future updates, are still very good at answering questions and considering suggestions, overall success so far.

        But if I had to ask something else, having not personally seen a bio on this blog nor much details about an origin story… what inspired you to make this game in the first place? Was it as simple as watching Mirai Nikki a while back, witnessing Yuno (hands down the most (in)famous Yandere girl) in all her glory, and wanting to use your experience and skill in the video game industry to try to replicate that kind of experience… or are there other nuances or interests at play here that aren’t readily apparent? What do you like most about Yandere characters in general, or what distinguished them from the other tropes or archetypes you usually find in anime and manga? And finally, what would you say is the biggest message you want to send with this game when it’s all said and done, when you’ve finally completed that which I’ve seen approvingly called “God’s work”?

      • This answer might sound super anti-climatic, but I didn’t start working on this game because of a deep love for Yandere characters. I did watch Mirai Nikki and enjoyed it mostly because of how entertaining Yuno was, but I almost forgot she existed while I was thinking up this game.

        I saw this character model ( http://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/12495 ) and asked a friend of mine, “What kind of game would you make with that character model?” and he replied, “A game about being a delinquent schoolgirl.” I thought to myself, “Why stop at just being a delinquent? Why not go all the way and be a serial killer? The character could be a yandere girl who is killing for her loved one!”

        On March 31st, I made a thread on 4chan and asked people to describe what a game about being a Yandere girl would be like. The thread was huge – 500 replies. Being a game dev myself, I said, “I’d love to make this game.”

        Somebody replied, “Yeah, but you won’t.”

        That made me really angry. So I started working on it right away. By April 1st I had a ton of screenshots ready to share, but that’s April Fools’ Day, so I decided to wait until April 2nd to show off the screenshots.

        Prior to working on Yandere Sim, I was working on a different indie game. I posted about it on 4chan, but they thought it was an absolutely stupid idea and ridiculed it mercilessly. The reaction to Yandere Sim was the complete opposite. It’s incredibly rewarding to create something and then get positive feedback from a community, so I decided to keep working on Yandere Sim.

        I’m putting my original game project on hold until Yandere Sim is done. Hopefully when I finally return to working on my other game, people will be willing to give it a try, since it’ll be from “The Maker of Yandere Sim”. For that to happen, I will have to make Yandere Sim an extremely good game, so I’m going to do my best to make sure that this game is the best game it can be.

        I’m not really trying to send a message with Yandere Sim; it’s just meant to be a fun experience.

        (The other game idea actually does have a message, about vigilantism / criminal justice / corruption in law enforcement / how to make the world a better place / what demographics of people deserve to die. It’s…sort of my manifesto. A game from my heart, containing my message to the world, rather than just a mindless schoolgirl-killing simulator.)

  11. Although I don’t know the details of your previous game, I’d say your description makes it sound like you could call it a “Death Note Sim”. XD

  12. Tip: If the media came knocking at your door, just say “It’s a forbidden love story between a student and a rather eccentric girlfriend” then go on bullshiting about the game for not just a mindless schoolgirl-killing simulator but about how far can you go to reach to your one true love.

    • ^ I like that idea, it’s kinda like Romeo & Juliet when you round out all the romance with murder, death, suicide, etc. When the Dev talked about a possible price of $5, I would be willing to pay even $10 for the game, easy. On the other hand, if he turned to KickStarter or a similar crowd-funding option, I would contribute to that too, and I doubt the extra publicity would really come back to bite him, considering the media has better things to focus on these days (Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Malaysian planes, etc.)

  13. The laugh and Yandere-chan expression are briliant.
    By the way, after you realese the game(know it’s not near future, and you probably aren’t thinking about it now) are you going to update it further, add new rival girls, gamemodes and stuff like that? And what do you think of scaring and threatening other girls in order to delay their confession and buy Yandere more time to plan the murder?
    Anyway game’s look great and i’m really hyped for it.

    • I’ll definitely update the game with bug fixes, but beyond that, updates depend on how popular the game is. If I release the game and absolutely nobody plays it, likes it, or cares about it, then I probably won’t follow up with additional updates. But if there is a lot of interest in the game, then I could continue updating it.

      In the event that I sink serious money into the game, and need to make a profit off of the game, I’ll probably charge some small sum of money for it ( $5 or so ). In the event that it would be costly to update the game, my ability to update the game depends on how much of a profit it made.

      So, IF there is interest in the game, and IF it is financially feasible, here are some of the gameplay modes I’d like to add:

      1. Senpai Mode (play as Senpai, try to avoid being killed by a yandere girl, you don’t know which female student is the yandere.)

      2. Extra targets (perhaps a cute rookie policewoman who is investigating the murders surrounding Senpai. Initially suspects Senpai of being the killer, but eventually falls in love with him. This doesn’t belong in the game, because the player is not required to murder anyone. That’s why this would be optional DLC.)

      3. Free-roam / open-world / sandbox mode (no permanent consequences, just spawn weapons / spawn schoolgirls and experiment with the game engine to see what happens.)

      4. Challenge mode (kill your target using [weapon] at [location] in under 5 minutes. Can you do it?)

      5. Multiplayer (You look like a generic NPC, and so do all the other players, so nobody knows who is a player and who is an NPC. Your objective is to kill the other players by pretending to be an NPC until just the right moment, and then striking.)

      I don’t really think that scares / threats are a good idea, because the girl could just report your threats / try to get the police involved / try to find out who is threatening her. There would have to be a limit to how much you could scare / threaten a girl until it wouldn’t affect her anymore, and if that’s the case, it must not be very effective scaring / threatening. If you could simply scare / threaten a girl until she leaves Senpai alone, that would make a “pacifist” run way too easy. So, I don’t really like the idea of scaring / threatening a girl.

      However, blackmail is a more sensible way of scaring away the girl using a threat. Finding out how to blackmail the girl would require stalking her, communicating with Newspaper-chan, performing some miscellaneous “side-quest” type of activity, etc. It would require an appropriate amount of work to provide the benefit of scaring a girl away.

  14. Just wondering, will the victims or witnesses will try to stop/fight back Yandere-chan?
    And how about if Yandere-chan tries to perform a kill not from behind but upfront? (classic walk up on someone while he stabs you in the stomach) Of course the more victim has its fear/wary meter up the smaller the chance of succeeding.
    And if girls will fight back why not make it more risky?
    The more someone is terrified the higher the chance that not only they will fight back but actively try to kill/pursue Yandere-chan or just higher ferocity of such NPC? Also the ruckus that would be made by such NPC on the brink (or past) loosing it might alert others.

    • Yandere-chan will always win a physical confrontation. The amount of noise / blood generated will depend on whether or not the target was alerted before they were attacked. Slitting someone’s throat from behind doesn’t get Yandere-chan bloody, and the victim doesn’t have a chance to scream. But running up to someone with a weapon drawn will alarm them, and cause them to struggle and scream as they are killed. Yandere-chan will get bloody, and nearby NPCs may be alerted. The kill animation will also be more time consuming.

      Right now, my plan is that students will always be afraid of Yandere-chan, and will never try to kill her / fight her; they will only try to run from her and report her. If people say this is too boring, I may change it. But it increases the amount of animation that needs to be done, and I currently have no 3D animator, so I’m not going to promise anything which adds a bunch of new animation work.

      • Speaking of the blood and gore factor, one of the “high-hanging” fruits you mentioned was dismemberment, or at least chopping up dead bodies for convenience. Would that also be similar to Viscera Cleanup Detail where you could pick up individual body parts, burn them, splatter blood on objects you hit with them, etc? I personally would like the inclusion of something like that, plus the inherent dark comedy (or horror) elements that could bring with it, like animations (tough, I know) of Yandere-chan giving herself a high-five with a dead Student’s arm after a successful kill, petting the adorable head of Senpai-kun’s decapitated Little Sister, or maybe using the Theater Club Girl’s arms to clap for an “encore”… these could also be tied to achievements (if you felt like adding those) titled “High-Five!”, “Kawaii!”, and “Encore!”, for example. Of course, everything I just suggested is fluff, but I felt like most of my posts thus far have been more on the constructive and clarification side, rather than pure suggestions or what I would like in the game, so I felt like mixing things up a bit.

        On that note, here’s some ideas for what I *hope* would be considered “low-hanging fruit” by you as Dev, though I honestly wouldn’t know how much actual time and work would go into making them a reality:

        1. Achievements: You mentioned “panty-based” achievements a while back, these could be an extension of those, like the unique body part animations I mentioned previously plus more relevant ones pertaining to specific kills (“Water Hazard” for Pool drowning, “Curtain Call” for stage accident, “Well Done” for baking the cooking girl alive, etc). While the panty-based ones might give “fan-service” of sorts, another type of fan-servicey ones might have references to other video games or anime, such as “A Yandere Chooses” for killing someone with a golf club (Bioshock), “School Days” for… basically anything (School Days), “Justice!” for making someone have a heart attack (Death Note), “Attack On Teacher” for slicing the MILF teacher’s neck (Attack on Titan), “47th Heaven” for strangling someone with piano wire (Hitman), “Crying Cicadas” for killing someone with a baseball bat (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni), “Solid Serpent” for hiding someone’s corpse in a box (Metal Gear Solid), “The Suture Diary” for taking out the nurse with her own surgical equipment (Mirai Nikki) or “2nd to None” for stalking Senpai-kun in all possible ways (also Mirai Nikki, of course). My rationale for achievements is that it adds to the overall enjoyment of the game and possibly replay value, but they may not be very high on your to-do list, and that’s fine.

        2. An accessible list of playthrough and/or all-time stats for the game that could be found in the game menu with the options and stuff (and might be shown at the end of a level or completed playthrough), this might include things like people killed, targets/rivals killed, weapons used, days passed, pictures taken, times arrested/caught, bodies hidden, friends/enemies made, longest time in 100% Yandere mode, people scared, highest/lowest reputation ever (or current), etc.

        3. Realism Gimmicks/Interactive Environment: These could be as simple as being able to press an action button to switch on/off lights in a classroom (when standing near a light switch), turning on/off water in sinks, flushing toilets, being able to sit down in/on chairs or benches, opening/closing windows, opening/closing doors, drawing shades, etc. I know most of these seem pretty obvious or trivial, or that you might already be planning to add most of these, but they would somewhat enhance the experience, if even a little, in my opinion.

        4. Romance Gimmicks: These might include any and all effects (blushing, giggling, improved rep, decreased/increased yandere meter etc.) derived from actions involving both Yandere-chan and Senpai-kun together, which may include, but are not limited to, being physically close to each other, running into each other in the hallway, having to be in the same class or in adjacent seats, talking to each other, Yandere-chan complementing Senpai-kun or vice-versa, or seeing the previously mentioned actions between Senpai-kun and a rival girl occuring. My reasoning is that romance is obviously a third of the story of this game (other two-thirds being murder and plotting/social engineering), so it should at least get some token effects or gimmicky bones tossed it’s way. Some of the suggestions might go against Yandere-chan’s shyness and personality, so it’s your call on that.

        5. The “Hub” or “Home Base” (Yandere-chan’s house): This would probably be the hardest thing to do of the things I’ve mentioned, because it would include modeling a new location, objects, animations, etc., but would be something I *think* you’ve mentioned or considered in the past, besides it being (potentially) a core location of the game. I noticed that you had a picture of a corkboard that Yandere-chan would post pictures of Senpai and rivals on, which is kinda the angle I’m going with. At Yandere-chan’s house she could keep things like pictures, notes, a phone book to call News-chan/Senpai/rivals, a glossary of various game items/people/potential murder opportunities, disembodied heads (classic serial killer) *or* “trophies” of people she has killed or triumphed over in previous missions like the generic school girl’s scarf, the cooking girl’s knife, the drama girl’s mask, the swim girl’s towel, the delinquent’s switchblade, the nurse’s needle or bonesaw, the teacher’s key’s to the school, Senpai’s sister’s creepy talking doll, Mary Sue’s hairclip/ornamental object, and Rival-Yandere’s cursed/magical katana. These items *could* even potentially be used on upcoming missions when acquired, with their effects being a readily available silent kill/knockout option from behind (scarf), having a knife from the get-go (knife), being less suspicious/recognizable or have less rep-drop (mask), easy/instant blood clean-up (towel), readily available concealable weapon (switchblade), easy knockout option (needle) or easy dismemberment tool (bonesaw), easier way to get around school interior or grounds (key), a distraction option (talking doll), start out with bonus rep/easier yandere meter (hairclip), and the cursed/magical katana could be a potentially end-game item that could instantly and silently kill and/or dismember anyone while also preventing any blood from spilling or spraying and also silencing the victim’s screams and struggles… but at the cost of Yandere-chan’s soul! (like she’s automatically set to 100% Yandere mode and lowest rep while she wields it or something). These weapons could be mutually exclusive and/or single-use only when you bring (probably a maximum of one) out on a mission or school day, and they may or may not respawn (your call) for later use after you come home from school to be used again. Good precedents for a “hub” include games like Dishonored, Age of Empires III, and Payday 2, where you can chill, talk to people, tweak your loadouts, do character customization, and just overall prepare for the next mission at hand, that’s what I have in mind.

        Anyway, that’s pretty much all the creative juices I’ve been holding in at the moment, feel free to consider them or shrug them off if they aren’t worthy of consideration. Keep up the good work, as always! 🙂

      • The idea with individual body parts isn’t to comically toss them everywhere like in Viscera Cleanup Detail, but to conceal them and carry them elsewhere for easier disposal. It would be absolutely hilarious to see Yandere-chan high-fiving herself using the dismembered hand of a defeated rival girl, but I don’t know what button on the controller/keyboard would activate such an action. Would there be a dedicated “perform comical action” button, or sequence of inputs that would result in such an animation being played?

        I absolutely love Achievements; I wouldn’t dream of releasing a game without them. I really like your Achievement names, by the way. It takes a trivial amount of effort to program the game to acknowledge that an action has taken place, or log the number of times that an action has been done, so Achievements and “all-time stats” are definitely easy to implement.

        Realism gimmicks are cute, but not super high on the priority list, unless they can serve some kind of gameplay-related function. I might not add the ability to flush toilets, unless it’s possible to mask the sound of a girl screaming by flushing the toilet before attacking her. Then it would be practical, and worthwhile to add the feature. Turning off lights to hide in shadows is another feature that makes sense.

        If I don’t do anything to prevent it, then the player will be able to run right up to Senpai and stab him, which would be rather counter-productive. The player would also have the option to just walk up and talk to Senpai, which would contradict the “shy girl who can’t build up the courage to confess her feelings until all the competition is gone” aspect of the game. It would be lame to just disable the “talk” or “attack” buttons near Senpai; that’s not very creative or interesting. So here’s my plan…

        When Yandere-chan approaches Senpai-kun, her behavior changes. The camera starts to wobble. The screen turns a little pink. The controls become a little wonky. Yandere-chan stops being able to walk in a straight line. She lowers her head and tries to hide her face from Senpai. If the player tries to guide Yandere towards Senpai, she will subtly change direction and move away from him. There won’t be any actual interaction between the two of them until the very last scene of the game.

        I do plan to make Yandere-chan’s house a playable area, although I haven’t though of very many things she could do there. So far, the list is:

        1. Arrange photographs that the player has taken on a corkboard.
        2. Examine a “shrine” to Senpai, built out of objects that Yandere-chan has stolen from Senpai (his boxers, his toothbrush, some gum he chewed, a band-aid he peeled off, a cotton swab he used, etc).
        3. Change Yandere-chan’s panties (grants you a buff)

        Very many people have suggested the idea of collecting “trophies” from each defeated victim. Each one of those item ideas sounds really cool, but each one could potentially add a heap of work to be done. It’s something that I’ll consider once all the other things are implemented.

  15. ^ Another short note on the “Realism Gimmicks/Interactive Environment” suggestion (since it won’t let me edit my post): The “easy” part of working on that stuff would be the animations, lights, and sounds for doors, windows, bathroom fixtures, lights, etc. and the actions you do with them… the “harder” part (in my somewhat uneducated opinion) would be the actual effects of doing those actions, like switching off lights makes you harder to see or makes it easier to do stealth-related actions in that area, closing a door or window would muffle the sound (a la screams) coming from inside the room, or making noises with a sink or toilet in a bathroom would possibly (unlikely, but still) attract attention, though hiding yourself (or a body) in a bathroom stall which you could actually close and/or lock would have more practical applications… besides taking a dump or trying to flush some limbs down the shitter, of course. XD

  16. Since I was still into it, and because you said you really liked achievements, I came up with a list of some decent/clever potential ones you could add in verbatim if you wanted:

    Slice of Life: “Sharply discuss things like chocolate coronets with your fellow students 10 times in one playthrough.” (sharp object kills)

    Spoilers: “Everyone dies.” (kill all rivals on the very first of their five days in a single playthrough) (ie 10 day challenge)

    Best Girl: “Those harem things rarely work out anyway, prove it by ending every rivals chances on the final day of their confessions in one playthrough.” (ie 50 day challenge)

    Moe ’em Down: “Looks can be deceiving.” (If you add customization, this could be for dressing up really cute)

    Hentai Surprise: “Not the best day for tentacles.” (Use “evidence” of Senpai’s supposed perviness to scare off a rival)

    Mechanical Inclinations: “Pierce the heavens with your new toy!” (if you add a drill weapon)

    Serial Experiments Pain: “Use the power of the WWW to your advantage.” (maybe spread rumors on a school computer?)

    Hannibal REKT Her: “Serve up Cook-chan with some delicious fava beans and a sweet chianti.” (ie cannibalism)

    Gone With the Bin: “Take out the trash.” (hide body in trash bin)

    Stop the Presses: “Write an obituary.” (if you decide to turn on News-chan later on)

    This is Madness: “Erase the fine line between genius and insanity by spending at least half of an entire playthrough at 100% Yandere Meter.”

    Out Like a Light: “Share darkness’s embrace with 10 friends.” (kills in dark areas)

    Shit Outta Luck: “Wash away a rival’s hopes of companionship.” (bathroom kill)

    Jill of All Trades: “Diversify your weapon portfolio by getting a kill with every weapon in the game.”

    I Would Like to Play a Game: “Show your fun-loving side.” (maybe trap a rival in a Saw-like situation?)

    Falling Apart: “Get the gist of anatomy by dismembering 10 fortunate organ donors.”

    Drama Queen: “I hold the world but as the world, Drama-chan; A stage where every yandere must play her part, And mine a jealous one.” (classy way to award you for outplaying Drama-chan in some way)

    Kawaii Kombat: “Express your disdain for all things adorable by doing a worthy fatality on Senpai’s sister!” (ie head rip)

    Red Tide: “The waters shall run red…” (get Swim-chan’s blood in the pool)

    Dead Red Redemption: “Clean up after yourself 10 times.” (blood and bodies)

    Tsundere is Dead Dere: “Prove who’s the better trope.” (kill Delinquent-chan)

    Red On Arrival: “Someone’s been playing too many surgeon simulations…” (after killing Nurse-chan, get her blood and body parts all over the nurses office)

    Schooled: “Teach Sensei-san a lesson or two.” (basically argue with her about school policy that would get her fired, make her back down)

    Loli-Con Camp-Spawn: “Continue your killing spree with the help of your new co-op buddy.” (I’m almost envisioning Senpai’s little sister as someone who likes to play video games on the side, so if she invited you to her house for some bonding or something… you could strangle her with controller cords, etc.)

    So Fetch!: “Become a mean girl and take down the queen bee a peg or two.” (beat Mary Sue by ruining her Rep somehow)

    DEAD END, Girlfriend: “Give your alter ego a helpful, and accurate, heads up.” (maybe for texting the final yandere boss the details of how you’re going to kill her beforehand, like “I’ll chop off your head later today, see you then.”, and then following through with that threat)

    I did some more thinking, and if I were to guess, I would say roughly 75% of the people who would buy/play this game already have a general or specific idea of what “yandere” is in mind, and have possibly seen notable examples of them before, specifically Yuno in Mirai Nikki (basically, for better or worse, the poster child of yandere). In that case, it wouldn’t hurt, in my opinion, to pay a bit of homage to Mirai Nikki and yandere culture in general with some themed/reference achievements, all of which (except for 0 and 13) correspond in some clever way to the 12 diary holders in the anime (plus some other various media references/sayings). I had a lot of fun with these ones:

    Zero Tolerance: “Take out all the people between you and your one true love.” (beat the game by personally killing all rivals)

    First is the Worst: “You’re the only “protection” he’ll ever need…” (this might be appropriate for “achieving” one of the worst endings the game has to offer, like something involving the rape/torture/murder of Senpai… so yeah.)

    Second is the Best: “Sport the do of Yuno who…” (equip Yuno’s iconic pink and quad-braided hair via customization)

    Menage a Trois: “Murder 3 rivals in one playthrough with a knife/machete.”

    Four Corners of the Earth: “Go all out in escaping the cops.” (mixture of cleaning up blood, bodies, weapons and never ultimately getting caught)

    Five Stages of Grief: “Scar Senpai’s sister for life.” (tell her that her parents and/or Senpai don’t love her or actually despise her existence)

    Sixth Sense: “End Sensei-san’s short-sighted cult of personality” (steal the teachers glasses for an easier kill)

    Lucky Sevens: “There’s plenty of fish in the sea.” (find a rival a different boyfriend)

    Gr8 D8 M8: “Become besties with Senpai’s lonely sister.” (a way to earn her trust/approval or to dissuade her by telling her about your potential relationship)

    Dressed to the Nines: “Sport an explosive fashion piece… because it looks badass, that’s why!” (wearing an eyepatch in character customization?)

    10/10 Would Not Pet-Sit Again: “All dogs go to hell.” (perhaps you could volunteer to take care of Delinquent-chan’s dog, the only thing she openly expresses love for, and then kill it?)

    These Go to Eleven: “Tap 11 students phones out of commission in one playthrough.”

    Twelve Angry Women: “Unite a team of schoolgirls… for justice!” (get girls to gang up on Delinquent-chan)

    The Thirteenth Friday: “Get all the numerical-related achievements, win the survival game, and basically become God.”

    • Wow, I really like the names you’ve come up with. It’s easy to think up Achievements like “Girl 10 girls with a knife” but those Achievement names are really creative. I’ll definitely remember to return to this thread when I’m implementing the game’s Achievements…

      • Thanks, it’s good to know my reputation as a punny guy hasn’t gone unappreciated. 🙂

        On another note, I’ve heard mention of your intentions to primarily develop Yandere Sim for the PC, that you would probably price it between the $5 – $10 range if necessary, and that you are also considering extra modes to the game like Senpai Mode, Extra targets, sandbox mode, Challenge mode, multiplayer, etc.

        Since I’m mostly back in the clarification/constructive mode today, I have some questions concerning those things among others:

        1. Platform Options: This question isn’t so much for me as it is for others who have something besides a PC, but what other platforms for the game would you consider if that was feasible? This probably has been asked before by others but I’m to lazy to look for their questions soooo… 😛

        2. Price and Delivery: Would you be considering sites along the likes of Steam and/or it’s Early Access and Greenlight programs, Desura, etc., or would you go with something more basic to distribute/sell your game? Would the price and other extenuating issues change your choice of delivery system?

        3. Prior Experience: This is more of a personal question, but I remember reading back that you’ve worked on something to the tune of 8 games already (not including your own), and several years in the industry to boot of course. Would you mind briefly sharing what those games were or what group of devs you’ve worked with in the past, just out of curiosity? If you don’t feel the need to elaborate much that’s fine, I’m just wondering if I’ll recognize the titles or groups/people you’ve worked with in the industry (like being the right-hand man to Gabe Newell/John Carmack or something lol).

        4. Multiplayer and Extra Modes: I like your ideas in general about other modes, if I were to expand upon the “Challenge mode”, I would make it similar to Dishonored (Dunwall Trials DLC) in that players compete to get the highest scores and/or best times on various missions either pre-existing or new which are posted to online leaderboards or something. Other than that, the next thing I’m about to suggest would almost definitely be a significant undertaking (assuming the game is fairly popular and/or sells well enough), but here goes…

        If you’ve ever played F.3.A.R (F.E.A.R. 3), you would know that the campaign is both co-op and competitive in nature, with one player playing as the Pointman (can slow time and shoot guns) and the other playing as his brother Paxton Fettel (can use offensive psychic powers). The two have different playstyles, but have similar goals, and based on how they work together or against each other, their scores are affected and the actual alternate ending they get at the end concerning their mutual mother named Alma (who, fun fact, is pretty yandere in her own right) changes depending on who did “better”. If you were to implement a similar co-op/competitive system as a kind of add-on or expansion to the vanilla campaign, this could open up some interesting interactions between players.

        I’ll explain further. What I’m suggesting is that one player could play as good ole Yandere-chan (the Pointman) while another one plays as Senpai-kun (Paxton Fettel) himself! (the other possible variant is having both players be seperate Yandere-chan’s competing at the same time for the same Senpai-kun, but that isn’t quite as revolutionary in my opinion). This mode would basically take “multiplayer” and “senpai mode”, combine them, and flip them on their head a bit.

        If you and I were both to play together through the campaign with you as Yandere-chan and me as Senpai-kun, the results of how well we get through the campaign and what kind of ending we get would be dependent on my actions as Senpai-kun in *support* of you OR *against* you, and of how you pursue my love based on the severity of your actions (killing vs. social options, etc). For example, my actions as Senpai could be detrimental to your progress (choosing to take occasional tutoring sessions from the MILF teacher which would delay your killing her) or helpful to you (like asking the MILF teacher to meet me in a room where *you* as Yandere-chan are waiting for her).

        Honestly though… after getting through all this, I kinda realized I went into theorycrafting-mode a little too hard there (I apologize) and that whole “Senpai+Yandere” co-op mode seems pretty damn convoluted and hard to explain in a way that would make it easier for you to implement it, so I’ll just stop here on that, instead of deleting everything I’ve already typed. It has decent potential, and still provokes thought on the game, but don’t take it too seriously unless you *really* like that idea.

        Going back to the double-Yandere-chan co-op version however… I now think that’s much more feasible (if not quite revolutionary) and easier to do, and may actually be a better incarnation of the Pointman-Paxton relationship than my previous idea. In this case, one player could play as the classic Yandere-chan, while the other could play as a completely new Yandere-chan character (or the doppelganger) with either a very different skillset (like F.3.A.R.) or just the same skills and abilities for the run-of-the-mill isometric co-op gameplay (your call). The two Yandere-chans can work together or against each other in helping set up successful assassinations together or stealing the kill before the other can finish the job, but the very nature of their yandere personalities means either one player or the other will be able to have Senpai-kun in the end, and they may have to fight each other in the end regardless of how well they got along playing through the rival missions. In the end, this particular idea is kind of an amalgamation between a totally new playable character (think like Krieg or Gaige in Borderlands 2) and a co-op campaign mode. Whether or not this “new” Yandere-chan could solo the campaign alone like classic Yandere can… I would vote yes to her ability to solo and not be dependent on co-op to play.

        Anyway, that’s all I got at the moment. I know all my jabbing keeps me from getting bored (and builds hype) and may keep you somewhat entertained and informed on feedback and suggestions, but I’ll try to keep more quiet on this forum if it’s taking away from your time spent actually working on the game rather than just hearing and thinking about it… though, to be fair, that is a meaningful part of the development process after all… 😦

      • Releasing the game on a platform other than PC (like Xbox Marketplace, PlayStation Store, DS or Vita) would require a lot of engineering work. Developing a game for PC is straightforward, you just double-click an EXE and bam, it’s working. But after 3+ years of developing games on consoles, I can assure you that it’s a giant pain in the ass. At the company I worked with, there were several employees dedicated to JUST the “build process”, which is the act of producing the game executable. I don’t think it’s feasible or realistic for me to start thinking about putting this game on any platform other than PC. That’s such a lofty goal that I’ll only revisit the idea once this game is actually released on PC.

        Ideally, I’d just release the game on Steam. (Almost) everyone has it, (almost) everyone loves it. Desura is another option, as well, but only something I’d consider if Steam didn’t work out.

        The first step would be putting the game on Steam Greenlight. If it’s approved, then I can move forward with that. If it’s rejected by the Steam community (or rejected by Steam because it’s a game about killing and mutilating schoolchildren) and ALSO rejected by Desura, then I’ll just have to release it and sell it via a website, instead. Hopefully things work out with Steam, but I dunno.

        I worked for a video game company for 3 years. I worked on one game for the Wii, four games for PS3/360, and three games for iOS. I started out as a quality assurance tester, graduated to a production assistant, then junior designer, then junior programmer. My bosses told me that it’s extremely unusual for someone to be promoted so quickly over such a short period of time, but that’s how it worked out. It’s been a year since I left that job (in fact, I believe today may be the one-year anniversary) to pursue my dream of making indie games.

        I’d rather not name the titles I worked on, or name the company I worked for, because I wouldn’t like to give away my identity. It’s not that I don’t want my real name attached to this project; I will definitely reveal my identity after the game is released, but until then, I would like my identity to be a secret. The reason why will be obvious once I reveal who I am. But I can tell you that I’m not the right-hand man of Newell or Carmack.

        The idea of a competitive or cooperative multiplayer mode is one of those “lofty dream goals” that I won’t consider until after the game is out. I guess there could probably be some kind of interesting dynamic if one player is Yandere-chan and one player is Senpai-kun, but it currently seems like a strange idea. That kind of gameplay mode would have to be really well thought-out for it to work out.

        Another idea I’ve considered is “80s Mode”, where you play as Yandere-chan’s mother stalking Yandere-chan’s father in an 80’s highschool. The game would be different because a lot of technology would be different; there would be no Internet, no cell phones, and thus no Newspaper-chan, limiting a lot of the player’s options and removing a lot of their tools.

        (Maybe the reason one bathroom is haunted is because Yandere-chan’s mother killed a girl there in the 80s!)

        Your messages don’t bother me, so feel free to continue asking me questions if anything comes to mind.

  17. Hey Yanderedev, I was wondering if all of the NPC’s, except for Yandere-chan, the bosses you mentioned, and Senpai, are going to look the same (For ex. Same hair and eye color) or will some of the NPC’s have minor differences about them (Different hair and eye color, or maybe a different hair style all together)? Also, the game looks really good so far; it makes waiting harder with every update!

    • As long as I don’t have a dedicated character modeller, each “schoolgirl NPC” will use the same character model. I suppose I could give them all different hair colors, though.

      Recently, I got in touch with a character modeller who has created some really good-looking “cute anime girl” models. We expressed interest in working with one another, but I haven’t heard from him recently. It would be super awesome if he would be willing to model the generic “schoolgirl NPC” model for me, and make it customizable with a bunch of different hairstyles. Then each NPC could have a wide variety of different hairstyles, skin tones, eye colors, etc. However, I won’t make any promises on his behalf; he would be contributing to the game purely out of the kindness of his own heart, after all.

      The “Target” girl will use a different character model that doesn’t look like Yandere-chan’s character model. I’ve got my eye on a particular $35 model.

      While the game is still in development, every single “Target” girl might look identical and every single “schoolgirl NPC” might look identical, but I wouldn’t release the game like that.

      • As of now, are you willing to take any other people on to help with the game like this mysterious character modeller might, and if so, what would be the areas where they could help you the most?

      • Well, I don’t need any programming assistance, I’m in touch with a very skilled artist who is producing some character designs that I absolutely love, I’ve already been contacted by several very talented musicians, I have a talented 3D modeller who is a joy to work with, I have a young woman with a beautiful voice who is willing to do the voice acting for some of the female characters, a load of different writers have offered to lend me their writing talent, and I might also potentially have a character modeller already, so the one area that remains is animation.

        Admittedly, I went to school and earned an Associate of Arts degree in Animation and become proficient in both 2D and 3D animation, but that was over 5 years ago, and I’ve let my animation skills atrophy horribly. I am no longer fit to animate. I’ve produced a few placeholder animations for Yandere Sim, and you just have to watch the YouTube videos and webms to see how awful those are.

        What I need the most is a character animator, and I’m afraid that’s the rarest kind of help to find; I doubt that I’ll find anyone willing to create animations for me for free.

        An animator would help me implement all of the following absolutely essential features:

        1. Yandere-chan’s animations must change from casual to suspicious to threatening, depending on the level of the Yandere Meter.

        2. Baseball bat kill, katana kill, bludgeoning kill, strangling-from-behind kill, drowning-in-toilet kill, well, actually, ANY kill animation besides “stab in the neck”. Right now, Yandere-chan stabs girls in neck with a baseball bat, because I only have a stabbing animation.

        3. Student animations such as reacting to Yandere-chan’s behavior, struggling against Yandere-chan, being killed in various ways, attempting to call the police, etc.

        Animation assets are the one type of asset that I most desperately need. Without an animator, I can’t make the game. I’ll produce a prototype that features my crappy temporary placeholder animations, but I could never sell a game with low-quality animations.

        I’ll get this game as far as I possibly can, but if I reach the “playable demo” stage and I still don’t have an animator, I’ll have to resort to making a Kickstarter to raise funds to hire one, and then I might get labeled “greedy” / “sellout” …

      • Have you tried looking for free animation libraries yet? I know there are some high quality libraries for dances and stuff, it wouldn’t surprise me if there are some free gems hidden that could find use in yandere sim.

      • I’ve spent a lot of time looking for that sort of thing, but I haven’t found any that suit my needs. If you find any, though, feel free to link me to them.

  18. Question(even though you might already have answered it):
    what kind of coding/animating/3D programs/software do you use to make this game?

    • I’m using Unity3d as the game engine. I’m primarily using JavaScript as the coding language. The character models come from a store on the Internet, but I’ve been using Maya to tweak a couple animations.

  19. Are you planning on making the project open-source? Given how big the Unity community is, lots of people would for sure be willing to contribute – including myself 🙂

    • I’m not planning on it. It’s a tall order to ask me to give away hundreds of hours of work for free. I wouldn’t consider something like that unless I was 100% sure I was absolutely done doing anything with the game.

  20. I’m betting you’ve probably been through the Unity Asset Store plenty of times, but on the off chance you find some stuff you didn’t notice before, it might be worth it. https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/home

    This girl character below is free for example, but I don’t quite know what you could use her for, up to you.

    https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/18705 – “Unity-Chan”

    Besides that, there’s always the different store sections of 3D Models, Characters, Environments, Props, Vegetation, Vehicles, Animation, Applications, Audio, Complete Projects, Editor Extensions, Particle Systems, Scripting, Services, Shaders, and also Textures & Materials. I would just sort them by “Price” so that the free ones show up at the top. Some other *free* things that stuck out for me besides the Unity-chan model were things like terrain assets, various trees and rocks (school courtyard?), lights, buildings, some weapons, furniture and similar objects, fences (maybe like the classic anime school rooftop with the fences type thing?), electronics, a katana, some free music and sound bits, etc.

    For animations specifically, which would be the most trouble for you… there weren’t many: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/category/137/page/1/sortby/price

    On a similar note however, how much money (time is money too, I guess) would you say you’ve roughly spent on the development of the game since it’s inception? I don’t think you’ve mentioned paying any outside people for help so far, but have you already shelled out some for some more pricier/higher-quality assets so far? On the other hand, is there a ballpark estimate for how much stuff like pricier assets (that $35 character model you mentioned) and people (like an animator) would cost you in the long run? Based on that, where would you estimate the tipping point to be on whether you charge for this game or not? I could care less, because I’ve already said I’d gladly and easily pay $5-$20 for this based on what I’ve seen (and it’s potential), but for others or for those not as familiar with the game… it would most definitely be a factor.

    • So far, I’ve only spent $35 on Yandere-chan’s placeholder character model; I haven’t had to purchase anything else for this game. In terms of time, I’ve probably spent roughly 100 hours working on the game so far, but I won’t talk about how much money I think my time is worth, for fear of sounding arrogant.

      $35 is an absolute steal for a character model with 50+ animations. Most 3D modelers charge upwards of $1,000 for production-quality character models, and most 3D animators could probably afford to charge $20/hour for their services, at several hours per animation.

      It’s very difficult to say how much the game would cost to produce. It’s always possible to find really cheap work (some 3D artists will produce character models for around $500), but then the quality isn’t very good.

      I think I’d be willing to spend about $1,000 of my own money before I’d start to feel like the product is a black hole sucking up my savings. It would be impossible to produce this game for less than $1,000 unless I found several more people willing to contribute to the game for free.

      I see absolutely nothing wrong with crowd-funding services such as Kickstarter, but some people seem to believe that developers who use those services are greedy / trying to scam people, so I would probably catch a lot of criticism for using a service like that. However, it would be highly unrealistic of anyone to think that I can magically produce a game like this for free.

      The cost of developing of the game also depends on the scope. If the game is bare-bones and has the bare-minimum number of features that qualifies it as the game I’ve described it as, it could take as little as $10,000 to produce a super simple, low-production-value, small-in-scope indie game.

      But if you want the game to truly be the best game it could possibly be, (and, of course, that’s what everyone wants) and I can’t find anyone willing to work for free, then it could cost upwards of $50,000.

      At the moment, drawing up a budget is a low priority, because I’m still designing the game and still finding out what’s feasible / infeasible. I’ll create a formal budget and talk about it publicly once I reach the stage where it’s actually realistic and reasonable to start talking about money.

      • Alright, I’ll let you know this right from the start, I’m not in a good mood (to put it lightly) over the results of the 2nd to last series of games in Dota 2’s International Championship that just happened tonight, especially about that last game between Vici Gaming and Evil Geniuses, but I thought this might be a better way to vent than just post my frustration in Dota 2’s subreddit like I initially planned on doing.

        So, with that out of the way, I’ll get straight to the heart of the matter: In what other ways might you be planning to enhance, add to, or otherwise cater towards the cosmetic, mechanical, and intrinsic nature of what is arguably (isn’t it though?) the most important element of this game, the Yandere factor? So far, I’ve really liked your additions of the Yandere Meter, the maniacal laugh, the facial and eye changes, and *especially* your recent idea about her reaction when getting physically close to Senpai-kun.

        You’ve mentioned briefly some things perhaps relating to the overall animation of Yandere-chan’s model (depending on the yandere meter) like something along the lines of twitching, different gait when walking, overall speed and reaction, fluidity of actions, etc., so if you want to expound upon that, feel free.

        Other than that though, one of the thing I like most about Yandere characters or have noticed the most in animes is their both sudden and gradual change to their more murderous selves and the actions they do as well. Some examples would be (in both Higurashi and Mirai Nikki, School Days too I guess) times in which characters eyes either suddenly darken/empty of life or even soul (“glaze over” works too) OR they might suddenly shrink while the rest of the eye may widen, which your character model seems to emulate more.

        In that sense, I’d *cautiously* venture a suggestion (just my opinion) that the current eyes for the higher Yandere Meter stray dangerously (ba dum tss) close to that of the more maniacal or “Yangire” (just crazy, not love-crazy) eyes of a “Shion Sonozaki”, (Higurashi, just search “Shion” for reference, though to be fair, she’s technically a Yandere/Yangire mix, her eyes are just filled more with maniacal revenge over her old boyfriends disappearance *rather* than trying to eliminate other rivals) as opposed to the empty/darkened ones of someone like Kotonoha (School Days) or Yuno Gasai (though Yuno has been known to do both styles occasionally).

        If I had to choose between the styles of widened maniacal “Yangire” and what I consider to be the true dark and soulless eyes of a true and blue (or pink) “Yandere”, I’d choose the darkened eyes, which is what I initially thought you were going with at the very end of that visual novel video when her eyes darkened in the fashion I’m going on about (I admittedly got kinda hyped at that point).

        It’s completely up to you as Dev for which direction you want to take Yandere-chan in on that point, and I’m not trying to sound entitled or “superior” in any way with how many animes with Yandere or near-Yandere/Yangire characters I’ve watched (Death Note, Mirai Nikki (obviously), Denpa Teki na Konojo < WATCH THIS – SERIOUSLY, Kara no Kyoukai, Shiki, the Monogatari series, Black Lagoon, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Aku no Hana, Psycho-Pass, Elfen Lied, Date A Live, Akuma no Riddle, Eden of the East, Baka and Test (meh), Hidan no Aria, and lastly School Days, which is infamous in more ways than one… "nice boat"., etc.).

        Since you asked for honest and constructive criticism however, I'm giving you my flat-out opinion on it. Don't get me wrong, while seeing any Yandere girl suddenly or gradually undergo their "transformation" of sorts into their truly scary self sends a certain chill (excited rush for me) up people's spine, regardless of their eyes/facial change, I just *feel* that the darkened eyes stay truer to the "Yandere: Crazy because of love" trope (I feel terrible posting this… but it illustrates my point: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DullEyesOfUnhappiness), rather than the "Yangire: Possibly in love but first and foremost a maniac." deal.

        I guess it really just boils down to Yandere-chan's motivations (possibly story driven)… is she *at heart* a mentally unstable/insane person? What *triggers* her murderous activity… is it really just seeing Senpai-kun for the first time, or would she never have gone crazy and done horrible things had she not met him, or any other boy for that matter? And perhaps an even MORE important story question, and one that was mentioned memorably by Yuno Gasai herself… would Yandere-chan have loved Senpai-kun regardless of her mental condition at first sight, or was she just desperate for *anyone* that he happened to fit the bill but wouldn't otherwise?

        Moving on, the only other prominent thing that some Yandere's may be known for that you and I haven't touched on previously would be the tone or change thereof in their voice. Usually done (but not *always*) in sync with the change of their attitudes, demeanor, and eyes/face, this usually means a sudden change to a deeper, more serious, and more threatening way and sound of speaking, featured most prominently in Higurashi but also some in Mirai Nikki. This would be something to consider if and/or when you decide to get a voice actress for Yandere-chan, but something significant nonetheless.

        Anyway, I ended up having very little anger left in me over that Dota 2 game even before I started typing this, so please don't think that any sharpness (intended or otherwise) in this wall of text I'll call feedback is because of that. I'm really just posting this because I really like this game's potential and would love if it stayed as true to what I (and probably some of your other followers) believe are Yandere "roots". But by all means, as Dev, it's your very job to innovate, test the boundaries, try new things, flex your creative muscle, and just create what you think the fans would like, this is just what I consider my own (somewhat informed) opinion.

      • This blog post touched on my ideas for how the Yandere Meter changes Yandere-chan’s animations. Here’s a relevant snippet:


        Animations like this one can be connected to the “Yandere Meter” feature. The more violent actions you perform, the more insane the character becomes, until she can no longer fake a casual or innocent demeanor. If the Yandere Meter gets high, then her animations look more “insane” and “creepy”, and more similar to the animations in a traditional stealth game – threatening and predatory. But if you keep the Yandere Meter low, then she retains her self-control, so her animations look more casual and innocent.


        That was originally going to be the beginning and the end of how the Yandere-meter affects Yandere-chan. When I was implementing this feature, I didn’t have any animations (no 3D animator), so I had to find a different way for a visible change to be reflected by the charater’s actions.

        So, I chose to shrink her irises and give her a creepy grin, because it’s easy to “read” visually. Dull / lifeless eyes might be too subtle to be noticed in the video I was making, so I gave her shrunken “Yangire” eyes instead of generic “Yandere” eyes.

        Yandere-chan’s eyes in the final game might be proper Yandere eyes, or they might be shrunken Yangire eyes, depending on what kind of feedback I get from the playtesters. If I give her dull / lifeless eyes and the playtesters say “it doesn’t look like her eyes changed at all” then I’ll have to make them Yangire eyes so it’s obvious to the player.

        You know how, when Mario jumps, he doesn’t bend his knees first? He just immediately goes up into the air. If Mario crouched before every jump, the games would absolutely suck. Sometimes, you have to ignore the “realistic” or “proper” way to portray something, and just portray it in an intentionally “video gamey” way, because it “feels” better or visually “reads” better.

        You seem to be very familiar with anime tropes, so you are probably already familiar with the “Main Character Seat” trope: http://i.imgur.com/EM8fv8l.jpg

        When people ask me why all these girls are in love with Senpai, I reply, “He sits in the main character seat.” This instantly makes him the protagonist of a “harem” anime that is going on behind the scenes. This is why so many girls are falling in love with him.

        However, Yandere-chan fell in love with Senpai when she bumped into him on the way to school, BEFORE he ever sat in the chair. This means that Yandere-chan is actually the only girl whose feelings for him are genuine and not caused by a magic chair.

        As for why Yandere-chan is willing to murder, I’m going to chalk it up to genetics; her mother was also a Yandere girl. The “willingness to kill for a loved one” simply runs in her family.

        These may sound like overly simple explanations (durr he sat in a chair, durr it’s in her genes) but that’s intentional; I want comical and humorous reasons for everything that is happening in the game. It’s not really meant to be an extremely serious, deep game.

  21. Yeah, I get what you mean about the whole thing with “suspension of disbelief” and practicality… If I could really add anything to it that would make the “empty eyes” more palatable/obvious to playtesters or players in general… it might be just making the “regular” or lower-level yandere eyes more shiny (turn up the “anime eyes” to 11, not too big or shiny that you’d really have to suspend your disbelief though) to increase the contrast. When I looked again at the gameplay of the “yandere meter and evil laughter” video up top in 720p and fullscreen, I’ll admit it’s a little hard to distinguish levels of detail in the eyes like it is in the “Face-Cam” (which you are considering keeping in though, if you *did* we would probably have a non-issue on the eye debate, and an easy win for me :P). In this case, changing the eyes overall sheen (like “yandere”) instead of size (“yangire”) would possibly be more noticeable for people playing Yandere-chan. Other factors to consider would be how distinct the difference looks in the actual (not final) game (not just a 720p YouTube video), if changing Yandere-chan’s eyes to make their various Yandere Meter stages more or less shiny would inadvertently make other NPC’s eyes look strange (ie her eyes at o% yandere are as bright as the sun compared to the pitiful, flickering lightbulb-peepers of Senpai-kun XD), and *ultimately* (when the game is 100% done) if the obviousness of the eyes darkness/brightness and small/large size even *matters* that much when it’s accompanied and possibly overshadowed by the gratuitous visual changes in the rest of her increasingly insane body. That’s really all I’ve got left to support my argument for the “soulless” Yandere eyes, but of course I’ll also be the first one to point out their potential inadequacy when I join the other playtesters in eventually testing the demo to find out. 😉

  22. I suppose one other thing to mention might be changing the 3rd person camera angle/distance to make it closer to Yandere-chan’s face or closer to her in general to effectively increase the level of detail you have of her and her eyes… but don’t throw away the good angle you have going just to appease my dream of dark eyes, god forbid. XD

    • If he does end up keeping it (I hope he does too, fingers crossed), I guess the top-left corner where he has it know would still work fine. The only other HUD elements he has so far would be the D-Pad inventory selection and the YBAX tooltip thingy right below it and the Yandere Meter itself in the bottom-right corner, so I don’t think it would clog up the HUD too much, if that’s a concern of his.

  23. I would like to ask a question:
    Will you implement gore mechanics? perhaps just simple chopping off arms, head, and other limbs?

    If the answer is yes, then I would like to suggest this for meter cooldown:
    – The amount of laugh needed is proportional to how crazy you do the murder. If it’s just one critical stab then small giggling is enough, but if you chopping the target to pieces with over-the-top weapons then you need to laugh as many as you can to cool down the meter. (To indicate that Yandere-chan is really satisfied with her “art”)

    Keep it up with your good works!

    • Yep, I’m going to implement gore mechanics. That’s what the next update will be about. It’s not really for gratuity, it’s for easier transport of bodies.

      Chopping up a person’s corpse counts as a “crazy” action, so it will build the Yandere meter.

      • So, should we expect the mop and water bucket mechanics as well as some of the bloody weapon textures (including that knife I mentioned) in the next update, or are either of those being pushed back a bit? I personally prefer the gore mechanics you’ve mentioned to the others, but I’m just curious is all.

      • The next update should be “Cleanup” mechanics and also “Chop up body parts” mechanics.

        Making a knife bloody is low-priority to me; it’s more aesthetics than gameplay-related. I’ll get around to that whenever I’m working on “polish” tasks.

  24. Gore mechanics for easier transport bodies? Man, I can picture how nasty will it be (which means a great thing).
    Oh for evidence cleaning mechanics, may I suggest one more item for cleaning, such as air freshener or perfume to hide the stench? Blood (especially in abundant amount) and corpse stench is very strong, and may lead to suspicion.

    • That’s something I hadn’t considered. I think that corpses should definitely produce a smell, and should only be “undetectable” if they were thrown somewhere that is known to be smelly (like a dumpster). But I hadn’t thought about blood leaving behind a smell.

      Perhaps I’ll just have to say that the soapy water Yandere-chan uses to mop up blood is nicely scented…

  25. Corpse can leave the smell in one room even if the corpse itself has been moved to other room. I was having biology class, so I can tell this. We just cutting open three rabbit for experiment and the smell can last for hours unless we open the window and spray some air freshener.

    I may be agree with the nice scent soapy water (insert product placement here, just kidding).

    • Would you rather spice it up with some well-placed Quick-Time-Events bits while trying to murder the schoolgirls instead? I suppose that could be more challenging in a way, like mashing/holding X to kill them faster or pressing certain buttons in a sequence (YBXA), but I’m just not feeling that myself…

      • The game is supposed to be about feeling like a predator preying on defenseless victims; like being the monster in a horror film.

        It’s easy to get a messy kill. It’s difficult to get a clean kill. It’s very challenging to pull off the perfect crime. You will have the freedom to slaughter schoolgirls indiscriminately, but you will also have to deal with the consequences of doing so.

        I might implement “Hit buttons in a sequence” kills if I have a 3D animator who can animate all of the outcomes of failing each button in that sequence. But without the resources to do otherwise, I’ll probably just leave it at “Press X to kill” for now.

        I’ll consider changing it after the playable demo is out and people provide their feedback.

  26. I’ve got an idea for a target that would have a gimmick different from the others: Twin Sisters or Best Friends.
    The main idea being that these two are almost inseparable, and that they are open to each other, so using threats and blackmail against them would be difficult as targeting one would have the other one trying to track you down, trying to reduce the popularity of one would be harder as the other would still be loyal to them no matter what, and you have to work on separating them if you want a clean kill (assuming that there’s nothing stopping Yandere-chan from just stabbing them both when they’re together). Taking one down could also cause the other to flip out and go on a personal vendetta against the criminal, so if not all the evidence is removed, she could go after you despite it not being enough for say, the police to arrest you on. (Possibly as a weaker version of the yandere last boss, she won’t go through any dubious methods to go after you, simply just calling you out somewhere and trying to kill you maybe).

    The main thing is that there would be a dilemma as to which of the two to target first and how to go about separating them (simply have lure one to some sort of private meeting, or cause them to somehow get into a fight with each other, making it easier to target them one at a time).

    Anyway, keep up the good work! I’m eagerly awaiting any chance at playing this game, even if it’s a lackluster, bare-bones demo (Which I know you don’t want to release anyway).

    • I like that idea, it mixes up the usual set of rivals a bit to keep things interesting. If you wanted to eliminate the both of them in style, you might try getting them to fight and kill each other somehow or get them to commit a double suicide together off the roof of the school, just a thought.

    • In Hitman: Blood Money, there was a mission where Agent 47 has to kill three individuals. Two of them are “romantically involved and mentally unstable,” and the game warns the player to “expect a violent reaction if either of them learns the other is dead.”

      I thought this was a really cool-sounding premise. I figured that the player would have to work extra hard to prevent one member of the pair from learning that the other one was dead, and that the surviving member of the duo would pursue Agent 47 recklessly if they learned that their lover had been assassinated.

      However, I played that level countless times, and nothing of the sort happened. It was actually quite straightforward. I was disappointed.

      Your suggestion is great, because it provides me with the opportunity to use that same exciting premise from that old Hitman level, and this time do it properly; do it justice.

      I really like this idea, but it seems a bit complex and different from the rest of the game, so it might be a good candidate for DLC after the game is finished…

  27. After giving the whole “X to kill” issue a bit more thought, I actually had a sudden burst of inspiration that led to the following thoughts/suggestions. I would personally consider these to be more applicable to the core nature of gameplay, rather than just polish, but make of them what you will:

    1. Values for the Yandere Meter
    2. QTE’s and stabbing
    3. Health and damage values

    1. You mentioned different psychotic actions that fill up the Yandere Meter before, but I believe that their severity should also be taken into account when deciding how much they increase the Yandere Meter itself. At the moment, killing a girl fills up the YM by 20%, so should other actions like theft, trespassing, spreading nasty rumors, blackmailing, leaving fake confession notes, poisoning food, etc. only fill it up somewhere from 5%-15% each?

    2. You’ve touched many times on the effects of the Yandere Meter, but I came up with something that may address the issues of both the “simplicity” of instantly killing people with a single button press and also of dissuading players from simply going on a quick and murderous rampage (fun as that may be): You could implement an additional percentage-based system for the Yandere Meter that decreases Yandere-chan’s damage the crazier she gets. The higher she goes in insanity, the more wild and less accurate her hits become, resulting in a slower, louder, and more messy kill. While murdering a regular girl may only require a couple quick stabs (presses of X) at 0% YM, trying to stab her to death at 100% YM may take around 10 consecutive stabs to finish the job.

    In addition, the inclusion of stealth kills (that do double damage) will allow Yandere-chan to possibly kill in a single press of X (only if the target is unaware), or failing that, will simply do more damage than usual. While pressing X anywhere from 1-10 times (depending on the factors of the YM and an initial stealth attack) would be satisfactory for regular NPC’s, more complex QTE’s involving other buttons might be reserved for personally taking out rivals in particular by hand. The possible consequences for failing QTE’s and/or consecutive presses of X (within a possible time of 1-2 seconds between stabs) would probably involve your target that you assaulted limping/staggering/crawling away from you after breaking free, leaving a trail of blood and moaning/screaming depending on how much you hurt them before they broke free. I’ll go into more numerical detail below…

    3. At the moment, you set it so that a single button press (X) results in an instant kill, but if you implemented a health and damage system, this could make things more interesting. Assume that Yandere-chan’s damage total per attack is set at a static 50 points (this might be for all weapons, or her damage may depend heavily on the weapon itself, your call), and that damage of 50 points will be reduced the higher her Yandere Meter is. If we also assume that a regular schoolgirl’s health lies at a value of 100 points, with a rivals health potentially sitting at anywhere from 200 to 500 points (lots of stabbing required, think Yandere Clicker), I believe that Yandere-chan should be able to kill a schoolgirl (100 health) in two hits (for 50 damage each) at 0% YM (two consecutive presses of X), while trying that at 100% YM will require 10 hits (for 10 damage each).

    This is a representation of the percentage-based tiers for the Yandere Meter that affect damage, all assuming that the player is trying to kill a 100-health schoolgirl (up-front, not via stealth):

    (0% YM – 50 dmg/2 hits, 25% YM – 40 dmg/3 hits, 50% YM – 30 dmg/4 hits, 75% YM – 20 dmg/5 hits, 100% YM – 10 dmg/10 hits)

    On the subject of “stealth attacks” (I’m thinking along the lines of Oblivion and Skyrim here), these are the damage totals based on the YM at the time of attack (note that only a single stealth attack can be done for 2X damage, if it fails to instantly kill, you must start pressing X repeatedly to finish the job):

    (0% YM – 100 dmg/1 hit, 25% YM – 80 dmg, 50% YM – 60 dmg, 75% YM – 40 dmg, 100% YM – 20 dmg)

    Qualifications for my ideas:

    1. I believe that most of these suggestions are reasonably intuitive and/or realistic, the one about Yandere Meter percentages especially. Assuming that murder is the most volatile fuel for Yandere-chan’s insanity, it would only make sense that lesser things like theft and being the stereotypical, backstabbing (not literally, in this case), schoolyard bitch would only affect her a little in comparison.

    2. While your example of a horror-movie villain is definitely applicable, there’s still plenty of examples in popular horror movies where the hapless victims still attempted to struggle as they were murdered by the killer, even if they didn’t try to fight back aggressively. If I were to venture a closer look into the mind of a psychopath, I would think that they would actually get some kind of sadistic satisfaction out of their victims struggling as they were strangled or stabbed to death, and that they would be somewhat disappointed by a complete lack of resistance or struggle. This might be what “Cock” was referring to when he mentioned what he probably perceived to be the boring simplicity of a single button press to quickly kill an enemy. When you made that fun parody game called “Yandere Clicker”, there was a certain visceral and emphasized feeling that players got from stabbing (clicking) Senpai-kun so many times, which is probably what’s lacking in this particular case (mashing or pressing buttons consecutively to stab schoolgirls or rivals to death). Think of it kind of like turning off/on the rumble feature on an Xbox controller, or taking out guys like Makorov in MW3 at the end, there’s just a certain sensation that it gives us players, especially ones that want to have a “Yandere experience” in all it’s glory.

    3. The whole idea of doing less damage based on how insane Yandere-chan is makes sense because her mind gradually becomes less focused on striking vital parts and killing quickly/silently/cleanly and more maniacally driven towards utterly destroying anyone that gets between her and Senpai-kun, regardless of how many times or where she has to stab them, how much they scream, or how much blood sprays on herself or all over the place.


    1. Some or all of these things may require extra animations, which, as you’ve made abundantly clear, is the stumbling block for this game thus far. Although some animations (like stabbing a girl multiple times rather than once) could possibly be held together by placeholders that you’ve done, they would still require a solid amount of work in the end, but that goes without saying.

    2. Some of my ideas about Yandere-chan’s damage/weapon damage and any other extra consequences of the Yandere Meter may be a bit of a tall order, but I’m just sharing my thoughts here.

    3. You’ve emphasized the importance of the playable demo as an excellent way to get player feedback, which I wholeheartedly agree with, but perhaps if you posted some short surveys/polls/questionnaires like you have in previous posts about some of the ideas or gameplay directions that have been brought up thus far (especially the comments of myself and others on this most recent post)… I feel that since so many more people seem to be following this game as of late, you might get some very informative feedback that could help you set the pace of the game *before* the demo is actually ready to go.

    The way I see it, “prior planning prevents poor performance” and “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. I’m not saying that the possible “poor performance” in the form of user feedback and criticism of the upcoming demo is a bad thing, quite the opposite, but knowing what people like via those “strawpoll” things ahead of time would make the “curing” of the demo’s shortfalls and improvements all the easier.

    • I think you’ve made some good points. Stabbing an victim consecutively provides a visceral “Yandere Experience”, as demonstrated by my own silly Cookie Clicker parody. It makes sense that a mentally unstable girl wouldn’t be able to kill efficiently, and would require multiple stabs to get the job done. I think it would be fantastic if Yandere-chan had to stab a girl multiple times to kill her, depending on the level of her Yandere Meter. The math behind that is trivial to implement. The difficult part of implementing that feature would be having the animations for it. Struggling while being stabbed, breaking free because Yandere-chan didn’t stab enough, crawling away in agony, and other potential animations that don’t immediately come to mind.

      I do think it would be a very good idea to make a set of polls, because there are a lot of things I’d like to poll the community on. I wonder what would be the most appropriate time to make a poll, though…immediately, or in the near future, after making a few more videos about exciting features, to build hype? Hmm…

      • Thanks again for considering those suggestions. On the topic of community polls, you could try breaking tradition a bit by posting something a bit early (It’s been 10 days since you posted the “YM and Evil Laugh” video, which is pretty close to your usual spacing of 14 days), but the contents of said post could include both the strawpoll questions as well as a sneak peek of sorts into your progress on dismemberment and clean-up thus far. The question here would be… how much work have you done on those things so far? If you *really* don’t feel it’s worth showing the 10 days worth of progress just yet, or you *really* feel that 4 more days of work or so would make that much more of a difference (we’d be happy with any bones you’d see fit to toss our way, honestly), then by all means, delay any posts until the appropriate time.

        When you do make up whatever questions you want for the polls however, consider the routes that people might want to take in relation to some of the things we’ve discussed previously like potential multiplayer options (maybe too soon for that), killing and the other effects of the Yandere Meter (“the X button debate”), preferences for the Yandere(Face)-Cam and types of Yandere eyes (I’m shameless, I know), and also maybe other questions relating to achievements, additional characters/rivals, the current subject of your progress on dismemberment and clean-up, and about the possibilities of Yandere-chan’s “Hub” or house that I drooled over previously.

        Other than those things, feel free to go crazy and ask anything that comes to mind like we’ve been doing so far, except now in reverse! It’s been a good while since you last did that post with the original strawpolls about game concepts/possibilities, so it’ll be interesting to see where the rest of your followers stand on the game so far.

  28. I think it’d be worth considering to have one of your targets be the daughter of a local Yakuza boss.

    Most obvious nonlethal methods to get rid of her would be to find/plant incriminating material on her, such as drugs/weapons. Maybe you’d find something in her locker, like a katana or some shuriken. You would have the decisive option to either take it and keep it in your inventory, or to use it as incriminating evidence against your target and give up the item. It’d be a powerful weapon, but on the other hand, you absolutely must not be seen with it and it’s difficult to conceal.

    To kill her would be a different challenge. If you kill her and don’t make it look like an accident, the local Yakuza might investigate it themselves (just an idea, would probably be too much to implement). Maybe if that happens you could take advantage of it by framing someone and making the Yakuza go after them?

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