July 30th Minor Improvement Build

For the first time in a long while, I’ve got a new build that has more new additions than bug-fixes! I won’t be calling this one a “Bug-Fixing Build” – this one’s a Minor Improvement Build! As you can probably imagine, it contains a bunch of minor changes and additions that improve the quality of the game!

To read a list of all the improvements in this build, scroll down past this stylish artwork by aCocoPeach!

I really dig the art style; it reminds me of the work of one of my favorite artists, Ilya Kuvshinov! (I’ve always wished that Ilya would draw Yandere-chan…I hope that Kuvshinov-senpai notices me one day!)

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July 28th Bug-Fixing Build

If you’re looking for information about my latest video, “Yandere-chan’s Childhood”, then please click here!

I’m back with another bug-fixing build! The purpose of this build is not to fix one giant problem, but to address many tiny issues that have been reported frequently over the past few days.

To read a list of everything that is different in the latest build, please scroll down past this gorgeous illustration by EnderM4sh!

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Yandere-chan’s Childhood

I always try my best to upload a video on the 1st and 15th day of every month. However, I didn’t upload a video on June 1st. The reason is because I was visiting another city at the time…but I still feel guilty if I don’t upload at least two videos per month. So, I’ve got a video for you today!

You’ll probably recall that in my “The Reason Yandere-chan Lacks Emotions” video, I mentioned that I felt worried that I had made a bad decision by making Yandere-chan a character who lacked the ability to feel emotions. I asked the fanbase if they disapproved of this identity. I asked what type of personality they would prefer for her. I asked if it was too late to change her identity. The fanbase’s responses inspired me to add depth to the character; to expand on her early childhood, her early school life, how she would adapt to society, how her parents would feel about raising a child with her condition, how she would feel about herself, and so forth.

In October of last year, an artist named Eisjon began creating tons of Yandere Simulator fan art, much of which I think is absolutely phenomenal! In March of this year, Eisjon created a short video depicting her idea of Yandere-chan’s infancy and early childhood. I thought it was a really charming video, but it wasn’t quite my vision for the character. I asked Eisjon if she would be interested in hearing how I imagined Yandere-chan’s childhood, and if she would like to create the illustrations for an official “Yandere-chan’s Childhood” video. She accepted! Then I wrote a script for the video that Yandere-chan’s voice actress was gracious enough to read for me. After that, I spoke with Irish Trish, an immensely talented musician who has created more than a few tunes for Yandere Simulator. I asked her if she would be interested in scoring the video, and she agreed!

So, what do you get when you combine the work of three very talented women? The below video!

You’ll probably notice that I specifically avoided using the word “emotion” anywhere in the video. Instead of focusing on the concept of an “emotionless girl”, I chose to emphasize the idea that she is “empty”; a person who cannot experience satisfaction, fulfillment, or happiness. She’s not a robot; she can feel pity, she can feel frustration, she can feel dissatisfaction, she can feel disappointment, and most of all, she can feel like something is missing…but she definitely can’t feel the emotional extremes that a normal person can feel.

I think that this video is completely compatible with the Yandere-chan we’ve known for the past 3 years. Please don’t think that the purpose of this video is to over-write the “old” Yandere-chan with a “new” Yandere-chan; this video is simply meant to deepen her and elaborate about her.

I’m very satisfied with how the video turned out, and I hope that you enjoy it!

…Oh, and by the way, there’s a new build today. Click “Continue Reading” for the details!

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July 23rd Bug-Fixing Build

I had a new build prepared yesterday, but I ran into some technical problems that prevented me from being able to uploaded it. So, today’s build is twice as big as usual!

To read a list of everything that is fixed in the latest build, scroll down past this gorgeous illustration by a talented artist from China named “Redall”!

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July 21st Bug-Fixing Build

If you read yesterday’s blog post, then you might get a feeling of deja vu when you see the words below!

The last build that I uploaded had a really unfortunate bug in it, so I’ve decided to upload a new build where the bug has been fixed Additionally, this new build also contains some miscellaneous bug fixes!

To see a list of everything that is fixed in the latest build, scroll down beneath this bloody, beautiful artwork by GrayScaleAndIllusory!

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July 19th Bug-Fixing Build

I’m back with another round of bug fixes! Most of these are not new bugs that were caused by the Unity 4 to Unity 5 conversion, but assorted miscellaneous bugs that were discovered and reported over the past few days, after I asked people to hunt for new bugs and report them to me.

To read a list of everything that is different in the new build, please scroll down past this super-badass illustration of Osoro Shidesu by Sarasenia!

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July 18th Bug-Fixing Update

Hey, remember that time when I said “the Unity 4 build is now a perfect match for the Unity 5 build” ? Well, it turns out that there were actually a few more differences lingering in the game! That’s why I’m here with a new bug-fixing update that will get the conversion closer to 100% completion…or 99.9%, at the very least!

To read a list of everything that is new in the latest build, scroll down past this cute and funny artwork by DancerQuartz!

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Development Update! Good News!

If you’ve been checking this blog regularly, then a lot of what I have to say in my latest video will be old news to you; it’s primarily about the JavaScript to C# conversion, and the Unity 4 to Unity 5 conversion, which I have already discussed on this blog. However, there’s also some new information that hasn’t been covered in any blog posts yet, so hopefully this video is still of some interest to you!

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