Live-Updating Osana Checklist

Every animation, cutscene, gameplay mechanic, feature, model, scripted event, and voiced line related to Osana is in the game. In that sense, she is “finished.”

However, I can’t release her until I’ve tested every feature related to her to confirm that everything is working properly – and that is a lengthy and elaborate process. When I test a feature, I don’t just test it once; I test it about 5~10 times in a row, doing things differently each time, to make sure that there aren’t any circumstances that would cause something to break. This process has been revealing a lot of aspects of Osana that require fixes and improvements. The last thing people want is a buggy and unstable Osana, so I’m taking the time to fix bugs, remove exploits, resolve game design flaws, and improve anything that looks janky.

Instead of attempting to estimate Osana’s release date, I’ve decided to use “Trello” to create a page where you can see a live-updating checklist of every feature that I’m currently testing, and every issue that I’m currently fixing:

You might be wondering, “Why does this phase of development take so long?” For a detailed explanation, scroll past this gorgeous artwork by Esther-shen!

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July 1st Progress Report

EDIT: Uploaded a new build on July 2nd. Changelog below.

A bunch of miscellaneous things were fixed/changed while I was in the process of putting the final finishing touches on Osana, so I’ve decided to upload a new build that contains those fixes! However, I’m not ready to release the official demo just yet.

You might be thinking “Gosh darn it, YandereDev! How much longer is it going to take?” and I honestly don’t blame you. Scroll down past this artwork by glitterstqr to hear my candid thoughts on the matter.

Whenever I attempt to estimate the date when something will occur, I try to imagine the “best case scenario” and the “worst case scenario”. For example: “If everything goes smoothly, the Kickstarter will happen in August. However, if a bunch of unexpected obstacles appear, it could happen in September instead.” We are now in the 2nd half of 2020. This is troubling to me, because even in my most pessimistic “worst case scenario” predictions, I always estimated that Osana was going to be finished by now.

For the past few years, there was always something else that took priority over Osana; putting more students in the school, making the students react to blood, implementing a save/load feature, etc. It didn’t make any sense to put Osana into the game before adding every core feature necessary to create the intended experience, so I deliberately put Osana at the bottom of my priority list, and spent all of my time on everything else that the game needed, intentionally saving Osana for last.

During the past few months, we have been at the stage of development where there is nothing higher in priority than Osana; the stage where nothing is more deserving of my focus than Osana. Furthermore, I am in possession of all the assets required to implement her; nothing is standing in my way. As soon as we reached this stage of development, I felt extremely confident that Osana was going to be finished within the first half of 2020. But, here we are in July, with no Osana. Why? What’s going on?

It’s not a mystery, but it’s not easy to explain, either. It’s not a black-and-white situation; there is no single culprit. It’s a complex situation involving numerous complicated factors. There is a part of me that wants to write a giant “What’s taking so long? What went wrong?” blog post, and break down every single obstacle that slowed down my progress from January 2020 to June 2020…but it would be a massive wall of text that most people would have zero interest in reading. And attempting to break it down into a short bullet-point list would oversimplify a very nuanced situation, resulting in a wholly inadequate explanation.

Rather than writing a wall of text, I would much rather explain the problems I’ve been facing in my usual video format, since that’s the medium in which I’m most comfortable expressing myself…but right now, I feel like any video I upload is guaranteed to get a negative response unless the video is announcing the release of Osana, so I feel like I should just keep my head down and work on Osana exclusively, and save the “What went wrong?” video for later.

In my BITC crossover announcement video, I mentioned that after Osana is complete and her release date has been announced, I will be releasing a video about the history of Yandere Simulator’s development. This video will discuss a wide variety of subjects that I’ve rarely (or never) ever spoken about in my videos:

  1. The first few months of the game’s development; a “black hole” in the game’s history that I have rarely divulged any details about.
  2. The decisions I made early in the game’s life that created numerous obstacles that would impede me throughout the rest of the game’s development.
  3. The advantages and disadvantages of receiving attention from YouTubers while the game was still very young.
  4. The game’s original audience, and the audience that the game ultimately attracted.
  5. The reasons why some parts of game’s code were written in a certain way.
  6. The subjects of Patreon, funding, budget, etc.

Unfortunately, it would be impossible to give an accurate account of the history of Yandere Simulator without discussing how development was impacted by the actions that other people chose to take, so that’s a subject I’ll have to cover, too.

I think that this “History of Yandere Simulator” video will dispel a large number of myths that have been allowed to exist for far too long, and will help a lot of people understand why Yandere Simulator has an unusually lengthy development cycle compared to most other indie games. In short, the situation is nowhere near as simple as people believe it to be, and I think it’s worth it to clear the air on the matter.

I don’t like saying, “I’ve been working on Osana! I’ve made a bunch of progress!” without actually  showing you tangible proof that I’ve really been doing things. However, everything that I’ve been working on recently is a spoiler, which means that I can’t actually show you exactly what I’ve accomplished recently. Whenever I’m in this situation, I fall back on an old, reliable compromise: Blurry Screenshots™. Click “Continue Reading” to see!

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BITC Crossover Announcement

Hey! I’ve got an announcement to make! I’ve prepared a video about it; check it out!

Yandere-chan is now a playable character in another game! The game is titled “Boobs in the City”. Yeah, I know, the title is very unusual, but it looks pretty fun, doesn’t it?

UPDATE! Nemesis is now a playable character in BITC, too!!

Be warned; it’s an 18+ adults-only game!

If you are of legal age, you can check out the game by following this link:

June 15th Update

Over the past two weeks, a very large number of bugs reports were submitted. I fixed every bug as the reports rolled in, and by the time two weeks had passed, the game had accumulated over 70 fixes and improvements! I’m pretty sure that this build represents the biggest difference between two builds in Yandere Simulator’s history!

Although I was planning to not release any more builds until Osana was finished, the current build of the game is such a massive improvement over the previous one that I can’t help but release a new update. For the longest changelog I’ve ever posted, scroll down past this striking artwork by DeadlySicretOfAchlys!

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The Last Build Before Osana?

As you already know, because I explained it back in 2017 and have explained it numerous times since then, I decided not to implement Osana until Yandere Simulator contained every feature and mechanic that I felt was necessary for the game to match my vision. My vision was so elaborate, it took 6 years of work to reach this point…but I can finally say that I have a build of the game that contains pretty much everything that I felt was important to put into the game before releasing Osana. (There are still a handful of minor wishlist items that I am interested in implementing, but all of them are lower in priority than Osana.)

The last remaining task is to overhaul the game’s UI and improve the graphics. After that, I simply have to test all of Osana’s eliminations one-by-one, and then release her once I’ve fixed every bug I can find. If this build contains any critical bugs, I might have to release a bug-fixing build within the next few days…but if this build is stable, then the next build may be the build that contains Osana.

I have an estimate for how long this will take, and I want to say, “You’ll have Osana on Ju██ ██th!” but if something goes wrong and delays Osana, people will get upset that I missed the release date, so I’m going to keep the release date a secret until I’m 100% certain she’s going to be released on that day.

(It’s worth mentioning that this build does not contain voice lines for Student Council girls, since I am still waiting on two voice actresses to deliver their lines.)

So, what does this build contain? Aside from 30 bug fixes, this build also contains…

  • The ability to get Student Council girls fired from the council
  • Expanded saving/loading functionality
  • A new phone for Yandere-chan
  • Numerous UI improvements
  • Props in school corridors
  • Theme music for stores
  • New background music for normal school gameplay
  • New background music for the Alphabet Killer Challenge (provided by Fonix!)
  • The ability to hide dead bodies in lockers in corridors (outside of the ABC Challenge)
  • Re-written dialogue for the initial text message conversation between Yandere-chan and Info-chan
  • Overhauled Calligraphy Room and Drama clubroom
  • A screen for viewing the game’s controls
  • Six new Headmaster Tapes

And a bit more, too! For a full list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, scroll down past this absolutely gorgeous illustration by an extremely talented artist who chose to remain anonymous.

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May 15th Bug-Fixing Build

This update isn’t too special; I just wanted to upload a new build to reassure you that I’m still actively working on the game and making steady progress every day.

But, depending on how things go, the next build could be a lot more interesting!

  • There were always meant to be 10 Headmaster cassette tapes, but putting lore tapes into the game hasn’t been a high priority for a long time, so I neglected that feature for the past several years. Recently, I had a power outage for a few hours, during which I wasn’t able to get any work done on the game. So, I used that time to write the last remaining Headmaster tapes! The Headmaster’s voice actor has recorded the tapes, and I’m almost ready to put them into the game; I’m just waiting for an audio engineer volunteer to apply an “old-timey cassette tape” effect onto the recordings.
  • The “Yandere-chan and Info-chan meet for the first time” text message conversation was written back in 2015, and is some of the oldest content in the game. I feel like the writing was pretty rough, and that I could have worded things much better. I also feel like there is some important gameplay information that needs to be imparted to the player (panty shots aren’t the only way to earn favors from Info-chan). With these things in mind, I decided to re-write that conversation. The voice actresses finished recording it recently, so the next update will most likely contain an updated Yandere/Info conversation!
  • Ever since I first implemented the Student Council girls, I’ve wanted each of them to have voice acting…but it was difficult to locate the ideal voice actresses for the job. Recently, I decided on the actresses who I believe would be perfect for the Student Council girls, and the plan is for them to record very soon! Depending on their availability, the next build may finally contain voiced lines for the Student Council girls!
  • For the past 5 years, Yandere Simulator’s school hallways have been empty and devoid of props and decorations. It was never meant to be that way; the hallways were always meant to have props, but there were always higher priorities than aesthetics and decorations. At this point in time, though, we’ve finally reached the stage of development where there is practically nothing left to be done, and I have recently received a ton of appropriate props for the hallways, so it’s possible that the next update will finally contain fully-decorated hallways!
  • There is only one more “lore” tidbit that I want to be included in the Osana demo. After it goes into the game, there will be no remaining “lore” items taking any of my time away from Osana. I have the necessary models and voice acting for it, so it’s possible that you may see it in the next update!

By the time I release the next update, it’s likely that I will have finished all Osana-centric tasks. After I hit that milestone, the last remaining task will be to give the game a fresh coat of paint (new UI, new HUD, new title screen) before releasing Osana. I want the new graphics to be a complete surprise, which means that once I begin working on the new graphics, I won’t be releasing any more builds until Osana is complete.

In short, what I’m saying is that, after the next update, there may not be any further updates until Osana is finished. It’s not a 100% guarantee, but there’s a strong possibility that this will be the case. (If critical bugs are discovered, I may need to release bug-fixing updates or something.)

Anyway! To see a list of everything that was fixed/changed in the latest build, scroll down past this gorgeous artwork of Prealle!

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May 7th Save/Load Bug Fixes

Wow! Playing the game with a save/load feature feels like playing a completely different game. It makes such a huge difference! While playtesting, I noticed a bunch of data that wasn’t being tracked by the save/load feature, so I decided to plug those gaps and get the save/load feature closer to 100% completion.

To read a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this beautiful illustration of Musume by an artist who I know by the name Rie!

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Saving, Loading, and Genocide

May 6th 8:40 PM Update: Whoops! There was a bug that made dead bodies pop out of lockers in the Alphabet Killer Challenge, if the player loaded a save file during the challenge. I’ve released a new build where this bug is fixed. Now the save/load feature can actually help during the Alphabet Killer Challenge.

To discover the meaning behind the ominous title of this blog post, scroll down past this absolutely gorgeous illustration by Kenishman!

He’s got a few other beautiful drawings in his gallery, so be sure to check them out!

This is an especially lengthy blog post with some pretty big news; click Continue Reading to see the whole thing!

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