Yandere Simulator One-Year Anniversary

Hello, everyone! I usually only post updates on the 1st and 15th days of the month, but this is a special occasion. Today is the one-year anniversary of Yandere Simulator! As of today, the game has now been in development for one full year! Whoo hoo!

If you’re interested, you can read this thread to see how it all started: https://archive.moe/v/thread/237905321/ It’s interesting to compare and contrast the original vision of the game with how it’s currently turning out!

The game has been getting a lot of attention over the past month. This blog has gone from getting 100 views per day to getting over 73,000 views per day! The publicity is almost overwhelming, but I’m very happy that so many people like the concept of the game! I hope that I can meet everyone’s expectations!

April 1st is a day reserved for pranks and jokes, so the next serious Yandere Simulator update will be posted on April 2nd. The April 2nd blog post will have some polls that I’d like people to answer, some information for newcomers who don’t know much about the game, and advice for people who want to report bugs. Stay tuned!

(Of course, there’s nothing in the above paragraph that says there won’t be a post on April 1st…)

As always, I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone who has been providing me with support and encouragement as I’ve been developing the game! Thank you all so much!

This post might seem a bit short for a one-year anniversary post, but there’s honestly not much else to say, other than that I appreciate all of you…and I can’t wait to see your reactions to the next update! See you soon!

March 17th and 19th Bug-Fixing Update


If you want to download the latest debug build, click here! The next build will be uploaded on April 2nd.

Wow, you guys sure did find a lot of bugs! I decided to upload a new build that fixes many of the bugs that have been reported over the last two days.

I also updated the FAQ with a lot of new information, so be sure to check that out if you’re new to the game.

March 17th Fixes

  • If you are getting a low framerate when aiming Yandere-chan’s camera, it’s because there are two cameras rendering at the same time. Press the “9” key on your keyboard at any time to disable the second camera.
  • The game no longer registers input that was given while the game was paused. (For example, the player could trigger killing animations while the game was paused. This has been fixed.)
  • If you get a game over and restart the week, you will no longer carry over any of the photographs, panty shots, or student information that you obtained before you reset the week.
  • Pausing the game while aiming the camera now causes Yandere-chan to lower her camera. (Previously, she would take out two smartphones…at the same time!)
  • Fixed the bug that would cause disabled post-processing effects to reappear in Yandere-chan’s room after the player exits the corkboard screen.
  • If you go to class while the police are on their way to the school, the game will fast-forward to the moment that the police arrive at school.
  • Attempted to fix the bug that would cause the “Do you want to quit?” window to appear when attempting to send a picture to Info-chan.
  • If Yandere-chan has her phone out when the day ends or when the cops arrive, she will automatically put away her phone.
  • Attending class will cause the incinerator to finish “cooking” whatever was inside of it before you went to class.
  • Pausing the game while talking to an NPC will no longer cause Yandere-chan to freeze and become unresponsive.
  • The mouse cursor should now be hidden from the start of the game onwards (until you alt+tab out of the game).
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to freeze after pressing the “Escape” key at the photo gallery.
  • Yandere-chan can no longer use the “Pass Time” option if there are corpses on school grounds.
  • Yandere-chan can no longer laugh while crouching, crawling, or aiming her camera.
  • It is no longer possible for time to be sped up inside of Yandere-chan’s room.
  • When you exit class, you will now see students exiting class with you.
  • You can now zoom in the camera using the mouse scroll wheel.
  • It is now possible to run inside of Yandere-chan’s room.
  • Improved Info-chan’s panty-shot detection.

March 19th Fixes

  • Using the “9” key to improve performance while aiming Yandere-chan’s camera will no longer result in her hands leaving behind after-images.
  • Now, when taking out her smartphone camera, Yandere-chan will automatically turn to face the direction that the camera was looking in.
  • The “Pass Time” option was accessible even when the option was supposed to be disabled. This has been fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to activate Yandere Vision and look through your camera at the same time.
  • Zooming in with the smartphone camera no longer zooms in the normal gameplay camera.
  • The camera should no longer spin in circles when exiting the Send/Save/Delete screen.
  • The “Go Home” portal now appears at the school gate automatically at 3:30 PM.
  • Yandere-chan will now unequip weapons when using the Pass Time feature.
  • Attempted to fix the “students spin in circles near the staircase” bug.
  • Added a collision for a wall that Yandere-chan could walk through.

Patreon Progress

The Yandere Simulator Patreon recently hit its first milestone goal! That is absolutely thrilling! I’d like to express my gratitude towards everyone who donated! You’ve helped me turn my dream into a reality! My hobby can now become my job! Thank you so much!

I’ve updated the Patreon with a new milestone goal and also the first “Backer Reward” – if you donate $100 or more to the Patreon, your company or website will be acknowledged in a “Sponsor Logo Sequence” before the game begins.

Photography, Info-chan, Yandere Vision, and Yandere-chan’s Room

If you want to download the latest debug build, click here! The next build will be uploaded on April 2nd.

These two videos will show you most of the progress that I’ve made over the past two weeks:

If you’d like to know all of the details, here’s a more thorough change-log:


  • You can now take pictures with Yandere-chan’s smartphone camera.
  • The smartphone can zoom in and zoom out when taking pictures.
  • You can save up to to 25 pictures taken with the camera.
  • You can view and delete pictures from the pause screen.
  • You can use a picture of Senpai to restore lost Sanity.


  • If you send Info-chan a picture of a student’s face, she will provide you with useful information about that student.
  • If you send Info-chan a picture of a student’s face, you will be able to track that student with “Yandere Vision”.
  • You can send panty shots to Info-chan, and she will remember who you have taken a panty shot of.
  • You can use your phone to open up the menu that will allow you to request favors from Info-chan.
  • You can’t actually request favors from Info-chan yet; you can only look at the menu.
  • Info-chan has a response when sent pictures of blood and corpses.
  • Info-chan also has a response when sent pictures of Senpai.

Yandere-chan’s Home

  • The flow of the game is now: Calendar > Home > School > End-Of-Day Results > Repeat
  • It’s possible to decorate a cork-board with pictures you’ve taken.
  • It’s possible to view a panty-changing interface.
  • It’s possible to view a shrine to Senpai.
  • If you’re getting a low frame-rate in Yandere-chan’s room, press the “0” key to disable all post-processing effects.

Other Progress

  • Added the ability to pass time by attending class. The screen where you allocate “Study Points” and level up your abilities is not yet implemented. Also, the teachers don’t care if you attend class while bloody, armed, insane, or dragging a corpse.
  • If you are covered in blood and try to start a conversation with a student who has not yet noticed the blood on your clothing, the student will react to the blood instead of having a conversation with you.
  • If you apologize to a student for being bloody and end the conversation, the student will wait 5 seconds before reacting to the blood on your clothing again.
  • Attempted to fix the bug that could cause a student to become “attached” to Yandere-chan when trying to murder multiple students in a row.
  • If the player is using the “Pass Time” feature when the cops arrive, the speed of time will return to normal.
  • It is now possible to exit the pause screen by pressing the “B” button on gamepad, or “Q” on keyboard.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the weapon menu and dialogue menu to appear onscreen at the same time.
  • It is now possible to stop the “Pass Time” feature by pausing the game while time is passing.
  • The student NPCs now socialize with one another before class and during lunch.
  • Attempted to improve collision detection in the school (still not perfect).
  • Attempted to improve the “evil maniacal cackling” animation…again.
  • Changed the smartphone graphic at the pause screen.
  • Added crouching and crawling.
  • Added a new easter egg! This one is not mapped to a button on the keyboard; it involves photography…can you find it?

New Page For Latest Download

You’ll notice a new link at the top of the blog: “Downloads”. That page is where you will find a link to the latest debug build of the game, and the current control scheme for the game. I’ll be going through old blog posts and removing older builds of the game so that nobody ever accidentally downloads an ancient build. I’ve also been updating the FAQ over time.

I’m certain that within a few hours, people will discover tons of bugs in the new build. I will upload a new build whenever a significant number of bugs have been fixed, so if you think the newest build is unplayable because of too many bugs, keep checking back for a fixed update!

Thanks and Appreciation

Yandere Simulator has been getting a ton of attention lately! I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone who has been spreading the word about the game. Thank you, YouTube Let’s Players! Thank you, journalists and bloggers! Thank you, South Korean dude who translated every single one of my videos into Korean! You’re all awesome!

Of course, my biggest thanks go to the people supporting the game via Patreon. Without their contributions, I would not be able to afford to spend so much of my time working on Yandere Simulator. You have my deepest gratitude!

Next Update

I usually update this page on the 1st and 15th days of every month. April 1st is the anniversary of the game’s development, but it is also a holiday reserved for pranks, so the next update will be delayed until April 2nd.

Murder Reaction and Cleanup

Over the past two weeks, I added lots of new features to the game! Most importantly, NPCs will now to react to witnessing murder! Currently, they will run away and call the cops, which can result in a Game Over if you don’t dispose of the evidence before the cops arrive.

Murder Reaction Progress

  • After an NPC observes you committing murder or standing next to a corpse while bloody / armed / insane, they will attempt to flee the school and call the police. (This is the “Coward” reaction, and will not be the only type of reaction to murder.)
  • If the police are called, a timer and a checklist will appear at the bottom-left corner of the HUD. The timer displays how long until the police arrive, and the checklist informs the player of what they need to do to avoid arrest.
  • After the school incinerator has been activated, a little clock appears that displays how much more time is remaining before it can be used again.
  • It is now possible to clean up spilled blood and bloody footprints using a mop. The mop gets more bloody with each use.
  • The mop can be cleaned in a tub of water. The tub of water can be picked up, carried around, and placed anywhere.
  • When changing from a bloody uniform into a clean uniform, a bloody uniform is dropped onto the ground.
  • Bloody weapons and bloody uniforms can now be disposed of by tossing them into the school incinerator.
  • After the police arrive at the school, the results of the police investigation are displayed as text.
  • It is possible for Yandere-chan to be arrested by police and get a Game Over.

Other Progress

  • Added a katana to the game to test non-concealable weaponry. (The katana attack animation is a placeholder.)
  • It is now possible to customize Yandere-chan’s hair texture, face texture, and arm texture.
  • A drumbeat track now plays whenever the player is chasing down a fleeing student.
  • It is now possible to put an eyepatch over either eye, not just a single eye.
  • After the school day ends, the game advances to the next weekday.
  • Dead NPCs now eventually run out of blood and stop bleeding.
  • Yandere-chan can now have 7 different hairstyles.
  • NPCs can also have 7 different hairstyles.
  • NPCs can now have different bust sizes.
  • New easter egg!

Bug-Fixing Progress

  • Fixed a bug that would duplicate weapons in Yandere-chan’s inventory when she was near Senpai.
  • Fixed a bug that would occur when attempting to drag a corpse while already dragging a corpse.
  • Fixed a bug that would occur when carrying a weapon and a corpse at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause ragdolled NPCs to slide backwards when offscreen.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Yandere Vision to become permanently activated.
  • Attempted to improve the quality of the “maniacal laughter” animation.
  • Due to the discovery of a graphical bug that occurs when the game is played at aspect ratios other than 16:9, I had to remove the ability to play the game at any resolution that does not have a 16:9 aspect ratio. I’m very sorry! I’ll try to fix the bug and restore support for all aspect ratios in a future update.

March 1st Bug Fixes

  • It is no longer possible to chat with a student if you are carrying an item (causes too many bugs, doesn’t serve a gameplay purpose yet).
  • It is no longer possible to chat with a student if that student just watched you murder somebody.
  • It is no longer possible to chat with a student if you are currently standing on top of a corpse.
  • You can now use the B key to lower the music volume and the N key to increase the music volume.
  • The “chase” drums now only play if you are chasing someone who has seen you committing murder.
  • If you quit the game and load it up again, you will return to the beginning of the week.
  • Fixed the bug that would prevent Yandere-chan’s CustomFace.png texture from appearing.
  • It is no longer possible to knock over a bucket of water by swinging a corpse into it.
  • You can now kill an NPC by tapping the attack button rather than holding it down.
  • The “Police Investigation Results” screen now goes by twice as fast.
  • Previously, when an NPC died, their breasts would return to the “default” size. Now, an NPC’s breasts are the same size in both life and death.

March 2nd Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the “police investigation results” screen to not display any results.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the incinerator from acknowledging corpses inside of it.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the player from attacking NPCs while standing near a corpse.
  • Added crouching / crawling and began to implement a camera (these features are currently incomplete).

March 3rd Bug Fixes

  • It is no longer possible to accidentally trigger the incinerator while performing the mopping animation.
  • It is no longer possible for blood to spawn outside of the school, where it can’t be mopped up.


The video at the top of this blog post tells you almost everything you need to know about NPCs reacting to murder and how to get away with your crimes, so I highly recommend watching it.

An NPC’s reaction to murder depends on their personality. The currently-planned personality types are:

  1. Coward (Flees the school, calls the cops.)
  2. Teacher’s Pet (Runs to nearest teacher, tells teacher about the murder.)
  3. Social Butterfly (Runs to nearest group of students, calls the cops.)
  4. Fragile (Becomes terrified of you, begs you to spare their life in exchange for their silence.)
  5. Evil (Congratulates you on your kill, promises not to say a word about it to anyone.)

If an NPC calls the cops, a timer and a checklist will appear at the bottom-left corner of the screen. The timer shows you how much time you have until the cops arrive, and the checklist tells you what to do in order to avoid getting arrested; dispose of the corpse, dispose of the murder weapon, dispose of your own blood-stained clothing, and mop up all the pools of blood you’ve left behind.

After the police arrive at school, the player can no longer control the game’s protagonist. Yandere-chan could not defeat the police in a fight, and could not hide from the police forever. The police would also instruct all students to remain in their classrooms while the investigation was taking place. So, controlling the character would be meaningless at this point. Once the police arrive, the screen goes dark, and the player is shown the results of the police investigation.

When there is evidence that a murder took place and evidence that you did it, the police will arrest you. The police will also arrest you if there is evidence of a murder and Yandere-chan’s Sanity is below 66% (which causes her to alarm and frighten the people around her, and causes the police to take the murder accusation more seriously perform and a more thorough investigation).

In the current build of the game, there are unique results for all of the following circumstances:

There will be exponentially more results added with each new feature added to the game (for example, framing a student by planting the murder weapon on them would produce different results than the ones above).


Last week, I added a new feature – the ability to change the color of Yandere-chan’s clothing and legs. Now I’m adding the ability for you to customize her hair, face, and arms, in addition to her clothing.

Like before, you can modify her textures by placing files in the “StreamingAssets” folder. There is a file in that folder named “How To Add Custom Textures.txt” that should explain what to do, in order to see your custom textures show up in-game.

I also added several new hairstyles to the game that can be accessed by hitting the “H” key on your keyboard. There are also some other new accessories that have been added to the game, but they are easter eggs, and you’ll have to figure out how to unlock them on your own…


When the clock strikes 6:00 PM, the school closes, and all students still lilngering at school must leave and go home. When the schoolday ends, the player will see a “Calendar” of sorts, and watch the weekday roll over to the next day of the week.

The protagonist is supposed to eliminate her rival by 6:00 PM on Friday. If she doesn’t, then the rival will confess her love to Senpai, and Yandere-chan will lose Senpai forever.

In the current “sandbox test build” of the game, the rival does not officially exist, so it is currently impossible to avoid a game over.