March 17th and 19th Bug-Fixing Update


If you want to download the latest debug build, click here! The next build will be uploaded on April 2nd.

Wow, you guys sure did find a lot of bugs! I decided to upload a new build that fixes many of the bugs that have been reported over the last two days.

I also updated the FAQ with a lot of new information, so be sure to check that out if you’re new to the game.

March 17th Fixes

  • If you are getting a low framerate when aiming Yandere-chan’s camera, it’s because there are two cameras rendering at the same time. Press the “9” key on your keyboard at any time to disable the second camera.
  • The game no longer registers input that was given while the game was paused. (For example, the player could trigger killing animations while the game was paused. This has been fixed.)
  • If you get a game over and restart the week, you will no longer carry over any of the photographs, panty shots, or student information that you obtained before you reset the week.
  • Pausing the game while aiming the camera now causes Yandere-chan to lower her camera. (Previously, she would take out two smartphones…at the same time!)
  • Fixed the bug that would cause disabled post-processing effects to reappear in Yandere-chan’s room after the player exits the corkboard screen.
  • If you go to class while the police are on their way to the school, the game will fast-forward to the moment that the police arrive at school.
  • Attempted to fix the bug that would cause the “Do you want to quit?” window to appear when attempting to send a picture to Info-chan.
  • If Yandere-chan has her phone out when the day ends or when the cops arrive, she will automatically put away her phone.
  • Attending class will cause the incinerator to finish “cooking” whatever was inside of it before you went to class.
  • Pausing the game while talking to an NPC will no longer cause Yandere-chan to freeze and become unresponsive.
  • The mouse cursor should now be hidden from the start of the game onwards (until you alt+tab out of the game).
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to freeze after pressing the “Escape” key at the photo gallery.
  • Yandere-chan can no longer use the “Pass Time” option if there are corpses on school grounds.
  • Yandere-chan can no longer laugh while crouching, crawling, or aiming her camera.
  • It is no longer possible for time to be sped up inside of Yandere-chan’s room.
  • When you exit class, you will now see students exiting class with you.
  • You can now zoom in the camera using the mouse scroll wheel.
  • It is now possible to run inside of Yandere-chan’s room.
  • Improved Info-chan’s panty-shot detection.

March 19th Fixes

  • Using the “9” key to improve performance while aiming Yandere-chan’s camera will no longer result in her hands leaving behind after-images.
  • Now, when taking out her smartphone camera, Yandere-chan will automatically turn to face the direction that the camera was looking in.
  • The “Pass Time” option was accessible even when the option was supposed to be disabled. This has been fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to activate Yandere Vision and look through your camera at the same time.
  • Zooming in with the smartphone camera no longer zooms in the normal gameplay camera.
  • The camera should no longer spin in circles when exiting the Send/Save/Delete screen.
  • The “Go Home” portal now appears at the school gate automatically at 3:30 PM.
  • Yandere-chan will now unequip weapons when using the Pass Time feature.
  • Attempted to fix the “students spin in circles near the staircase” bug.
  • Added a collision for a wall that Yandere-chan could walk through.

Patreon Progress

The Yandere Simulator Patreon recently hit its first milestone goal! That is absolutely thrilling! I’d like to express my gratitude towards everyone who donated! You’ve helped me turn my dream into a reality! My hobby can now become my job! Thank you so much!

I’ve updated the Patreon with a new milestone goal and also the first “Backer Reward” – if you donate $100 or more to the Patreon, your company or website will be acknowledged in a “Sponsor Logo Sequence” before the game begins.

106 thoughts on “March 17th and 19th Bug-Fixing Update

  1. Sweet, the camera framerate bug was rather annoying and taking panty shots was hard. But well that’s what work in progress is, I’ll download the new build later tonight to fool around for a bit.

  2. I noticed while I was playing this build my framerate drops from 60 to 18 when I use the camera is that normal for now?

  3. I just thought about something that I found kind of funny:

    If there has been a murder and the police comes over, but there’s no evidence and they start asking around and then start questioning Yandere-chan and then looks through her phone to find evidence… what if there were still pantie shots on the phone? Wouldn’t it be kinda funny to have them react to that? (just some extra text, of course)

  4. I think i found two bugs:

    1. The “Go Home” Pink Circle doesn´t appear when pass time to “after school” time.
    Only when you take class.

    2. when you zoom with the mouse scroll wheel and then exit the camera mode,
    your chara is zoomed it too.

    Then I have more question:

    1. What will you if your game succesfull in steam there, but it is censored/not there
    in Steam for another region like Germany because of violent act ingame?
    Will you offer the Game in another way that it accessible for all Regions?

    2. Will you make a Music box in the game in your finished product?

    3. I know you have in another comment replies that you say, the npcs will all unique.
    Means that all npc will have unique Eyes Art (not colour) and Hairmodels?

    • I’m sorry, I don’t understand the first bug you described. After school, there is no more class, so there is no more pink circle.

      The second bug you mentioned is a genuine bug, so thanks!

      If the game is censored in some countries, I might include a version without graphic violence.

      I suppose I can add a “Music box” easily enough, it shouldn’t be too hard.

      Every female student in the game will use the same “base” model, but every one of them will have a unique appearance. Each student will have a unique combination of hair style, hair color, eye color, skin color, stocking length, stocking color, accessories, and bust size. Adult females, adult males, and male students will also each have a “base” model.

      • i think for the first bug he meant that if you just wait at the schoolgate for example until it is 15:30 or later, you can’t exit the school. The pink circle doesn’t show up at the schoolgate to go home, if you didn’t go to class this day.

  5. Found another bug(?) since you were saying
    “Yandere-chan can no longer use the “Pass Time” option if there are corpses on school grounds.”

    Yes the text to pass time is indeed not in PINK so normally it should not clickable…..but it still works even it should be not~

    To make it simpler here’s what I mean :
    Killed some random girl
    Another girl called police and timer showed up
    press enter bring the phone menu – pass time (yes it still works)

  6. I don´t know if that is a bug but here is the report:

    when you kill a npc not seen and then depoist the weapon, clothesand clean the blood , you are then clean.
    Then you let the dead npc stay on the ground until the time the other npc go home.

    The bug: The Npc ignore the dead body on the ground like is not there and
    they ignore the bloodstain too.

    • I don’t think they’re programmed to react to corpses yet. They do react to seeing you standing near one, though.

    • …that’s not a bug. The game is just incomplete.

      NPCs will eventually notice corpses one day. I won’t program NPCs to notice corpses until after I have implemented teachers. This is because an NPC’s reaction to a corpse is to run and tell a teacher.

  7. I can see some progress.
    Now after about minute of watching “now loading” screen, I can finally see my photos.
    So I don’t think the problem is in directory structure.
    Also I’m terribly sorry, because in the structure you told me (which is “E:\Unity Projects\YandereSimulator\Assets\Standard Assets”) there is “\”, as it is in polish structure. In the second comment you’ve said “/”, so I don’t know who was misunderstood. But I apologise, If it was my mistake.
    Also I have found second bug. When the photos finally load when I’m using corkboard and I’m trying to adjust one of them, I see no photo, so I can’t place it.
    It looks like that:

    Take care.

    • It’s very strange that the game takes a minute to load your photos. Maybe it also takes a minute to load the photo you are placing? That’s very strange. I wonder how I will be able to fix this bug…

  8. Excuse this if my comment was already posted, but if you go to class, one of the girls in the group starts spinning on her foot.

  9. Will blood on the ground stay as it currently is or behave differently on different surfaces? It makes the cleanup easier but it feels strange mopping up blood on grass.

    • The way the blood seems set up is that it is a picture on the ground that is made smaller when you press a mop against it. I can understand what you mean by mopping up blood from grass is strange but this is a debugger. A mop should work for most artificial surfaces (Except for cloth. Which I don’t know how much cloth/fabric will be featured in the game.) if there is cloth then you can make it where you have to wash it with a sponge or incinerate it. In regards to grass. You could modify the blood picture to be a little different, then make it to where you can’t mop it up. But it will slowly disappear over time on its own. Or if you implement weather. You could make it where the blood does not go away on grass unless it rains. I suppose you could dump the water bucket on the blood splotchs as well. But that sounds like a lot of running around. All of these are just suggestions.

  10. Pressing ESC after viewing a photo you have just taken (on the window asking to delete, save, etc.) causes the game to become blurry during normal gameplay. It can be returned to normal after right-clicking or entering a menu.

  11. Love this game idea.

    Silly question but I can’t figure out how to attack. I picked up a weapon, stood in front of the rival and tried every key I could think of.

    Which is the attack button?

    • You can’t kill the rival yet, for now they just stand there. You can kill the students by running up to them and pressing ‘F’.

  12. So, um, I kinda did this video in which I explain how to “install” Yandere Simulator. I kinda just made it because the question “how do i play the game” seemed to increase (might just be me imagining things)… Idk, maybe uh, people could watch it haha heres the link im just gonna drop it here and leave really fast byeeee

  13. I am impressed by all the progress you’ve made so far. I’m not sure if you’re still working on perfecting it, but I’ve noticed the pass time feature doesn’t actually affect the world very accurately yet. For example if immediately upon starting the day I pass time until 8:00, none of the other students have even reached the school building yet, when that normally takes them before 7:10. I imagine this might be a problem later if students have to be somewhere by a certain time.

    This isn’t strictly a bug, but if you’re already in a crouching position and want to change to crawling, it makes you return to standing first instead of just holding C again to crawl.

    I can’t use yandere vision while crouching, but I can crouch while using yandere vision, which causes it to get stuck on.

    Also not terribly urgent, but is there a way to make the class trail not show up in photographs? Considering it’s not a physical object.

    • Damn…you’re right about students moving slower when Pass Time is active. Man, that sucks. That sucks a lot.

      I’m not happy with how the game handles crawling. I’ll probably try and fix that by the next update.

      What you pointed out about Yandere Vision is definitely a legitimate bug, thanks!

      As for the class trail…it fades away automatically, so why not just wait for it to fade before snapping a picture?

  14. hi,i found a new bug.we can’t apologize when the students asking about the blood stain.the button first stuck on gossip,and the only one we can choose is ‘bye’.

    • I just tested this bug, and I was able to apologize for being spotted with bloody clothing.

      If the button was “stuck” on Gossip, then I have to ask, Are you using a program like Xpadder, JoyToKey, ControllerMate, or Scpserver? Programs like that will interfere with the game’s input recognition, and cause the game to get stuck at the interaction screen.

  15. Coll update! A lot of bug fixing, that’s what the bulk of Gamedev is, eh?
    Suggestion 1: I’m not sure how the police system works, but would it be possible to have a !POLICE EN ROUTE! alert when the cops are called, and knowing you only have 2 minutes before it’s game over (whether you can do anything about it or not)? It would be very hopelessly intense and frantic.
    Suggestion 2: I noticed the students have different figures now; at some point Info-Chan should be able to send you the measurements of the girls you take pics of.

    • I’m trying to decide if the police should actually check Yandere-chan’s phone. They might not be allowed to do that without a warrant. If they DO check the phone and see evidence that she’s been taking sexual pictures of minors, they might arrest her for that. Word would quickly spread throughout her school of her misdeeds, ruining her reputation. This would result in a game over.

      • They are allowed to check her phone IF they were called by a witness. Because then they have reason to believe that Yandere-chan was the culprit. If the police are called by the teacher they have no reason to file a warrant. Does that make sense?

      • Well. So long as you don’t leave any witnesses, you can make as many fun photographs as you want. And I don’t know if this is already implemented or not. But when you post a picture from your phone on the cork board in your room, you could be able to wipe your phone and still have the pictures to look at on your board for anything risky. If you want you could make it where you can save photo’s to your memory as well, so even if you know you will get caught you will still be able to keep the photos for memory.

      • This is a pretty good point. I’ll try to implement it this way in the final build, although this depends largely on how much power I have over copy+pasting / saving files in the user’s game directory.

  16. Sorry if someone already told you about this, or if I read over this, but on the Intel version, in Yandere-chan’s room, there appears to be a vignette-like effect that causes an enormous lag.
    Also, I can’t figure out how to run. I’m dumb, sorry.

  17. Only problem i keep having or happens quite often, is the other girls getting stuck in the stairs and start spinning like ballerinas. I have to run and bounce them off a couple of times until they are able to follow their original path.

    • I’m sorry, due to the really high number of bug reports I’m getting, I might have to start responding by just linking to this screenshot from the Downloads page of the blog…

  18. I am so excited for this game ❤ I love this concept, and I am looking forward to the next build. Do you think that you will be able to dismember the corpses in the next build, like in one of your earlier videos?

    • Maybe not in the next build, depending on how busy I am. Probably within the next two builds…I think. But I hate to make promises, since something else can always take priority and prevent my ability to implement a feature I said I’d implement sooner.

  19. I’m curious about how many clubs there will be. Also what clubs will they be? Like swimming, gardening, etc. Would joining a club fast forward the time like classes do?

    • It’s too early to say how many clubs there will be.

      These are just ideas, but…

      Martial Arts Club: Yandere-chan gains the ability to perform a (loud) Judo throw that can knock out a student.

      Sports Club: Yandere-chan can carry around a baseball bat without being considered suspicious.

      Gardening Club: Yandere-chan can carry around a pair of garden shears without being considered suspicious.

      Sewing Club: Yandere-chan has access to an unlimited number of clean uniforms.

      Photography Club: Yandere-chan has access to a camera superior to her phone’s camera, and is not considered suspicious when snapping photographs.

      Light Music Club: Yandere-chan has access to a guitar case, allowing her to transport corpses without being considered suspicious.

      Drama Club: Yandere-chan gains access to a mask / wig, allowing her to disguise herself when committing murders. (Can be balanced to not be overpowered.

      Computer Club: Yandere-chan gains the ability to remotely hack a student’s cell phone or computer, gaining access to embarassing information that can damage that student’s reputation.

      Track Team: Yandere-chan can run 50% faster.

  20. Oh my god this is so AWESOME!
    It’s been so long since I first came in contact with this game, and since I sent you those audio files! It’s amazing to see how your work is coming together.

    So many new concepts and ideas, it just keeps getting better and better ❤ I wish you could see how famous this is getting here in Brazil, I've seen people wanting to cosplay it already xD

    • Oh! I’m happy to see more Brazilians here! I have been following this game for quite a while now the last update when i first came here was the one from August 1 2014! I found this game when i was searching YouTube for videos on the Hentai game Artificial Academy! This is my first comment here! Nice to meet you everyone!

    • I’m wondering, are you still interested in the project as of 2022??
      I am pretty sure you won’t see this, but I’m asking just in case=))

    • The speedup button will not be included in the final version of the game, so none of the bugs involving that button concern me.

      The test environment will not be in the final version of the game, so any collision problems in the test environment don’t concern me, either.

  21. I’m not sure if I missed it somewhere, but how do you open up the smartphone interface? I can only seem to take pictures and that’s it. Sorry if it is somewhere and it blew over my head. Also, I find it very aesthetically appealing that the students line up in a sort of rainbow order, teehee.

  22. I’m really enjoying the game(*^ω^)
    But I’m having trouble taking pictures , press the nine key when using the camera , but I can not take any pictures . It is another button that performs the function ? (。• . •。)??
    Had a problem with the Q key that did not run its functions in the game, I had to change does command to another button.
    I think it would be really cool to be able to customize Yandere-Chan
    early in the game , so it does not return to its usual appearance When leaving your room! (≧◡≦)

    • Taking pictures with the camera is left mouse button + right mouse button. The “9” key shouldn’t interfere with this functionality.

      I’m really surprised to hear that the Q key wasn’t working for you, do you have a QWERTYUIOP keyboard?

      Yes, I’m planning on allowing the player to customize Yandere-chan.

      • Yes, my keyboard is QWERTYUIOP , I’m playing for computer laptop , my difficulty was trying to get out of pantsu cabinet and time to drag the bodies , actually pressing the Q Yandere-Chan did not perform any action , but to swap the functions of the button Q to another button I did not have these problems .
        Really be able to customize Yandere -Chan appearance of the will be very cool!
        It would also be interesting if each weapon had a way to kill , I think it would be really awesome if using the Katana Yandere -Chan could decapitate their rivals.

      • It’s super weird that you had to change the input of the “B Button” from the Q key to another key. I wonder why that is!

        I’d like for each weapon to have a unique killing animation, but that would require a volunteer animator, or a budget to pay an animator with.

  23. Do you have an idea on how you’re going to organize the weapon system when the game comes out? Because I have an idea of how you can

    • It will probably be as simple as possible.

      Yandere-chan can carry two concealable weapons on her person, carry one non-concealable weapon in her hands, and carry one non-concealable weapon in a case on her back.

  24. Sorry for bugging you like this, since it’s probably pretty time consuming to respond to a bunch of hypothetical questions about what the “final game” will be like, but will there be any advantage to carrying a non-concealable weapon on Yandere-chan’s person?

    • That is a good reason.

      The primary reason that I want to add lots of weapon types into the game is for variety.

      There is really no advantage to carrying around a large weapon that makes you look suspicious.

      In the final version of the game, I might come up with a good reason for why the player would want to use a specific non-concealable weapon rather than a concealable one.

  25. what if Yandere-chan becomes friend of the girl that likes senpai and then once she was enough relationship she can invite the friend to go somewhere and kill her without the school or anyone noticing them.

    Sorry for the bad english,hope you understand ;ww;

  26. I will be keeping an eye on this. After checking to confirm that Senpai’s gender can be chosen, and remembering how much I enjoyed the Shadow Warrior Viscera Cleanup Detail, I’m confident I’ll be investing in the final product. But only if it makes it to Steam.

    I recommend you avoid a subtitle. Those are just a good way of informing people that a given new game should be ignored.

  27. Hi!The game looks cool but i noticed a few bugs:
    -When i try to talk to someone, the only thing i can do is say “bye!”, not sure if you just didn’t implement the other actions in the game or what 😛
    -If when i start the game i go to the classroom before the girls have entered the yard, some of them will stay outside the gate but will still be counted as “in school”.
    -I just skipped all days until the last one and after i killed all the girls i still lost.
    Overall,this is a really interesting game and i hope you’ll manage to finish it! ^^
    Also, i installed the link using the link in the “download” section,does it automatically contain the debugs/patches?

  28. the only real bugs i could find where static mesh bugs. walls lockers etc. and there is a blackhole visible at the top of the final flight of stairs. probably just the clock

    But the biggest bug i found is that on Friday morning if you kill everyone then dispose of the murder weapon bodies and clothes but don’t get rid of all the blood you wont get caught by the police but the next day is Monday and it doesn’t say restart or anything. it just continues

  29. I don’t now this is a bug or the game is incomplete but when i kill somebody on the next day she lives again^^

    Sorry for my bad English

  30. An assassin’s creed style control would be nice. (Low/high profile actions)
    And reading from your comments earlier, non-concealable weapon could serve one function, to knockout npcs.
    Well, yanderedev, seeing from my username, you know I want to express my idea but the hassle of logging in, why you don’t start an anonymous ideabox somewhere?

    • I also thought about the low/high profile thing, but Yandere-chan’s actions are low or high profile based on her current level of Sanity, not the player’s input.

      Wow, do you have to log in to post things here? It’s been so long since I wasn’t logged in that I forgot about that. I’m sorry!

      You can always send me an e-mail if you want to share an idea.

    • you did say something about study points.
      Lets see.
      Chemistry: some kind of sleeping gas.
      Physics: I’m thinking of making throwing knife throw farther or trap enginnering.
      Biology: ?????? faster bloody kill (with judo, bloodless lethal kill??)

      Drama club shouldn’t be disguise, they read so many scripts and in my opinion, should be able to circulate gossip, or bringing two students into conflict.

  31. when i play i still don’t understand is that
    1.the target can’t be killed
    2. what is study point where to see it?
    3. the game always end up heart broken and the target is still survive
    4. the target didn’t move from there
    5. bugs like the student is circling at stairs
    6. i can only avoid the last day confession by killing and police come.

  32. It might be outside the scope, but I think it would be useful in general to have a shopping district, where you could waylay students on weekends and have some more advanced plots come to fruition. And other side areas like that. Anyway, if you did do that, it might be cool, depending on what sponsor logos you get, to work some into the bustling city life that ends up in that zone.

  33. Yanderedev, I don’t know how hard/ worthwhile it would be to add features like this in, but I do have a few ideas for the corkboard! I think a few of them could really help create the yandere feeling we’re all clamoring for.

    1.) Markers. Red markers we could use to draw scraggly, hatred-filled messages on images of our rivals, pink markers to draw hearts around Senpai’s face, and so on.

    2.) Some sort of scratching implement so we can scratch out our rival’s eyes.

    3.) The ability to rip photos. Tear those bitches right out of the frame! How dare they sully the picture you were taking of Senpai with their photo-bombing bullshit!

    4.) Tape, to stick trophies on the corkboard, should you be interested in such a thing. Perhaps you could clip a bit of hair off of a girl you’ve trapped in the basement (or even something more brutal, like a finger), and you could tape it to a picture of her on the corkboard.

    Again, I don’t know how hard these features would be to make, or if you would even be interested in doing something like this, but I wanted to throw in my two cents!

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