Yandere Simulator One-Year Anniversary

Hello, everyone! I usually only post updates on the 1st and 15th days of the month, but this is a special occasion. Today is the one-year anniversary of Yandere Simulator! As of today, the game has now been in development for one full year! Whoo hoo!

If you’re interested, you can read this thread to see how it all started: https://archive.moe/v/thread/237905321/ It’s interesting to compare and contrast the original vision of the game with how it’s currently turning out!

The game has been getting a lot of attention over the past month. This blog has gone from getting 100 views per day to getting over 73,000 views per day! The publicity is almost overwhelming, but I’m very happy that so many people like the concept of the game! I hope that I can meet everyone’s expectations!

April 1st is a day reserved for pranks and jokes, so the next serious Yandere Simulator update will be posted on April 2nd. The April 2nd blog post will have some polls that I’d like people to answer, some information for newcomers who don’t know much about the game, and advice for people who want to report bugs. Stay tuned!

(Of course, there’s nothing in the above paragraph that says there won’t be a post on April 1st…)

As always, I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone who has been providing me with support and encouragement as I’ve been developing the game! Thank you all so much!

This post might seem a bit short for a one-year anniversary post, but there’s honestly not much else to say, other than that I appreciate all of you…and I can’t wait to see your reactions to the next update! See you soon!

38 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator One-Year Anniversary

  1. Happy birthday! It’s uncanny that I just published my 2nd and funniest Yandere Similator video on my YouTube channel today. And my first YouTube anniversary is in 2 days time. Once again, respect with all the hard work you’re putting into this game. Without doubt it will pay off for you. This game is 100 times better than FNAF and will inevitably become even more viral. Ps. Link to my new Yandere video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HxjBZ5KHYY

  2. I’ve been following your progress since sometime last summer and I think what you have accomplished so far is awesome.

  3. Just heard about this game today, played the test build and I’m liking it so far! I’m hoping to see more RPG style elements but from what I can tell you’re planning on implementing them, which is great!

    Don’t let any negative publicity get your down, people need to learn that if they don’t like something they should just not look at it, I’ll be bookmarking this and if you plan on releasing a game you have a sale from me!

  4. Saw this on pewds channel, did a bit of research, bookmarked the home page. I look forward to the finished project. Ill decide if I want to put a little money on it after your next feature based update.

  5. Hey YanDev, will there be a super popular girl in the game whose panty shots have more value? ( she could always walk with 2 girls too as she is the super popular to make it harder)

      • Why would the school have a low number of students for the idea? You don’t have to make a detailed scale. a three point scale could work. 75% of the girls have average. 20% could have above average, and 5% of the girls have superb panties that have appropriate values. Is it difficult to maintain a balance like that with more people? Also, a thought came to me for further down the road if you get lots of funding support. Is it possible to add different sizes of schools? Perhaps it could be one of the options at the start of the game where you pick a school you go to. Your options being like Tokyo High School for a large school. Suburban Public School (Or whatever random school name you want to give it.) for a medium size school. Then a Private School options for a small school? It would not necessarily have to change the school itself. But change the amount of students.

      • Well I did not mean their had to be multiple schools at once. Simply that it would be an excuse to adjust the amount of students in the single school you render, so people with higher specs could run a game with more students and people with lower specs could run with less. also if the idea interested you, you could make another type of person you can meet at school “Delinquents” which is a group of three students or so from your school or another school that automatically start off with a bad reputation that hang around after school (When other people would normally leave) and roam the grounds or something? Could add some variety and challenge to the idea of getting rid of bodies after school if you get caught by a delinquent.

      • Thanks for replying, the idea could be that girls that are popular on the school would have panties with higher value, you could make it harder to get a photo on then by them walking with other girls most of the time. For example, every boy would want a panty shot of the most beautiful girl of the school it would have high value, but she would always be walkin around with other girls or being the center of attention, making it harder to get a panty shot.

  6. You’ve come this far on one year only, and I must say that you certainly live up to my expectations, well, actually you always go ten steps above what I expect…! The passion and dedication you have poured into the game in all this time needs to be recognized and admired! I hope the game turns out like you want it to be in the end! Congratulations on the 1 years anniversary! Good luck and fortune from now on until forever!

  7. Been following this since who knows. I’m glad to see the game is getting updates on a consistent basis. I can’t wait to play the demo version at least. ^^

  8. Greeting from Hong Kong. All I would like to say is thank you, your game is really wonderful! Looking forward to your final product!

  9. You have my purchase if kidnapping and psychological torture becomes a thing. Muhu muhahaha muhahahahahahaaa!!! >:3

  10. hey yandere dev i’m from /v/ i just want to say that you should not take what they say too personally and good luck ion your project

    • Hmm.

      It’s not a matter of “Boo hoo, the mean anons are hurting my feelings!” it’s a matter of “Wow, there are literally no posts in this entire thread worth reading or responding to.” I think it would be more prudent for me to invest my time in working on Yandere Simulator rather than participate in threads where only 10% of the posts are on-topic or worth reading.

      • As you become more popular it is a sad inevitability that it will become more difficult to stay in touch with your dedicated fans. People new to the subject who may not be accustomed to anime stereotypes or Japanese culture will express their negative opinions and they can be just as loud and talkative as your supporters. While popularity is good for your business and I hope you get lots of it, if you become a successful with this game I doubt we would be able to converse as easily as we do now. But we all like games and there are people out there who do support the creation of good and interesting games such as the one you are creating now and want to offer their support in bug fixing and suggestions. For now you could simply remove any posts if they seem detrimental to the comment board. But you may want to switch to a like and dislike based system in the future so that users can filter out what is important and what isn’t whenever you become much more popular. While I am somewhat late to the party. I am glad I discovered Yandere simulator and congratulate you on your anniversary! ❤

  11. I’m not sure if this is a bug or intentional, but several times while playing the game, after committing a murder and getting rid of all the evidence, and not being seen by anyone, there’s no police investigation and the person just comes back the next day.

    Great game! Honestly, this game would be great as just a school life simulator, but the added benefit of Yandere just makes this even more fun. 😀

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