Photography, Info-chan, Yandere Vision, and Yandere-chan’s Room

If you want to download the latest debug build, click here! The next build will be uploaded on April 2nd.

These two videos will show you most of the progress that I’ve made over the past two weeks:

If you’d like to know all of the details, here’s a more thorough change-log:


  • You can now take pictures with Yandere-chan’s smartphone camera.
  • The smartphone can zoom in and zoom out when taking pictures.
  • You can save up to to 25 pictures taken with the camera.
  • You can view and delete pictures from the pause screen.
  • You can use a picture of Senpai to restore lost Sanity.


  • If you send Info-chan a picture of a student’s face, she will provide you with useful information about that student.
  • If you send Info-chan a picture of a student’s face, you will be able to track that student with “Yandere Vision”.
  • You can send panty shots to Info-chan, and she will remember who you have taken a panty shot of.
  • You can use your phone to open up the menu that will allow you to request favors from Info-chan.
  • You can’t actually request favors from Info-chan yet; you can only look at the menu.
  • Info-chan has a response when sent pictures of blood and corpses.
  • Info-chan also has a response when sent pictures of Senpai.

Yandere-chan’s Home

  • The flow of the game is now: Calendar > Home > School > End-Of-Day Results > Repeat
  • It’s possible to decorate a cork-board with pictures you’ve taken.
  • It’s possible to view a panty-changing interface.
  • It’s possible to view a shrine to Senpai.
  • If you’re getting a low frame-rate in Yandere-chan’s room, press the “0” key to disable all post-processing effects.

Other Progress

  • Added the ability to pass time by attending class. The screen where you allocate “Study Points” and level up your abilities is not yet implemented. Also, the teachers don’t care if you attend class while bloody, armed, insane, or dragging a corpse.
  • If you are covered in blood and try to start a conversation with a student who has not yet noticed the blood on your clothing, the student will react to the blood instead of having a conversation with you.
  • If you apologize to a student for being bloody and end the conversation, the student will wait 5 seconds before reacting to the blood on your clothing again.
  • Attempted to fix the bug that could cause a student to become “attached” to Yandere-chan when trying to murder multiple students in a row.
  • If the player is using the “Pass Time” feature when the cops arrive, the speed of time will return to normal.
  • It is now possible to exit the pause screen by pressing the “B” button on gamepad, or “Q” on keyboard.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the weapon menu and dialogue menu to appear onscreen at the same time.
  • It is now possible to stop the “Pass Time” feature by pausing the game while time is passing.
  • The student NPCs now socialize with one another before class and during lunch.
  • Attempted to improve collision detection in the school (still not perfect).
  • Attempted to improve the “evil maniacal cackling” animation…again.
  • Changed the smartphone graphic at the pause screen.
  • Added crouching and crawling.
  • Added a new easter egg! This one is not mapped to a button on the keyboard; it involves photography…can you find it?

New Page For Latest Download

You’ll notice a new link at the top of the blog: “Downloads”. That page is where you will find a link to the latest debug build of the game, and the current control scheme for the game. I’ll be going through old blog posts and removing older builds of the game so that nobody ever accidentally downloads an ancient build. I’ve also been updating the FAQ over time.

I’m certain that within a few hours, people will discover tons of bugs in the new build. I will upload a new build whenever a significant number of bugs have been fixed, so if you think the newest build is unplayable because of too many bugs, keep checking back for a fixed update!

Thanks and Appreciation

Yandere Simulator has been getting a ton of attention lately! I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone who has been spreading the word about the game. Thank you, YouTube Let’s Players! Thank you, journalists and bloggers! Thank you, South Korean dude who translated every single one of my videos into Korean! You’re all awesome!

Of course, my biggest thanks go to the people supporting the game via Patreon. Without their contributions, I would not be able to afford to spend so much of my time working on Yandere Simulator. You have my deepest gratitude!

Next Update

I usually update this page on the 1st and 15th days of every month. April 1st is the anniversary of the game’s development, but it is also a holiday reserved for pranks, so the next update will be delayed until April 2nd.

157 thoughts on “Photography, Info-chan, Yandere Vision, and Yandere-chan’s Room

  1. I’ve noticed a few bugs in this build:

    1) The “spinning students on the stairs”-bug is back, in case you didn’t know… Usually occurs if you go to class while the students are talking on the first floor. I can get them to walk normally if I repeatedly walk into them or walk a certain distance and back. If I walk away for a bit and walk back, I will find the spinning students still on the stairs, but instead of spinning, they have frozen, and if I walk close, the student will start walking, sometimes she will walk normally, other times she will start spinning again.

    2) It’s impossible to get a panty shot unless the girls are talking in a circle and even if you’re literally between the legs of your, ahem, victim, it’s really hard to get a panty shot that the games approves of.

    3) I don’t exactly know if this counts as a bug, but when Yandere-san is in her room and all the effects are off (you know, when the player presses “0”), and I look at the cork board, then exit it, the effects come back on.

    4) If the game crashes, it will advance a day when you start it again.

    5) I killed a student at one of the upper floors, blood went under the stairs, no problem, because you already know about that, the problem is that I got rid of the corpse, the bloody clothes AND the murder weapon (of course I couldn’t clean up the blood, since it was under the stairs), and when I went home, it said that a teacher found a bloody weapon instead of puddles of blood… Weird, considering how I actually got rid of everything else besides the blood.

    Anyway, good luck with the game. I’m always impressed by your progress every time you upload a new build!

  2. Would you consider making an option to kidnap and imprison Senpai for one of the endings if he doesn’t accept Yandere-chan’s feelings? Assuming you do implement the kidnap and brainwash scenario for other classmates.

    • If the player has ever gotten into a state where Senpai would not accept her confession, that’s a game over. If the player has made it to the end of the game, then it means that Senpai would be able to accept her confession.

      • This is a really stupid question, but how do I take out my smartphone? Ive looked it up and it says to press LT, but when I do, all it does is give me the trail. Ive looked at so many videos and websites, but none show me how to take out the smartphone and take the pictures correctly. Its very frustrating. It may be because I have a Mac? I dont know honestly. If you could respond that would be amazing! Thanks so much.

  3. good build so far, id like to see maybe a perk system with the senpai shrine. maybe if you had a combination of certain things like shown in the room it could give rep or affection bonuses

  4. whoever is planning on using a PS4 controller and is using scpserver you’ll need to remap the controls due to the controller reading the touch pad as a button / the motion sensing as a button which causes glitches as some have stated due to that the ps4 as a controller is really sensitive

  5. I’d love to see you add a school bookstore where you can buy small items to help change the gameplay. The bookstore could have things like sweets, thumbtacks, needles, scissors, permanent marker etc. These can be used… say sweets, if given to a person can help improve your reputation a bit, but sweets + needles turns it into a psychological weapon which you can leave in a rival’s locker to keep them from spreading rumours about you. The marker can be used to help restore sanity by writing senpai’s name in a bath stall or something.. or you could use it to vandalize a rival’s desk. Scissors to cut up rival uniforms (when they are in gym class)

  6. one of the best simulator I ever played and I’m waiting more builts and the final ver too. I hope you could add these things too or atleast some of these

    1) After you get prisoned, you could play on prison stage where you need escape if police catches you, its game over

    2) On weekends you could call to your Senpai if she/he could come to visit your house or you could visit her/his house. And you could do stuff together like studying, talking, playing and so on.

    3) All senpais would have different personality like cold, shy, evil, good, etc. (And you would find out his/her personality when you have been with him/her long enough.)

    4) You could take selfie.

    5) Someone of the Senpai would fall in love with you, if he sees you are killing people

    6) You could write a love letter to your senpai

    7) Unlockables (This would make the game even more addictive. Like you could unlock new costumes, hairs, panties and new clothes for your senpai too. And to unlock them would be something like “Kill 10 students”, “Don’t get arrest by 1 week”, “Get noticed by Senpai” etc.)

    It would be cool if you could do even one of these but I understand that you are busy and the game making takes its time.

  7. Why is there a “Seduce” option when talking to people? Yandere-chan’s world revolves around Senpai, right?

    • “Seduce” would be used to manipulate a student into doing what you want them to do. It’s deception. Yandere-chan doesn’t actually want anyone else to love her.

    • Oh and have several question for the future finished game:

      1. Will the school be bigger or stays it the size like in the debug version?

      2. Will the school have multiple rooms with multiple functions?
      (like that the npc had a “accident” in kitchen room or optimal weapons)

      3. will be there another dispose place and not the incurbenator only?

      I wish you luck with your project, that it will succusfull.

      • 1. I think that the final school should be MUCH bigger.
        2. The final school should have many different types of rooms.
        3. I’d like to include several different ways to dispose of dead bodies.

      • Thank for the answer and I found another bug:

        When you activate the incurbenator and then go to class, the timer of the incurbinator stays the same. (As like you going to class at the beginning)

        And I want ask somenthing about the Katana animation, will it in future change
        or stay like in debug version?
        I ask this because i find the animation somenthing awkward for the katana with the neck stab.

      • Thanks for reminding me about the incinerator!

        I currently only have one attack animation. I’d like to include a wide variety of attack animations in the final version of the game.

  8. The new camera is cool, it’s awesome to see the progress you’ve made with it. Weirdly though, it seems to cut my FPS in half whenever I pull it out for some reason. Walking near Senpai does as well. Everything else runs at 60 consistently.

  9. You know we’re mental, bub, I’m pretty sure most people here would love for that idea to happen (especially if it was shown on screen). It does seem rather balanced, since doing that would require actually kidnapping someone, and then taking a day out of the week to break someone. Still, I guess that could be a rival auto-kill. What about this?

    1. If the command ordered to a brainwashed student is to kill someone, there is a fixed chance of them actually completing it. The chance is based on the previous personality a brainwashed student had. After all, someone cowardly would most likely be weaker, than someone who seeks out a fight.

    2. You can train the brainwashed student in the school’s gym to increase the chance of succeeding. However, you’d have to basically escort them there, preventing anyone from talking to the student.

    3. If the student fails, you will receive information about that through an on-screen message. The one that would pop up the most often would be that due to swift reactions of the school, the teachers manage to grab the student before he/she can do any harm. The student gets arrested, and a day is wasted.

    [ONLY IN THE HIGHEST DIFFICULTY DUE TO GAME OVER] Sometimes, another message will pop up instead. The message would be dependant on the personality. They’d most likely be the student breaking out before managing to do any harm. For example, the cowardly personality would fall to his/her knees and start crying. The police would be contacted soon after. They’d have difficulty interrogating her because she can barely say a sentence between her cries, but they’d get enough information to connect the dots. Yandere-chan would get arrested. Senpai would never notice her now. In case of the justice personality, the sheer desire for justice breaks him/her out of the mindwash. The student explains exactly what happened to the teachers, and later to the police. Yandere-chan would get arrested. Senpai would never notice her now.[/done]

    But yeah, I think that this would give the idea a risk-reward possibility. Still, what I mentioned should be used on the higher difficulties. Keep it a 100% chance on at least the easiest difficulty.

    Also, I personally hope there’ll be a sandbox mode, where I can have an infinite amount of brainwashed students. The joy of leading a mindwashed army, which I received by mentally torturing it, to get Senpai…! YES!

    PS. For curiosity’s sake, what would the mental tortures be?

    • Those are some very intriguing ideas! To be honest, many of those suggestions may be a bit too ambitious for me to attempt to implement. I’d like to give the player lots of options, but still keep things relatively simple and straightforward, so that this game doesn’t take years to develop, and remains something that one man can produce.

      I haven’t decided what the mental torture would be. It might be something that happens “off screen” or when the screen is obscured.

  10. Do you think you might make it possible for attacking someone to fail? An example, you murder a student with scissors who was talking to another girl. This other girl who witnessed the murder is a part of the Martial Arts Club. Unless you yourself are a part of the martial arts club, or unless you get a bigger weapon (Like the katana) you would be unable to best her in a battle. So she would become immune to getting killed. She would then be able to run away and because of the murder would be on alert around you. Meaning she could not be killed by murder (But can still be taken down through other means. Like reputation) I thought might counter the idea of just running in and killing everybody and add a bit more challenge. Another idea is for people who are in track (Dunno if you will have track as a club) will run away faster. Making it difficult to catch up to them unless you are in track yourself (Or wearing the appropriate panties)

    • I do think that students in clubs should have specific buffs. The Martial Arts buff sounds like a good idea, but if it would require specific animations, then I can’t promise it without a dedicated volunteer animator or a budget that allows me to pay animators.

      • Animations, at least to me don’t matter as much as the gameplay. If you wanted as a place holder you could just have an “IMMUNE” pop up on the bottom of the screen if you tried to kill her or something.

      • What if I include the “Immune” pop-up, then the game gets funded, but I don’t have enough money for “deflect weapon” animations? Then the “Immune” pop-up has to be removed from the final version of the game because in the end, I didn’t have the funding for it.

        I won’t include any feature I don’t already have assets or funding for.

      • Girls already make a blocking option in game. So a cheapo way to do it could just be for her not to die when she gets hit head on.

      • I see your point. I wish I could animate and help you somehow. I know games often get away with poor animation in return of gameplay like minecraft. But the bar for that games animation quality is not very high. Meanwhile you have a fairly smooth animated game such as yours and the lack there of animations would seem even more out of place. I just think it would be a good feature if you can get around to it. The track team members being able to run faster should be more possible right? As normally that is just a numerical value you can change.

        I am guessing you are able to at least more easily implement actions that don’t require animations? I think there is also some scape goats you can use with graphical displays as well isn’t there? What if instead of showing the martial artist you attack parry, you had one of those stereotypical fighting game/comic book bubbles pop up that says “Blocked”? It would cover the center of the screen where the person you attacked is. Leaving what had happened behind the bubble up to the imagination and still accomplish the same task without requiring animation. It may sound cheesy. But I have seen it in Manga and a few Japanese style games before.

        You mentioned the possibility of maybe adding a computer in Yandere-chans room didn’t you? To stalk senpai online? Well there is also a computer club. That got me thinking. What would happen if you get a justice seeker in the computer club who catches you doing murder and you have a computer? Sounds like a potential way to get your reputation lowered around school via online or to hinder your ability to use a computer.

        Anywho I do think it is awesome how connected you are with your community! How even a simple boy like me can get noticed by senpai game developer XD I hope that even if none of my ideas are of any use to you. I at least am supporting you and letting you know that your game is absolutely awesome from what I have seen thus far. It sounds like it will be shorter. But the replay ability very high.

  11. While I have not downloaded and played this version yet, I do have a small suggestion for you.

    When you kill someone, blood begins to seep onto the floor. But if you drag the body, the blood is dragged round with it.

    So what if you just left the body there for all the blood to seep out so you wouldn’t have to clean the trail of blood that you made, but the longer you leave the body there, the more blood will begin to seep out.

    • A little addition in regards to blood. When I whip out the Katana and absolutely massacre all of the students in front of school, there is blood everywhere. And when I am dragging the dead bodies around. They will doubtlessly be dragged through another persons pool of blood. In that case is it possible to have the blood smear if you drag a dead body through another pile of blood? It could act similar to when you walk through a puddle of blood yourself on with bodies and smaller pools of blood instead of footprints. Dunno. That may be too hard to code. But I agree with Sonic’s suggestion as well, to allow them to bleed out without having to move them. (Again, unsure of how difficult this stuff is to code)

  12. Found a couple bugs:

    – If you end a conversation with a student and pause the game while the camera pans away from the “conversational view” over Yandere-chan’s shoulder, the game softlocks. You can move the camera and open the pause menu, but you cannot move at all and the pass time option is not selectable. Happens on both Keyboard + Mouse and gamepad.

    – While using a gamepad, the weapon wheel only goes away if you select a weapon. Selecting “unarmed” from the weapon wheel (i.e. push left/right and then down on the Dpad) does make you unarmed, but the menu still stays on screen until you pick a weapon.

  13. Ya! Ghost-desu.
    I “discovered” this game about three days ago at Sankaku Complex and have to say: I’m loving this game! (*≧▽≦)
    I did a test in a random site and the result said that I’m Yandere. Maybe that’s why I liked this game a bit more than I should… Just kidding, that’s a great game!
    I was about to ask if Senpai could be a girl (because I’m a Yuri fan), but I read the FAQ and watched your videos so I already have the answer, and loved YanSim even more (^ω^).
    Unfortunately, I can’t support you for now, but if the chance appear, I’ll help (but just with money, I don’t have programming abilities yet). (⊙﹏⊙)

    Well, I think its all I have to say, once more, great game! Looking forward for the final version. Too bad I can’t play trial versions. (πーπ)

    Sorry for any error or anything… Bad english ( ゚д゚)

  14. @yanderedev Seriously you can change your panties but not your shoes or leggings? :’)

    Just kidding, but that would be a nice add imho! (anyway, it’s weird having leggings where all other girls have normal socks)

  15. Okay I saw the clubs in this video, and if Yandere-chan is able to join clubs, I was able to think of some benifits from some of them.

    Martial Arts – Pretty straight forward, Yan is able to do hand to hand combat easier, also any boy seduced in this club who has a crush on Yan will be able to beat up any love rivals for her, somewhat a form of blackmail.

    Gardening – Yan is able to take gardening tools as weapons without anyone arguing and, with a high enough biology score, can poison any food she grows and sneak it into the cafeteria/a students lunch (however the school works.) This would also involve stealing some sort of poison from biology/a pharmacy/the nurses office and a syringe from one of those places.

    Photography – The ability to snap a picture of any student’s face with their consent. Also you could print out photos of couples and stuff which would earn money, boost your reputation, and let you know who is dating who so if your love rival had a crush on ____ you couldn’t set them up with that person/ you would have to make that couple break up somehow.

    Computers – The ability to go onto onto Senpai’s social media profiles and stalk him, making any unethical action done ____ minutes/hours after that club have less of a sanity decrease. You could also, after mastering the hacking skill, hack onto you love rival’s account and make them post something unethical/vulgar/racist ect. This would trick Senpai into not liking this girl. Also it could only be done every so often due to after mastering it it would be too easy to eliminate love rivals.

    Music – Yan can take cases to store bodies/kidnapped victims without anyone questioning it. Also Yan can serenade a boy causing him to have a crush on her (so that they may do small “chores” for you), and certain instruments could be used as weak weapons.

    Those are just ideas, and maybe you could add the Occult club or something (depending on how realistic the game will be.)

  16. Oh, “using” the “pictures” of Senpai to restore your sanity?

    In other words… “relieving the stress”?

    ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

  17. Would Senpai’s house be part of the final map? Because Yandere-chan went there at least once so it would be cool to go there to steal something or take pictures of him.

  18. I keep trying to take photos using the camera on my laptop, and although using the right button gets the camera up, the left button won’t work when it comes to actually taking the photo. Do you have an idea of what I can do?

  19. So I have a problem with making photos in the game. I live in germany and i guess my keyboard is a little different or something, so don’t matter what I press I can’t make photos (panty-shots and stuff). Is there a way that this can be fixed?

  20. i am having a bit of trouble with the camera. i joined the photography club but i cant figure out how to zoom in or out. i am playing on the september 15th build and i am playing on a dell laptop. not sure if that makes a difference

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