Happy Halloween!

Hello! I’ve got a big, biiiiig blog post for you today! But, before that, it’s time for a…

…so, besides a couple of dancing skeletons, what is a “Spooktacular”? It’s an event where I release a horror-themed minigame!

Well, now it’s 2020…and, just like the previous two years, I’ve been too busy working on the core game to spend any time producing a horror-themed minigame. I feel so sad about that!

However, just like back in 2018,Once again, AMZE has recently developed a very spooky minigame that definitely deserves to be in the spotlight this Halloween – so that will be the star attraction of this year’s Spooktacular!

It is my pleasure to announce…

…Yandere no Sutoka!

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October 17th Bug-Fixing Build

There were a few bugs with the stalker house in the previous build, so I decided to release an update that resolves the issues.

To see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this illustration of Osana by moodixie, drawn in a very familiar art style!

In case you don’t recognize it, I’ll fill you in: moodixie drew Osana in the art style of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure! It’s absolutely fascinating to me to see someone draw Osana using the Jojo aesthetic!

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October 16th Bug-Fixing Build

Remember when I said that the number of new bugs in a build is directly proportional to the number of changes in that build? Well, since the previous build was exceptionally large, a few new bugs were created. Fortunately, a new build is available with those issues resolved!

To see a list of everything that got fixed in the latest version of the game, please scroll down past this beautiful portrait of Osana by Xija Saikou!

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October 15th Very Large Update

Whenever I update the game, I usually categorize the update as either a “Bug-Fixing Build” or a “Minor Improvement Build” – but occasionally, a build will defy either of those categories, and I’ll feel compelled to give it a special name. This is one of those occasions!

This new build contains 60 differences from the previous build, which means that it’s six times the size of a normal update! The previous record for “highest number of changes in a single build” was 42 differences – which, by sheer coincidence, was also released on October 15th. In short, I’m telling you that this new build is officially the largest Yandere Simulator update ever! (Excluding the Osana update, of course.)

To read a list of all the fixes, changes, additions, and improvements in the latest build, scroll down past this chilling artwork by nxxxhni!

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What’s currently being worked on? What’s next? When’s the next rival?

Hi! According to this roadmap, we are currently in “Stage 4” of Yandere Simulator’s development, moving towards “Stage 5.” But, what specifically am I working on right now, what are the next updates / videos going to be about, and when will the next rival be released? In this blog post, I’ll answer all of those questions in as much detail as possible!

To get started, scroll down below this adorable artwork by yukipenguin!

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