Mid October 2017 Progress Report

The latest build contains a total of 42 fixes, changes, and additions – I can’t recall any other time when a build contained such a drastic number of differences from the build that came before it!

In my newest video, I highlight some of the noteworthy aspects of the latest build, and also discuss some topics that I’ve been yearning to talk about:

Click “Continue Reading” to see a list of everything that is new in the latest build!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • “Missing Person” posters will now appear in school after a character goes missing. To see what it would look like if numerous characters all went missing simultaneously, open the debug menu, hold down the shift key, and press the “Z” key.
  • The school nurse is now a “real” character; she can be distracted by noises, she notices Yandere-chan’s behavior, she can apprehend Yandere-chan, she can be killed, she is replaced if she dies, etc.
  • The “Change Persona” mirror is functioning properly again (although it’s still only used for testing purposes, and not attached to a proper-implemented gameplay mechanic yet).
  • If the player is playing a “Clean All Blood” mission in Mission Mode, cleans all blood, and then spills NEW blood, the player will now be required to clean up the new blood.
  • Fixed bug in Mission Mode that would cause the “Clean All Blood” criteria to be met immediately upon a character’s death, before the character had a chance to bleed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Midori to carry her smartphone in her hand during cleaning time and hold two smartphones simultaneously while waiting for class to begin.
  • Text during the end-of-day police investigation sequence will now list dead characters with proper grammar (with commas, instead of repeating the word “and”).
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to walk in place if they arrived at their seats after class began but before their own teacher had arrived in class.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the school day to end prematurely if a pair of shoes was on the school rooftop at the time when Yandere-chan went to class.
  • Yandere-chan’s hair and accessories are now disabled when aiming her camera, so that large hair / accessories don’t block first-person view anymore.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to get stuck in “Yandere Vision” if the player was killed by Nemesis while Yandere Vision was active.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan’s smartphone to get stuck onscreen if she was aiming the smartphone when she was tazed.
  • Midori now wears green socks instead of green stockings, because there was already someone at school wearing green stockings.
  • A student who is late to class (or in danger of being late to class) will now run to class instead of walk slowly to class.
  • The Kidnapped victims in Yandere-chan’s basement will now wear the same shoes they were wearing when they were kidnapped.
  • A mop will now display the text “Dip In Bucket First!” if the player is trying to use a mop without wetting it first.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a kidnapped victim’s pinky finger to bend backwards during the pre-torture animation.
  • Students will now react differently to compliments from Yandere-chan depending on Yandere-chan’s reputation.
  • Kidnapped female students now have a different sitting animation after the first time you’ve tortured them.
  • Fixed bug with the radio that would cause the radio’s text label to fail to update when it was being used.
  • It is now possible to choose a mind-broken slave’s target; Kokona is no longer the only possible target.
  • The headmaster now has voiced reactions to seeing Yandere-chan wearing a cardboard box in his office.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Oka to stop performing a “shy” animation if the Occult Club disbanded.
  • The Headmaster’s office and Counselor’s office are no longer using temporary placeholder assets.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan’s head to bob in a strange way when using Hairstyle 15.
  • Gym teachers can now spawn with pale skin, and are no longer exclusively limited to tan skin.
  • Fixed bug that caused male bandanas to have crazy cloth physics compared to female bandanas.
  • Fixed graphical bug with the “disable second camera in first person mode” debug command.
  • Fixed bug that would make Yandere-chan immune to being tazed while she was laughing.
  • The player can now get a game over for having a low reputation when class begins.
  • Fixed the little gap between the mythical tree hill and the ground beneath it.
  • Yandere-chan’s bedroom is no longer using any temporary placeholder assets.
  • Yandere-chan will now turn to face the Headmaster when he is tazing her.
  • Added sakura petals to the ground around trees that shed sakura petals.
  • The headmaster will now react when seeing Yandere-chan wearing a mask.
  • The player will now lose reputation points for being late to class.
  • Oka’s arms will no longer clip into her desk when she is in class.
  • The Art Room is no longer using any temporary placeholder assets.
  • The player will now hear a sound effect when equipping a weapon.
  • Minor miscellaneous code optimizations to improve framerate.
  • Replaced Cyborg Ninja energy sword attack sound effect.
  • Added a new accessory for Yandere-chan.

What’s next?

Because the Osana confession animations were about 99% finished the last time I saw them, I’m pretty sure there’s not much work left to be done on them. I think it’s likely that the Osana confession cutscene will be done in the very near future, and will be the focus of my next video.

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

72 thoughts on “Mid October 2017 Progress Report

  1. You should implement some mathematical exercises that the user needs to successfully solve in order to start the game. This way, you will prevent 9-year-old children from playing the game. Think of integrals, differentials, probability calculations etcetera. Adults can solve them; children can’t.

      • not if they randomly generated tho XD
        i dont know if this really is a god idea tho… there is such tings 9 year olds that can math, and 30 year olds that can not.
        buuut, then again making people learn math is a great ting 😛

        also this should be the parents responsibility not the developers.

    • Thats a dissension the parents make. So maybe in the setting there is parental controls where the parents can prevent the kids from getting into it or they can just let it be and let the kids play it. As much as I hate little kids playing it thats not our choice to decide if they can play it or not

      • Parental controls might be a great idea, especially if there are any plans to expand the game and make it available for ALL players, not just people who own a PC. (NOTE: I have not heard Yandere Dev EVER say that he intends to extend what system Yandere Sim can be played on to include more gaming systems such as the PS4 and Xbox or even Mac computers) It would keep children who should not be playing this game from doing so. And it would do so by placing the responsibility on the parents, which is where it should be.

    • A math test oO ?!? Come on !!! Would it still a game after that? I don’t wanna do some school work to play a game. And what for people who hate maths (I’m 21 but nothanks for the stats). Just place your peggy 18 stick and let us play!

    • Are you stupid?! No one will play the game if it has mathematical questions in order to access the game! It’s just effort, not one game, like COD, Final Fantasy, Overwatch et cetera have this! Plus, the “Nine year old kids” that play the isn’t Yandere-Dev’s problem, it’s their parents, Yandede-Dev is not responsable for the people who play his game, he has a warning at the beginning of the game, that is all he needs legally.

    • The thing is, some countries, like mine (Hungary) doesn’t teach integrals, differentials or calculus until college. Not to mention that in my experience, people tend to forget even basic math if they don’t use it at least monthly. (or really, anything, not just math) Remember how the internet was blown up by this: 6/3(1+2)=? It would be Leisure Suit Larry all over again.

    • Just because you don’t like kids playing this game, there’s no reason for yanderedev to add something that will decrease his fan-arts, etc. that will also ”force” something that their own parents can do if they want to.

    • A lot of adults can’t solve them either, but that’s not the real issue. It’s not up to YandereDev to control people’s children.

    • I can see where your coming from, but if Yandere Dev where to implement that as a final feature, kids wouldn’t want to play the game because they would deem it as a “13+ educational game”, not as a “sleathy fun” kind of game. P.s.s. Don’t say “Parents” just say “Adult” or “Guardian”

      • Whatever the fuck is this commentsection. If their parents want to make sure they view content for their age they have to install parental control software. No one’s gonna censor their content because there are kids on the internet.

        Sorry are you guys special needs or what makes you come up with this crap

    • its not yandere dev’s fault if parents don’t have proper supervision of their children and kids play the game. no one would play a game with math in it for fun

    • Adil Steenbergen my younger sister is 9 years old and she loves this game like I do because she got used to the murder, panty shots, stalking etc. and it’s stupid to put educational stuff in a stealth game cause then it would be freaking boring and stressful.

      P.S kids can just google the answers

      • It should concern you that your 9 year old sister is desensitized to murder, panty shots, and stalking…

    • What would this solve? It is the parents responsibility and not a game developers. This game will most likely have the M for Mature rating in the final game. This is a stealth game where you sabotage a young man’s love live, not a Everyone 10+ educational problem solver. It is the parents fault that they bought the game. Most parents don’t bother to read the back of a game cover to see what it’s all about. This is why kids have GTA 5, COD, etc. So don’t be surprised if there isn’t a parental filter. Think twice before you say something cause you took half of the comments attention so they can tell you this is a stealth game. You wasted my time so I could waste 5 minutes of my time to use my fingers typing this just for you. Hope you are happy now for you to realize that such a stupid idea wouldn’t work. You are also assuming that all children are idiots and they will magically be more smarter and intelligent by age 18 Bye, thank you for wasting my time.

      • Dude, you wasted your own time. Tens of people have pointed out the flaws, you did not have to comment, you didn’t have to type shit. You could’ve moved on and not bitched, “Wah, I didn’t like your passive comment and I decided to respond for 5 minutes! YOU wasted MY time, despite having the free will to choose! Wah!” Get over it.

  2. It makes me glad everytime he states “this build has the largest amount of changes than any previous build.” He’s said it like 5 other times in the past and each time we all get excited to see all the changes!

  3. My first comment on yandere sim page(i didnt make an account) it need it sound good …hmmm…oh i know.
    Yandere dev i love your game i played it for like 3 years and i enjoy it even more hope this game will be finishes fast but i know it hard so go yan dev you’re the best

    • You can edit your setting with the phone and if you take off the outlines, lower the Draw Distance, lower the Aliasing, and take off the bloom and shadows, it should run just fine! It works for my laptop.

  4. This build is great! But I have come across a heck of a lot of bugs and glitches in this build.
    I’ll put a few of them here, as I feel these should be fixed, here are comprehensive steps:
    The glitchy Musume glitch:
    Started a new game
    Gave Senpai skin colour 2
    Gave Senpai hairstyle 22
    Gave Senpai eye colour 10
    Gave boys costume 1
    Gave girls costume 2
    Skip the opening and Info-chan opening.
    Start the normal school day.
    Take photographs of the girls, take their panty shots and compliment them.
    Take photographs of the boys and compliment them.
    Go to the Martial arts club and photograph/compliment everyone there.
    Go to the roof and take photographs, panty shots and compliment everyone there.
    Go to the library and photograph, take a panty shot and compliment Kuudere.
    Go to the roof and compliment, photograph, and take panty shots of everyone there.
    Go to the Occult club and photograph everyone there, but dont take panty shots or compliment.
    Witness Kokona getting a phone call.
    Follow Kokona and listen into the phone call.
    Summon Info chan and get a drop of cigarettes and a clean uniform.
    Pick these drops up, carry the uniform to class and go to class, raising Biology level (make sure the sumo panties are being worn so 10 points are given)
    After class, go down to Musume and give her the cigarettes.
    Witness Kokona and Saki talking about domestic abuse.
    After K and S finish talking, activate both their tasks.
    Proceed to take the clean uniform to the sewing room and sew it to Kokona’s measurements.
    Go get Saki’s bra.
    By the time you get back, they should be stood in their clique; complete their tasks to make them friends.
    Go to class once more and raise Biology to 1.
    Go find Musume and get her to follow you.
    Go to the Infirmary and pick up the necessary tranq materials.
    Bring M to the store room and tranq her.
    Go deliver the packet of cigarettes to K’s bag.
    Set a present on Senpai’s desk.
    Tell the counselor about the contraband.
    Set bugs in the Counsellor’s office, the cooking club and the occult club.
    End the day.
    Go to the basement.
    Musume is there, however her clothing textures are muddled together, her eyes are silver, her blindfold is missing, and the camera to record her is missing.
    Torture her for 18 hours.
    Go back to the basement and torture for another 18 hours.
    Go back to the basement and torture her for a final 18 hours.
    Go to the basement for the last time. Her sanity should be 0.
    Musume’s head is now twitching erratically.

    The Cinematic Slave glitch (can continue on from Musume’s glitch, although it doesn’t matter, this glitch seems to happen from any scenario):
    Bring Musume to school.
    Go find a weapon (e.g. the syringe from the Infirmary)
    Give the weapon to Musume, but do not select a target for her to kill and back out.
    Move around; the camera will be stuck, and will not follow Yandere-chan around.
    To fix this bug, give the weapon back to Musume and order her to kill someone OR activate the camera.

    These are the glitches I found.
    I’ve tried them and they 100% work everytime following these exact instructions.

  5. Instead of writing an annoying email about it I’m just going to annoyingly comment to you hoping I’m not bothering you. When are the delinquents and the garden club members going to be fully implemented? And what about the other club members and students? Is the vast majority of students going to attend a club? And are these things on you’re sort of checklist? Sorry if I bothered you dev have a nice day 😛 😀

  6. Yandere Dev, it would be a good idea for Sakyu and Inkyu to go to school and socialize at the same time, something like Kokona and Riku when they are in love, but Sakyu and Inkyu walk to school socializing, and they can do the same with Kokona and Saki, but if Kokona is in love with Riku, Saki walks alone.

  7. “Gym teachers can now spawn with pale skin, and are no longer exclusively limited to tan skin.”

    Will the reverse be possible too? As in teachers/nurses spawning with tan skin? Unless they already do, they should.

  8. Fixed bug that would cause Midori to carry her smartphone in her hand during cleaning time and hold two smartphones simultaneously while waiting for class to begin.

    Awh 😦 I thought she was just an addict.

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